How To Be A Successful Hospitality Host In A Niche Market

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 504. In this podcast episode I will be talking with Stacey Perretti Rase CEO and founder of Rare Find Rentals based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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[00:00:00] Liam: Okay, so welcome to another episode of Behind the Host podcast. Uh, another exciting day today, and, uh, another host who is, uh, specializing in, uh, Behind the host, uh, sorry, hospitable hosts. So really excited to to have you on today. Before we get started, I just wanted to just mention a really big win in the hospitality community.

[00:00:21] So part of, uh, what Boostly and Mark Simpson does is has a couple of hosp uh, communities on Facebook, one of which is the hospitality community. So if you're not part. At search out on Facebook, and one of the members this week shared a wonderful win, and that was Louise Daniels who managed to get a five star review and then another direct book and directly off the back of that just by making a phone call.

[00:00:44] So if you haven't already get involved in the hospitality community, come and share your wins, and we will do shout outs for anybody who is in there. Let's get started, shall we? With, uh, behind the host. So today we're joined by Stacey Perretti Rase. She's the CEO and [00:01:00] founder of Rear Find Rentals based in New Orleans, Louisiana, all the way from the usa.

[00:01:05] She's a super host. She specializes in hosting bridal parties. She's an author, as I say, in hospital hosts. And I'm really excited to have you here today, Stacy. So thank you for joining me and uh, welcome

[00:01:15] Stacey: along. Thank you, Liam. I'm really excited to be here. Thanks for having me.

[00:01:20] Liam: No worries at all. So let's get started in the way that we normally get started, which is just tell me a bit about you, your business, and uh, how you got started.

[00:01:29] Stacey: Sure. Um, so I've, I've been in this business now, um, a little over three, almost four years. Uh, started out, let's see, I was about to be an empty nester, raised four children, and, um, was kind of looking for my next thing to do, and we found this. My husband and I found this property, um, in our downtown area.

[00:01:49] We're in a, a suburban area just north of New Orleans. Um, kind of a little bedroom community, but with a lot of, uh, cultural activities and arts and great [00:02:00] restaurants and, and the house, uh, looked like a really great investment. I had no idea what it meant to be a host. I just jumped in, uh, feet first, as I guess a lot of people in this business, as I've come to find out, do and fell in love with it.

[00:02:15] And, um, it's become my life. . I absolutely love being a host. Um, And, um, yeah, that's, that's basically my story. My background was not in hospitality. I've spent my life, um, actually in journalism. I was a, a newspaper columnist, then reporter, uh, journalism teacher, magazine editor, freelance writer. Um, that's kind of all that I had done.

[00:02:40] Um, you know, and now I'm a published author, which is very exciting. Um, so it just kind of piggybacked on, on the, the hosting end of things, which I really have come to.

[00:02:51] Liam: That's really cool. So talk me through the, the property that you've got is a guest house somewhere.

[00:02:56] Stacey: Correct. Yes. The, our first property, um, is a [00:03:00] guest house that is in downtown Covington.

[00:03:02] Covington is the, the name of the, the city just outside of New Orleans. Um, it has three units, three listings under the one roof. Uh, it can sleep up to 15 people. Uh, but each unit is fully separate, so I, I list them separately and they can be booked either individually or the whole home. Um, you know, together.

[00:03:22] Uh, so that's where I started about three plus years ago. And since then, I've, uh, we purchased another property. It's completely different. The first is in a downtown area. The second property is called Sleepy Lagoon, and it is 18 acres, just about five minutes north of the downtown area. But it's, it's a completely different.

[00:03:45] Stay obviously on 18 acres. It's a, a, a private acreage that backs up to riverfront. It has lagoons running throughout the property. It's actually where I'm sitting right now, so you can see the beautiful fountains, um, behind [00:04:00] me. Um, lots of ponds with fishing and just a sandy beach down by the river.

[00:04:06] Totally, totally different type of experience. So, um, overall the properties are, are under the umbrella. Rare find rental.

[00:04:14] Liam: It's, it's one of those where when I searched out your properties, obviously, uh, we, we've known each other through the hospital host group, and, uh, seeing your properties on there, it really struck me how, uh, you know, So how old The LaCroix.

