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Airbnb back Down AGAIN


Airbnb is back in the news, and this time it's for the wrong reasons. After agreeing to comply with New York City regulations last year, the company has now decided to back down and sue the city. This is the second time in a row that Airbnb has been forced to back down after violating local laws.

The first time was in San Francisco, where the company was sued for $25 million. After violating a local ordinance, Airbnb was forced to remove all of its listings in the city. The company then agreed to comply with the law and paid a fine of $200,000.

Now, Airbnb is being sued by New York City for $21 million. The city claims that the company violated its agreement to remove all illegal listings. Airbnb has responded by filing a lawsuit against the city, claiming that the regulations are unconstitutional.

It's becoming clear that Airbnb is not interested in following the rules. This latest incident raises serious questions about the company's ability to operate legally in any city. It's time for Airbnb to start following the law, or it will continue to face legal problems.

What do you think? Should Airbnb be required to follow the same rules as other businesses? Or is the company being unfairly targeted? Share your thoughts in the comments!

As a result of these latest developments, it seems that Airbnb may have to change its business model in order to stay afloat. What do you think this would mean for the company? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Do you think that Airbnb is being unfairly targeted? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments!

These latest developments certainly raise some serious questions about Airbnb's future. What do you think is going to happen? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Do you have an opinion on this issue? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 464. In this podcast I'm going to be talking about the changes made by Airbnb, how you can influence your standings as well as why you shouldn't be reliant on Airbnb as a marketing channel.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Airbnb Changes
01:18 – Promote yourself in the comments
02:57 – Default Listings Change
04:28 – Influencing the categories
05:41 – So much knowledge for just 99p

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[00:00:00] Mark: Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome. Uh, to another episode of the boostly podcast, a little special one doing breaking news, breaking news. Uh, so Airbnb they've, uh, done a lot these last few weeks and all you have to do is be in Facebook groups, the forums, the Airbnb forum resource center, social media, uh, you will see hosts a scratch in their head at the changes and.

Airbnb Changes

Airbnb back Down AGAIN

Businesswoman hand holding wooden cube with flip over block CHANGE to CHANCE word on table background. success, strategy, solution, business, and Positive thinking concepts

[00:00:27] Mark: For better or for worse, mostly for worse. Um, they really mess things up for, a lot of people. And one thing that I will give a props to, uh, to Airbnb is that they do listen. They have got a really good community behind the scenes and they are listening. Now, this is obviously part of what they were doing coming out of.

[00:00:45] Mark: Of COVID and going through the I P O and all that jazz. So they, they have listened and they've released a bit of an update and this will mean that everybody is affected and what I wanted to quickly do, I've put it in the description, but I just wanted to give a bit of context and voice behind it. This will be turned into a podcast episode.

[00:01:01] Mark: Why did it show you very quickly what they, what they are doing? So let me just share my screen. And welcome everybody. Let me know where you are, uh, in the world, say hi, um, somebody's jumping in here to say you broke their mark. It wasn't anything to do with me. They broke themselves. So say hi in the comments, let me know where you are in the world.

Promote yourself in the comments

[00:01:18] Mark: Uh, if you wanna give you a little business, a little bit of pitch and a promote, uh, you never know who's watching leave where you are, why someone should stay, you let's try and get some direct bookings in the comments of this, of this video. Uh, so lemme share my screen. So, uh, you can go right now and you can check out the update.

[00:01:33] Mark: Like I say, if you ever wanna find out the latest news. The world of, of Airbnb go to, uh, just type in Airbnb forum. Uh, you go to the, the hosting section new features and they will be on there. So as you can see from the blog post, and I'm not gonna read it word for word, you can pretty much say for yourself on the screen that they.

[00:01:52] Mark: A month ago, they released the new changes, um, a new search. They wanted to totally disrupt it, which they obviously did do. And, and now what they're doing is they're sort of coming back on it. Now, one of the main things that they took away was the titles. So hosts who utilize Airbnb, coaches of Airbnb, obviously focused on the title as a good way to stand out.

[00:02:17] Mark: Good copy, stands out. And they got rid of that. Just like, just like. Uh, they are bringing it back, uh, and you can see here. Um, one of the comments was being able to write my own list. Title was one of the ways I could make my home stand out. Will you add titles back into the search results? Uh, and the answer is yes, we will add host written titles.

[00:02:36] Mark: A listing titles back, uh, they've then gone on to explain, which is pretty much just PR guff, but that's one of the main ones. The next one is the categories. So those of you that are listed on Airbnb, you will have seen as like 50 plus categories. I talked about it on a, on a video. Um, there's a lot, and it's really confusing on how and where you're to get placed.

Default Listings Change

[00:02:57] Mark: And so one thing that they're talking about now, Is that by default, all listings will just go into all homes. So that's one of the first things that going to change, because obviously as you can see, and again, just go into the groups, go into the, to the forums, go and see like the, the absolute bananas way that it's all going.

