Finding out these hosts passions outside of work [Clubhouse 24 Hour takeover]

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 418. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about finding out these hosts passions outside of work.

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It is all about spending time with the family walking the dogs along the roads, the beach, I really just trying to create some really nice memories. And, you know, just experience some of the world around us really. So about two weeks ago, we bought a kayak. And myself, Charlie, and my son Harry is three years old, you know, just serve a three-person kayak. So we just went down to a little sort of river and went along the broads for a few hours. And I would quite happily spend my time doing that. Other than that, I mean, I'm a proper junkie for information. So I kind of get, I don't know if it's a form of OCD. But I'd like to research different things a lot of the time. So I watched Everest not too long ago, the film Everest. So since then, I've been reading lots of stories about Mount Everest, all that sort of thing. And I like to set myself like challenges. I mean, I'm not ever planning to do Everest, but I've done the three peaks and you start to look around. And I think just having a focus on what kind of challenge to do is another way I like to spend my time and you know, one thing I've got coming up is a tough mudder just to ease me back into again, fit. So yeah, a bit of a mix, really. Other than that, Netflix and I am a proper, you know, series junkie, anything that's a bit of drama, from Breaking Bad to, you know, some of the other long series, things like that. We're watching, we just reached the end of line of duty at the moment. So yeah, I know a lot of people say don't spend too much time, on stuff like that, but I find it relaxing. And other than that spend time with family. Nothing too exciting, really. 

I'm a traveller at the heart. So I used to travel a lot, a lot, a lot. And then recently to travel around Europe, to talk about trips. And that for me wasn't work. I mean, the line between work and unknown work, it's been blurred for me for 20 years now. So and that was like, really fun for me. Right? And then COVID happen and I stopped traveling last time, it wasn't Italy's 2019 December. I'm in Bulgaria, where I live. And it may sound strange, maybe sad to some, I basically start the traveling online. What's happening in this web trading, which we call It's a totally different universe. There's, it's basically, you can do anything, which you do in real life, except your body there. Right. And I know it sounds sad, because somebody is gonna say Yeah, but you know, what's the experience with going on the beach and feeling the sand in your toes and stuff? And I'm all for that, right. But the internet has evolved in incredible ways in the last 10 years, and I started to think about the internet as like the last continent discovered by the humankind in a way, right. It's, it's like a new content like the Americas. Now we have the internet. And there are opportunities there. There are dangers there. There's work there. There's money there. There are people there. Right now we are online, we are together, but we are online. So the feeling ahead, like psychologically, I started travelling in a different place. And of course, I'd like to travel to Italy, I'd like to travel to other countries. But since this is not possible, my character is not the kind of I'm not the kind of person who looks back. And he said, because I can't do something. Right. Well, that's the situation today, and I just make the most of it. And it's been a trip. It's been incredible the last year, right. And so what do I do apart from work? I don't know, because I'm working all the time. But it is, it doesn't feel like work at all, the choice I've made three years ago, getting full time into trips was the same choice of what I've always done in my life, I only do things which are really, really passionate with me. And even if money is bad, and money is bad, it's been bad forever in my life. Except now because crypto is kind of giving me like fake money. Because as if you don't change it in Euro, it's fake money. But it feels like you're rich, right? Or at least richer than before. So I'm constantly online. I have a wife and I have a kid. So I spend time with them. And often, to be honest, is the three of us on three different screens, which is I know, very sad, but very true at the same time. I'm sure many of us do this. And I made friends for not too much because of COVID I traveled basically nothing. And incredibly, I feel fine. So yeah, it may be pathological. Don't take me as an example. But life is good. I know we're going to start traveling again. And when this happens, we're going to be again, it's going to be 10 times better than before because it's not a thing. I realize we got so used in being able to hop on a plane and go somewhere that we stopped enjoying that right? So if I went to Italy, maybe 10 times, right? And it was like getting a bus right and getting on the plane I go to Rome, I get to Naples to get Florence when I'm going to do this, the end of next year is going to be like going for the first time to tie down or to Bali or to Africa, whatever, right? So life has a way to balance things right? Expectations went down. And the pleasure in doing these simple things is going to go up 10% So that's where I stand now. I hope I haven't made anybody sad with my online life right?


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