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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 483. In this podcast episode I'm talking to Noble Crawford, co-founder of his own hospitality business and podcast host of Cashflow Hospitality.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:34 – Who is Noble and what is his business?
00:59 – What tech, PMS and automation does Noble use?
03:03 – What tip would you give to other hosts?
04:19 – Nobles Podcast

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Mark: Welcome back to another very special episode of the Boostly podcast. This is a live edition at an event we're at the short term rental wealth conference. Uh, it doesn't matter how many times I say that I still mess it up, but we're in Nashville. Uh, thank you so much for tuning in, and we've got a very special behind the host.

[00:00:16] Mark: Podcast today we're interviewing special people at this event, finding out more about the tools of tactics and what they are doing to run their short term rental business. And today to my left, we've got the amazing noble Crawford. So noble. Can you please do me a massive favor and introduce yourself the business, how many properties you've got, where you are in the world, and then we'll get stuck in.

Who is Noble and what is his business?

[00:00:34] Noble: Absolutely. First of all, mark, I appreciate it, man. I'm super excited to be joining you here today. So my name is noble Crawford. Uh, I'm the co-founder of a hospitality brand based in Texas in the Dallas, Texas market and been in the business for about five years now. And currently we, uh, operate and manage a portfolio, primarily multi-family units, uh, using rental arbitrage.

[00:00:54] Noble: And then we own some as well. Um, and so, you know, great pleasure to be here. Super excited for the conversation. So let's

What tech, PMS and automation does Noble use?

[00:00:59] Mark: start off by digging into the, sort of the tools that you were using behind the scenes. So if you could just break it down, like the PMs that you provide and like any, any automation, any dynamic pricing, anything that you can break down to sort of shed a bit light, please?

[00:01:11] Noble: Absolutely. Absolutely. So I don't know that I'm doing anything too much different than a lot of us in the space, right. Who are operating. And so some of the tools that we use, we use, uh, owner re for our, our, our PMs. Um, we've used, lofi also in the past to, to a great extent. Um, we currently use price labs for pricing, uh, you know, so we love working with them.

[00:01:30] Noble: We also, uh, utilize, uh, digital signing software, right? So for us and our business model, um, we like to use sign. Now, another popular one is DocuSign, but we actually get our guests and our clients to electronically. Short term stay agreement. So that's a super useful tool for us.

[00:01:48] Mark: Your niche is maybe a little bit different from other hosts, maybe if you at this event, but your niche is so fantastic.

[00:01:54] Mark: And I love it cause it hits home with me because we talk about Direct bookings on, on this podcast. So can you just break down the, like your sort of niche to model that you go down the, the, the, the, the sort of 80 20 of your guests and, and how did you come to stumble across this and, and how are you marketing it more importantly.

[00:02:07] Noble: Awesome, awesome, great questions. I. True podcaster. So our business really is, um, you know, unlike yourself, we have a really significant focus on that B to C um, our focus is really on the B to B, right? And so we play across a couple of different verticals, right? Uh, we do government, we do, uh, federal military.

[00:02:24] Noble: We do higher education. We do relocation insurance. Things like that. Right? So we do a lot of direct bookings in that space. How I got into it was actually my last w two that I had that I left back in 2014. I was selling technology into guess what? These same verticals. Right. So part of my job was to put our position.

[00:02:44] Noble: I put our company in a position to transact business at the federal and the government. And so I learned a lot of tips into trade in that job. And then I had a light bulb moment in this SDR industry and I said, why am I not applying those same principles? Just with just this different product or service of lodging and accommodations and boom.

[00:03:01] Noble: It was up and right after that. Okay.

What tip would you give to other hosts?

[00:03:03] Mark: So if you could give one tip to a host who is watching this, and maybe this host is wanting to fill up their midweek with. Business guests like business to business. What about B2B? What would be that one thing that they could do right now to be able to implement and try and get a more awareness of companies of their portfolio?

[00:03:20] Noble: Mm, great question. Great question. So here's a, here's a, a nice little gym that we use that we've leveraged a lot. Right? So a lot of times. You don't have to necessarily have your Institute brand in the position to contract with the government directly. There are other fortune 500 for fortune 1000 companies that already have those contracts.

[00:03:38] Noble: Right? And so what'll happen is federal contractors and federal employees will go to those companies and travel to those companies for training. Now, inside of those companies, there's typically a travel department and what do they do? They reach out to the local, you know, extended stay limited stay properties to so, uh, Put them in a position to accommodate their, you know, their, their guests, their clients.

[00:03:59] Noble: Right. And so what you need to do is get your entity put on that list, right? So you wanna go to the person who handles the lodging and booking for those traveling, you know, employees and contractors, and you, you wanna say, Hey, I have a different product here, but it's much, much better than a hotel we wanna get on that list so they can choose us along with some of those other providers.

Nobles Podcast

[00:04:19] Mark: phenomenal. Thank you very much. At final one, we talk about podcasts. You have a podcast. Can you please let everybody know how they can find it, but more importantly, how can anybody reach out via socials, et

[00:04:29] Noble: cetera. Awesome. Awesome. Well, I'll tell you what, my, first of all, I appreciate it, man. This is, this is awesome.

[00:04:33] Noble: Um, so I have, uh, the hospitality cash flow podcast. You can find us across all the major podcast channels, getting ready to launch season three here next week. So stay tuned for that. Um, we have mark on in season two, so that's where you can find me. That's where I hang. Also all the socials, Instagram, LinkedIn, all of that.


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