[00:04:27] LaCroix, is that right? LaCroix? Yeah. Yes. LaCroix that property. Must be one of the older properties available, but it's got such, um, period features and it looks so awesome. Um, it looks like a real,

[00:04:39] Stacey: real good place. Thanks for noticing that. Yes. Um, the LaCroix was built in 1899 by Thomas LaCroix Jr. Um, so we named it after the original, um, owner and builder and, uh, there a lot of the original, um, Building aspects remain.

[00:04:55] The original wood floors, the beadboard, um, walls, um, a lot of [00:05:00] it has been renovated, of course, um, over the years, but we take great pride in that. Um, it's listed on the historic homes registry in our city. Um, and, um, yeah, a lot of people remark about that, that they love coming to an historic home and, and staying in the downtown area and getting kind of the best of both worlds.

[00:05:20] Liam: I definitely recommend if, if anybody's listening, then to, to sort of Google the LaCroix, uh, Lou Lou and Louisiana, and that'll soon come up and you'll get an idea of just how beautiful it is and, and even what you've done with the interior, you know, is balanced really well. It's very stylish. Where did the inspiration from that come from?

[00:05:38] Stacey: Well, it was originally decorated by the previous owner. Um, a lot of it was, I have updated a lot and renovated a lot since then. Um, but I, I will give her credit because she did, I bought it fully furnished and of course, you know, that was three and a half years ago. So we've replaced a lot since then. But, um, but the, I guess the feel remains [00:06:00] the same.

[00:06:00] It is, um, what I love is that when my guests walk, A lot of their first response that they tell me is I feel at home. So it's, um, it is, there, there are parts of it that are luxurious. You know, we have plush robes and, and slippers and all the amenities I guess, that you would get from a nice hotel stay. Um, but you feel like you're in your own living room.

[00:06:22] And, um, that was really important to me for people to feel like they, they're not gonna mess up anything that it, it feels like it's, it's theirs and it's comfort.

[00:06:31] Liam: It's certainly a beautiful place and obviously on behind the host. What we like to do is really dive down into some of the tools you use, how you attract guests, and, uh, share with the people listening so they can pick up some of the tips and, and, you know, maybe emulate what you've done in your business, in, in their business as well.

[00:06:49] So, let's talk about your guests who come and stay at the LaCroix and, uh, you know, eight year second property now. Who are they? What type of of guests are they? [00:07:00] What are they looking to? Are they coming for holidays, for work and that side of things? And uh, where do you list and how do you market to these guests?

[00:07:08] Stacey: Sure. Um, it's evolved a little bit over the years. Um, I, uh, I would say our, uh, our Monday through Friday guests are typically business men and business women or, uh, families that are coming in to, uh, to visit other families in the area. Uh, we also do have, in downtown Covington, we have some really well renowned, um, Medical professionals.

[00:07:33] So I do get weekday guests that come in for procedures from out of town and stay, um, at our place to recuperate. Our weekend guests, um, have really evolved over the years into bridal parties, which is, has become my specialty. Uh, so pretty much every Monday, I'm sorry, every Friday. Sunday, we will have, uh, the whole home, all three units at the LaCroix, uh, booked out by [00:08:00] bridal parties normally, um, uh, bridesmaids that get ready, they have their makeup and, and hair.

[00:08:06] Um, you know, professionals come and they get dressed together. They might do a photo shoot in the home, um, and then get, get picked up there to go to their, um, their wedding.

[00:08:17] Liam: Nice. Do they get the photos done there? And is that, do you use that?

[00:08:20] Stacey: A lot of them do, yes. And so that's kind of how the second property evolved.

[00:08:25] Um, I started getting, I started having 2, 3, 4 people on waiting lists for a particular weekend. Um, because there's just not that many places in our area that specialize and opened their properties up to groups of that type. Um, in fact, when I, when I first purchased the property, the, uh, the previous owner warned me, Just do not deal with bridal parties.

[00:08:49] They are the worst. And I, I stayed away from it for a while until one of my really good friends had her son getting married and she asked me, um, about the [00:09:00] home and I said, What the heck? Let's do it. And of course then it just kind of started that wheel. He told someone, they saw the posts and it just evolved.

[00:09:09] And so I kind of become known as, oh, that's the lady that runs the bridal place, . So. Because I did have a waiting list at the LaCroix. We started opening up Sleepy Lagoon, which is also our personal property. We live here on the, the 18 acres in a separate home. And, um, and out here there are really beautiful places for bridal parties to take their photos before either the whole party or the couple.

[00:09:37] Um, we have bridges and fountains and lots of beautiful flowers. So it, it's really a gorgeous area.

