How to brand your airbnb business within the listing itself

How to Brand Your Airbnb Business: Tips for a Successful Listing – Boostly Tune Up Review

If you're looking to start renting out a property on Airbnb, it's important to take the time to brand your business. This will help guests know what to expect when they stay with you, and give them a good impression of your company. In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips for branding your Airbnb business!


The first step is to come up with a catchy name for your listing. This will be the first thing that guests see, so make sure it's something eye-catching and memorable. You can include your city or state in the name, or come up with something completely unique. Once you have a name, add some branding elements to your listing photos. This could include a logo or watermark, as well as consistent colors and fonts throughout.

In the description of your listing, be sure to include information about your brand. What makes you unique? What can guests expect when they stay with you? Be sure to use keywords that potential guests will be searching for, such as “pet-friendly” or “close to downtown.” If you have a website for your business, be sure to include the link in your listing!


By following these tips, you can ensure that your Airbnb business is properly branded and stands out from the competition. With a little effort, you can make sure that guests have a positive experience when they stay with you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you brand your business!


Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 457. In this podcast I'm going to be doing a Boostly Tune-up Review which is where I take a look at your content and give feedback on things that are good and things that could be better. This is a great opportunity for development while also helping out other hosts too.

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Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – What is a Tuneup?
02:37 – Using Branded Images
04:31 – Using special fonts to draw attention
06:36 – Use of Fiverr to find what you need
09:08 – Let us know if you want a Boostly Tuneup

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[00:00:00] Mark: Welcome back to another episode of the booster podcast. This is a very visual one. So please make sure that you are looking at the screen and you interact because what we're going to be doing is that. Boostly tuneup. So boostly tune-up bringing it back. What it is is that I've got hosts apart of team boostly.


What is a Tuneup?


[00:00:16] Mark: You want to be part of team boostly, you know where to go, go to, start your journey there. And from time to time I'll do mock interviews and tuneups, and I'll, I'll find something that I want to be able to help them with. But in exchange, I can help them by recording a podcast episode at the same time.

[00:00:32] Mark: So I can share with the wider community. And today what we're doing is we're going to have a little. Uh, Airbnb listing to see how we can provide some help and advice just to see what she's doing well doing, not so well and what to improve. So let's just go straight in one of the biggest problems when it comes to convert in a look at, into a Booker for a direct booking is the trust factor.

[00:00:54] Mark: Whether you like it or not, your guest is looking to make sure that you are who you say. So, how can you do that? Well, the number one accreditation and recommendation certification service in the industry is I prac and I'm so happy to say that I prac is sponsoring this podcast and is the lead sponsor for all Boostly content?

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[00:01:36] Mark: They've got over 10,000 members and they've got over 250,000 properties, which means that you can display your, I prac certificate on your website and on your socials and know that you are going to be providing that trust that your future potential guest is looking. I reached out to I prac and I asked them if they've got a special offer for Boostly members.

[00:01:59] Mark: And so if you go to T R U S T, you'll go to a special boostly landing page where you can book in a call and a demo. And if you sign up, you get a very special exclusive discount. This is only for Boostly members. So thank you. I prac, for being our sponsor. Thank you to listening to this very short message.

[00:02:20] Mark: I hope that you go and check out. I prac today. I hope that you go and join them just like hundreds of, of a boostly members have done, because it will help massively with you increase in your direct bookings. Right? Let's get back to this. Uh, as you are watching this, please make sure you hit the forms of button.


Using Branded Images

How to Brand Your Airbnb Business: Tips for a Successful Listing - Boostly Tune Up Review


[00:02:37] Mark: Make sure you comment below, let us know link to your Airbnb listing. If you would like me to do a little tune up for you. And also as I'll share this video into Facebook groups so that other people can find out about it. All right. So we're uh, this is Eva apartments are in south London. Already, she's a massive fan of the emojis and the icons that shout out on a, tip it out to Danny from optimize my BNB for these tips and tactics.

[00:03:01] Mark: Now, one thing that I like what she's doing well is that the images are tagged with the business logo. Now instantly, what that does is it shows the person viewing it, that they are not just a hobby host somebody that is doing this as a spare room, et cetera, by having the Brandon. Uh, but you know what you're doing and also as well, what I like and this image, this first image here, it's got a lot of the information.

[00:03:27] Mark: So it tells the person what they are looking at. Two bedroom apartments, sleeps up to five, uh, on bedrooms, a double. I would get rid of that to be honest. And I'll just go two bedroom apartments. Fully equipped kitchen, professionally cleaned. I would have something like fast wifi or whatever else has got right there.

[00:03:47] Mark: But I liked that. Um, and obviously then as we look at all the other pictures, they are, they are branded, I'm seeing this more and more now having the Brandon. I mean, you know, if you were to give it constructive feedback, I'd say I'd make the brand in a little bit less. So I love him hustle. Sorry. Um, but things like this are all well and good, you know, apartments or apartments, they ended the day.

