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Behind the Host with Tracey Northcott

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 473. In this podcast I'm going to be speaking with Tracey Northcott who is a short term host and trainer to other hosts, teaching them how to scale to a seven figure business which is amazing!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – A little about Traceys business
08:23 – Tips and tricks to identify your avatar
11:38 – Who is in Traceys team?
17:46 – Advice to attract your target guest
24:20 – A little more about Tracey

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Liam: Welcome to another episode of behind the host podcast. And, uh, today we are joined by Tracy Northcott, Tracy's based all the way in Japan. Uh, she's a short term host herself. Uh, she now trains other hosts to, uh, scale up to a seven figure business. And also she's an author, which is really awesome. And today we're gonna dive into Tracy's business.

[00:00:22] Liam: Uh, find out a bit about the tech. She uses a bit about our team and, uh, just generally have a, have a nice chat. So. Thank you for joining us, Tracy.

[00:00:31] Tracey: Thanks, Liam. It's great to be here.

[00:00:34] Liam: Awesome. Awesome. So, first of all, let's just, uh, tell me a bit about your business, how you got started and, uh, Japan is, uh, you know, sort of all the way on the other side of the world.

[00:00:43] Liam: So how did that happen?

A little about Traceys business

[00:00:45] Tracey: Yeah. For you? Well, I mean, I, I moved here in 2000. Um, I jumped on a plane and, uh, came and joined my brother who has a software company here in Japan. And, um, And I, I spoke Japanese beforehand because, um, I did it at school and, and I was, you know, my brother was living here probably for about seven or eight years before I moved.

[00:01:05] Tracey: And so I was popping in and out. And, uh, my mother was living in China at one point. So we are pretty traveling family. And, um, and then I sort of took the plunge. I thought, well, I'll go to Japan. You know, I speak Japanese. I might as well go and live there for a couple of years and, and, um, and do some work with my brother and my brother's company.

[00:01:24] Tracey: Um, I'm a chemist by training, which is completely random, but, uh, I then retrained in it, uh, when, uh, in the late nineties. And I thought, well, I didn't really wanna be in the labs anymore. I kept blowing myself up. I was a really bad lab technician, so I thought, well, I need to do something else. So, um, yeah, I became, uh, an engineer and came to Japan and that was in 2000.

[00:01:49] Tracey: So I'd been living here for a little while when, uh, you know, I found myself, found myself married with a child and, uh, and a lot of people started to come visit. A lot of people started to come visit and Japanese, I don't know if you've been here, Liam, but houses in Japan are really small so, um, and there's only so long that you can have your in-laws sleeping on your living room floor.

[00:02:14] Tracey: So I thought. I'll get a second apartment and, uh, you know, Chuck 'em in there and, uh, and then if I can rent it out, part-time on, on Airbnb, I've covered my costs. That's a win-win I was a happy, happy girl. Yeah. it just went, it went bonkers and that was 10 years ago. So, uh, that was in yeah. 20 11, 20, 20 11, 20 12 was.

[00:02:40] Liam: The things we do for our family to, just for them to have a nice place to come and stay.

[00:02:44] Tracey: Eh, exactly could exactly. It was, like I said, it was really by accident, um, you know, having my own company already, um, and having that sort of, um, you know, permission. From my brother, if, you know, he always said, use the company.

[00:02:58] Tracey: If you've got something that is a project that you wanna do use it. Um, and so I did and I went, okay, well, I've always really loved real estate. So, um, I just rented another apartment and, um, and off, off I went. So,

[00:03:12] Liam: um, how many units, so you, you started with that one just for the family. How did it go from one to two?

[00:03:19] Liam: Uh, did, was it, did you see the business opportunity there and, and just decide to jump onto

[00:03:23] Tracey: it? Yeah, well, I was, well, like when I listed, I was booked within the first three hours and I think a lot of people can understand. The, the rush of that, um, it was like, oh, okay. Someone wants to book. Someone wants to stay.

[00:03:38] Tracey: And, and it was just a studio. So it was a one bedroom studio that I had, and it was a perfect storm between the amount of tourism that was happening in Japan. The lack of. Um, alter alternative accommodation, um, and just being in the right space at the right time, I think. And, um, we were getting lots of requests from, from people who had bigger groups, you know, family groups and, and larger groups.

[00:04:05] Tracey: And I couldn't host them in this one bedroom studio. So I thought, well, you know, that one was easy. Let me do the next one. And the next one. And then the cash started happening. The cash flow started happening. And, um, the many in my life started sniffing around. I'm going, oh, you know, what's this you're doing, you know, what, this money that you are that, uh, that you're making, um, as my side hustle.