[00:09:44] Liam: You know, let's, let's just dive into that. So what you've done is you've, you've, uh, you know, hosted a friend, you know, friend, sort of, uh, twist or arm bit and, and done that. And really, you've, you've discovered for doing that.

[00:09:55] Actually, it's not as bad as everybody says it is. And you've decided to go [00:10:00] ahead. You've taken action and, and, and done that. And then you've actually found your niche, and this is something which we talk about a lot of the time you found your your perfect guest avatar. And when everybody else is steering away from a certain type of guest and you're actually welcoming them, then you're gonna get more of that.

[00:10:16] And that's why you've built up a waiting list and, uh, you've done the right thing where you've. You know, there's a demand there before you've even opened your, your second property. And as you say, you're, even that second property is even more perfect for, for your main avatar's needs. So that sounds really cool.

[00:10:32] So I really like that. Well, thank you. Talk me through what is the differences then, uh, for, for the people listening? What is the different kind of things you have to consider when hosting a bridal party over, you know, your contractors during the.

[00:10:46] Stacey: That's a great question. Um, and I've learned over the years, it's, and basically it's just kind of evolved from what they ask for, what they need.

[00:10:54] Um, there are certain things in my properties, um, uh, full length mirrors. Um, [00:11:00] obviously we, we need about, I don't know, four or five in each listing because, uh, because the girls. Need that when they're getting dressed and spaces to get ready, um, for putting on their makeup. And then really importantly, when they get back in the evening for taking off their makeup so that they don't ruin the white towels.

[00:11:19] Um, you know, the black makeup towels that say makeup on it. Um, you just,

[00:11:24] Liam: you just said exactly what every listener is thinking going, But what about all the makeup? What about my talent, My precious whites? So, yeah, how do you deal with. Um,

[00:11:33] Stacey: it's, you know, we just, we kind of put, we make sure we have the black makeup towels and we put little notes, um, and the makeup wipes that, that, the throwaway wipes that they can use.

[00:11:43] Um, I also have, um, not just luggage racks, but I have hanging racks so that when the ladies come in, they have spaces to hang up. Most of the time they're long gowns. Um, I have steamers in, in every unit. You know, [00:12:00] obviously iron and ironing board, but steamers are a big deal. Um, I'm trying to think what else.

[00:12:05] I, I I also let them know it's a big thing when wedding parties check in. I have in the kitchen kind of a specific, uh, just remember these rules, um, type thing. And it's. Please no glitter, please. No confetti. Um, you know, because no businessman wants to check in on a Monday and there's glitter still in the carpet because that's just so hard to get out.

[00:12:28] So it's little things like that.

[00:12:30] Liam: Yeah, that, that sounds as though you've really got your, your guest avatar down to a tee there. And it's all about hosting is is setting out, you know, the expectations before they stay. So let's, let's dive more into that. What, what tech do you use and your business at the moment and how do you communicate with guests in the day to day?

[00:12:48] Stacey: So, uh, I communicate now, and this is just recently, I guess within the past six months, um, I used, um, hospitable, which is ironic since the book is hospitable host. Um, [00:13:00] but, um, I, I use hospitable for my messaging, my automated messaging, and, uh, for, um, Coordinating my calendars, uh, because I do, I do list on Airbnb and vrbo and I also book direct.

[00:13:14] Um, so that helps me enter everything into one system and, and have the, the messaging be automated. Um, I also use price labs. Which was a game changer for me, I would say the first year in this business, I just said it and forget it. I didn't. I think I had a $10 bump on weekends compared to weekday. I had no idea what I was doing, and then I got on Price Labs and realized.

[00:13:38] Oh my gosh. All of the money that I left on the table, um, it was three to four times more on the weekends, what people were willing to pay than how I had it listed. So that was a game changer for me. Um, I used Stayi, which has been wonderful. Um, for those that don't know about sci-fi, um, it's a [00:14:00] very easy system to set in place that helps, um, helps gather all of your guests.

[00:14:04] Um, email. Uh, information, not just the person who lists with you. So that has helped me set up email, uh, lists for automated messaging, um, events and discounts and that, that type of thing for my guests. Trying to think what else. Noise aware. Um, Obviously QuickBooks. Um, that's been my friend, um, for all of my accounting purposes and, um, some other things that just internally that I use every day, my eco be app to help with, uh, down here in southern Louisiana, it gets very humid, very hot, and being able to automatically control the temperature, um, remotely is a big deal.

