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Behind The Host With Andrew Hanson

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 455. In this podcast we speak with Andrew Hanson – another host from Hospitable Hosts. Andrew is based in the USA and has a business called Pond Life Rentals. We'll be talking about this, his hospitality business and the Hospitable Hosts project.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – How did Andrew get started?
06:41 – Did travelling help with the growth of your business?
17:53 – What software or tools do you use within your business?
23:45 – Communication with guests is crucial
27:05 – What kind of content does Andrew publish on Social Media?
29:14 – What does it mean to be a hospitable host?
37:13 – A little more about Andrew

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[00:00:00] Liam: Hi, welcome back to behind the host podcast. And today we're joined by Andrew Hansen. He's based in New Hampshire in the USA. Uh, he's got an awesome business called pond life rentals. And today we're diving into his business getting to know a bit about him and also his, uh, hospitality business. But also we're going to be talking about hospitable hosts and he is one of the authors in hospital hosts, which is a project where we're taking 40 offers from across the world, uh, set up by Jody Sterling.

[00:00:29] Liam: And putting them all into one book where people can listen to it and read it and get some awesome advice on becoming a host and being an Airbnb in general. So, Andrew, I'm so excited to have your here today.

[00:00:48] Andrew: Thank you I’m excited to be here with you and pretty much what’s really going on in the STR industry. It's just a credit credit space. So I'm happy to be here.


How did Andrew get started?


[00:00:56] Liam: Amazing. So talk us through your business pond, life rentals. That is a pretty specific when it comes down to it, how did you get started? Uh, we've gone live

[00:01:08] Andrew: life. Well, you know, honestly, it's one of those things where the time of adversity, um, different situation.

[00:01:17] Andrew: Um, you know what, I've been in the ground for a while and really called pong life, basically because me and my family, uh, switching off 2016, by my first kind of bladder waterfront property, you know, It was kind of sitting there and we had to kind of floss a little, we were doing, and we said, why don't we call it Paul , this is not a lifestyle.

[00:01:41] Andrew: We were kind of doing our own little internal hashtag, like our family, you know, you know, out on the water with a pontoon or kayak and is great, great outdoor recreation. And it was the time. You know, we'll share this, um, pretty much with everyone, you know, I come from very, very humble beginnings, uh, you know, very low income family.

[00:02:01] Andrew: So I'm very, very fortunate to be in a position to be able to provide people, um, creating . So, 2016, I bought the first waterfront property. We kind of had as long term rental, but we still got to use it as family kind of data, data, feeding the water off to the dog and the finisher of kind of my wife and my nephew Laffer.

[00:02:21] Andrew: Um, so I was in business for a long time property manager, kind of an agency guy. Uh, I wanted to go into the real estate development company. This was a great class and I just never realized how much more I loved the hospitality side of things. So, um, you know, we got 80 properties to kind of working on new, like tiny home, uh, structured on foundation.

[00:02:43] Andrew: Kind of a, you need, we're not alone out. Just a few tiny homes on one wall out in front of property, a hundred twenty five, five feet. So kind of. Uh, so, um, I'm going to marble it. I won't be able to hear it all shores. Uh, even if it's just a simply digital form, you know what I mean? That you'd get a digital, why they're coming to the area.

[00:03:09] Andrew: Um, you get a review at the end of everything and they got to do appreciate, sometimes you use . Um, so yeah, it's been, it's been great. Great for us. My wife is guest services and , you know, it was a lot of people for me, I'm getting

[00:03:33] Andrew: stores. So just the, you know, uh, hospitality, you know, say out of that. And then, uh, You know, skeptical to say, um,

[00:03:57] Andrew: Um, because

[00:04:02] Andrew: just ruined with everything going on in the industry, trying to try to adapt. Uh, I'm trying to grow with the space. That's new to me. I'm a property manager. I come with a really strong background in hospitality is a little bit different game.

[00:04:19] Liam: The passion shows through. And definitely that the thing that I've picked up from that is when you're staying in these places and you've, you've enjoyed it yourself, you know, others will come there and start off with one and then to, to go to, you know, eight properties.

[00:04:32] Liam: Did you say that?