[00:04:25] Tracey: Um, and, uh, so we decided to get serious about it. Um, my husband quit his job as in the restaurant. Um, my brother invested more money in so that we then, uh, you know, we. I think at one point we had 25 and I was just throwing, you know, just getting anything I could, um, getting anything I could and just, just throwing everything at it.

[00:04:51] Tracey: Um, and that took, that was about three or four years worth of, you know, massive acceleration. Uh, and it wasn't until. Um, then I sat back and looked at the business and went well, you know, what's working and what's not working and what do I enjoy doing? And, um, how can I actually, you know, have a business that works for me?

[00:05:12] Tracey: Cause I was running, I was completely burning out cuz I hadn't had any systems. I didn't have any automation. I didn't have any, like, it was crazy. Um, and then, you know, I thought, well I cannot keep this pace up. Um, and then regulations were coming in. So I thought, well, now's a really good time to figure.

[00:05:31] Tracey: If we are serious about this business, we need to get our licenses and, and actually have a proper business plan. So that's when that's when we went from side hustle to, to, to core business. And that was in

[00:05:42] Liam: 2018. That's really cool. So you've taken, you know, what was effectively a side hustle? You've built a.

[00:05:48] Liam: A big business, you're building cash flow. And then, you know, you sort of turn around going, well, I'm not enjoying it. What tools, tactics and tips did you look at sort of putting into your business when you were sort of making that change and deciding to make it, you know, from that side hustle, like you say, to, to get serious and, and, uh, to turn it into a business.

[00:06:08] Tracey: Um, I think I started to recognize the power of marketing and the power of retargeting and recognizing that there were certain guests that were easier to deal with. And there were certain guests that I preferred to host and certain guests. That were a good fit for what, the product that I was delivering, but I started seeing what I was doing as a product.

[00:06:32] Tracey: And, um, and then really, you know, nailed down. Who's buying my product product. Why are they buying my product? How can I, you know, streamline this so that, uh, I'm, you know, maximizing the profit. So I ended up shrinking the portfolio to smaller numbers of units, but larger houses. Um, and I got very, very clear on who I wanted to host to.

[00:06:57] Tracey: And, um, you know, I had it all up on the wall. This is our, this is our ideal guest. This is who we wanna host. This is why we wanna host them. This is their price point. This is the, the product that we're delivering. Um, and just got serious that way. And we're, we were making more profit from less numbers of.

[00:07:15] Liam: Less music to my ears because that's, that's what we want. We want less work, the same money, less, more money. Money. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. We must just comment at this stage that we're both. We didn't know. We didn't do this on purpose. We're both using our Boostly mugs.

[00:07:32] Tracey: around with mark one. I was Ming around with mark one day on club. I went where's my bloody cup. . And, uh, and, uh, yeah, he, he got one in the post of Japan

[00:07:41] Liam: for me. So that's awesome. These things are getting everywhere across the world. I do see, uh, he loves it. And for anyone listening, if you have got a Boly mug, definitely tag, uh, app Boostly in wherever you are in the world, while you're listening to this because, or per picture behind, uh, below the live that is, uh, love seeing how far away these mugs get.

[00:08:00] Liam: Basically. I mean,

[00:08:02] Tracey: it's, it's just brilliant marketing. Right. And, um, and they do, so this is proof that it does ship anywhere in the world. So,

[00:08:10] Liam: yeah, definitely, definitely. And obviously we talk a lot, Boostly about identifying your, your guest avatar and how important that is. And that's, that's something which as a, as new hosts, when you first start, you're not sure.

Tips and tricks to identify your avatar

[00:08:23] Liam: Who that is. So was there any sort of tricks or tips that you'd have to let people know about how you could identify your, your, your avatar or how you particularly, you know, sort of looked at it and went well, actually we prefer the bigger groups.

[00:08:38] Tracey: Yeah. It was really on, you know, I hadn't studied much marketing at this point and it was really on gut instinct.

[00:08:44] Tracey: It was like, well, You know, these are the people and, and it was almost, I don't wanna sound cheesy, but it was almost, um, you know, a tingle that you got when you knew that you were helping somebody and they were loving what you were doing. That feeling is what I wanted more of. I wanted to know that the people.