[00:14:47] Um, so yeah, the, all those have been really important.

[00:14:50] Liam: That is such an awesome tech stack because, you know, some people think that with Tech Stacks you've got to, you know, be, um, a massive multiple, uh, [00:15:00] short term rentals across, across many places, whereas you've just proven there that just by implementing, you know, like you say for messaging, you've got hospitable for, um, the price thing, which is it can blow your mind, can't it?

[00:15:14] With, with how much more you can make compared to, to what you were making before. That is really awesome. Um, out of all of those, uh, bits of tech, which one would you have to say has been the one which is, has been the real game changer, is that the price labs.

[00:15:30] Stacey: Probably Price Labs. Um, yes, definitely on on the financial end price labs, but as far as time, um, you know, and it doesn't have to be hospitable, it, whatever system you use, I was so hesitant for years.

[00:15:45] Um, at. Actually, I shouldn't call it a hesitancy. It was more a, a, you know, paralysis because of the analysis. And I am a very, I've got it right here next to me. My kids call it my Bible. I mean, this is, this is my day book, my planner, [00:16:00] and I did all of it on paper and, um, and that just became too overwhelming.

[00:16:07] Very overwhelming. So to be able to see every morning when I wake. Here's, here's what's happening today, tomorrow, this week. And it's all in one place through, across all of the channels and direct bookings. It's, that's been huge for me.

[00:16:21] Liam: So let's dive into that. Uh, you mentioned your, your daybook and, and your routine there.

[00:16:25] What, what does your day to day look like? As, as a host, you've got your bridal parties coming, you're managing your, your contractors during the week, you've now got two, uh, two different sort of listings and very different, uh, you know, sort of, uh, kinds of buildings. What does your day to day look?

[00:16:40] Stacey: Um, it could be anything.

[00:16:42] I, um, other than my, my two housekeepers that helped me shout out to Alexa and Abby, um, that couldn't, couldn't do this, wouldn't wanna do this without them. Um, but other than them, uh, and my handyman, Danny, I. I, I do [00:17:00] everything myself. So, um, today actually when I leave you, I am going to clean one of my units myself.

[00:17:06] Um, I do that every now and again, number one, because I actually don't mind doing it. I, I enjoy being in my spaces and getting it ready. That's how it started for me. I spent my whole first year, year and a half cleaning everything myself. And I like to get in there and, and restock and, you know, take inventory and just kind of do the inspection.

[00:17:26] Maintenance type thing. Um, I can be found, uh, doing everything from cleaning to pulling weeds, to answering phone calls, to sending invoices. Um, yeah, everything, um, it's, you know, accounting. Marketing, , all of it. Social media. I'm a, I'm a one stop shop, so

[00:17:48] Liam: that's cool. That's cool. And do you know why it's such an important part?

[00:17:50] Because that's how we learn what needs to be done, you know? Yes. You wouldn't know what necessarily needs to be done if we are not hands on. So definitely an important part. So true. You [00:18:00] mentioned that, uh, you market in different channels. First one I just wanted to mention for, for people who listen, listening.

[00:18:06] Uh, Airbnb recently made a change with their summer 2022 release, and one of those changes is that you can now find places by categories. So, uh, one of the things you can do, for instance, guest houses can now be found through categories, which that wasn't before. So definitely worth checking out. But the one that I wanted to dive into that you mentioned was the direct bookings.

[00:18:24] You can take direct bookings. So how do you take direct bookings and, uh, have you got any tips or tricks to, to be able to do so?

[00:18:33] Stacey: I love this question because, um, and you did not know this, uh, before this interview, but I am currently in Mark Simpson's 90 day boot camp. And yes, because I do have, I have a website for LaCroix Covington.

[00:18:48] Um, Le LaCroix Simple enough. Um, but for this new property, Sleepy Lagoon, um, I do not have a website yet. Uh, when I started LaCroix Covington, [00:19:00] it's a beautiful website. Go check it out. However, I don't have direct booking capability on it. Never started it that way. I just haven't done it. Um, People just go to the website and then they either email me or call me, uh, to make the direct booking, right?

[00:19:17] That's something

[00:19:17] Liam: where Boostly can help you out with. We should have a chat after the, uh, after the podcast. Definitely about that. , I am

[00:19:24] Stacey: learning. This is all so very timely. So, um, so my intention for Sleepy Lagoon is to set up a, a, a more, um, direct booking. Site that I'm not answering phone calls all day long.