[00:04:33] Andrew: Yep. You know what I mean? Any properties you have and then I'm going to

[00:04:38] Andrew: three or two kind of micro homes, a little bit, got a tiny home. And then you do the soft attaches for her and a little more affordable space. That's on the table, along with nature trails on it, you know, six, 700 feet from the boat launch. That's kind of what our mission is to provide people with access to water is life.

[00:04:58] Andrew: And I want to be able to find people to access, to come up with questions. And a lot of people come up and say, this is a water.

[00:05:11] Andrew: you can leave everything in the water here, but it is a common question. You'll have those little benefits that we have, um, uh, here. So which are kind of harder goals align with those types of things. down the east coast. Um, which would you want me to start off with this book? Because great people bother the real estate committee.

[00:05:33] Andrew: They can answer for me as well. So, you know, I'm really excited about this collaboration for that reason, but the same thing, it's gotta be access to water, life nature trails, rural guy. I live in Korea, New Hampshire. It's a town very small and still go and vote and you get raised your hands. Um, it is to be a little tiny school house sale.

[00:05:54] Andrew: Um, so, uh, I moved to New Hampshire was a young man was to kind of get out of the Boston rat race to get, to get out to the wildlife nature. Um, beautiful question. Um,

[00:06:09] Liam: it's one of the things which when you land on your website, pawn life rentals, not advise everyone who's listening to this to just go and check out because that lake, you know, such a poor, literally I could feel what it's like to be there.

[00:06:21] Liam: So, and we talk a lot, obviously on behind the hosted. Who is your target, uh, guest avatar and that side of things. And would you, would you say, be in your target guest, avatar that person who knows to go there and enjoy yourself and get out on the water? Is that helped you with growth of the business? Yeah,


Did travelling help with the growth of your business?


[00:06:41] Andrew: without a doubt, you know, we have, um, you know,

[00:06:50] Andrew: and everything there on kind of travel

[00:06:56] Andrew: well, too, for the guests. So we tired after the warrior is special. Um, we're adding things like from, uh, uh, palatable. We have all those ad-ons that we use as well, because everybody's a little bit different, but it has the, I guess the water to me is, is unique. You know, a lot of people search for that. Um, you know, we've got everything for cobbles to families.

[00:07:23] Andrew: Um, unfortunately I have two cabinets right next to each other, so you can go to those two properties together and get both of those. And it kind of just one family. Uh, which is really nice. Uh, one of the other towns, his dog in front of him, and he was not, that allows them flexibility as well. Families traveling, you know, I travel

[00:07:47] Andrew: I'm not saying it's just, I bring my first bull on

[00:07:55] Andrew: I mean, we love traveling a lot, like walking down Florida, going to bed now. And I load the sane and STR, which is, I swear, I learned a lot from, you know, I, I haven't counted lately. I was traveling long before I was hosting. And you know, the whole time I was

[00:08:14] Andrew: this is amazing. Uh, but you know, being in the as well, no, You know, getting that experience, you know, uh, people will look back for me. I understand what it's like to work paycheck to paycheck for a long time before I was transferring over into real estate. Um, you know what I mean, to build a line of business was ended with a branch on my house.

[00:08:35] Andrew: So I understand, you know, vacation or a week, it can be expensive for a family when they're out or money out there. Um, and then extracting a certain type of service and stuff in that. Uh, important. So, um, we all the time I get the little people kayaks and giving them an advice and going out on the, on the clock here, Sophos is we have, we're surrounded by, you know, Fronius three or four days to monitor here in town.

[00:09:02] Andrew: So you can kind of fan out, um, and fish and do all these great things. So a lot of fun, I had a lot of fun with it. Um, uh, I'm an old one guy, so you can find it. Kind of relaxed. Uh

[00:09:20] Andrew: I just prefer to work with docs and, um, you know, have had fun, um, try a little bit more free spirit lifestyle enhancers as well. So

[00:09:34] Andrew: do you want to buy, we're going to stay in or invest in STI medication finally, and it's also just a great state coming online. Um, yeah, I have one cabinet

[00:09:48] Andrew: and

[00:09:53] Andrew: for people, but it's, you know, it's kind of one o'clock or how did the community get out on the pond? Uh, unemployed for a couple days. . Um, one of the biggest problems when it comes to convert in a lookup, into a Booker for a direct booking is the trust factor. Whether you like it or not, your guest is looking to make sure that you are who you say.