[00:09:04] Tracey: I wanted that I wanted the five star reviews. I wanted those gold star, you know, Tracy, you've done a great job. I was like, craving that feeling. And so it was like, well, who's giving me this feeling, um, who is appreciating what I'm doing. Um, and, and the other thing is I had a small child as well, so I knew exactly.

[00:09:26] Tracey: Someone who was traveling with small children needed. And because I'd lived in Japan a long time, I knew what particular problems as someone traveling with a small child was likely to have. And so being able to anticipate that pain point or anticipate the needs of that guest just, um, gave me a thrill.

[00:09:46] Tracey: And also, you know, it just came back in the, you know, in the repeat bookings and in, in the, in the comments and the glowing, you know, the, the glowing recommendations. And then people started recommending us to other people, um, and was like, okay, well we're onto something here. This is, this is who we like.

[00:10:04] Tracey: Um, and you know, there were, you know, a lot, um, And also we meet the, the other thing as well. We meet, well, we did meet every single guest who came in the door. Um, that's what, that's why I was running around like a, you know, running around like a, a crazy person because we met every single person. We met them and showed them in and how to use the air conditioner, cuz everything's written in Japanese.

[00:10:27] Tracey: Um, and we saw that as our job is to, to make their, their landing as in Japan, as soft as. That's

[00:10:34] Liam: really cool. So speaking about, uh, like you say, everything's written in Japan, who do you find you host more of? Is it, is it more sort of domestic guests, more international guests?

[00:10:45] Tracey: Well, there's been a, there, there, there's been a little blip in the whole tourism thing in, in Japan over the last two years, obviously.

[00:10:53] Tracey: Um, and out, as of recording this, the borders are still not open. Uh, don't get me started. That's a whole on podcast. So, um, Yeah, up until the start of the pandemic, we were a hundred percent 99%, you know, inbound tourist. So these are people that are, um, that are flying in for a short time. They're not they're coming into Tokyo.

[00:11:18] Tracey: They're usually, you know, Tokyo then going to Kyo and then, then other places after that. So it was, you know, pretty much textbook, um, every single guest. And then I had to pivot very, very quickly cause uh, when the border shut and the Olympics were canceled, it was, um, it was not a good show.

[00:11:36] Liam: This is one of the things we see.

Who is in Traceys team?

[00:11:38] Liam: We we've hosts being able to adapt quickly to changing situations. And, uh, like you say about marketing, that's one of those things where when the, the board is shot or, or when things changed, how you reach out to potentially different guests and, and new guests was, is such a, a game changer. So. You talked about, um, going to 25 units and then obviously scaling back the business who's in your team to help you with that at the moment?

[00:12:08] Tracey: Sure. Well, I, I mentioned before that, that, um, that my husband who was working as a restaurant manager, um, In as front of house and, and he, he quit his job, which was great because you know, anyone who's ever worked in hospitality, restaurant hospitality knows that, that the pay is awful. The hours are bad and it's just soul crushing.

[00:12:29] Tracey: So it was good for him to be able to give that away and come and work, um, in the business, come work for his wife, you know, which takes a bit of negotiation sometimes. So, um, Uh, so he and I are equal partners in the, the, the company that we have have set up since then. So we actually set up a new company with, with just us as the, uh, I'm the president and he's the vice president.

[00:12:53] Tracey: Um, but we're equal partners financially. Um, we have a team of, um, cleans of course, where we hire a, um, a cleaning manager and then she, then she's the one who gets the schedule. And then she outsources to her team and I trust her with my life. She is amazing. Um, when you get your good cleaning manager, bring them on board, give them, you know, uh, give them ownership of their job, pay them.

[00:13:22] Tracey: Beyond well, and your business will sing. So that's one thing I've learnt. Um, and then we also have somebody who comes in and, and takes care of the check-ins. So when we have, um, D so I have people who speak Japanese typically can speak Chinese. Um, and we did have someone who spoke Korean, but we don't have that anymore.

[00:13:43] Tracey: Um, and they're there to help, help streamline the check-ins. Um, and then we have an accountant and a VA. So that's pretty lean to mean.

[00:13:53] Liam: Yeah, that's cool. That's uh, do you use, what tech do you use to communicate with your team? And is there anything that you use in your day to day business, which is really, uh, you know, sort of that you need just to, just to keep things running.

[00:14:07] Tracey: Um, what I've been exploring over the last couple of years. Cause we, you know, we pretty much, I've been on life support since the, the border shut. So, um, so I'm re you know, reconstructing doing, you know, doing things the way I wish I'd done it originally. And so, um, originally we were doing things with like line messaging, you know, WhatsApp messaging, and then once a week sending out the calendars to the cleaners, but then, you know, if there's any changes.

