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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 481. In this podcast episode I'm talking to TJ Tijani about an upcoming community focused NFT which is going to be a real game changer for the world of real estate.

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Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Introduction
00:23 – Who is TJ Tijani?
00:44 – Creating a community focused NFT
01:22 – What is Block Nation?
02:07 – This is going to be changing the real estate game

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Mark: So welcome back to another very special episode at the Boostly podcast. We're at the short term rental wealth event in Nashville and what we're doing, we've got another special interview where we're gonna be talking about blockchain. We're gonna talk about NFT. We're gonna start talking about web 3.0 with my friends, Mr.

[00:00:17] Mark: TJ. Tajai can you please introduce yourself and tell us all about this amazing NFT project? So,

Who is TJ Tijani?

[00:00:23] TJ: uh, appreciate, appreciate your brother. Always, always a pleasure to grace, the Boostly audience. Uh, so what we're doing is we're creating an Ft. Right. This NFT is gonna be focused on community, right? It's gonna be focused on, um, because one of the biggest issues with NFTs right now are the under promising that people do, people will promise certain utilizations for their NFTs.

Creating a community focused NFT

[00:00:44] TJ: And so we're literally looking to be one of the most valuable. For thinking NFT projects out there where we have influencers and educators in multiple spectrum of multiple real estate and entrepreneurship ventures to come add value to this NFT platform, to the community in the discord consistently like on a weekly daily basis.

[00:01:04] TJ: Now that's gonna that alone. It's what's gonna make this an Ft worth it's weighting gold, but the biggest use, which is the use that I'm most excited about is the access that it gives you into the fund into the platform. So we're starting a crowdfunding platform and this crowdfunding platform is called block nation.

What is Block Nation?

[00:01:22] TJ: And in block nation what's gonna happen is people are gonna be able to invest through the platform and the platform is done on. Chain. Right. And because what we're doing is we're tokenizing these real estate assets. So each token is like a share. So when you own more tokens, the more shares that you have, the more equity you have in these deals.

[00:01:41] TJ: So people, the beauty about being able to invest in this crowd fund through this platform is that people are gonna be able to trade their tokens like a stock. So imagine when you wanna. A a real estate asset that you own. You wanna liquidate, you wanna pull some equity out. Imagine being able to pull out any percent of your equity, straight from your phone and, and cash out from your phone and get a wire transfer to your bank account right now say you actually want to leave it in there.

This is going to be changing the real estate game

[00:02:07] TJ: Let it grow. You'll give you a loan against it. This is, what's gonna be beautiful about this project. And I believe this is gonna be changing the game into way real estate's being acquired real estate tokenization. To me, what we're seeing are the researchers there, blockchain, the web three world people laughed at the internet at some point in time.

[00:02:25] TJ: Right. You know, there was a day that people laughed at the internet. Now we can't live without it. We do believe that the web three movement and the way real estate's being. It's gonna change. It's real estate tokenization. We do believe is the future. So we're just have a unique opportunity to get ahead of it.

[00:02:40] TJ: And we provide an opportunity for anybody to take part of it with. And so that's what it's all about. And by the way, it's top floor, the NFT it's called top floor NFT, go to top floor to join a discord, to actually get on the email list and also stay up to date on the launch of the NFTs. Right.

[00:03:00] TJ: And, oh, by the way, just one more caveat on these NFTs, these NFTs are gonna be releasing in multiple cities, releasing 20 cities, only a few units per. Per city. So it could be a collectible, right. Which is gonna add that rarity piece to it too. So, um, you know, your goal should be try to collect all of them, but you only need one for access two block nation.

[00:03:22] TJ: So that's what it's about.


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