A new powerful AI technology that will write your Airbnb listing [THUMBNAIL]

A new powerful AI technology that will write your Airbnb listing

Are you looking for a new and powerful way to write your Airbnb listing? Look no further than AI technology! This new technology can help you create a listing that will stand out from the competition and generate more bookings. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using AI to write your Airbnb listing, and we will show you how to get started. So don't wait any longer – let AI help you take your Airbnb business to the next level!

Benefits of Using AI to Write Your Airbnb Listing

There are many benefits of using AI to write your Airbnb listing. First, AI can help you create a listing that is tailored to your specific property and target audience. This means that your listing will be more likely to appeal to potential guests, and it will also be more likely to rank higher in search engines. Additionally, AI can help you save time by automatically creating and optimizing your listing for you. This means that you can spend more time focusing on other aspects of your business, such as guest relations or marketing.


Getting Started with AI-Written Airbnb Listings

Airbnb has become one of the most popular ways to travel and stay in different places around the world. And with the help of AI, it is only going to get better. With AI, you can create a listing that is tailored to your specific property and target audience. Additionally, AI can help you save time by automatically creating and optimizing your listing for you. So if you're ready to start using AI to write your Airbnb listing, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to find a reputable AI service that offers this type of service. Next, you will need to create an account and provide some basic information about your property. Once you have done this, you will be able to start using the AI technology to write your listing. And that's it! Within minutes, you could have a professionally written Airbnb listing that is sure to attract guests and generate bookings. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 466. In this podcast I'm going to be talking about Listify, a new AI technology which will write your Airbnb listing for you. I'm happy to announce that we have partnered with Listify so this is free for Boostly content creator members!

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Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Introduction
01:11 – Boostly community wins
03:22 – What is Listify?
05:15 – Demoing how Listify works
06:35 – Boostly members get it free!

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Transcript from the Episode


[00:00:00] Mark: Welcome back to the Boostly podcast, the number one marketing podcast in the industry to help hosts, just like you get the tools, the tactics, the training, but most importantly, the confidence to increase your direct bookings. And some of you will have noticed that there's been a lot of activity. The last couple of days with Liam, our new head coach, Liam, come on board to boostly

[00:00:19] Mark: As a new head coach, but he's also the new co-host of a series that we're putting together called behind the host. So it's amazing that we've got Liam doing that and it just means we can get more podcasts out, which are featuring and focusing on you, which is great. But of course, I'm still gonna be here.

[00:00:35] Mark: As we close in on episode 500 of the podcast, I want to be able to put out some little. Tactics and tips and give you some tools that you can get access to is gonna help you in the short, the medium and the long term. And today is no different today. I'm gonna show you how you can utilize a tool, a new tool, a new AI powered tool.

[00:00:54] Mark: That'll be able to help and create an Airbnb listing, and it's gonna grab attention, but also as well, how you can use it on your direct booking website to turn look. Into book. I welcome. Welcome. Welcome. As you are tuning in, if you are tuning in, live with me, leave a hashtag live below, but also as well, let me know where you are in the world.


Boostly community wins

A new powerful AI technology that will write your Airbnb listing


[00:01:11] Mark: I always love to see the people that pop up on the screen and say, Hey, I'm in Australia, I'm in America, I'm in the UK, wherever you are. So please say hi, let me know where you're tuning in from in the world. And before we get started, I wanted to give a little shout out to a special boosty community member.

[00:01:27] Mark: So as you can see on the screen, uh, Louise, Daniel, Um, every week we like to post the power wins in the, in the boostly community. He's a part of the people are increasing their direct bookings, trying to make a difference, trying to cut down on her over lines, on the OTAs and Louise Daniels. She posted up another five star review and more guests booking direct a phone call is all it takes, which is what I love about that.

[00:01:50] Mark: Is that those of you that are paying attention have been paying attention to what I've been saying recently, specifically when it talks about the phone call, Louise has taken us on board and is having great results with the business. So round of applause, and if you've got any wins, if you've got any wins that you wanna talk about, please leave them in the chat below and we'll try and feature 'em on the podcast as we're doing this.

[00:02:13] Mark: So what is this title all about? What are we talking about today? Words are so important. The copy that you put in your listing on your website, in your social media, in your Mac and in your emails is so important if you get it right. And if you can get those words, right, it will grab the attention of your ideal future potential guest, but also as well, it will turn a look into a Booker.

[00:02:36] Mark: Now, everybody that is part of my world you'll know that. Actively work with copywriters who are skilled and are experts in this because I recognize it's not a strength of mine. Uh, and I'm very fortunate with boostly that we have got the, the, the revenue behind us. Well, we can hire now, but what about the people who can't go and hire the nearly cans of the world, Louise of the world, go can't afford to maybe work with Lauren and, and all these amazing copywriters that I've talked and promoted over the years.

