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The Book Direct Blueprint: Perfecting The Foundations of your STR

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 525.

In this podcast episode I will be talking about the launch of the Book Direct Blueprint, thanking those involved and talking about the goals of the book.

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00:00 – Intro
01:27 – Co-authors of the book
03:01 – The goal of the book
04:00 – Profits go to charity

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Mark: Welcome back to another edition of the Boostly Podcast, and this is a very special one because I have some breaking news.

[00:00:13] Mark: So, uh, really big news today, uh, on today, a very special day. We have just launched the book Direct Blueprint. This is the follow. To the playbook, the follow up to the workbook. This is the blueprint. Uh, please, please, please head over right now to Amazon. Uh, go to your store, uh, and go and find the book Direct Blueprint.

[00:00:36] Mark: Uh, now the reason why this is special because as you know, earlier on in this year, I released a playbook. It went really well. Worldwide bestseller, all those cool things. Um, and it really impacted a lot of people, but it focused solely on marketing. And from what I've learned from throughout this year and from chatting to people that are getting started, or maybe even like a year in two years, or maybe even a couple of properties, and there's still so many people that are struggling with the foundations, the basic things that they need to have in place to be able to not only.

[00:01:06] Mark: Start a short term rental business to scale it, grow it, and potentially sell it. So the idea was, is I wanted to reach out to some of my friends, some of my peers, vendors in the industry that could help contribute to a book. So this is just not me. We've got some amazing co-authors that have put together this book.

Co-authors of the book

[00:01:27] Mark: So, uh, we've got Chris Mor, uh, and Neely from ipr. Uh, we've got Maddy from. We've got a team at Price Labs. Uh, we've got Touch Stay, which is obviously Andy McNally, which is Tyann, which is Kate and many, many more people behind the scenes there. Uh, we've got Vinny from uplisting and his amazing team. Uh, we've got Dak again, which is Damon Thomas and Ellen.

[00:01:48] Mark: Uh, really, really, uh, great team effort on that one. Uh, we've got tech tape, which is John Ann. Um, really is one to watch out for in 2023, and a team at Super Hog Humph. Uh, Leo and the team there. Great work, uh, Manum, which is Mark, which is Allie, which is Sage. Great work from behind the team there. Dee Travel, which is something that I'm personally, selfishly really wanting to get into this book, which is all about how cryptocurrency and Dao and this web free world is going to influence the world of hospitality as we know it.

[00:02:19] Mark: Um, so it's great work from the team there. Uh, and we've got the co-host expert, which is Roberta Nuez, which takes the idea. , um, working with corporates to a whole other level, and probably one of my favorite ones is I get to showcase the talents of Tom O'Brien, who is someone who's been. With me now, since 2017, uh, we started working on one website together.

[00:02:42] Mark: Now we do thousands together. He's the CTO of Boostly and I wanted to give him his moment to shine in this book. And we've got a chapter. So each one of these offers, each one of these vendors have contributed a chapter to the book. And the goal with it is that for everybody that you've got with here, you've got all of the foundations that you can place at the bottom before you start to build your house.

The goal of the book

[00:03:01] Mark: And the playbook was all about don't build in your house on someone else's. The blueprint is all about those foundations. Um, there's loads of people to thank behind the scenes to get to get this to here. Um, Joni Sterling, who is, who has founded Sterling, um, publishing house and the team she has put together is fantastic.

[00:03:19] Mark: Obviously, the team at Bakia, uh, Rosie, and the team at Bakia, uh, for, for printing and, and helping get it all of the things done, uh, as well as, uh, Greg, uh, Collette just for words of advice along the way and many, many of us Neely for help and o obviously with the words. Right now what I'm going to do after this is I'm gonna go and record the audio version.

[00:03:40] Mark: So the audio version's gonna be another week away. Uh, final little touches of that. We've got a special guest that I'm looking forward to showcasing with you and the audio is, is a up and running. Um, thanks to Joe, Sam and the team, really based local to me and Vinton. Here in York, I've got a fantastic studio, so it's all come together nicely.

Profits go to charity

[00:04:00] Mark: Now, the big reason why I want you to go and grab this book today, go on to Amazon. It's called the Book Direct Blueprint, is that every profit that we make from the book sale, every single profit, so after Amazon have taken their cut and all those other things. Any profit that is left, and hopefully there's tons of it, is gonna go to charities.

[00:04:16] Mark: Um, something that I really wanted to, to sort of do with this book and all of the offers are on board of it, um, we're gonna influence and we're going to help food banks. So we're gonna do it locally. We're gonna do it, um, statewide, countywide, countrywide, and we're gonna help all over. Uh, so if, you know, if there's a food bank that really does need some, uh, needs some money, please reach out to me.

[00:04:36] Mark: Info boosty dot code uk in the subject food banks and yeah. So let's go and. Let's go and get this, uh, right up there. Um, go and check it out. Go and buy it. Go and leave a review. Let's get it to number one. Let's spread the word of book direct. There's a couple of categories that I really want to get to the top of and really knock off a couple of those Airbnb books and talk about book direct, which is huge.

[00:04:59] Mark: But at the same time, let's raise some money for some amazing charities. Quick one today. Um, as you can see, I'm gonna be very busy. Got a lot of promotions to do, got a lot of messages to send out and, uh, reply to a lot of, lot of messages. Uh, so thank you very much for tuning into the boostly podcast.

[00:05:14] Mark: Doesn't matter whether you're listening to today on launch day or if you're listen to us in the future. Thank you so much for being part of it. Uh, thank you so much for being part of Boostly this year. And, um, if I don't speak to you this side of Christmas, have an amazing one. Have. Uh, Christmas, new Year's celebration where whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, and whatever you celebrate, uh, and obviously the podcast is still gonna be here.

[00:05:36] Mark: We've got another one coming up any day now. Um, but yeah, thank you for being part of this journey this year. 2022 has been an unreal one, personally, business-wise, and all of those things. So, uh, I'm really excited to see what happens in 2023. Take care everyone.

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