why seo is not for you

Why SEO Is Not For You

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 458. In this podcast I'm going to be talking about SEO – otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation. We're going to be covering how to manage your expectations of SEO, and why ranking number one on Google is an unrealistic expectation.

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Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – SEO is not what you think it is
04:35 – What’s stopping you from being top of Google?
05:44 – The organic search results
07:18 – Long-tail keywords
08:42 – You must have realistic expectations of SEO

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[00:00:00] Mark: For those of you that have read the book, you will know that I talk about this in there in a little bit of detail, but this is something that I am seeing loads when people are booking a call with us for a new website, a lot of people are saying, and I asked the question, why do you want a direct booking website?


SEO is not what you think it is


[00:00:19] Mark: And they say, well, I want to rank number one on Google when someone searched for it, that in depth. And this is why I wanted to do the video because I want to be able to send them to Vista. You've got to really change your mindset of what you think search engine optimization or S E O means because it's not what you think it is.

[00:00:38] Mark: And you're not going to, if you come into this with the wrong goals and a wrong mindset, you're going to be disappointed. And I'm going to do a separate video on what a website is, and this is really important and what a website is, but I wanted to do this to really sort of change the mindset of what everybody thinks SEO is and why you go into it with.

[00:00:55] Mark: Uh, lofty expectations and nothing comes of it and you're going to be disappointed. So the best way to do this and bearing in mind is going to be a bit of visual on this. So if you're listening to the audio on our parliament, Spotify has got the video now. Fantastic. Listen to the audio only version of it.

[00:01:11] Mark: You may want to jump onto a computer when it's safe to do so and watch this, whether it's your phone or wherever it may be. So let me just share the screen. I'm going to give you a couple of weeks. One of the biggest problems when it comes to convert in a look at, into a Booker for a direct booking is the trust factor.

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[00:02:56] Mark: I hope that you go and check out. I prac today. I hope that you go and join them just like hundreds of other boostly members have done, because it will help massively with you increasing your direct bookings. Right? Let's get back to this. So somebody came to me and said, right, what, what I want to do is I want to rank for, um, vacation rental NX.

[00:03:18] Mark: Now I'm doing leeds just as, this is an example. Uh, just because a buddy of mine who will never watch this, he is, uh, he's got property now in, in leeds. And this is just something I was searching, checking out for him. So I've done vacation rental Lenley's. Now you could have, uh, the equivalent of what you wanted to search for.

[00:03:36] Mark: Just think of the most generic. Search term possible. It could be short-stay um, accommodation leeds. It could be apartment leeds. Excuse me. It could be places to stay hotels, bed and rec. Whatever you want it to be in leeds. Now this is what is classed as a short tail keyword. As in that it is very popular.

[00:03:59] Mark: Loads of people are searching for it. Everybody's vying for it. And I want to show you how unrealistic it is to expect to be at the top of the search because everybody goes, I want to be top of search without actually knowing what top of search is or does or whatever. And again, I am no expert on SEO.

[00:04:17] Mark: All right, for amazing people in this industry who are much more cleverer, but I like to think that I can put everything into simplistic terms and show you what it is. And if you want to delve into this further, I can put you in touch with those amazing people. So I've done the search for vacation rental in Leeds.


What’s stopping you from being top of Google?


[00:04:35] Mark: Short-term keyword. Now, even if you were to go for this, if you want to go, right, I want to crack. I'm going to do all of the SEO. I'm going to spend tons of money and waste loads of time doing it, even if you were to be even semi-successful and say, you got to the bottom of page one, let me just show you what's in your way.

[00:04:55] Mark: So first and foremost, Google is given up more and more spots to people that are going to pay them money where you see add here. This is basically means that there's a Google ad. So Sykes cottages are spending a lot of money. On Google ads to make sure that their brand is seen as, this is the first thing that people see now, even if people don't click on an ad, you are then hit with the Google vacation rental section of otherwise known as Google.

[00:05:25] Mark: My business of what's known as the Google map, Google are trying to get in on the party here. They want money. They want a piece of the pie in the vacation, rental short-term rentals, whatever you want to call it pie. So even if you get a website, And you don't have a Google, my business listing or Google vacation rental listing.


The organic search results


[00:05:44] Mark: Then again, you've got another hurdle to bounce and then this is the organics. All right. So cozy, cozy.com is a listing site. You've got home to go. It's a listing site, VRBO listing site, Airbnb listing site booking.com listing site. You've got holiday latins.co UK listing site Cassa, Mando listing. When do list insights, Sykes cottages list, insight, holiday list, insight, TripAdvisor hotels, combined trip 1 0 1 Expedia.

