The Best Personalisation Tricks To Stay At The Top OF Your Guest Minds

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 507. In this podcast episode I will be talking with Daniela Derin, CEO and founder of Skol Apartment, Marbella Holidays.

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00:00 Intro
01:33 Daniela Introduction
02:51 What people can expect
08:29 learned the local area
13:18 how do you build up a good rapport with guests?
17:33 How important is social
20:06 Advice for bringing personality to business
24:24 Digital guidebook feedback
31:01 Quickfire questions
34:10 Outro

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[00:00:00] Liam: Welcome then to the latest episode of the Boostly behind the host podcast. The podcast that gives you the tools, the tactics, and the trainings to take power back from the online travel agents and get you more direct bookings. Today we're gonna be interviewing one of the biggest characters in hospitality that I've had the pleasure to meet in the last few years, and, uh, I'm excited to introduce her.

[00:00:20] But first, just quickly, we're just gonna share a quick win from the hospitality community. Uh, one of the members in there, uh, Lynn Radford, uh, who is a team Boost, Lee member and a hospitality member, uh, she. Shared that she's gonna take the, uh, dive into managing directly, taking the power back from a management company, and, uh, implementing some of the trainings, uh, that she's learned, uh, to get more direct bookings, which is really cool.

[00:00:46] So if you can, uh, just wish her good luck in the comments with me. So good luck, luck Lynn, and, uh, we wish you all the best. With that, let's know how you get on. So today on the Behind the Host podcast, we are shared. [00:01:00] We're sharing it with Daniela, uh, Deen, who's the CEO and founder of Skol Apartments, Meaa Holidays.

[00:01:07] And, uh, I'm really excited to dive into our business today where she's gonna be sharing some of the personalization tricks that she uses, uh, which has helped her to remind, uh, remain top of mind with her guests. Uh, she's scaled to over 200 units in Spain. And, uh, listen in as you're gonna get some good tips on how you can model some of her success and implement it into your business.

[00:01:29] Welcome along Daniela. Thank you for joining me.

[00:01:33] Daniela: Liam, thank you very much for the word welcome and introducing me as one of the characters of hospitality. Thank you very much for that. That's true. And, uh, I'm actually CMO and founder, the CO of viso, my partner in life and crime s uh, the into my young. And, uh, I must say we, we, we really work well together [00:02:00] in everything you do.

[00:02:01] So, Uh, we work in this beautiful, sunny office here in the center of Mar Spain, Costa Soul. Uh, 55 kilometers from Malaga and 80 kilometers from Alta. So the location is ideal. 10 months of sun a year. Uh, very hot and very busy now in the summer, but ideal for winter sun and especially working remotely with these amazing views I have here.

[00:02:28] That's

[00:02:28] Liam: it. That view just in the background sells it. I mean, this, uh, when, uh, Daniela came on, we're saying, Should we go for the, uh, you know, sort of the still view in the background or the live view? But the live view definitely sells it. So, um, I know you've introduced yourself, uh, briefly there, but let's get started on today's, uh, episode by just tell me how, um, tell me a little bit more about your properties, what people can come to expect if they come and stay in your apartments.

[00:02:54] And, uh, also how you got started as.

[00:02:58] Daniela: Okay, so we [00:03:00] have, uh, 90 units here in the school apartments, on the beachfront. They're all studio one bedroom and two bedrooms. They're small units, uh, normal apartment for normal people, not the five star luxury people, uh, expect from. We have that. Three kilometers down the road.

[00:03:18] So this is normal price for normal people. Fully fitted apartment, kitchen, wifi, air conditioning. So ideal for your family holiday in the summer, in the spring, in the school holidays because of the sun before, with 10 months of sunshine and also ideal to come and, and look for some winter sun. Uh, the prices in winter.

[00:03:37] Half of what it is in the summer, so ideal to come and, and try that. Uh, we also have a beautiful garden, uh, with three pools, tropical gardens. We direct us access on the, on the boardwalk. It's really ideal for families, the couples, and uh, and for the remote workers and digital nos. We also have 19 golf [00:04:00] courses within probably 10 minutes drive.

