How to discover your Customer Avatar [24 Hour Clubhouse Takeaover]

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 427. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to discover your customer avatar.

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I'm interested to see what you got to say about guest avatars. And I think it's really crucial to pin down who you want to attract into your properties. That, you know, if you do SA doesn't mean you all do the same thing. We all have very, very different businesses and understanding your customer suppose is really key, especially when it comes to direct bookings, some guest avatars is something that I'm going to be taking notes on. We're currently launching another business working with a marketing company. And right now we are really trying to nail our avatar. Customer avatar down is a property business slightly different branding. It's a great exercise, who exactly are we targeting? And what do they do but not only a vague outline of your avatar be very, very specific. You know, I said to nick the other day, who is our avatar? What where do they sort of socialize? Where do they use social media? What times might they use social media? What's their friends' circle? Like? What kind of things do they like doing? What's their age? What's their friends ages? I think the more specific you can be with avatars and things like that, the more you can answer what they might need with your product. It's something I'm really interested in, it's part of the marketing for businesses. And if you don't know who you're marketing to, how can you offer the value that that person wants?

Do you use your current data? To kind of outline what that is? You're like, sort of, you know, when you've got a client staying on one of your properties? What what did you collect from them? I mean, from a GDPR standpoint, but I mean, do you get that edge? Do you understand where you know, if you could go back for the last 12 months of your business? Could you say the average age of our guest is 42?

We are in the process of bringing our management in house one because wasn't happy with the standard two, because we're at a stage where we're ready to. And three, because I'm a granular person to an annoying level. And I want to know everything that you've just mentioned. We're one of the first tasks I got the VA girls working on was trolimg the data going backwards through all our reservations. That was direct that was OTA bookings, and just giving ourselves the data so we can map out what we've found previously, and how does that affect where we're going forward? So to answer your question, mate, we're right in the thick of it, literally last month, this month, and no doubt, next month on mapping out.

The answers are in data. You know, that's the thing, but I just think so many people don't collect the right data, so that they can't look back at it. And then plan using that data, like all top companies study the data. And there's, there are people who can read it very well. There are some people who can't I'm not a great reader of data. I'm trying to learn, but I do have somebody who, who is a great reader of data, and they can, you know, you can put all that data in front of them, they can put a system together, and you can ask that question and it will give you the answer using the formulas. And it's such a powerful tool because, you know, there's no point trying to market to 25 year olds. If your average age is 60, you know, and these, these are such important. It's such important information to have at your fingertips. When you're thinking about what marketing you're going to do in the next three months. How are you going to attract that you know, the people that you're looking for? So I think, I think a lot of people today, they don't use the data that they have, to the best of their ability. And I think that should be something that we should all be looking at trying to get more data systems to be able to analyze the data that we have to help us move forward in our business.

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