[00:14:36] Tracey: You know, we have to be able to, you know, it, it's a very hands on, it's a very labor intensive job when there are changes, um, especially with the in and out and the same day. So, um, I've automated that now. So I've got gone to a more automated system, um, and, um, and also. What I've, what I've done is spent a lot of time, actually automating a lot of the, uh, collection of, uh, email addresses and collection of, um, passports by law.

[00:15:08] Tracey: Here. I have to keep everybody's passport a copy of the passport and also the contract. So that's now an automated system that I didn't have before. So, um, you know, I've really spent a lot of time on my systems and processes over the last couple of years, been keeping myself busy during the pandemic.

[00:15:26] Liam: That's one of the, one of the things. So if, if things are quieter, at least we get to work on our businesses a little bit more, not in the day to day, uh, rigmarole of it all. So has there been any moments, uh, you say you've been hosting now, did you say 10 years? Yeah. 10 years. Mm-hmm 10 years. Wow. Is, is there been any moments during that 10 years, which has been the kind of wow moment, which has really made you realize, you know, just how good hosting is or how, you know, things that you wanna change in.

[00:15:54] Tracey: Yeah. I mean, um, yes, when your, when your guests come and stay with you often enough that they go out and buy a house and they say here, trace, run it for us. That's pretty, that's pretty well. So that's happened to us. Um, we've uh, we have a, so like I, when I started out, I was really doing a rental arbitrages, you know, rent to rent model.

[00:16:18] Tracey: So, um, I would rent an apartment, you know, Um, sublet it as a short term rental and then, um, and then collect the profits. But really what I'm looking for now more is to do more of a property management system, a co-hosting arrangement. And, um, my first one was a client who, a guest who kept coming just kept coming year after year.

[00:16:40] Tracey: And then he figured. You know, he did the sums and went well, if I buy a house for you, we come and use it when we're in town for free. And then, you know, we make a profit when we do profit sharing with you and I, and he's the one who brought it up to me and I went, oh, that sounds pretty cool. So, um, yeah, I, I jumped on that one and I'm I, and I've actively had more of those come onto our coming to our, uh, portfolio.

[00:17:05] Liam: That sounds like a win, win, win, because he's. He's getting cheaper, you know, sort of stays when he comes or, or free stays when he comes he's cash flow. And, but also if he's your target avatar your target guest. Well, he knows exactly what other guests who travel, you know, who needs the same things that he needs will, will come and have.

[00:17:25] Liam: So yeah. What, what an amazing

[00:17:27] Tracey: you and he, and he works for a large corporate. Web search company that I won't name, uh, that, that has a lot of inbounds as well. So being able to pivot to relocations has made it very easy when you've got someone on the inside. Yeah,

Advice to attract your target guest

[00:17:46] Liam: that's cool. That's cool. So, Tracy for, for those listening.

[00:17:50] Liam: Uh, obviously you've been part of the Boostly academy. You joined the Boostly academy a few years ago. And, uh, what, what advice and tips would you have to try and either attract more of your target guest or, or to get pupil to book direct?

[00:18:05] Tracey: Um, well, obviously know who they are, like who, who is it that gives you the tingles, who, who are the types of guests that when you talk to them, they light you up and you light them up.

[00:18:14] Tracey: So, you know, be always on the lookout for that, you know, for, for that tingle. And I know that's bit cheesy, but, um, but I, I honestly felt, feel that when I know that I'm in a, an alignment with my guest, so really identifying that, who that person is and bottling that. And, um, so, and then also figuring out how those people are coming in.

[00:18:39] Tracey: Um, again, pivoting, I, I, you know, in 2018, when regulations came in, I realized that the OTAs were not on my side when push comes to shove, they, you know, you're on your own. Basically. I learned that I learned that before the pandemic. Um, so I, I started actively. In 2017, 2018, working with people that were bringing in my ideal guests, travel agencies, relocation companies, um, you know, corporates and really started to, to build those relationships, to, to get that direct booking, um, system going and also, you know, building a website that is easy to use, um, that is, you know, has the right copy that you are gonna hit all the, all the targets that, um, that a person is looking.

[00:19:29] Tracey: It's

[00:19:32] Liam: my husband. It's opposing you. it's one of the things we see time and time. Don't worry. Don't worry. That's one of the things we see time and time again is, is it's about building relationships with your guests. You know, local companies, uh, we've, we've we've people who can help you grow your business, whether that's local landlords and, uh, other people who, uh, you know, even your network is just so important.