[00:19:38] Um, that hopefully I can, I can do a lot more of my direct bookings that way, not that I'm mind talking to the guests, especially when it, it's a little different when it comes to bridal parties. You know, they, it's either the mom or the bride normally that will, that will call and, and it, it needs to be a personal conversation.

[00:19:57] I get that. Um, and I do enjoy that, [00:20:00] but, I really, I'm looking forward to starting a website that, that has direct booking capability. So

[00:20:06] Liam: I'm getting Yeah, definitely make everything so more streamlined and just, just a lot easier. And especially, uh, you know, I'm excited for you because of the, the bridal parties.

[00:20:15] They, they talk to each other, you know, these are big groups. You're more likely to get referrals, more likely to get direct bookings. So, uh, that's really exciting. We've kind of covered the, the business. We, we've covered some of your systems. Let's talk about the awesome book that you're, you're in. Yeah. So you're now a published author.

[00:20:32] So, uh, congratulations, Stacy, for, for being in Hospitable Hosts and for those who don't know, who have tuned into either the live or if you are listening on the podcast, Hospitable Hosts is a project which was developed by Jody Sterling about six months ago. She had the bright idea to. Hosts from all over the world collect stories to inspire, motivate, and educate other hosts.

[00:20:55] And, uh, she's brought 40 hosts together in one book and, [00:21:00] uh, taken a chapter from each of them so they can each tell their stories. And the book herself is released on the 16th of May, 2022. So depending on how you're either listening to this or, or how you're watching it. Uh, you know, you'll be able to go and check it out on ww dot hospitable and, uh, and be able to put your name down for the waiting list or, or make a purchase through there.

[00:21:21] So, Stacy, what got you involved with the project and, uh, what does being a hospitable host mean to you?

[00:21:30] Stacey: Um, I am a firm believer in, uh, being in the right place at the right time, and, uh, and the universe kind of putting you where you need to be. And, um, I had never met Jody, uh, just happened to, to see a post, uh, that she, I think it was on Facebook and, um, And I thought, Well, wait a minute, this combines the two things that I love most writing and hosting.

[00:21:54] And um, and I kind of felt like, and I'm sure everyone feels this way, [00:22:00] everyone's story is different. My story is, is pretty unique, as is everyone's, And I wanted to tell it my, my beginnings in this business did not start out. Really good at all. . It was very, very tough. My, my mom actually passed away the week that I purchased the property, um, very unexpectedly.

[00:22:22] And, uh, she was my rock and she, she was the one I thought was gonna really help me with this project. And all of a sudden she was gone and, um, And I tell, I tell the story in my chapter of how that came to be and, and the difficulties that I had. I, I purchased the home, my first home, the LaCroix from the previous owner who was a host herself.

[00:22:43] She had been operating it as, uh, an Airbnb. And because I knew nothing about the business, um, when I bought it, she, she said that she would add me on as a co-host on her account. Did that, but then after the act of sale, [00:23:00] she actually closed the account, which meant while I was sitting by my mother's bedside in icu.

[00:23:07] Um, I got the word that every single booking that she had told me was coming, you know, and there, there were over a hundred, um, was canceled. So that was my, that was my first month , I guess, of being a host. Um, she had given me, thank goodness she had given me. A spreadsheet that had all of the future bookings, their name, their date, and their phone number.

[00:23:32] So I spent that, that first month picking up the phone and calling every single guest and explaining to them kind of the situation. They thought I was a huge scammer. You know? Yeah. Who does that? Um, and I had to convince every single one of them, like, I'm not a scammer, I'm real. No, I've never hosted anyone before, but I promise it's gonna be a great experience.

[00:23:55] The house I bought it as is, you know, it, it'll be a wonderful stay. And of [00:24:00] those 100 plus guests, Potential guests. There were only two, I believe, that, um, that didn't book with me. So, um, I didn't know about booking direct at that point. I, I, I set up my own account on Airbnb and I had them, it, it was like a floodgate.

[00:24:15] Within the first month, I had over a hundred guests. Rebook with me. Um, and I was an unknown host, so I understand now, and I think it's interesting what, um, what Brian Chesky came out with, with, with some of this new, um, way of thinking with the properties and the categorizations. I love that. But I think it's really interesting looking back on my situation.

