How will the Blockchain transform the STR industry (24 Hour Clubhouse Room Takeover)

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 414. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how will the blockchain transform the STR industry.

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In for a few years five or 10 years is going to be you know, he's not there's no other date where web tree shuts off. And we have where we're sorry, web two shuts, such dark shuts down. And then we have web three. In the same way there are still web one websites around, right. So as long as this is there are accounts owned by companies, and the data is siloed. So the availabilities are in their hands and the listings are in their hands, we're going to need to synchronize them through PMS, but in, you know, futuristic web three only situation and by the time we're going to have probably worked for and who knows what is it but in that in that situation now because listen, the availabilities are only in your hands, and everybody can read them. And the listings are only in your hands, and everybody can read them. So you won't need synchronization because the data is not closed, the day is open. Right? All this fragmentation, which we are going through today is because every company, every corporation takes our data and they keep it for themselves. They don't control the access to the data. So that's why a PMS are trying to manage their needs and API permission API and say, Okay, please give me the availabilities. And they are also under the control of these corporations in a way. I don't know if that answers your question.

Purchasing vacation rentals

This space is exploding with ideas and experiments and projects, right. So we're not doing that part, somebody else is doing it, there are companies called real tea, which is purchasing houses in the States, I think in the Detroit area, you just buy a few coins, and you own a little bit on the house, and then they rent it directly for you not residential, and you earn. So the coin is a value connected to the house, and then the rent is sent to the token holders. So you have the know 10% in coins of that house, and you also get 10% of the rent.

So this is happening. And I'm pretty convinced that because the technology is whether we are going to be able to form let's say, somebody could buy, you know, you could say I want to buy a great villa in Italy or 10 villas, but I don't have access to money. So why don't we collect the money and then we tokenize it, right? And then I want to be part of this. And I'm going to simply by 100 euros of this project, even if it's a million euro project, I own a very small percentage. And then I'm going to be I'm going to share with you the income right. So yeah, that's going to happen for sure is happening already is going to come in our industry. And this is basically just this one is one idea anyone else could take and make a business for the next 10 years in vacation rentals is nobody has done it.

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