[00:19:55] Liam: Isn't it? So if you could go back to yourself 10 years ago and give yourself one piece of advice right at the start, what would it be?

[00:20:04] Tracey: Get everyone's email address. absolutely 100%. I didn't start collecting email addresses until about year four. Um, and, um, you know, just collecting however, you know, however, messy and imperfectly you collect them, just col start collecting them.

[00:20:23] Tracey: And that, that is your asset. That is, that is your, um, that is gold and, you know, building a relationship. Further than just the, the, the, the initial stay. Um, that's really propelled my business and that's what actually kept my business going through the pandemic was being able to, you know, reconnect with people that have stayed with us before.

[00:20:44] Tracey: Um, now that the borders are opening, uh, I know that there's, that my audience is, is, you know, their credit card is out. Their fingers are hog hovering over the, the keyboard. They are wanting to book with me. And so. Keeping keeping an email relationship with them is, um, is key. Absolutely.

[00:21:03] Liam: Love that love that because of course that is one of the things which, uh, mark and Boostly in general is, is, is absolutely pioneering is the fact that you can just contact your guest any time.

[00:21:12] Liam: You don't have to go through a third party. And at any given moment, you can literally do a, a nine word email of, of hello. You know, would you like to come back to the area? You know what I mean? That, that sort of thing, and, and you'll quickly know from an entire database, whether or not people are interested in, uh, in coming to stay back again.

[00:21:30] Liam: So yeah, love that. So I love, I

[00:21:33] Tracey: love the nine word email I sent. I sent one just the other day going, have you seen the yen lately? Because if you haven't seen the yen, the yen has tanked has absolutely tanked. So, um, you know, if you're ever planning to come to Japan, buy yen now, um, and also book your, you know, book your direct day right now.

[00:21:52] Liam: I always see, uh, Japan as one of the top countries to come and visit, uh, you know, sort of on all the blogs. Everybody says it's so different, such a culture shock. Have you found that since living there? Well,

[00:22:03] Tracey: I mean, I under, you know, what hosting has enabled me to do is see my city through fresh eyes every day.

[00:22:11] Tracey: Um, you know, cause I've been living here for 10 years before I'd been living here for 10 years before I started hosting. So I was, you know, getting a bit jaded, you know, Tokyo, blah, blah, you know, And now I have this new love for my city again, because, um, I can get, I can get excited about all these things, um, that, that I just wasn't seeing anymore because you know, you live here and if you see something, even if you see like, you know, a purple elephant walking down the street every day, it's just becomes EV it just becomes every day.

[00:22:42] Tracey: Um, so, you know, I can walk down the street and now. Celebrate the, the really unique things about living in Tokyo, that I was probably getting a bit jaded and a bit, you know, too clever to, to appreciate. So that's been a real joy.

[00:22:58] Liam: We get excited seeing it through our guest eyes, don't we for our local area.

[00:23:02] Liam: So, yeah. So. Tracy one, one of the things we must talk about is the up and coming book that we're in together, hospitable hosts. So, yay. Yes. Be, uh, and you're, you are already an author aren't you of your, or, or you're writing your book at the moment.

[00:23:17] Tracey: I am writing book, so I write a blog for short term rental hosts.

[00:23:20] Tracey: Um, and, um, and, and I've got a book you could probably see behind me. It says the wholehearted host. That's the title of my book. That's coming out. Because I'm, I'm all about guest centered, hosting. I'm all about like, you know, creating an, an amazing guest experience and, and, you know, again, seeing the city through your guest's eyes and, and solving their problems and, and giving them what they need.

[00:23:46] Tracey: And so that, you know, I know it's a bit cheesy, but I do go to bed every night, just. You know, really pleased that I've helped someone out that day. So that's me putting my heart into my hosting. So yeah, so that's what I write about on my blog. Um, and oh, I'm gonna fly in here. um, yeah, so, and also I'm writing, uh, writing a book, um, about how, um, you know, how I put my heart into my hosting and, uh, and all the things that I see with my clients on, on how they're also putting their heart into their hosting as.

A little more about Tracey

[00:24:20] Liam: That's amazing. That's amazing. So one of the things that we always do towards the end of, or behind the host podcast is just to end with a few quick fire questions. So, um, Alrighty. Quick fire. So they can be as short or as long answers as you like. Um, what is your favorite book? Um,

[00:24:38] Tracey: the book direct playbook.

