How to build TRUST with your guests [Clubhouse 24 Hour takeover]

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 425. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to build TRUST with your guests.

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One of the things that we were talking about that builds trust is just making sure that alongside that trust page just have oaths towards your guests. So whether or not it is a case of just having like, something that you stand by where look, if you, when you try and book with us, if we can't find you somewhere this time, then we'll give you 5% off the next day with us. Or, you know, if the place isn't as clean as you'd expect, then, you know, get in touch with us and we'll offer you something, it just really make it you know, a measurable where you can give them oaths towards whatever it is that you say you will do. Because it shows that you believe in that in that aspect of this day

This is for people that use OTAs on their bio. I like it when people have a pic all your team smiling face and also tell your story. Who you are what you like some fun facts about you. Because you know we're in the hospitality business. You know, it's a human-based business and enabling your guests to communicate with you and build that. You know, just see a little bit behind your family. Say that you've got a dog. You know, build that trust by it pulling back the curtain and letting people see who you are as a person. Don't be a person of mystery. Be loud and proud about what you do and who you serve. That's always being transparent and authentic, showing who you are.

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