Why it’s Bye Bye To the 9-5

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 22. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about saying goodbye to 9-5.

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In today's lesson, what we're going to be talking about is the power of a brand new trend, which is called workcation. So there's some recent surveys and stats done. And over a third of travelers have already considered booking somewhere in 2021, to stay in order to work from a different destination. So this is really important.

There are a lot of people now whose jobs, because of the pandemic has meant that they no longer need to go into the office for your normal 9-5, and they are working from home. So this is going to be very, very common. And what you'll find is that a lot of city people, people that are in maybe a big city, maybe they've got, you know, small family and a small flat, whatever, they're going to be looking to not always have to work and just look at their same four walls. And the ideal, ideal thing is that they'll look to work away.

A tip on what you can do about workcation

So this is a major majorly growing fast market. I've already done a podcast on this in season 10 talking about it. But this is a real quick tip on what you can be doing. So look at your property, look at how it is presented online. And what you should be looking to do with your website with your social media with your listing sites, is you should be looking to target especially if you're rural out of the way, this is a great way of maybe getting those midweek bookings that you might struggle to in the past. And obviously, it all depends on your local restrictions and laws. But what can you be doing because the stats are showing that they stay for longer. So you might be able to get a month-long booking, there's a big reason why Airbnb have all of a sudden started to really hammer home their month-long bookings is because of this. Because when you get somebody travelled for work, they're not just gonna stay for two or three nights, they're gonna stay for a couple of weeks. So it's a great way of earning more money per booking because less cleaning fees.

What you can provide for your guests who are used to their 9-5 jobs

So first and foremost, what can you do? Think about it, if you're going to go and work somebody? What do you work away? What would you need to provide? So could you put maybe a desk with a nice comfy chair? Could you get loads of charging ports? Can you maybe get things like a printer? Can you provide something that will really just make their life easy. So give them all of the necessary tools and amenities that they would need.

And the most important one is the internet connection. Now, if you've not got an internet connection, don't offer this because there is nothing worse than trying to need to use the internet and you're struggling. But if you have got really good internet and I'm talking really good saying like 60 megabytes plus, then that should be one of the first things that you're talking about in your listing description in your website, copy on your social media, singing about it. And you know if you've got an email list use that as well.

So as a brand new customer avatar emergent. I mean, digital nomads have always been a thing. I class myself as a digital nomad. But this is something different now. This is somebody who was very much used to their 9-5 that now has got the ability to go and travel for a couple of weeks, maybe even a couple of months so they can still work. And what you need to be doing what you need to be thinking about is what can you be doing to appeal to them.

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