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Episode One – Fighting Back Against The Coronavirus Crisis with Simon Soar
Episode Two – Smart and Effective Advice to Get Bookings During the Coronavirus
Episode Three – How to be Stronger Together During the Coronavirus Crisis with Scott Weir of Pillow Partners
Episode Four – How to prevent cancellations during the Coronavirus crisis with Jessica Lorimer
Episode Five – Fighting Back From The Corona Crisis With James Sinclair
Episode Six – The Future of Hospitality Check-ins After the Coronavirus Crisis with Marc Figueras of Keynest
Episode Seven – Insight from an Italian Living in Spain during the Coronavirus Crisis – with Gian Paolo Vairo
Episode Eight – Time to Remove Your Listing on the OTAs
Episode Nine – Pivot Your Business During the Coronavirus Crisis with Julian Sage
Episode Ten – Effects of Coronavirus in Bali with Danny Rusteen
Episode Eleven – Remove Unnecessary Spends in Business During the Coronavirus Crisis with Damien Fogg
Episode Twelve – How to turn off the noise during the Coronavirus crisis with Karen Garcia
Episode Thirteen – Content Ideas during the Coronavirus Crisis
Episode Fourteen – How to get bookings in the future once the Coronavirus crisis ends with Henry Bennett of Your Welcome
Episode Fifteen – Taking a Direct Bookings Event Online During the Coronavirus Crisis with Damian Sheridan
Episode Sixteen – Practical Ways to Pivot Your Business during the Coronavirus Crisis with Janet Murray
Episode Seventeen – Marketing Audits You Can Do During the Coronavirus Crisis
Episode Eighteen – Helping Tudor Farmhouse Hotel Get More Bookings During the Coronavirus Crisis
Episode Nineteen – What are you offering to your guests to book direct during the Coronavirus crisis?
Episode Twenty – Why you should be emailing with Noah Kagan from Sumo Group
Episode Twenty One – Giving Hope in a Post Covid-19 world with Simon Soar
Episode Twenty Two – Stories from other hosts during the CoronaVirus Crisis
Episode Twenty Three – Let’s talk about texting with Alix Hecht of Wishbox
Episode Twenty Four – You will never have to worry about a cancellation again with Chris Baxter of SuperControl
Episode Twenty Five – Why Email Marketing is the Key To Your Future Bookings
Episode Twenty Six – Why NOW is the best time to start a podcast with Lloyd Knowlton
Episode Twenty Seven – Hidden Instagram Tactics with Chris Taylor
Episode Twenty Eight – How to price your property post COVID 19 with Anurag Verma of Pricelabs
Episode Twenty Nine – How to get started in outsourcing with Emma Mills from Mi PA
Episode Thirty – What is the future of AirBnb with Eric Moeller
Episode Thirty-One – What to do when you can’t take guests with Callum Morgan
Episode Thirty-Two – All about Branding with Christine Myer Noiseaware
Episode Thirty-Three – Get paid for your pad with Jasper Ribbers
Episode Thirty-Four – A Letter to the Prime Minister with James Sinclair
Episode Thirty-Five – Types of Influencer Marketing with Harry Hugo and The Hotel Man
Episode Thirty-Six – Proactive tactics you can do to get bookings when the lockdowns are lifted
Episode Thirty-Seven – 4 Benefits of Email Marketing
Episode Thirty-Eight – How to Create Content for Linkedin with Dan Knowlton
Episode Thirty-Nine – How have Airbnb and Booking com Treated Their Hosts During COVID-19 with Moriya Rockman
Episode Forty – How to get in front of the staycation market
Episode Forty-One – Top Tips for Lucille Hayward, a Hospitality Owner in Canada
Episode Forty-Two – Marketing Review for Jackie Robertson and Lorena Duknic
Episode Forty-Four – The future of Vacation Rental with Matt Landau of VRMB
Episode One – How to Maximise your profits for your accommodation with some simple interior tweaks with Marilynn Taylor *Boost Hospitality Podcast
Episode Two – How to Boost Your Guest Experience
Episode Three – Is Self Check-in the Future of Hospitality
Episode Four – How to Get More Corporate Bookings
Episode Five – How to Stand Out from the Crowd on Those Busy OTAs
Episode Six – How to Price up Your Property with Pricelabs
Episode Seven – Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant
Episode Eight – All about GDPR with Sean Rogers of My Legal Club
Episode Nine – How to increase your bookings with Instagram
Episode Ten – How to build sustainable and successful short-stay accommodation business
Episode Eleven – How to get bookings in the shoulder season
Episode Twelve – 7 Ways to Get More Media Attention For Your Business
Episode Thirteen – How to Increase Your Direct Bookings With Confidence – with Chris Maughan of i-Prac
Episode Fourteen – Why you should sack yourself from your business – with James Sinclair
Episode Fifteen – Breaking Down the Website Jargon with Phil Tester
Episode Sixteen – How to take better photos for your hospitality business with Tyann Marcink
Episode Seventeen – How a Virtual Tour of Your Property Will Increase Your Bookings with Tony Carter
Episode Eighteen – What is an OTA with Sheli from Guesty
Episode Nineteen – Why you should get listed on niche websites with James Burrows of Rentals United
Episode Twenty – What exactly does Book Direct mean? An Interview with Steve Kopandy of Book Direct Symposium
Episode Twenty One – How to shift your mindset to get more business bookings with Jessica Lorimer
Episode seven –  Plan
Episode eight –  Research
Episode nine –  Deciding
Episode ten – Booking
Episode eleven –  Buyer’s Remorse


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