[00:10:19] Andrew: So, how can you do that? Well, the number one accreditation and recommendation certification service in the industry is I prac and I'm so happy to say that I prac is sponsoring this podcast and is the lead sponsor for all muesli content? The reason why we partnered up is because I have been working alongside, I practice for many years.

[00:10:42] Andrew: I recommend them to every Lee customer, client, and teen bootcamp. The reason being is that unlike other accreditation services, they are not just country specific. It is global and it is worldwide. They've got over 10,000 members and they've got over 250,000 properties, which means that you can display your AIPAC certificate on your website and on your socials and know that you are going to be providing that trust that your future potential guest is looking.

[00:11:12] Andrew: I reached out to I prac and I asked them if they've got a special offer for Boosie members. And so if you go to boost lee.co.uk/trust T R U S T, you'll go to a special boosted landing page where you can book in a call and a demo. And if you sign up, you get a very special exclusive discount. The only boots Lee members.

[00:11:34] Andrew: So thank you. I prac, for being our sponsor. Thank you to listening to this very short message. I hope that you go and check out. I prac today. I hope that you go and join them just like hundreds of a booty members have done, because it will help massively with you increasing your direct bookings. Right?

[00:11:51] Andrew: Let's get back to this.

[00:11:53] Liam: One of the things I always say is that the vibe attracts the tribe. But if, if it's really clear with people, look, you're coming here to experience the lake. You're coming here to experience nature. You're coming here to get away from, you know, like you say, get away from the rat race.

[00:12:06] Liam: And, uh, and that, and that's really clear with what, uh, what it shows on the, on the website and that, and, um, yeah. And the other thing that comes across is. Most people we talk to who are hosts themselves, do travel and understanding both sides of that. Like you say, these people are coming away. They might, that might be the one holiday this year.

[00:12:26] Liam: So actually understanding to make it special, give them the experience. Well, that's going to give you that five star review. It's going to get your, you know, them talking about this day and then talking to their friends about it. And that's going to get you more customers. You get to do more of what you love, uh, you know, and that's really a cool little thing.

[00:12:44] Liam: We don't have to run our businesses with suits on and we've, you know, very corporate there are stays like that. And we do talk to people in a host like that, but one of the nicest things is when hosts are being themselves and they can go out and talk to their guests and, uh, you know, just, just have a, have a good chat.

[00:13:00] Liam: Well, business is meant to be fun. You know, that that's exactly what it is. So

[00:13:11] Andrew: and everybody uses. Um, but don't, I'm talking about, I go on vacation, we go to Florida and go to different areas. Um, and I ended up and I ended up . So I enjoy the architecture of, of real estate.

[00:13:30] Andrew: you get to learn about so many different things. Everything is so different. So same assumed different in different areas, different, different markets. So I go on. Well, we've got this challenge. Let's bring that into what we're doing. We're going to be recently, we're doing it for our guests. This is my wife.

[00:13:50] Andrew: She's leading New Hampshire postcard. We paid for the post Sam, you know, you can send yourself just to post tired of your say. Um, he had to remind yourself of the shade, where you can send it to a relative. Uh, why are you here? We already paid for the postage. It's just one thing, small things that we try.

[00:14:09] Andrew: Um, to just hit the, hit the little thing, we also provide a little bottle of maple syrup, new England roster, certain times. It's a great thing. And some of these guys that produced the stuff, you can talk to three or four generation farmers, you know, this is a whole other conversation, but they're special.

[00:14:30] Andrew: They didn't get in the cells. Um, and what they're doing, they're going to get rid of unique product kind of a year to our region. So we try to get out. So we try to do every little thing and then we can

[00:14:44] Andrew: um, I'm constantly learning, like I said, when I travel around, you know, how people really can up the scale and, um, you know, so there's been a lot for me to do a lot of learners, a lot of technology, um, over this. Um,

[00:14:59] Liam: it's definitely, um, the technology is something they want to come onto, but that, um, the, the, the knowing your niche, it sounds as though you've got your niche down and you, you know, that niche and also, like you say, the, these things where they can send themselves a postcard when they get home, that is going to remind them or their relatives.

