Hospitality Marketing: How to reach the next generation of bookers

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 490. In this podcast episode we're talking about the next generation of bookers – Gen Z's. We are also talking about workations and how you can appeal to these new types of bookers.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:03 – What is a work workation?
01:43 – Appealing to Gen Z’s
02:54 – What you can offer to Gen Z’s

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Mark: Now I know what you're gonna say by looking at the title. And when I say gen Z, you're instantly gonna dismiss it because you're think, well, these aren't my guests, these aren't the people that are coming to stay with me. But did you know that as of 2022 gen Z will be 25 years old, and this is why it's really important because gen Z generation Z is gonna be your next type of guest.

[00:00:24] Mark: These are gonna be the next people that are coming through now, why is this well number? why are 40% of gen Z employees planning on taking a workation in 2022? Well, let's dig into it. Let's think about it. Um, 25 year olds now have got that disposable income, 25 year olds. Now, mostly are still living at home.

[00:00:44] Mark: They've got tons of disposable income and if they're working from home and if they are, you know, not relying on mortgages, if they're not relying on bills because. What's happened over the last couple of years and how the whole work dynamic has changed, then they're gonna have a bit of extra cash and they are going to be wanting to take, um, work locations.

What is a work workation?

[00:01:03] Mark: Let's dive into what a work location is. Workation is where you go and stay somewhere. Normally it's between one to three hours away from where they're living and they're going to, um, mostly drive to it. We're gonna stay somewhere where they can work. As well as play. And so this is happening a lot, a trend that has popped up very recently is like mini vacations.

[00:01:26] Mark: It's basically every four to five weeks. So you don't suffer from burnout. You go away for 4, 5, 4, 5 days, and this is happening more and more and more and more so before you dismiss gen Z. And again, people think gen Z is teenagers. It's not anymore. This is the next level. Now it's coming up to, to be in your future potential guests.

Appealing to Gen Z’s

[00:01:43] Mark: So you've gotta be thinking, all right, so, so many people now are gonna be doing. So many people are gonna be traveling. If you are going to be targeting those Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday, or however, if you're gonna be targeting people, location, what can you be doing to really appeal to 'em think about that, that first image, that unique selling photo, that first image that they see when they come onto the, the OTAs or when they land on your website, what can you show to serve at your opinion?

[00:02:12] Mark: And again, you could put workation in the title of your Airbnb listing, because then again, it shows that you are speaking to them, um, ideal for workation. So you could have, you know, talk about super fast wifi. If you've got your wifi speed, go into your properties where you are now do a, a wifi speed checker on Airbnb.

[00:02:29] Mark: Cause that's what they are looking for right now. Upload that. Talk about it. Do you have, uh, a little work desk? Put aside so they can have the laptop. Does it have all the things nearby charging, plug sockets, pens, paper, whatever it may be that will appeal to 'em. Can you go a step up? Can you have a ring light, a a little mini desktop ring light, because people are gonna be doing their zoom calls or podcast interviews or webinars or creating content.

What you can offer to Gen Z’s

[00:02:54] Mark: So many gen Zs now are creating content. They've got a YouTube or social media presence. How can you really make it simple for them? And again, what else can you be doing? So takeaways recommended Uber journeys of taxi journeys, or whatever, or places to go places to hang out places to check out what can you be doing to make their life easier and how can you be put in front of them?

[00:03:15] Mark: So don't dismiss the gen Z. Okay. It's, it's really important. And, um, it's something that you should be really paying attention to because this is gonna become more and more, more and more important. And again, at the end of the day, they've got the disposable income and this could fill out your Monday to Fridays, the ones that you're really struggling to get rid.

[00:03:30] Mark: Because again, they're not restricted to just weekends. I know people, good friends of mine that haven't been back into the office environment since March, 2020. That's crazy. The working environment, the nine to five is changing digital. No man's work case. Whatever you wanna talk about is gonna become more and more present.

[00:03:48] Mark: All you gotta do is look at the founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky. He's currently staying in it in nothing but Airbnbs. He's moving around, he's working and traveling and he's ahead of a huge organization, whatever you think. So I offer and I throw out the question to you. Like I normally do, what can you be doing to making that your property can stand out more to gen Z?

[00:04:10] Mark: Leave a little comment below. What are you doing? Let's have a little brain dump brainstorm. If you're listening to the audio version when it's safe to do so, jump over to the YouTube channel, the Instagram, the Facebook, wherever it may be. Let's start the discussion, come and join the hospitality community, Facebook group.

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[00:05:47] Mark: Take care.


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