[00:04:02] So if you're a king golfer, this is also, uh, a great place to, to start because we've got plenty bars and restaurant around us Irish Box as well, um, worldwide cuisine. So ideal place, uh, how did I. Um, when I came here to Maria, uh, in 1998, uh, couldn't speak a word of Spanish, so I went to work for, uh, a, uh, an English real site.

[00:04:28] And what we did in real estate, what we had empty, uh, for Easter and for the summer, we would rent out for, uh, for holiday lots. Uh, this is what, uh, is always been in spite. Um, it wasn't a spec, It really got specific holiday rentals in 2008 with the, with the other. So then, um, we didn't have a lot of business in Norman rentals, like long life and sales.

[00:04:54] So we started to rent everything short term and, uh, it went well. We [00:05:00] started with, uh, 15 units in this block because, uh, a lady was retiring and she said, Please help me with this. So I said, Okay, have nothing else to do. So I started to help her. I never really. Uh, Holly, the rent specific, I was much more into sales because of course, size 5% commission here in Spain is a much more juicy job.

[00:05:19] But because it was the crisis, okay, let's go for it. And I really started to liking welcoming people, uh, showing them around, telling them what sweet, what to do, how to make the best of mereya, giving them inside. And, uh, people starting to notice that we liked what we did. So in the first year, we grew from 15 to 30, completely organic, word of mouth, neith to neighbor, uh, people that were renting.

[00:05:45] Um, gave the apartment to us. And then the following year, uh, not well. Two years later, um, a gentleman decided to retire. He had another 40 50. And he gave them to us. So all this really became [00:06:00] serious. It became our brand source of income and we started to concentrate on, uh, on tourists. Um, by the week, two weeks.

[00:06:11] Some of them were paying a month, but yes. And then we started to offering them my for transfer, uh, diet. Um, some of them we were also, uh, sending over to Morocco for, for dice trips or organizing a tour. We have some beautiful cities around us. Uh, savi, GRA Cordova. People come from all over the world to visit them.

[00:06:33] So while you were in Ma, why not? Uh, go and have a look at this. And then on the other side, we started to give other services to the owners as well, Like with Farman, helping them on how to furnish a home, the rental, because of course people were buying these apartments as an investment. Uh, so how do we furnish it?

[00:06:50] So we, we would tell 'em, Okay, you need this, this, this, and the other. And because it's not a very, uh, young building, so in it's constant updating, [00:07:00] so. We do project management for like bathroom, kitchen, and floors. Window air conditioning are important. How to keep the air conditioning up to date, and so what.

[00:07:10] That's amazing and has hasn't been too long, . No, I mean, but we do many things. You see,

[00:07:16] Liam: there's a lot of spokes to the wheel, isn't there, There there's a lot to, to, to talk about. And uh, you mentioned right, right at the start there you mentioned, um, you know, when you came there, you, you didn't speak a word of Spanish.

[00:07:27] Um, it's worth letting people listening. So, so, you know, where, where are you from and, uh, you know,

[00:07:34] Daniela: I'm Italian, I'm from Fiesta, the north of Italy, and Vi Chance is from Naples, the south of Italy. And we met in London back in 1996.

[00:07:42] Liam: That's cool. And ended up in maba and we with the, uh, we said cuz um, obviously we went for, for a meal in London at the, um, book director, didn't we?

[00:07:50] And we said it was funny that we've got, um, the. You were telling us where we needed to to go and check out, and it was, uh, Italians who live in Spain leading us to a [00:08:00] Vietnamese restaurant in London, which was fantastic. .

[00:08:03] Daniela: Um, yeah, vi Vince is a chef, actually. He trains as. Um, economist, accountant, uh, then he decided he didn't like it.

[00:08:12] So, uh, he did a chef for about 25 years. Uh, so he knows, he's very fussy with his food. He knows what he likes. Yeah. Uh, so this is why we know all the best places to live. Well in London. We live there for three years, so we, we know lots of places and you miss Barcelona. Barcelona was also.

[00:08:29] Liam: Well, it, it definitely comes across that you've learned the, um, you know, the local area and just being that guide.