[00:04:09] Mark: And, uh, some really nice pictures there, but again, the Brandon is good. So again, if we go in and look at here, first thing that catches the eye is the emoji special offer available monthly bookings for March, 2022 available. And again, we've gone got the little, uh, clever little icons going here, clever little fonts.


Using special fonts to draw attention


[00:04:31] Mark: If you want to know how to do special funds, special fonts. There we go phones for Instagram fonts for Facebook, et cetera. You can come and put some in here. So two.

[00:04:48] Mark: And as you can see, it starts to make a little bit funky on here. So that's all that Eva's done. Again, it's all about drawing the attention. Cause every single Airbnb listed in the generic default mode looks the same. What can you do? And you don't have to go crazy, but you can pick a more subtle one, for example, to make it, to make it stand out.

[00:05:08] Mark: That's all leave has done here. Now I've just typed in special fonts, but as you can see, lingo jam is one, a cool symbol ag fonts. I mean there's tons and tons and tons. I also as well gone straight in with the emojis and the, and the bullet points. Um, we've got all this cool stuff here. That was in loads of information, which is, which is good.

[00:05:32] Mark: I think the one thing that's missing, if I was to do anything different, one thing that I'm noticing more and more, and I save, it's not only on Airbnb, but also Amazon books, obviously as well, released a book. And one thing I noticed with the description is that they're putting in reviews. And so Dani does this from optimizer BNB loads, where people do this, but grab a review, one of your five star bestest reviews and copy and paste it in here, just to show that little bit of clout.

[00:05:53] Mark: So. I mean, this is all same to say. Make sure that your managers are always up to date. All that jazz decent review score. A 4.86. Obviously, this is all cool. Well, and good. Now the one thing that I will be also doing is making full use of your, um, profile. Now I know you've gone for the company logo, which is great.

[00:06:17] Mark: Uh, but I personally would get your picture of your face and hair shows who you are, um, which is obviously people relate to people's faces. I think you've branded your pictures are enough with the logo so that they know what this is by now, but I would, uh, I would put right at the very stop without even hello and welcome.


Use of Fiverr to find what you need


[00:06:36] Mark: I would get somebody that is very good at copy somebody on Fiverr. So let's have a look at that. Look on the here let's go into Fiverr and let's type in.

[00:06:52] Mark: I've been in Airbnb description. I will personally write a tailor-made Airbnb listing description. Again, you can find people. For literally less than a hundred dollars right here, professionally, right? Again. So just somebody to help you have a little bit of copy because the copy is very important. The words that you use, the ones that's going to do.

[00:07:12] Mark: And again, I can guarantee that 90% of people who are watching this video, won't be doing this. So how can you get a copywriter to come in and write something? That's going to draw attention. I'd be putting straight from the stat here personally. Um, Eva, and we run, uh, EVB properties, um, in south Hampton.

[00:07:30] Mark: Have how many properties make sure you stay at an input, something along the lines of checkout, our online reviews, we are really good, you know, check out our online reviews and our copywriter will help you tidy up. What you want to do here is what you want to try and make sure is that people then we'll figure out that you're a real business.

[00:07:47] Mark: So I go, okay, so we'll see this. And then what I want to type in is ABB property Southampton, tell him what to Google, but without saying the word Google, because when you do that, as you can see. Your website comes up there. You've got the Facebook, you've got the, you've got the Google, my business page right here, which you, which is great.

[00:08:10] Mark: And you've got all the listings here, but the first things that they see, that's their, that's their Facebook there. So again, Very good listing. I would amend a few things. I would number one, go and get a, a copywriter on Fiverr or who you know, there's some amazing copywriters, um, available in the boostly community.

[00:08:30] Mark: If you're a part of boostly community, you know what I'm talking about, but go grab somebody to do that. Um, I like the things I would definitely amend the wording on here. Make it a little bit more condensed. I would definitely change the images and the logo not to be so big and so to speak. And, um, I see if you're doing this final one.

[00:08:51] Mark: So as far as I'm aware of air captions are here. Good. Make sure you capture everything, make sure you tag them all up, which is lovely. Right. I hope that helps. Visualization always does help. I mean, if this is you and this is some people thinking, oh, okay, I need a little bit help with my Airbnb. This is what I need to be doing.


Let us know if you want a Boostly Tuneup


[00:09:08] Mark: I want to get some emojis and icons. I want to be doing that. Um, but if I should say, listen, I need to be doing this X, Y, and that robot's doing well. This is where we jump. Pass on the Baton to you. Please go and jump into the comments below, let us know a link to your Airbnb. If you would like a boostly, tune-up let us know.

[00:09:23] Mark: It links to your There's no links to your website. All of those things are more than happy to take a little look at it. If you give me permission to make it turn into a podcast episode. So who knows, leave it below and I might feature you in the future. Thank you so much for tuning in. I'll be back tomorrow.

[00:09:37] Mark: We'll have another podcast, another video, another blog, all that jazz. In the meantime, let's be proactive. Let's not be reactive. Let's go get some bookings. Hey.




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