[00:15:16] Liam: Yeah. We got your postcard. That's special. That is something which not, we talked to a lot of hosts, not everybody's doing that. So that is definitely.

[00:15:31] Andrew: for a Bach

[00:15:37] Andrew: Um, giving them, uh, you know, the welcome ingredients from the and Hampshire Bobby's. Now it's a tiny thing to do, but you said you're going to get out of memory of it and hold it and hopefully come back and read a book. I mean, that's something we've been trying to work really sound and it prints. You know, you shouldn't have just 144 unit complexes in one slot, you know, multiple buildings out of the 450 units at one time.

[00:16:06] Andrew: And, uh, you know, probably Ned and principals. And a lot of, one of my things is you see sometimes that lacking in the industry. Um, so we try to really, uh, Over kind of cross crossover. I think that that helps us provide a better, safer people. Um, right. And that's what I'm advocating for people to get a consultant, talk to these people and industry

[00:16:36] Andrew: um, courses. But if you don't have any background, um, probably man that we can, um, really get up to speed a lot faster. So

[00:16:48] Andrew: Um,

[00:16:51] Liam: get trained to get, get trained and, uh, you know, get, get somebody who's walked those steps before to walk you through it. So that, um, that, that element of doing something non-digital, which is the postcards back is a nice, different thing. One of Mark's quotes is when everybody else is eggs or zigs you zag.

[00:17:11] Liam: And that's exactly what I kind of, when everyone's going.

[00:17:23] Andrew: talking to me, uh, just the type of person I am a motion to be like that, you know, um, from my employees. Um, you know, pretty much all the way back through the names. I changed the lecturing and the supply lines to pull me on, on your house and

[00:17:46] Andrew: and you had had a huge appreciation, um, for everybody.


What software or tools do you use within your business?


[00:17:53] Liam: Well, they say people, you know, they don't remember what you said or what you did, but they remember how you made them feel and a bit like your guests and your staff there is obviously you make them. Uh, quite special and valued. So let's go on to, you mentioned the tech side of your business and that, what, what kind of softwares or tools do you use within your business to help you to, to, to post?

[00:18:14] Liam: Yeah, so

[00:18:15] Andrew: I use, you know, I, you, I started out kind of going with, um, basic old school cops, you know, and that's just a very good at doing real estate costs. Very lucky to have a meeting. My wife, who was 15 years is commercial bank. Um, as far as underwriting and analysis skills for those types of things. So, but, um, as you get more and more friends, you realize that, um, you gotta, you gotta use technology to kind of really say, and so we use technology.

[00:18:45] Andrew: Um, as far as , um, kind of puts everything out there, uh, booking website, um, you know, uh, different types of pricing tools to help with the pricing. Even though I do very well regular costs, because you can tell people, you know, you don't have to go send everything here. Cause there's a lot of different things.

[00:19:12] Andrew: Good old comfortable word, but yes, there's ways to speed things up and we'll use the ADA, all these different tools and price ladders wheel house, and then there's all these different games and miles that can really help you out quicker can help you put a deal together because you can use those screenshots and those types of things.

[00:19:31] Andrew: Um, you know, using it from a professional resource, uh, assess

[00:19:40] Andrew: Right away. It's got to be by far. I don't handle that so I can take all the credit for the guest communication, other things, but I see. If this is actually an issue, I try to use my property management judgment is coming in to help the team, trying to get a decision resolved. Um, but overall, you know, the guest communications issues, um,

[00:20:06] Andrew: you know, the book, but it's one of those things where that. It is something that you really want to land. Um, it's one of my

[00:20:16] Andrew: getting right in touch, you know, there's nothing like that type of solid, quick communication, um, to really land person too, and make sure that they know all the fashionable, it just seems to need, see myself. I'm getting a lot of things and lobbying for different types of. Uh, attack, uh, kind of thing. So for now, we're, we're trying to work on some awesome things with the brand identity, and then we're working on our own direct kind of booking website.

[00:20:44] Andrew: We're kind of building our own technology. So it's a really good approach for me to go through this way. Um, so it's like, we use a lot of finding out as, uh, as our overall. Well over a lot of

[00:21:02] Andrew: but we're just looking at kind of doing our own complete software ourselves. Um, you know, you can read it in, but you just want to turn around and all those different things. And then it comes to the point where we invest in our own technology. So going a little bit better on things. So we're looking at that as a big money thing, but it will be a very unique to what we're doing.