[00:08:35] And also one thing that really comes across is, you know, the, the work ethic that, that both of you have put in. So when you took on the first 15, were you surprised by the, you know, the differences of the level of work involved with doing holiday lets versus, um, you know, sort of, uh, real estate.

[00:08:53] Daniela: What I really liked at the beginning is, um, that lux, uh, although you have a very [00:09:00] small margin into each week, you have so many apartments, so many weeks.

[00:09:03] So you have a day, day to day, uh, cashflow. Whereas for the sale, sometimes you have to work two months in a sale. So for two months, you, you don't know if you're going to close it, and if you're not going to close it for those months, you're not going to make an income. I remember, uh, an ex-friend. , um, who is not now in a very good position.

[00:09:25] Let's leave it like that. . Mm-hmm. , Uh, he was teasing me like, Well, you're working so hard, you're only making 50 euro a week into each apartment. And I say, Yes, it's 50 Euro a week for 50 apartments. Yeah. At the end of the very first summer, I was able to take my small family on a week holiday to, and, uh, other people that were waiting, Wait, the, the, the guy that trained in real.

[00:09:50] Many, many, many years ago, uh, he was after the big, the big deals. Maybe he was closing a deal. Every three. But it was like a big deal, like [00:10:00] multimillion, But I couldn't work with no income for three years. I prefer this cash flow of like 50 a week and so many weeks. I, I'm sure you can relate.

[00:10:09] Liam: Yeah, it's fast paced, but uh, good fun, isn't it?

[00:10:12] And the cash flow.

[00:10:14] Daniela: Exactly. And it gives you security, you know, I mean, if the kids say, Oh, can I get a pair of shoes, then yes you can, because I have so many weeks booked, so I know how, I know what I can afford and what I. So, uh, for a young family, when you start off, it's really, really important. And one of

[00:10:30] Liam: the benefits of hospitality is the more effort that you put in to market your business, the more guests you're probably gonna get.

[00:10:35] And that, um, absolutely that's word

[00:10:38] Daniela: of mouth repeats, referrals. That is really the key of, um, Of our

[00:10:44] Liam: business. So, um, going on from that, then your, um, you've set up your business, uh, you know, you've got your, your 15 initial units, you've added more units on. Did you have to set up cleaning teams? How does it work for, for cleaning

[00:10:56] Daniela: teams?

[00:10:56] Uh oh, yes. Um, at the beginning with 15 units, we [00:11:00] had the lady by the hour, but as we grew, we started to employ cleaners. Uh, we don't. Anything. Uh, we're control freak and we like to control the quality of the clinic. Uh, plus basically we have work 10, 10 months a year. So it makes much more sense, uh, personally and financially to employ people.

[00:11:22] So we have five cleaners and four maintenance guys. The maintenance guys also do the refurbishments in the winter and now in the summer, everybody's on the cleaning. Even my two children are now grown up. They're 17 and 19. Uh, they're on the, they're on their summer job. They're on the job all year long, but now they're like, full

[00:11:43] Liam: time.

[00:11:44] I love that. I love that though. That's good to, uh, keep, you know, keep that in the family and, uh, you know, learn the breaks.

[00:11:50] Daniela: Absolut, they have to earn their worth. They need to know that the money don't come, come from the trees. Mm.

[00:11:55] Liam: Yeah. I like, I. So in terms of marketing your business, how [00:12:00] do you market your business at the moment?

[00:12:01] Is it on online travel agents or, or what different channels do you use?

[00:12:06] Daniela: Or the nasty word calling.

[00:12:08] Liam: Yeah, I know. Oh, ,

[00:12:12] Daniela: You know, like that alone. Anyway, uh, the majority of our booking are direct repeats and referrals. So they come through the website, through the phone, through WhatsApp, emails. Uh, that's it.

[00:12:25] Yeah. Uh, Walkins , we, we get the walkins from time to time, usually people that have been scams. Um, and then the other 20, I would say about 12 to 13% are Airbnb. And, uh, seven 8% are Uh, Expedia, I've cut them off because they are the worst of the world. They just decide what right and how many dice you should sell.

