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The Book Direct Playbook: The new book that teaches hospitality business owners how to play the system and get more direct bookings

Hospitality strategist, business consultant and website agency owner Mark Simpson – also known as ‘the book direct guy’ – has published his first book. Which was released on ‘Book Direct Day’, which falls on the first Wednesday in February every year, The Book Direct Playbook is available to order and download via Amazon, Kindle and Audible. 

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Jam-packed with valuable advice, marketing strategies and social media tips Simpson has amassed during his extensive career in the hospitality industry, The Book Direct Playbook is structured so that the reader can ‘dip in and out’ of the most relevant sections as and when they are needed, rather than having to read cover-to-cover. The layout was inspired by Simpson’s time as a US soccer (or ‘football’ in UK English) coach, where he used a similar guidebook to help him train the teams.

Across seven chapters, Simpson discusses topics such as mindset, attracting the ideal customer, social media tips and tricks, and how to move away from online travel agents. With his help, hosts can learn how to:

* Save thousands in commission costs
* Stop wasting time learning complicated and outdated marketing strategies
* How to build a hospitality business that is not reliant on third parties to be profitable
* Take control of their destiny and attract their ideal guests to book directly through them

The Book Direct Playbook also comes with an accompanying online course, free with every purchase of the guide.

Simpson says of the launch of his first book, “There are so many independent hosts out there paying huge commissions to third-party sites to make ends meet when they could be taking all of their bookings directly through their own marketing.


“My mission for The Book Direct Playbook is to offer a source of support to an audience that perhaps isn’t so engaged with social and digital media. It is my goal to help one million independent hospitality businesses to reach that milestone. 


“Having run successful courses online for years, I now want to make sure everyone has access to my knowledge, no matter what their preferred way to consume advice is.”


Over the course of his career, Simpson has already helped thousands of hosts through his successful podcast, social media platforms, speaking engagements and private mentoring through his coaching business Boostly Academy.

He adds, “I have more than 10 years of experience under my belt and I really wanted to put that into book form because I know how much of impact books have had on me. I spotted a gap in the market because there are no other books talking about direct booking strategies.”

Priced at $17 for the print edition and $10 for the digital version and audiobook, The Book Direct Playbook will be released exclusively via Amazon, Kindle and Audible. 




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