[00:21:24] Andrew: We can be able to grow with it. I think it will be a . Trying to use all the stuff. Is this possible? I mean, some of them are soft and I learned so much and time, uh, you know, I'm always going out there, get information, especially having the draft book. Uh, so, uh, I'll just try to pay attention to, I do get so many demos

[00:21:55] Andrew: and we can provide. Um, my wife comes from her really quick. I called her banking and I backed up the rack has lost. really provide more different day. This is all of the brands are already really on the market. Um, so, um, I do suggest that people again, get it, help, find out what other people are using and find out what technologies can make as soon.

[00:22:21] Andrew: Even if you, I think if you're going to be in an academic industrial, like I'm an academic officer, so I'm hands on with everything. I like to be that way. So the big part of who I am, um, I think it's used to set up back when you want certain things to be more passive, but I think if you're an active investor, like.

[00:22:38] Andrew: Or anyway, you're selling out or you have one unit to, you know, a hundred, you need some type of technology. It is, you know,

[00:22:50] Andrew: for us, one of the things we lack most would be actual processes to social media is something that, um, we would just procrastinate. Uh we've we've done well with all our companies. You know, we don't typically advertise for a lot of our things for different niches monitors. Um, but, um, social media and the power of

[00:23:14] Andrew: learning, how to, how are we going to be seeing better? Uh, we're getting a virtual assistant and all that type of technology to help out like kind of manage, um, you know, if you want to reach out to me on that and your social media. Uh, marketing economy.

[00:23:32] Andrew: a couple of other countries have been very successful as well, and I'm going to keep up with the times with them. So that was kind of where we're looking to have some help and, uh, learning more about the technology.


Communication with guests is crucial


[00:23:45] Liam: It's one of the things where obviously I'm so pleased, you've mentioned direct book until next.

[00:23:49] Liam: Obviously it's one of the things that, that really specialized in with the direct book and websites, the training academy and that side of things, but also just in general, you've also touched on a couple of points there. It doesn't really matter what your technology is, is how you communicate with your guests and having that person who is good and direct and able to communicate well with guests.

[00:24:12] Liam: But also like you say, having some sort of automation in place, having a good PMs, you've mentioned lodger, fly a modify that there's, there's lots of good PMs is where you can set up those automations for. Uh, four guests as they stay. And as you say, this, there's so many bits of tech, but it's actually knowing what you need and when you need it.

[00:24:31] Liam: So, uh, you know, it's, it's, it's so important to, to try all these things, but you don't have to go in every different direction at the same time and get, you know, the, the, the, the stable.

[00:24:43] Andrew: Uh, I think

[00:24:55] Andrew: dial back say, Hey, what are you this time? What do I need? Ask them. Definitely. And that type of thing. I think a breather I'm overwhelmed. I'm not saying that as much. And then as much as I look at all the monthly, um, the doctors to me, the number one thing I think is just right bullies. I get back to that.

[00:25:17] Andrew: Being a property manager, there's so much more control over. Um, you know, at the very sound probably management principles, I think that was important. You lose a little bit of that with certain things and navigating. If you can pull it things. We have, we have certain policies in place we're very, very strict.

[00:25:35] Andrew: You know, we went around to the 25 rolled out. Uh, I'm not saying that I'm saying that's just one are things that we do. And then it just helps us streamline what we're doing and get it out of the door, less apples, because in the market there's a market for everything. And I believe, um, it really was about everybody's individual approach.

[00:25:59] Andrew: How much, how much tolerate, um, what you're looking for, your. Um, a lot of people doing it, they're trying to go their own personal stuff. say, Hey,

[00:26:20] Andrew: want to call me saying probably his driver's license. And you know, we're gonna put some things in place and make sure that they had prior reviews and it, and then home. I think it was in history and we need to get a reach out. And a lot of times I think if you handle it a good property management approach, um, you'll successful results at least 98% of the time.