[00:12:50] And, uh, nobody's ruling in my. So experience Airbnb booking. I still keep them at the distance, but um, if I [00:13:00] can get hundred percent direct footing, I think I'm going to get rid of them.

[00:13:04] Liam: That's really, it's really cool to hear how many, um, you know, repeat guests there are, and yeah. You know, one of the things that I can see that you're really strong just from seeing your social media is, is the relationship, uh, that you build up with your guests.

[00:13:18] So how do you build up that good rapport with guests?

[00:13:24] Daniela: Uh, because I like people, I like to talk to people, . So yeah, the majority, they keep coming back here. After a year, you see the kids growing, um, and you see how people avoid their life. Uh, they, they like to see how my kids grow up. I mean, they remember my kids.

[00:13:42] Playing about in the pool and now they see them working around. So, uh, it's something to be really proud of. And then, uh, there are kids, they go to university and then some of the kids come back on their own with girlfriends and boyfriends. So it's really nice to see how it all evolves, uh, throughout the, the years [00:14:00] and, uh, really made me bond with, uh, the majority of.

[00:14:03] In lockdown. Uh, we kept contact with them through newsletters, uh, Facebook and Instagram because of course they couldn't come here. So, uh, we were bringing this to them every day. And I still got now emails and people that, um, that see me in person. Oh, Daniel would really love you. Daniel, thank you very much for chipping in contact with the newsletter.

[00:14:25] Oh, it's been so important to see that Marve was still up and running and we were so worried about you. I mean, our guests were worried about our business. I mean, they were freedom for us. That's so nice. I think it's a soft skill you're either born with or you're not. Uh, to be quite honest, if you talk to people and you develop a relationship

[00:14:46] Liam: Yeah.

[00:14:47] That it, it comes across very clear how passionate you are about the business and the area and, uh, you know, that people warm to that, you know, And it's one of those things where you've made an important point about remaining top of mind because [00:15:00] those newsletters and what you were doing when it was. To remain top of mind.

[00:15:04] I mean, if I'd have got the newsletter during the pandemic looking at a nice sunny place, I'd be like, Oh, I can't believe you're sending me this. But, you know, people do like to see what's going on. And once they've invested in your business, um, you know, it's, it's good that they can see that you're doing well and, and that you remain in top of mind.

[00:15:21] So, when. Things like now where they have opened up. And, uh, you mentioned, obviously we talked briefly before the call, but just, um, for the sake of the people listening, how are things going at the moment? You know, things are open again.

[00:15:33] Daniela: Things are fully open. Uh, we've been nonstop release since, uh, July last year.

[00:15:40] Uh, yes, I should have mentioned that 90% of our clients, well 95% of our clients really are from, are foreigners. Uh, Top Irish, UK dance, Scandinavian, French, uh, Morocco, Italian, north of Europe, really, uh, Spanish and only 5%. Uh, so these people, new people are [00:16:00] very organized and to book very well in. So when I e Spanish and Italian decide to go on holiday, usually two weeks before, um, there's nothing available,

[00:16:10] So we end up not in the top places, not not on the front. Uh, so this is why, um, Sorry, I lost track.

[00:16:19] Liam: What was the question? That's alright. So yeah, just in general, just, uh, how things are going, which sounds

[00:16:23] Daniela: as Oh yes. We're fully booked. Yes, exactly. This is where I was coming from. Uh, we've been fully booked since July last year, uh, which is when, uh, UK and Ireland opened international travel and.

[00:16:35] All of them just came here. Yeah, came here. And, uh, one of the big, uh, trends that was the revenge travel, uh, we've seen it totally, uh, the majority of them have booked two holidays, and some of them even came three times last year, like July, September and November, we had a very slight, uh, break in December.

[00:16:56] And then in January we had booking season in full swing [00:17:00] and people coming for winter. January, February, March. So really we, we haven't stopped for a year. So at this point, um, I'm enjoying it. It's lovely, but I'm very much looking forward. Towanda.

[00:17:12] Liam: Yeah, there's not, not ever so much long now. There will be a rest at the end of Yes, briefly.