[00:24:39] Tracey: Was that the right answer? Of

[00:24:40] Liam: course, of course. It's actually to my, to, to my left hand, there it is. There I'll plug the book. Yeah,

[00:24:45] Tracey: absolutely. I've listen to it. I've read it. I've listened to it. It's all like marked up and all sorts of fun things,

[00:24:50] Liam: so, okay. We, it doesn't have to be that answer, but uh, we'll, we'll go with that.

[00:24:55] Liam: That sounds good. Favorite, uh, social media platform. That's helped you to grow your business. Um,

[00:25:02] Tracey: Ooh.

[00:25:06] Tracey: To grow. My business has, yeah, Instagram, I would say. Mm,

[00:25:10] Liam: Instagram, the classic and, uh, a quote which has impact or inspired you

[00:25:17] Tracey: a quote. I didn't prepare a quote, um, uh, dance, like there's no one watching

[00:25:27] Liam: love it. Love it. Okay. And, uh, finally, uh, favorite thing about living in, in Japan.

[00:25:34] Tracey: Favorite thing about living in Japan has got to be things, work, things work on time.

[00:25:42] Tracey: The trains run on time. When the utility, when the Gasman says he's coming between 10 and two, it sh he shows up between 10 and two things just work. And that to me is just, you know, is, is. Is amazing to me, sounds like a dream. It is things that everything, the streets are clean. There is no crime. Um, my kid walks to school every day.

[00:26:06] Tracey: Um, yeah, there's like I said, no crime, it's clean. We forget, I shouldn't tell people this, but sometimes I forget to lock my door at night. So, um, it's, it's a really safe place to live.

[00:26:18] Liam: Sounds like a perfect place to host. It sounds really good. So how can the listeners get in touch with you on, uh, you know, if they want to get involved with, with your coaching or if they just want to find out more about you and your business, how can the listeners do so?

[00:26:33] Tracey: Sure. Well, I have a website called Tracy hyen and I guess we can put that in the show notes somewhere. Um, I'm not a woman of mystery, Liam. I'm really easy to find. Um, and I'm on Instagram. I'm on Facebook. Um, my hosting company is Tokyo. Family stays, um, who we are and what we do and who we serve is baked right into our domain name.

[00:26:57] Tracey: Tokyo family That's um, that's my houses. And, uh, my consulting business is Tracy Northco consulting.

[00:27:06] Liam: Thank you, Tracy. And, uh, haven't you got, uh, class going on this, this week. I do

[00:27:12] Tracey: this week, this week. I have a copywriting masterclass. So this is where, uh, you can learn all. Persuasive copywriting, how to turn those lookers into bookers and, um, convert.

[00:27:27] Tracey: So, you know, you've got people to look at your, look at your listing from the, from these amazing photos, how do you convert them? So this is a class on the tips and tricks on how to write good copy to, to really convert, uh, into bookings.

[00:27:42] Liam: Thank you, Tracy. Well, I really feel we've got to know your business.

[00:27:45] Liam: I mean, going from, you know, sort of scaling up to 20 units scaling back down, but with the bigger units, identifying your target guest, avatar, talking about your book, copywriting, all that side of things. So hopefully people have picked up some awesome tips from you and, uh, know how to get in touch. Uh, if they want to speak to you for, uh, copywriting or, or anything in the future.

[00:28:06] Liam: Yeah. Thank you so much for coming on today. And, uh, let's have a virtual coffee with our boost. Yeah, let's have a, a Ching Ching

[00:28:16] Liam: Thanks very much. We'll see you next time. All right. Thanks

[00:28:18] Tracey: Liam. Take care. Thank you so much for checking out today's podcast episode now, before you head and go anywhere else before you click to the next episode before you do that, do me one big favor and go check out boost Lee dot code UK. Forward slash trust.

[00:28:33] Tracey: IRA are the sponsors of all of the booster content and the reason why I work with them. And the reason why we spread the message of IRA is that when a host or a company is looking to get more into DRA bookings, the main question they have is around trust as in will a guest trust that I'm a true and real business.

[00:28:52] Tracey: Will IRA take care of all of that. And they've got a special offer that is only available to boosty people. But to do that, you need to go to boost Lee, which is B O O STL Y dot code UK slash trust. You can find out all the information there. You can book in a demo, booking a call, and then you'll get your super special offer that is only available to Boley peoples.

[00:29:13] Tracey: Thank you again for tuning in, do go check out IRA. We'll be back again very shortly with another podcast episode, but until then, we'll see you all very soon. Take care.


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