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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 484. In this podcast episode I'm excited to announce a partnership between Boostly and Hostfully which we've been working on in the background for the last 3-4 months, and here's all the exciting details.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:16 – How it all started
04:12 – An exciting announcement
05:14 – Growing the team
06:17 – Boostly member discount

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[00:00:00] Mark: Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. And welcome. And welcome to the number one podcast in the world for hospitality, marketing, STR, marketing, Airbnb marketing, showing you how you can get your own direct book ins where you don't have to rely on those naughty OTAs for your behalf. All right. So today, what we're gonna talk about something very special.

[00:00:21] Mark: We're gonna talk about an exciting partnership with one of the leading property management software companies in the world. But before that let's begin with a nice little wrap. This is a freestyle I'm going off the dumb. Back in indeed. Ready for my closeup. Good looking, let me tell you get more bookings.

[00:00:42] Mark: Ah, that'd be nice. Giving me tips, tools and advice. Yeah, you're gonna get 'em hun. You're gonna sit back. Listen to Mark Simpson. What? Having a blast, gonna get out on the Boostly podcast cars. Boostly, let Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the TVs, loose leaf making up those rhymes. Don't write it. Just do we loosely.

[00:00:59] Mark: If you want my respect, you are better, but direct here are the words in the podcast. That's what comes. Okay, welcome everybody. So please let me know. Who's watching live with me. Put a hashtag live in the comments. If you're on the replay, leave a hashtag replay and let me know where you're tuning in.

How it all started

[00:01:16] Mark: Around the world. So a big part of boost lever, you may not know is we do websites. We've been doing websites since 2018. It was the hospitality community group that where we first started because there was a member that came into the community, was complaining about their website designer. And I recommended somebody.

[00:01:34] Mark: He couldn't do it at work. So I just thought, you know what, we’re gonna do it. And that began this whole rabbit hole that we've gone right down and we're coming out the other end, where we are now, one of the number one recommended website agencies in the whole industry, which is fantastic. And we've been very fortunate over the last five, six years.

[00:01:52] Mark: to be able to get to know some of the best property management softwares out there got to know some amazing people from speaking at events and doing podcasts and webinars, et cetera. And what I wanna announce today is a very cool partner with somebody that I've known for a while. In fact, I was doing a little bit of research before going live and doing this podcast episode.

[00:02:12] Mark: And back in 2019, you can see on the screen right now, I had one of my first interviews with Mr. David Jacoby. If you see the screen right now, if you're watching on the live, if you're watching on the video, this is from 2019. Uh, we had just got back from, um, from traveling. And we're, uh, this is at my father-in-law's office.

[00:02:32] Mark: As I was recording a video, please do go check it out because if you compare it to what I used to do to what I've got now, it is com it's crazy. Still got the hat, obviously but the setup is a lot better. But anyway, on that topic we discussed with Mr. David Jacoby of Hostfully all about the power of self checkins and the future of self checkins.

[00:02:52] Mark: And also we were talking about digital guidebook, which is obviously what hopefully are probably known for most in my community, but. What they also have is a property management software or a PMP property management platform, as they like to call it. And over the years, what I've been trying to do with Brucely and what we've been trying to do behind the scenes is make the guest booking process as smooth as possible and what we're able to do with the technology that we've created with the, with the people that we've got working behind the scenes.

[00:03:22] Mark: Is that we've been able to create websites now that are as smooth and as seamless and as work just as well as Airbnb, but you don't have to pay millions for the privilege, which is awesome. And because we've been doing this work and because we've been creating a software, this technology we've had caught the attention of the biggest PMs providers in the world.

[00:03:40] Mark: So, you know, the amazing people like Guesty and host away, uh, up list in Zeva you name it. Uh, they they're grabbing the attention and, and Hostfully, we've known for a while. We've been working alongside doing something slightly. But with the technology. Now, we've now come on board where we can offer this smooth, seamless, uh, transition.

[00:03:57] Mark: And we've been working for about the last three or four months to get it already and signed off. And I'm so excited that this morning, very early hours of this morning, I got the email from the team that's based over on the west coast, um, of America to say, yep, we're good to go. Here's the press release.

An exciting announcement

[00:04:12] Mark: Here's the information let's go and announce it. So this is me today saying that Boostly and, uh, and hopefully I've got a really cool partnership, a real cool link up. Now, every single Hostly customer can have a direct booking website with Boostly and the smooth seamless transaction for your guest.

[00:04:29] Mark: So it's a win win. So, so a win for, for Hostly members, because you'll be able to have a, a website, a WordPress website. That's gonna turn look into bookers. It's a win for your guest. Because you're gonna build that trust. You're gonna build that accountability. You're, you're gonna build that responsibility, that, that all those big words to where you can basically get someone land on your website and you are gonna be confident.