[00:26:47] Liam: Exactly. Treating them as individuals. And like to say, there's nothing more personal than building your own business. You can build it in the way that you want to and with the, the, the, the rules and, and, and the, the people that you want to host on there. So one of the things which, um, comes across the, especially for yourself, I mean, you mentioned social media.


What kind of content does Andrew publish on Social Media?


[00:27:05] Liam: Uh, you know, your, your brand and, uh, you know, the, the, the setting in New Hampshire there against that lake, I could see doing very well with Instagram and, and all of that side of things, because that would be such a destination. And even your energy, Andrew coming on to, you know, if you were to post lives on there and, and even say, you mentioned about, you know, the best place to go kayak.

[00:27:25] Liam: And if, even if you was to post, Hey, I'm out on the kayak, this is where you can come to. I mean, get.

[00:27:45] Andrew: That's kind of a little replied to beautiful stuff.

[00:27:51] Andrew: I told my story. I told my story a bit in the book here for the first time. Um, so you don't have a kind of a bushel, did it kind of put something on paper? Uh, we started talking. Um, we only kind of, kind of worked my way through calls is the degree. You know, I was around a guy who kind of worked, uh, in construction with my dad, kind of worked my way up into the ranks.

[00:28:20] Andrew: Uh, just a great appreciation for kind of everything you can do. And people around me, everybody to the vendors score while you're doing. Uh, crucial to me success as well. Um, so I think people should put an emphasis on that. You know, the cleaner is, um, in this century

[00:28:40] Liam: you gotta have a good team around you.

[00:28:45] Liam: And obviously you coming on to the book, I mean, that nicely brings us onto the book we're in the project together, which hospitable hosts. I'm so excited. First of all, to read your chapter two, but also for the people listening, uh, you know, the, the book hospitable hosts is out on may the 16th of 2022. And you'll be able to get it on Amazon and they'll have the stories in, from amazing hosts across the world, including, uh, Andrew, including people like Mark Simpson, Judy George, Tia castle.


What does it mean to be a hospitable host?


[00:29:14] Liam: There's so many awesome people in this book. And so many stories that you can learn from just to come on to the book. Then what got you involved in hospitable hosts? And what does it mean to you to be a hospitable host?

[00:29:28] Andrew: This is like you for me, man. So first of all, always wanted to be. Um, you know, and I have a couple of books actually registered a library of Congress manuscripts.

[00:29:39] Andrew: I sat on and did more on H and D deep in real estate. Um, and really for me, it changed my life. Um, I had a great friend handed me a book it's 24, 24 years old, and it was just a simple Riverstone. And for that book, You know, I don't have time. I worked my way up

[00:30:02] Andrew: places. Beautiful. Real say. And, um, you know, it was probably manager already. And, you know, listen to that. Audible, listen to the ABCs. Uh, probably management as I drove around managing a young man managing real estate, I'm going to really, for me, you know, growing up, you know, there's a lack of that type of mentorship.

[00:30:23] Andrew: Um, boss, all your books and books were pretty much really what I'll be out with a safety plan the other day. And I have. holding companies,

[00:30:39] Andrew: construction company. Then we had upon life arousals, which is our real vacation. Probably I've got a lot of shops are in place, succession plans and all this off, and you're going to have this guy. He says, we learn all this stuff. And he said, not good. outside. So school's really positive.

[00:31:10] Andrew: And, uh, so, you know, really bullshitting my lesson, you know, getting

[00:31:15] Liam: audio as well. Audio books, you mentioned like, particularly like that that's such a game changer because all of a sudden you can be driving to one of the maintenance jobs or. You know, anywhere you need to, and you're, you're learning as you going.

[00:31:27] Liam: So, yeah. Amazing. Yeah,

[00:31:28] Andrew: you did it for years. You know what I mean? And I still

[00:31:35] Andrew: I learned something that I didn't know what a word wow. I actually asked. You know, and it looks like, and I've used it for motivation. So again, you didn't get an email, um, generally, um, you know, to put it down on my story and for me, I come with very little so that it would kind of just work my way up through rental, say I'm 38 years old and I'm pretty much financially free, uh, due to my hard work and dedication.

[00:32:03] Andrew: Um, and I'm just trying to build generational wealth for my family. Um, from my nephews, um, luckily they've been able to grow up working in a construction company with me. Um, so they didn't able to see, um, you know, they are able to do laundry, to keep people, all that stuff going as well. We're a family business.