[00:06:13] Mark: The list literally goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on. So if you realistically think, but you have got more money and more time and bearing in mind the money and the investment these people are putting into to get into this spot. Something that you will never ever achieve. Um, in five to 10 years, if you're going to try and do this yourself for this short tail keyword, then it's practically impossible.

[00:06:43] Mark: And again, you go, well, hang on a second. I'll just pay an ad. These ads are going to be very, very expensive sites will be wasted and spending so much money. Just hoping that one of it clicks and bounces and gets you on today. And again, this is even before we get on to the fact of how important our website is that sticky.

[00:07:01] Mark: It's like a mousetrap. Like if you can send them to a website it's not being properly set up, then you just wasted money and clicks. Okay. So instead of trying to go after these short tail keywords, what you need to do again, and we're going to delve this back into the book, you've got to think about your customer avatar.


Long-tail keywords


[00:07:18] Mark: You've got to think about what they would be saying. You got to think about how to take advantage of this. So you can maybe go for a long tail keyword. So it could be instead of vacation rental in Leeds or, you know, whatever it may be, you could be in save it. You've got a, uh, um, an apartment that's um, in Yorkshire, say it's got a.

[00:07:42] Mark: Uh, you got private parking ideal for friends and families and whatnot. You could instead go for the people that are searching for a vacation rental, um, in leads or apartment in leads with hot tub. That is more of a long tail keyword. Less people are searching for it, less people, uh, uh, got websites and copy about it.

[00:08:03] Mark: So it's more likelihood that you'll get seen. So my, my whole goal with this video is to make sure that you go into all of this. When you think of SEO, you're going to have the right mindset. And just to know that even if you were to save it, you pick a topic and a keyword that you can rank on Google, very high force, or you get to the number one.

[00:08:23] Mark: And again, we bring it back to here. So even S for whatever reason, you were able to get very high and you ranked number one on vacation rental in leads, Google give up up to five spots. To advertise on there. And then you've got the map and, you know, the way that we go as a world, now we have very click.


You must have realistic expectations of SEO


[00:08:42] Mark: The first thing that we see. So you've got to make sure that you're doing this right. And Clinton with realistic expectations, make sure that you are treating Google like your home page. Make sure you've got a presence everywhere. And especially on the maps. If you haven't yet got a Google, my business map, go and check.

[00:09:00] Mark: Um, my videos on Google, my business, there's tons of them in the YouTube channel. There's tons of content, obviously boosts the academy members. You've got a full breakdown from some experts in SEO as well, and how to crack this from their amazing Phil tester. As a video in the academy right now, Boostlyacademy.com.

[00:09:15] Mark: And you just got to make sure that you go into this with realistic expectations. This is why I'm recording this, this podcast episodes, why I'm creating this video. What I want for you to do is to really change your mindset on what you think about. Actually means. All right, go do that. Thank you very much for listening to this, uh, this video for watching this video fortunate his podcast episode.

[00:09:36] Mark: I'll be back again tomorrow with another video, have another podcast, but please make sure that you think about SEO, have a different mindset. And if you want me to do more videos on this, if you want me to bring experts in, then let me know in the comment section below and I'll reach out and I'll make it happen.

[00:09:50] Mark: Have a great day. Speak to you soon. Thank you so much for watching.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Your Company Might Not Need SEO

1.You're not selling products or services online

If you're not selling products or services online, then you don't need SEO, online advertising and content marketing. Why? Because SEO is all about getting your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), and if you're not selling anything online, there's no need for people to find your website in the first place.

2.You're not targeting a global audience.

If you're not targeting a global audience, then you do not need to invest on digital marketing, seo campaigns and link building. SEO efforts or SEO strategies are done for brand recognition through a global audience. If you are not targeting a global audience then that’s why seo is not for you. 

3.You're not in a competitive industry

If you're not in a competitive industry, then you don't need SEO. That’s another reason search engines rely on competition for ranking. But if you are already specific and out of competition then it;is possible for you to get sales without seo campaign. 

4.You have a very small target market.

If you have a very small target market, then you don't need SEO. Why? Because SEO is all about getting your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords or key phrases. Keyword research is a major part of SEO. So, if you have a very small target market, there's no need for people to find your website for those specific keywords or key phrases. 

5.You're not ready for the commitment.

If you're not ready for the commitment, then you don't need SEO. Why? Because SEO is an ongoing process that requires time, effort, and dedication, and if you're not ready for the commitment, there's no need to start down the Quality SEO path.

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