[00:24:39] Because when I first started hosting and I called Airbnb and I was so new, I said, Wait, you don't understand. Yes, I'm a new host, but it's the same property and it's exactly the same experience. And they told me, which is great, that their business wasn't built around the properties. It's built around the [00:25:00] hosts.

[00:25:01] And so I took that to heart. And, um, and I see the importance in that, but I also feel with the new things that are coming out, I think they're understanding that it needs to be a little bit of balance of both because the, uh, the experience of the property, in my opinion, is just as important as the experience the host gives you in that property.

[00:25:22] Definitely. So, I like the way it's

[00:25:24] Liam: evolv. It's the balance of both, isn't it? The balance between having a host who understands is empathetic to your needs and having that property and that property being everything you expect it's gonna be. And just, it's so inspirational, Stacy, to hear your, your story and how you've overcome, you know, the challenges and, and just to, to go get started, I'm, I'm really excited to.

[00:25:44] You know, read your chapter of the book, and I encourage everybody who's listening to, uh, you know, to do the same, to, to pop their name down on that hospitable and to, to register for the waiting list because it's gonna be, uh, it's gonna be so awesome. And there's so much knowledge and there's so much people.

[00:25:59] If [00:26:00] somebody was in the same position as you and, and you're listening and you're thinking, Well, I want to get started. There's some lessons in there, which, which could really help. And, um, I think the biggest one I wish I had had this book. . Well, yeah, the, Yes. The biggest one that I've taken away from that is, is just picking up the phone.

[00:26:17] Do you know what I mean? Just picking up the phone. Start building those relationships with both Airbnb, with your guests and to actually, um, find the way in, in hosting, which is exactly what you've done. Yeah, that's, that's really cool. What, what does the future hold then, Stacy? What, what is the future of, uh, rear finded, uh, stays, So,

[00:26:36] Stacey: I, sorry.

[00:26:37] Rare find rentals. I, I, I anticipate the future. Um, Possibly being two different bridal parties at each property on the weekends, um, and expanding maybe week long stays out here, um, at Sleepy Lagoon for people that wanna come and have an experience just outside of, uh, downtown Covington. And, and we're [00:27:00] just, we're less than an hour drive from downtown New Orleans.

[00:27:03] Um, They, they get a completely different country type experience out here. And we've got fishing, we've got, uh, we've got geese. Um, it, it's just a, we've got deer. Sometimes you'll, you'll see 4, 5, 6 deer running across the field. We've got a bonfire in the back and, um, It's a, it's a really amazing place that is very special to me.

[00:27:25] Um, and it was, it was my mom's property. And so, uh, I moved out here after she passed away. And, um, and it, it's, it's beautiful. It's been featured on hgtv. It really is a gorgeous space. Um, so I anticipate, um, hopefully spreading, you know, the news that Sleepy Lagoon is open for those type of events and. And just special gatherings for for families to celebrate special.

[00:27:54] Liam: Their passion really shows through and you, you can see how uh, people are gonna really become, you know, [00:28:00] excited about going there, but also how they're gonna build those memories which are gonna last a lifetime because there's just so much to, to see and do, and especially for such special occasions for the bridal parties.

[00:28:08] So what we like to do, Stacy, towards the end is, is to sort of fire a couple of quick fire questions at you. Now, these, these can be as long as short answers as you like, but they're just a bit of fun and, uh, something a bit different. So, uh, what time of day are you most product.

[00:28:23] Stacey: Ooh. Um, probably between nine and 11:00 PM nine and midnight.

[00:28:30] some a night owl. Um, so yeah, and being a writer, um, that's normally when I, you know, throughout the years, my kids would. Not be needing me. So I would, I would get most of my stuff done. Um, now that my kids are all gone in the mornings, I guess, but I, I'm pretty much a night owl. .

[00:28:49] Liam: Yeah. That's cool. That's, uh, that is the time where everybody's asleep and you get, you get some, you time to, to do what you wanna do.

[00:28:55] So what are you excited about in life right now? What, uh, it doesn't have to be business wise [00:29:00] can be if.

[00:29:01] Stacey: Yeah, I, um, that's an easy one. So two of my four kids, um, uh, have gotten married in the past six months. They did it really close together. Um, and so I'm really busy time excited about yes, and I'm really excited about maybe being a grandparent soon.