[00:32:23] Andrew: My dad does a lot of construction at all, and he's had a lot of hands, you know what I said, uh, on a project. Um, we're very hands-on, uh, family and I'm very blessed to be where we're at. And so for me to be able to take part and actually getting my independence from my family, so many great people, um, it's just, you know, it's, it's awesome.

[00:32:44] Andrew: It's one of the things we use kind of a dream come true, uh, in a sense. And, uh, so I'm excited about getting any time, um, with you guys, seeing what we can . Because you're going to hit, you know, all kinds of great stories about people like me, all the different backgrounds. That's why I love real estate. Um, you know, all of its forms is because it can do so much for so many people.

[00:33:12] Andrew: It's such a great thing. Um, you know, whether you, you, you own real estate like a arbitrage, so they are very invested in this. But what are you going to do? Doing the arbitrage? There's so many ways involved. I'm your host real estate that can help your family. Also, they advocate for helping teach people that, um, it can be done where all your background, um, and why don't I do something like real estate and, you know, hosts where you have to be more imaginative.

[00:33:46] Andrew: So you really created. Uh, you, you posted, but want to give you best towels, right. And everything. I have a huge appreciation for that. Cause you know, I watched my wife learn to do all this stuff all over the odds to add. Then there's a whole other, you know? And uh, so I have deep appreciation for those things.

[00:34:07] Andrew: I, I think it's artistic and creative and I think he did have a desire, uh, in his past. There's a little creativity. You can just buy anything, especially when it comes to hosting and real estate. So

[00:34:20] Liam: I'm so excited to dive into the book and your chapter, especially Andrew, because the passion comes through.

[00:34:26] Liam: And like you say, this sort of stuff with books and knowledge and the audio book. You know, it can change people lives. Yeah. You're proof of that. I certainly feel thankful for the books and the audio stuff that I've listened to because if not, we wouldn't be standing here having this conversation for either of us.

[00:34:44] Liam: So it goes to show for anybody listening that, you know, definitely dive into two books like hospitable hosts, definitely get that one. Um, And just some of the audio mentions that you've just mentioned, you know, uh, you know, rich dad, poor dad, um, you know, there's so many out there which, which you can dive into.

[00:35:02] Liam: Mark's just done this book, direct playbook.

[00:35:13] Andrew: I'm happy for him, you know? Um, that's going to be well still to be. That again, you got to read these, these sayings. They're, they're great. Um, even if, even if it's just for inspiration and hope, you know, everybody needs to find their why, you know, and if you can find your why, um, that's a big help, you know?

[00:35:34] Andrew: So

[00:35:35] Liam: Simon Sineck awesome book find your why as well as there's so many good ones out there and just. Uh, looking at it there's it reminds me of a quote, you know, somebody who, um, uh, somebody who doesn't read has no advantage over somebody who can't read, but that kind of thing used to apply to me. Cause I couldn't, I didn't have the time to read, you know, we're busy people in general, but having.

[00:35:59] Liam: It was a game-changer and being able to learn these things. There's great apps like, or, uh, audible blink list as well, where you can kind of listen to bite-size books and these, these little snippets and little nuggets, golden nuggets of information that you can just take one little thing and put into action in your business, change your entire outlook.

[00:36:18] Andrew: Yeah. Change it. You know, reading books. I was a young property manager. The board, the tractor and the chamber of commerce office, while I trying to go company on site full-time jobs. Well, you know, you don't want to

[00:36:36] Andrew: the patients, the kids

[00:36:43] Andrew: take time. Hopefully sitting on the beach,

[00:36:50] Andrew: uh, going back and you to get it for four or five months before I had had it. And I came back to some raw new England. Um, but

[00:37:01] Liam: fair enough. Well, when you do get a chance, wherever, even if it's in new England or if it is on the beach, uh, you know, take a picture of it and tag boost Leanne, because. You know, we love seeing where that book ends up in the world.


A little more about Andrew


[00:37:13] Liam: There's this that's gone all over. So that's amazing. And, uh, Andrew, what we tend to do is we get to wards. The end is we want to ask you some quick fire fun questions. Basically your answers can be as short or as long as you like, but they're not necessarily about hospitality. Um, just in general. So yeah.