[00:04:51] Mark: It's, it's gonna turn from a look at, into a Booker, but it's also a win for boostly because we've now got another amazing partnership to add to our other 11. That we have. So, uh, real big news from, from our end today, super excited. There's loads of other cool things happening behind the scenes. Um, just announced on social media over the last couple of days that we've got the amazing, uh, Allison Kaza labard has come board, uh, to help him with business development.

Growing the team

[00:05:14] Mark: So, um, one of the big things behind the scenes is that we've been having to do so many calls and people wanting to get in contact with us about building a website that's too much for just. And Tom to do now. So we've got Alison board joining Liam and Liam, uh, which is great. So now there's more people to speak to.

[00:05:31] Mark: It means we've got more team members. That means there's more websites that can, that can go through the system. We've added on so much more staff behind the scenes, API people, project managers, development, it's all happening really quickly. And, um, I'm so lucky to have fantastic people behind me to mean that this is all just smooth and seamless and it's all going in the right direction, which is the main thing.

[00:05:52] Mark: Talking about partnerships, talking about sponsorships, talking about trust. Just wanna say a massive thank you to our podcast sponsor, which is IRAK. So IRA, um, you'll have seen the interview that I did with Chris Martin. Who's the founder of IRA. You know, when we're talking about trust, you know, when we're talking about, um, direct bookings, you know, when we're talking about, uh, a system that you can trust IRA is that one I've been working with for a long time.

Boostly member discount

[00:06:17] Mark: Now they've come on board as the, as the podcast and the content sponsor, every single boostly listener. And this is exclusive to boostly gets a 200 pound discount. When you sign up, all you need to do is to mention boosty. When you go from book a demo in. They've got the largest accreditation service.

[00:06:34] Mark: That's out there for our, for our S St. Industry got over 10,000 members and it's a worldwide organization. So if you wanna build that trust of your guest, do go check them out. And again, thank you to IRAC for sponsoring, which is fantastic. And I'm just so lucky now we're at a point. In this sort of progression with what we're doing is that the book direct movement above and beyond is getting the biggest support behind it.

[00:06:55] Mark: I always say I didn't start the book direct movement, but we had the biggest proponent promoters of it, the biggest supporters of it. And we had the loudest of it. And so every think is coming together nicely where we've got a really big community and it's grown and grown and grow. What we're doing is reeducating hosts just like yourself on how to get D bookings.

[00:07:12] Mark: But what I'm also doing is we can teach you how to reeducate your guests. And if we can keep doing this and keep progressing, like we have been, we're gonna get the attention of the OTAs. So thank you so much for being part of this journey. Thank you so much for tuning into this podcast. Doesn't matter where you're on the audio version, the video version, or just read in a blog post, please do make sure you leave a comment.

[00:07:33] Mark: And say hello and say hi and, uh, and leave all your feedback and the comments and stuff. If you're a Hostfully user, please come and say hi, and the comments below, I'm looking forward to speaking to so many more, hopefully people as we go and, and helping them get a website that they're gonna be, uh, proud of, which is so cool.

[00:07:49] Mark: So I'll be back very soon with another podcast episode. This is all for today. Uh, I just wanna say thank you to, to David and Margo and the whole team Hostly, I've spoken to everybody over the course of the last three months. Uh, a massive thank you to everybody. That's part of this journey and let's keep going and let's try as much as we possibly can to spread the hashtag book direct movement.

[00:08:08] Mark: All right. Have a great day. Whatever you're doing. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. And I'll be back very soon with the number one podcast for marketing in the SD hospitality AB industry. Thank you so much for tuning. Thank you so much for checking out today's podcast episode now, before you head and go anywhere else before you click to the next episode, before you do that, do me one big favor and go check out boost Lee dot code UK slash trust IRA at a sponsors of all of the booster content and the reason why I work with them.

[00:08:36] Mark: And the reason why we spread the message of IRA is that when a host or a company is looking to get more into DRA bookings, the main question they have is around trust as in will a. Trust that I am a true and real business. Will IRA take care of all of that. And they've got a special offer that is only available to boosty people, but to do that, you need to go to boost Lee, which is B O O S TL Y dot code UK slash trust.

[00:09:04] Mark: You can find out all the information there. You can book in a demo book in a call and then you will get your super special offer that is only available to Boley peoples, thank you again for tuning in do go check out IRA. We'll be back again very shortly with another podcast episode, but until then, we'll see you all very soon.

[00:09:20] Mark: Take care.


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