[00:03:16] Mark: And then, um, the next thing is the categories. So people are saying, listen, having more categories is good. And yeah, there's no deny that having more categories is good because then it means that you can get seen more, but it actually could be good for transparency to know which categories you'll be placed in.

[00:03:35] Mark: And it's bananas to me that in the extranet of Airbnb, you can't go click on categories and go, well, this is what I'm being placed in. To bring it back to an Amazon example. When I released a book, they were able to tell me every single one of the categories that I've been placing now, I couldn't choose those categories.

[00:03:51] Mark: We could recommend, but we couldn't choose 'em, which is fair enough. But we just were told which categories the book's going to go in. And it's the same with the listing. So now what we're going to do, and it's not gonna be an instant fix this. I mean, the, the listing one is easy. They can flick a switch and it's.

[00:04:06] Mark: With the, with the other two, it's gonna take a little bit of time, but what they will do eventually is that you'll go onto the extra. I assume there'll be a section in the dashboard. You'll be able to click on categories and it'll show you where you're ranking and where you're placing on them. We've we've discussed in the last video we discussed in the last one about how you can influence which category you're going to show.

Influencing the categories

[00:04:28] Mark: Uh, the big one is images and the big one is de captions. So if you stuff de captions with keywords for categories, if you make sure that your amenities are on point and up to date, and if you sort your description out, make full use of your listing, then you can be more en inclined to appear in, in those categories.

[00:04:45] Mark: It's it's gonna take time, you know, with a huge change like this, it is gonna take time. But one thing that I wanna stress on just while I am. Coming to the end of this video to the end of this podcast, is that a lot of people I've been speaking to over the last couple of weeks, everybody's been panicking about algorithm changes.

[00:05:03] Mark: Everybody's been panicking about the changes in the system, but if you really do this correctly, and if you build a book in business, you will treat an Airbnb algorithm change just like you would do an Instagram algorithm change. Nobody cares. about 99.9% of the people that I speak to don't care when Instagram changes algorithm, they don't care.

[00:05:24] Mark: Cause it doesn't directly affect the business because it's just a marketing channel. So why are you doing the same with Airbnb? Why are you doing the same with Why are you doing the same with VRBO? If you do this right, and you do this properly, then you will literally look at an Airbnb algorithm change in the future, just like you do on Instagram.

So much knowledge for just 99p

[00:05:41] Mark: So please, whatever you do, and I should have been prepared for this. Go and grab a copy of this. Uh, it has been knocked down. The Kindle version has been knocked down to 99 cents, which is amazing or 99 P uh, go and pick up a copy, go start putting others into practice. I had, um, somebody messaged me if it was rose the other day, she put into practice a social media tactic, and a kid knew nowhere of a lie.

[00:06:06] Mark: $10,000 worth of booking came in from just posting on social media every single day by becoming the brand by being top. Top of top of word, top of head, top of mind. And a booking came in. Yes, it's for a peak season in, in the summer, but it's, it's a dire booking. Just imagine the commissions that's been saved on that.

[00:06:21] Mark: So keep doing it. Keep being proactive. Don't be reactive. Go and get your direct bookings. And as always there's over 464 episodes of the Boostly podcast that you can go back and you can delve on if you wanna, um, go grab the book for 99 P or literally put all the best training into here. And if you wanna find out more about Boostly, you know where to go by.

[00:06:40] Mark: Please do me a massive favor to the people that tuning in. Please do me a massive favor. Hit that share button, um, go and share it into a. To any friends that you know are in Airbnb. There's a big Airbnb group. We'll share it in today, go and take this link and spread it around. Um, please make sure that everybody sees this because there's a lot of Airbnb hosts.

[00:06:57] Mark: There's a lot of hospitality providers who are so reliant on this one platform. It is crazy in bananas. Let them know that there is hope. Leave a little hashtag book direct if you're watching this. Uh, there's a lot of people tuning in, live over all of the platforms. So hello and welcome. Thank you very much for the support.

[00:07:12] Mark: Uh, I'll be back as always with a, with another podcast very, very soon. And um, yeah, again, go check it out. Book direct playbook on Amazon. It's literally 99 P now. So it was no excuse. Have a good day. I'll leave you with a little freestyle wrap, take care. This is a freestyle I'm going off the.

Ready for my closeup. Good looking, let me tell you get more bookings. Ah, that'd be nice. Giving me tips, tools and advice. Yeah, you're gonna get 'em hun. You're gonna sit back. Listen to Mark Simpson. What? Having a blast, gonna get it on the Boostly podcast cast. Bruce Lee, let Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the tee teas, loose leaf making up those rhymes. Don't write it. Just do loose leave. If you want my respect, you'll better. Put direct. Here are the words in the podcast. That's what comes.




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