How Hadeel Cusick increased her direct bookings

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 9 Episode 5. This is a recap of my interview with Hadeel Cusick and we talked about how she increased her direct bookings.

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03:10 About Hadeel
04:20 What the frustration feel like for Hadeel

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The problems Hadeel was having before she discovered Boostly Academy was having to deal with the new way of living during lockdown. She had to be there for her six year old boy, Liam all the time between being among a Google Classroom Teacher. Every morning while Liam was adamant to have her join his exercise every morning and supporting his husband with his care home, work during those really strange times.

Then on the other hand, dealing with all the booking cancellations, and the unknown that was, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

What the frustration feel like for Hadeel

Frustration was very uncomfortable to Hadeel. The pressure was from everywhere around her. She had moments when she was giving up and something in her head was telling her. No, you have to give up. You can’t do it.

But Hadeel is the type of person who doesn’t take no for an answer. She tried to tackle the issues. She’s lacking the knowledge with but it wasn’t much fun at all, especially with that, you know, all that was going on around us.

She felt the anger building in her. To the point that her little boy had said wants money, to bring back her black hair, because the white hair is making her angry.

The things she learned over the past three to four months are amazing. And she admits that she haven’t done half the things that she should have done already. But life is, you know, gets in the way.

But just the fact that knowing all she needs is there for life. And she can reach and grab what she needs to learn about, you know, at any any time, at her own time, without any worry is simply fabulous.

Hadeel has not started her Boostly website yet, but she has implemented what she has learned to the website that she initially made. She will eventually, but it’s when she’s ready to do so. And it’s on the list to do.

But just by working on her website with following Boostly advice to how she should be presenting it had brought her direct bookings. Boostly Academy and hospitality community Facebook page has introduced her to so many lovely people that she found herself that she has things in common with who she can understand what they’re talking about, they can understand what questions she has.

When she needs an answer to a question, she just puts it out there and she gets a flood of valuable answers from knowledgeable people. She started to feel comfortable with what she wasn’t comfortable with. By implementing what she has learned from Boostly Academy.

Tools, tactics, training, confidence, there’s a reflection and improvement to marketing Hadeel’s business, which at the end of the day, it helps her in getting more direct bookings. And that obviously leads into saving money, you know, saving her pocket, saves her money on permissions having to pay to the big OTAs. Just witnessing the commitments that you have towards helping the hospitality industry to bounce back is outstanding. Having a mentor who’s full of enthusiasm, knowledge skills, very helpful and has the best sense of humor.

Learning from someone who shares what he knows with care and kindness, the amount of stuff that she learned so far as incredible, highly recommended.

Hadeel says Boostly Academy people is a spoiled bunch No one should have second thoughts to join, every moment is well worth it.

Hadeel’s life is different now with the problems that she was having. Her life has more structure, she knows what she’s doing. And she has certain goals that she wants to achieve. She has a place to turn to when she needs anything related to her business.

As Hadeel always strive to continuously receive excellent feedback from her guests, the whole the experience, from the moment they start looking to book their holiday house, to the time they spend in it getting all the fabulous reviews over the moon with what she has accomplished in a year time.

But it’s getting even more and more. So Hadeel is very happy with that. Just the fact to keep up with the digital world and the fast pace that the marketing strategies are taking place. She is in constant need of guidance to learn everything related to the hospitality business. And that’s a major reason why she needs a professional mentor.

Hadeel is happy with that, that Boostly Academy can guide her to go to the right direction to keep up with everything. She is always in need to hear about other people’s experiences and extend her help when she can if anyone needs to know.

Know more about Hadeel on her website.

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