[00:37:31] Liam: Yeah. One of the things you mentioned is all the different seasons that you've got there. So what is your go-to hobby there? Is it, is it the kayaking? Is it the, the, you know, sort of snow? Uh,

[00:37:41] Andrew: it is bouldering for me. I love boating. Um, it's just like, I'm floating. Um, cause we're all tie out here on the . Well, you know, we, we do, um, one of my favorite things we do

[00:37:58] Andrew: on Wednesdays. If everybody brings out a meal and we tie up. We all share immediately gather last year on the pond kind of cynical. And we shut down at eight o'clock. So it's like that it's just a sheer meal. I hear him in the pond and together. Uh, and that, that, that's my thing. My constant of doors.

[00:38:19] Andrew: Really, if I had to just go to Florida, it was new state park and I find, you know, who I am. Um, and, um, I'm, don't really go for it. It's really important to me to try to get as much as my family as possible. Um, told me I got married in a Y and a 2007. I came back a little bit more casual life. Trying to be more, a little bit more free share.

[00:38:49] Andrew: And I think a lot of my good friends

[00:38:56] Andrew: slow down sometime. Make that time because we don't really get for . So one of the things is I don't really like myself. I don't have a ton of fun. You know, I'm going to find work either on the bonds. So 4th of July, we got a bunch of with the costume RAF got bigger. Every year we fill a huge costume raft and floated out.

[00:39:21] Andrew: Put on a little 40 minute fireworks show for the entire community here at

[00:39:31] Andrew: So a lot of fun. Um, so yeah, if I'm and I'm getting other people out there, but about, this was my, really my number one favorite thing to do now.

[00:39:44] Liam: That's incredible. That's incredible because you know, you can really, the, the energy and the free spirit definitely comes across. And, uh, it's, uh, people will be drawn to that, you know, certainly for your social media and, and, and hopefully listening to this, they can really sense what it is.

[00:39:59] Liam: So obviously,

[00:40:06] Andrew: falls up on Instagram, gonna find, uh, my lemon tree is going to be out here so people can find all of those sites and everything we're doing. Or if you're going to the property, you went by in Hampshire and maybe have us help you out with it. You know, I'm here for you. Everything from finishes and Phillips is full of darkness, and I'm going to bring that.

[00:40:27] Andrew: The cleaning is one of the most important things we offer granite cleaning. Um, here, my wife's a great team. Uh, we were already in the foreclosure cleaning industry. Um

[00:40:40] Andrew: um, but we provide clients. We do allow, uh, with . Um, so, um, we have it held for

[00:40:53] Liam: that brings us really nicely onto if people do want to reach out, what is the best way to reach out to you? Did you say it was LinkedIn or

[00:41:03] Andrew: LinkedIn pretty easy to define and build upon like Frenchie for, uh, Instagram. Um, I'm on Facebook. We kind of even kind of go on social now we'll have some days with a page, all that stuff to be done. So I know the fire has been away. Um, and we're gonna need to go in and, um, I think I have a political officer with you out here.

[00:41:31] Andrew: And all that, or, you know, quite frankly, um, you could have my LinkedIn emails right out there on my granules.com reach out, um, lots of chat, little sharing with people. So.

[00:41:47] Liam: Your, um, you're going to be inundated with people after the book launch and after listening to this as well, just because, you know, it's, it's so cool getting to do this behind the host, uh, sort of podcast. I really feel we've got to know you your business and really what makes it unique. And, and every business has got a USP.

[00:42:08] Liam: That is you and your teeth there, which, uh, and that energy and that local knowledge is, is amazing. So, um, I feel like we've covered so much in terms of, you know, the cool postcards, uh, just knowing that area in general, the, uh, books and that sort of thing. So. Andrew. Thank you so much for, for coming on behind the host and, uh, yeah.

[00:42:29] Liam: Um, I look forward to the book launch and to, to reading your chapter. So thanks again and we'll speak again soon.

[00:42:36] Andrew: Okay. Sounds great. Thank you so much. Appreciate you and Margaret, everybody. Give me a platform here today. Thank you so much.

[00:42:44] Liam: No worries, buddy. Yeah, we'll speak again soon.




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