[00:17:18] Daniela: I enjoy it and I try to have a rest every day, Like have an hour, half an hour for myself to really calm the mind and clear my head.

[00:17:26] Liam: That's cool. And when it comes down to the business in general, I mean, I see your Instagram posts and that, um, how important is social media been for, uh, school apartments?

[00:17:38] Daniela: Well, is been very important as in, uh, brand recognition. Uh, Reselling to the same client? Well, reselling not really like keeping on top of minds of our current guests and as a referral because, uh, when we go to all these seminars and webinars, uh, they tell us, Okay, customer [00:18:00] journey, dream research books, they review, Duh, customer dies after the review.

[00:18:05] No, you have to keep, you have to put them into dream. Constantly. This is why, uh, Instagram and Facebook, and especially WhatsApp status, which is like the stories, uh, have been really, really important for us because we kept them dreaming. We kept them dreaming and in spite, throughout lockdown, and even now, I mean, between holidays, we're always there every day inspiring them.

[00:18:30] So when they wanna come to mea or if they want to, if they hear somebody say, I wanna Sunny Holiday, I'll go to mea, and they take out the phone and say, Oh look.

[00:18:39] Liam: Yeah. It's just that moment going, Where should I go? And you're top of mind. You're

[00:18:43] Daniela: here. I'm always there. Yeah. I'm always there. And especially put the face there so that, uh, people see your face, uh, you give them more credibility.

[00:18:53] Like, I'm a real person in a real place. I'm not going to scam you or anything. And from time to time, we, we do get, uh, [00:19:00] new. Uh, like new, new gastro through to Instagram and to Facebook. They usually, usually come from recommendation. And then, um, we recently started with, uh, Louis. Bryce the also works with you as, uh, the, the, the most excellent copywriter I ever met.

[00:19:17] Um, we started a Mar Tap tour. Uh, we've done three episodes already where we go, uh, for tapas, um, in the small local, uh, tapas bar family own. So we show it is a win-win because we show the guests where to go for an authentic tapas experience. And on the other end, we support small local business, which is, uh, one of microsites, um, to get our guests to go and spend money into.

[00:19:46] Into the small local places. When you finish the tap, we'll be doing the. And,

[00:19:51] Liam: and you get some awesome taphouse as well. I mean, there's, Oh my God,

[00:19:54] Daniela: yeah. Yeah. And then we have to do a lot of exercise, you know, a lot of running [00:20:00] Living in this place is so hard.

[00:20:03] Liam: I can imagine. I, I couldn't do running, I can't do running across here, let alone in the heat of where you are.

[00:20:08] But it just sounds as though the, the way that you've remained top of mind is to use all the tools available to you. But the other thing is, um, there'll be a lot of people listening to this who don't want to put their own personality into their business. What would you say to people who are, you know, perhaps not wanting to.

[00:20:26] You know, put themselves out there into their business. What, what advice would you have for him? .

[00:20:31] Daniela: There is another guy in our network, um, very, very good property manager that in the uk. I, I won Send the city because otherwise you all, you all know who is. I say I don't wanna talk to my guest. I want everything awesome at advice.

[00:20:45] I want all the tools possible. I don't wanna see them, I don't wanna talk to them. , uh, I respect your opinion, but hospitality for me is opening my house to a person, like welcoming them [00:21:00] in not in person. Checking is impossible in 90 units, but I end up seeing them, uh, more or less, all of them around the pool checking, check out the following day.

[00:21:12] For me, hospitality is, is a people's business. People buy from people eye, open my house to people. Um, you have to be friendly. Uh, if you don't like people just don't work in the bank, really. Yeah, no, that's right. . I mean, I assume this is for like, uh, small, uh, small companies and small companies. You can be personal.

[00:21:34] You can certainly be personal. Now, if you have three, 400 units, definitely you can be personal and you have everything automatized. It's another kind of hospitality really. I respect everybody and um, and everybody does what they think is best for the business.

[00:21:49] Liam: Yeah. And that is, um, one thing that comes across is just by putting yourself out there, I think of ma and now I think of yourself and your business, you know, and that is, uh, that's what you want people to, to think, isn't [00:22:00] it?