[00:29:20] kids. Yeah. Um, it just so that I didn't put any pressure on them instead, uh, I got a puppy last week, so

[00:29:29] Liam: Oh no. And that is taken on, uh, extra. Yeah. Well, I have a, a Tinder very brave puppy. Yes. . Um, one of the things that I'd like to find out is, is obviously different values, and I, I think I know what you're gonna say, but what would you consider is your highest value?

[00:29:45] Um, overall.

[00:29:47] Stacey: Uh, in the business or life in general, ,

[00:29:49] Liam: business life,

[00:29:51] Stacey: whatever you like. Um, uh, my greatest value is, is my family and life. Um, I would say in, in business [00:30:00] communication. Um, I, I, I'm just, I'm a people person and I love getting to know the background of why my guests are coming, what brought them there.

[00:30:11] Um, I'm the type of person I, I met a, I met a elderly woman in the checkout line of the grocery store years ago and struck up a conversation. She looked a little confused and. Come to find out, she was from, uh, many, many states away up north. And she was in town alone with her husband who had just had surgery.

[00:30:31] And, um, anyway, we exchanged information. I helped her out while she was in town, and now we're Christmas card buddies every year . That's so cool. So I, I, I never liked to, uh, to meet, you know, a stranger. They're, every, everyone has a story. And maybe that's the, the writer, the journalist in me. Um, That's, that's my greatest value in the business is getting to know the people.

[00:30:53] And, um, you know, that's, I think that's what we all want in life is to be, to be seen, to be [00:31:00] heard, to be known. And that's what makes this job really

[00:31:03] Liam: fun. What a beautiful way to, to bring this to an end. And that is, that is such a, A nice, a nice sort of feeling and a nice way to end on. So thank you so much, Stacey.

[00:31:13] If the people listening would like to reach out to you, if they'd like to get in touch, if they're a bride to be and want to get in touch to use the, the Sleepy Lagoon, then uh, yeah. How do they get in touch with you?

[00:31:24] Stacey: So I do have one website for my first property, and it is LaCroix L a c r o i x

[00:31:35] And then I also have a link tree, which, um, which gives, it has links to Sleepy Lagoon, um, to all of my properties. And I guess I'll spell it out for you. A lot of people are on Link Tree if you are already. , then you just search for rare find rentals. Um, but the, if you wanna log in the complete address, it is L I N K T uh, r.

[00:31:59] Dot [00:32:00] ee slash rare find rentals. Hope that wasn't too confusing, but yes. So that's the easiest way to find

[00:32:07] Liam: me. That's cool. And, and the very last thing that I just wanted to pick up on was you mentioned you're doing the 90 day, uh, boot camp with Boost Lee, which is, uh, you know, sort of how we impact your direct bookings and how we really set you on a.

[00:32:21] Marketing path to be able to market your properties. How are you finding that? And uh, yeah, what, what are your key takeaways so far?

[00:32:27] Stacey: Um, I love it. Um, Mark, Mark is a hoot. Um, I can't wait to meet him. Hopefully, I think he said he's coming to the book launch in, uh, Nashville. He is up there. Um, I was not a fan of, of the Figma board , but that's why he got rid of that.

[00:32:44] Um, but I am learning a lot and I, I love being on the different, like the, the Facebook group and just being a part of, um, of a community of other hosts from all around the world. It, it helps you realize that, you know, you're, you're all in this together kind of thing. You're [00:33:00] not alone. I love that about this community.

[00:33:02] We are hosts, we are all like very communicative with each other and helpful with each other about solving problems. And so being a part of, um, Boost Lee Academy and, and now this bootcamp, it's, it's just really been, um, good for, you know, learning new things from everybody. Mark, of course included

[00:33:22] Liam: sometimes in, you know, hospitality.

[00:33:24] It can feel a little bit lonely. And when you're in a group like that, you can bounce ideas off each other. You can really feel you're, you're part of a big community and, uh, what, what a great way to, uh, great insight into the training there. So, Thanks again, Stacy. Really look forward to reading your chapter in the book.

[00:33:39] I feel we've really got to know your business and thank you so much for sharing your time with us today and coming on behind the Host podcast. Uh,

[00:33:46] Stacey: thank you. I really appreciate it. I'm honored to be here

[00:33:49] Liam: having a blast. Gonna get it

[00:33:50] Stacey: on the Bruce Lee podcast, Bruce Lee led Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the tee loose leaf making up those rhymes.

[00:33:57] Liam: Don't write it, just do it loosely.

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