[00:03:03] Mark: Well, this is where this new tool that has been. Put in front of me and we've been playing and testing with is ideal because, um, this will help everybody who is not confident with writing or maybe writing in a foreign language can be able to utilize it and can put it into practice right now. And it will have an impact on your business.


What is Listify?

A new powerful AI technology that will write your Airbnb listing


[00:03:22] Mark: So let me share my screen. Now I am of course, talking about listify. So a lot of you will not know about list. I yet it's a very, very new technology. Um, I've been very lucky to, to speak Torin and Luca are the founders of, uh, this business and we've actually partnered up, um, with them. And boostly content, creator members, you as part of your five pound a month in the boostly content community content creator community can go and get access this for free right now as part of your package.

[00:03:51] Mark: And you can start utilizing it various instructions in the Facebook group. There's instructions on the dashboard, zoom instructions in your email on. To use it, but I wanted to showcase this to you just to show the cool technology that is now available. So as you can see, as you come into to list five, it's a very, very simple user experience.

[00:04:08] Mark: It's a very, very simple, um, structure and a setup. You come in. And you can either choose to use AI technology to create copy for your title, the description, the area, the rooms. You can even use it to build your whole listing builder, or you can use it to build out your profile, your about page, and you can even use all of this on your direct booking website as well.

[00:04:33] Mark: So the about is you're about us. The title could be what you put at the header, the forefront of your website. And also as well, you can use it in verbal or anywhere else that you can amend the text. So let's just quickly show you how it works. I'm in the title. So the title as everybody will, will know is the most important part of your Airbnb profile because it's, what's got a dragony.

[00:04:56] Mark: attention from your future potential guest. Who's on the search. Now we talk about picture. We talk about a photo and obviously your unique selling picture is most important, very important because it grabs the initial attraction, but the words is what's gonna get the click. So when you come onto here, And again, content credit members.


Demoing how Listify works


[00:05:15] Mark: You can go on all the login details are in and showing you how to use it. Um, but when you come onto it, you've got input language. You can use English, Danage Dutch, French, German, whatever you wanna do the property type. So I'm gonna put, uh, farmhouse, cause I'm gonna base this on, on the greenery. How many bedrooms does our property have?

[00:05:34] Mark: And again, you're not doing this for your portfolio. If you. A hundred properties. You're not gonna base it off that you're gonna base it on your individual unit for individual listing. So I'm gonna put four. Uh, so the location SC, it's gonna be ideal for families. So again, you've gotta know who your customer avatar is.

[00:05:53] Mark: Key features. Well, fantastic views, countryside, farm animals.

[00:06:03] Mark: Breakfast embed, and then you can choose what the output language is gonna be. So if you wanna, you know, change it. So it's appealable to somebody from overseas travelers, et cetera, you can do. So it's not just in English, you hit generate. And on the, on the right hand side here, it will give you a couple of options that you could venue.

[00:06:20] Mark: So it doesn't just give you and spit out one. It gives you several. So for your title, it could be four bedroom farm house in Scarborough countryside, farm house for families, large countryside, farm house for families. And again, it gives you those different variations. You'll just copy that and you'll paste it in.


Boostly members get it free!


[00:06:35] Mark: And again, this technology is only gonna get stronger. This technology is only gonna get better and better. This is why it's so fantastic for me. Uh, boosty you know, and what we're doing to be able to partner it right now, cuz this is at the infancy. So this is pretty powerful. This is pretty amazing. Again, boosty content creative members, you get it free as part of your package.

[00:06:54] Mark: Uh, if you don't wanna be part of boosty content creator, but want to go check out listy. Directly yourself. It's L I S T I F Y go put a Google search in, go and check 'em out. I'm really excited to be partnering with it. And this is just so cool to see that there's more tools, more technology be made available for hosts, whether you've got one, two or three properties or whether you've got or hundred plus.

[00:07:17] Mark: So go check 'em out. Uh, if you wanna be part of the boost Lee content creator, uh, community got boost Lee content, creator.com five pound a. Obviously you get this plus all your social media content you could ever need created for you. Videos, email, copy, and this as plus we've got some Instagram experts in there.

[00:07:36] Mark: Uh, Mr. Paul Anderson the social Mediatel you who's doing some amazing work in the Facebook group as well. Thank you so much for tuning into this episode. I'll be back with another one very soon. Liam of course will have his behind the host series coming up as well. We've got more and more and more coming, which is amazing to see.

[00:07:52] Mark: And so from me, thank you very much for tuning in and I'll be back again very soon with another episode.




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