[00:22:00] So, um, by putting yourself out there, getting in front of the camera, but putting Instagram lives out. Uh, and reels. It just really makes a big, um, a big impact, uh, more so than we know, because there'll be people watching these who may be considering booking, who we wouldn't have known otherwise. So, um, absolutely.

[00:22:18] Great. So in terms of the tech in your business, Daniel, other, what sort of tech do you have? Um, what, what sort of do you use, uh, PMSs and uh, any other sort of tools?

[00:22:28] Daniela: Yes, I have an all in one system, PMs, channel manager, and a website. Mm-hmm. , uh, shall I say the name? Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, we use Lod Gify.

[00:22:39] Very happy with them. Yeah. Uh, then that's it because from Lod Gify, we ex. Uh, we support an extra sheet we, that we actually print out in paper and give to the cleaner so they know where to go. And, uh, and then we have a Watson group. Um, VISO is, uh, operational manager, so he [00:23:00] tells them where to go, what to clean, uh, who goes out.

[00:23:04] Uh, so he's really, he's on top of the, of the operation. We do around 12 to 15 cleans a. So it's very important to know what time people come in. People goes out, go out. So, because we usually have an hour to two hours to clean a place. So he directs them all, uh, like in Army, like fifth up, down. And we do that with the WhatsApp.

[00:23:26] That's cool. Nobody's exactly with, uh, with, with normal people. Ah, and then we have, uh, a very cool gadget, um, digital guy type day. I'm totally, totally in love with that thing because now they have, they get a welcome letter. Uh, so on the welcome letter, they get this secure code, this kind Q code, and they know exactly what to do, what to go.

[00:23:45] They have a link to the videos of the in there as well. Uh, plus other, uh, recommendation. So, yeah, I think that's all the tech we have now. Then we also have Revs from Christoff, another amazing guy that has been the [00:24:00] beautiful tool. Um, it's a re see if I can say right. He's a review aggregator, so on, on our website.

[00:24:07] Um, we have all the reviews. Uh, from, uh, Google, which is the most important one. And they also pulls them from Booking and Airbnb and I'm not sure TripAdvisor. Uh, so they gave us, they gave us a ranking, which is, I think it's now 4.8 throughout all channels. So people go to the website and say, Okay, these people are real.

[00:24:30] These people are really good. Let's book.

[00:24:34] Liam: That's cool. And, uh, I mean, it sounds like you've got a really great tech stack there. The, the one that I want to dive into is the, um, the digital guidebooks there. Do you get feedback from your guests from having a digital guidebook? Um, and how much easier does it make it for your guests to, to get all the information they need?

[00:24:52] Daniela: Okay. It's, uh, it's only been operating like a month. Um, People [00:25:00] like it, but they still send me a I WhatsApp messages, I, how do I work the safe ? Uh, the other day I went to physically see some clients and, and she said, she was asking me question and I said, Yes, it's all in the digital guide. Yeah, but you tell me Emily, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:25:19] There was that 15 minutes later, and then the following day, um, she rang me and she said, What do I feel? The rubbish? It's in the digital guide. Yeah, but you. Oh, no. No. So, I mean, I think there is only a few of them like this. Mm-hmm. . Uh, but I think in general they'll kind of get used to. Yeah, that's cool. Liz.

[00:25:38] The younger, the for the younger generation is much easier. , This lady wasn't old. This lady must have been mostly, most Forty-five.

[00:25:45] Liam: It's the curse of being available, isn't it? By being available. Yeah. People just want you to challenge straight away. You

[00:25:50] Daniela: see, that's the other thing. You show your face, you look happy and friendly and familiar.

[00:25:55] Oh, she won't mind if I ask her what the rub issue. Yeah. Like literally there . [00:26:00]

[00:26:00] Liam: Yeah. Even if it's on page one of the guide, you know, I'll still ask anyway. It's just, uh, But it's something. Yeah. Just to make

[00:26:06] Daniela: sure Yes. Like, uh, another Yes. I know you have this . I know you have this. I know you have that, but where do you go for It's in, it's in the, This is why I do this so that I don't have to repeat my Exactly.

