What does this business owner think will happen to clubhouse

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 421. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about What does this business owner think will happen to clubhouse.

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I've found brilliant for creating relationships and, and new contacts. And you never know where that can lead. Because, you know, one thing that I've really learned is, the more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities that come and for an app like this, where you can literally go into a room, raise your hand and go and talk to people with all different interests. And with different sets of skills and different knowledge. The way I see it really developing is to become super niche. So, for instance, I know we had Luca on earlier on. And for me, I've been reading books recently about NFT's and you know, just doing a bit of research in that. And I think you know, what you can do in clubhouse where you can't do it in many places. Yes. So Facebook, you can join Facebook groups, but that tends to be a lot of, you know, sort of almost opposite opinions and things like that. And it can get quite fiery in Facebook groups. Whereas on here, what you've got, you can go into niche rooms, which are an inch wide like mile deep. And then subjects are just really, really interesting. So I think the way it'll develop is just going to be that we're going to see more of that the clubs will develop. And I think actually we'll see this like some sort of almost like an alternative to podcast and radio, I think people will I mean, I definitely have spent more time listening to clubhouse than I have to podcast recently. I think you can get a lot deeper information and the conversations naturally flow when you've got people in a room.

Me personally, I've been using it every week to just do a sort of a slot on the Tuesday just talking about short term rental and benefits, you know, and different tricks and techniques. So I've sort of used it to help other people, but also the amount that I've learned in the last three months for from others, for me for joining those rooms or hosting these rooms is absolutely massive. And I can't see it going away even when things open up. I saw the stats, I think it was like 9.6 million downloads in January. And by you know, by March, there's virtually nothing but me and Dave talked about this a couple of weeks ago. And we said it must have got to a stage now where pretty much everybody who is interested in the app, who has an Apple product has already downloaded it. So I think we're going to see a wave of interest as soon as Android opens up. And I think along with that, you know, there must be so many awesome experts and interesting people out there who are currently on the platform. I think that's just going to breathe some new life into it so And to answer your question about whether I see short term rental operators being able to use it I the only way I could see that really working is if in some of these rooms we've talked about it briefly today about where we'd like to travel to and that the way that I think people could use it to attract guests is in the way that when we're talking about our passions, people are attracted to that. And you know if I can't remember who is she's got placed in Canada, who you introduced me to and I remember thinking wow, I definitely want to go there. You know, there are some awesome people on here who talk about, I mean, even, you know, we're just talking about the Swiss Alps. And instantly that makes me go, Yeah, I'd love to go and do that. So I think by us talking about what is attractive about our local areas and the reason to come and stay, I definitely think that can get people's juices flowing. And we'll pick up guests that way. How we measure the conversion, I think it's going to be difficult, and I look forward to seeing that develop.

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