[00:26:21] Liam: It's where you can refer 'em to the, the tapas, uh, videos. Yeah. You can just say, Look, here's the link to the video. This is where we go instead, But No, but they, they

[00:26:28] Daniela: want to hear it from. Yeah. Yeah. So the, the next thing I want to be, to build is a hologram, you know, A hologram of me. Yeah, yeah. Hologram. Yeah.

[00:26:37] Just click and I'm like, Yes, I'm here. How can I help you?

[00:26:39] Liam: Hey, when, when you've got your hologram of Dan Yellow there. I, We'll come back, we'll do another episode. Definitely. Cause that would be one How is the hologram?

[00:26:48] Daniela: Yeah. So techy people listening. Build me in ho.

[00:26:52] Liam: So what would you say the favorite, your favorite thing about being a host is?

[00:26:56] I suspect I know what you're gonna say, but

[00:26:59] Daniela: talk to [00:27:00] people and be around people. And then there is another one I have to travel to get inspired. So not only traveling to see co to go to conferences and then do a bit of, uh, leisure on the side as well, but really taking a nice, relaxing leisure holiday. So yeah, being around people is, is what I really like.

[00:27:23] Liam: Yeah. And, and like you say, being able to, uh, travel as well, is it's research effective, It's tax deductible, it's research

[00:27:29] Daniela: as Yeah, totally, totally, totally. Have to travel more and more. Actually, the very, um, when travel opened in, in spring, it really started in, in spring 21 aside. We have to travel because we have to show people that it's safe to travel.

[00:27:43] Even in September, 2020, we hopped on a plane and went to Ibiza and, uh, we did the video to show people how easy it is to travel, how safe it was to travel, and, uh, yeah, I mean, putting yourself a video. Yeah. [00:28:00] It's, uh, it, it cre it creates credibility.

[00:28:04] Liam: It is being a leader within your industry, I can definitely see that

[00:28:07] And, uh, what, what would you say

[00:28:09] Daniela: is the, uh, the leader of having fun ,

[00:28:12] Liam: What, what would you say is the, if there was a wow moment in your business so far, what has that been over the last, uh, few years? What, what has the wow moment been?

[00:28:23] Daniela: Wow. Moment, as in when I realized

[00:28:25] Liam: something. Yeah, something which is perhaps changed or something where you went, ah, this is awesome.

[00:28:30] Um, Or, or, or when you've had a challenge.

[00:28:34] Daniela: Well, challenge, of course, it was the, it was the pandemic, uh, getting through it and, and reinvent ourself, uh, from warming to the next. We have no business. Yeah. So, uh, we reinvited this opposite with views because obviously this balcony is, were empty. So I was using them and.

[00:28:52] Vincenta was taking the piss, taking picture and sending it to the, to the kids. They, when locked down at home, Ah, look, you're locked down at home and mommy's here [00:29:00] reply to, to emails, uh, and son myself. And then I put it on Facebook, then I put it on LinkedIn and all this office with the new movement started and uh, yeah.

[00:29:10] So this would be a wow moment. People think the business from hundred percent leisure to 50% leisure and 50% remote working digital. That's amazing

[00:29:19] Liam: then. So you, you, you let 'em out as off office, so just for people to work with a view? No,

[00:29:24] Daniela: no, no, no. We did them, um, we, uh, we only marketed them as offices with be for digital, No, and remote workers.

[00:29:33] Uh, in the very first lockdown, only me were, uh, was using them. But then in, already in September, October, 2020, um, people started to book for 2, 3, 4, and even five months, and they spend the, the winter here. And they were, uh, working from these sunny offices. That's cool. That's really, this is how the movement started.

[00:29:55] That's amazing. Last year, uh, that we had, uh, a normal winter, 21, 22, [00:30:00] we had 90% occupancy. Uh, 50%, which leisure is like retired couples that come from months to months to weeks. And 50% were, uh, remote workers and digital numbers. People that instead of, uh, sitting at home in the north of Europe, they would.

[00:30:17] Obviously people, no children in, in school years.

[00:30:21] Liam: Well, it's, it's now a big thing, isn't it? Where people want to work from wherever they, wherever exactly. Connection they can work from, which is amazing. Yeah. So, um, as we come to the end of these, we'd like to do a couple of quick fire questions, but, um, just before we do, what would be your top tip for other hosts?

[00:30:36] So if somebody else wanted to get started, whether they, you know, sort of, whether it was broad or, or wherever, what would be your top tip for somebody getting started in the hosting industry?

[00:30:48] Daniela: Uh, put yourself on video, put yourself out there. Uh, create a brand. Uh, believe in yourself and people will believe in you.

[00:30:57] That's a nice one. I love it. Yeah. Myself, [00:31:00] came out just like that.

[00:31:01] Liam: Nice. It's true though. That's true. So we like to end with some quick fire questions. So, um, these can be a short or as long as you like. Uh, what celebrity would you most like to meet Daniela? Uh, Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez, And why I should

[00:31:16] Daniela: say, uh, immigrants.

[00:31:20] Uh, darkish in New York in the eighties, uh, and built an empire on, uh, woman empowerment.

[00:31:28] Liam: Love it. Love it.

[00:31:30] Daniela: What would you say, uh, you and everybody listening, if you haven't, uh, watched documentary on Netflix? Finish this and go to watch it. She's really, really inspiring.

[00:31:40] Liam: Nice, Nice. I'll, uh, I'll stick it on the old playlist on the old watch list.

[00:31:44] Yeah. What, what is your favorite book or a book which has inspired you?

[00:31:49] Daniela: The Loop Tile by, uh, Bruce , Uh, I had the great pleasure of meeting him in 2014 World Travel Market in London. Uh, he's [00:32:00] the CO and founder of G Travel and, uh, he creates tools in. Let's say normal and not so normal destinations. And he empowers, uh, the people, um, uh, the people in the small villages.

[00:32:16] So for example, if you go to Peru, they will take you around, uh, to where they handcraft all their beautiful clothes and, um, He, he uses local people to teach the tourist and travelers. And so the money this tourist stand stay in the destination. And he was the guy that inspired me, um, to, uh, promote the small local businesses here in Mar.

[00:32:44] Liam: That's really nice. I like that answer. Yeah. . So, uh, what is the, um, what is your lifelong dream and what does the future look like?

[00:32:52] Daniela: Me to get myself a small customer, run more out here and control the whole thing, uh, [00:33:00] from the sea. Love it. This is, this is how insurance and I will end up retiring, small thing, and from here to Ibiza, then to Italy, and then all the way down to Israel.

[00:33:10] Cost to cost. We can go over in the medi.

[00:33:13] Liam: I love it. And what a great way to, uh, to bring it to a close, uh, Danielle and I feel we've learned a lot about your business. I'm sure everybody listening and, uh, you know, sort of watching on the live will have got some really great tips. Especially I think just putting yourself out there, really having passion for your business, hosting, going back to the roots of hospitality is, is so important.

[00:33:33] And, uh, certainly that's what's made you in my mind, one of the biggest characters I've met is, uh, you know, is, uh, uh, very memorable. Um, how would the people listening and watching get in touch with you? Uh, if they want to. Is there website or socials? What's the best way

[00:33:48] Daniela: they can find me on LinkedIn?

[00:33:50] Daniel Lare or the easiest is [email protected]. That is my email. Or they can find me on Facebook. Daniel [00:34:00] or on Instagram? Maria holidays. I think that's it. It'll be everywhere. And my phone number is basically public, so you can shoot me a WhatsApp. No.

[00:34:10] Liam: Amazing. Amazing. Thank you so much Daniel, for spending your time with us on Behind the Host Today.

[00:34:15] Thank you again and uh, My pleasure. Yeah, I'm sure we'll we'll see you at the next, uh, book direct show or or wherever it is, .

[00:34:22] Daniela: Absolutely looking for it. Bye-bye.

[00:34:25] Bye for now.

[00:34:26] Liam: Having a blast. Gonna get it on the Bruce Lee podcast. Bruce Lee led Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the tees loose leaf, making up those rhymes.

[00:34:34] Don't write it just to, it

[00:34:35] loosely.

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