The Best Piece of Parental Advice (24 Hour Clubhouse Room Takeover)

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 415. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the best piece of parental advice.

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As you get older, which I am slowly, it's something you reflect on more interestingly. So I can pick three things. I think actually, my grandfather, who was a first world war veteran of the trenches, and all that nastiness, his was always don't complain, son. There's always somebody worse off than you. And don't ever drink a beer out of a dimple glass, it's always got to be a straight glass. So that's my grandfather.

My mother, my mother was a very independent person who worked her entire life very hard, I think for very little at the end of it. And she taught me independence, I think and the capacity to just pick up and run and do your very best. So that was good.

My father, on the other hand, they're all dead, by the way, so there's no chance of it coming back on me. My father was one of those people, I suppose that the old crew children were seen and not heard. So taught me to actually spend a lot more time with my kids and involve myself in their lives. So yeah, I think those three things have kind of shaped and moulded me, as the years have gone on. So I mean, there's always somebody, somebody worse off than me, stand on your own two feet, and pay attention to family life.

I'm not fortunate enough to have known my grandparents. So my so-called wisdom she like came from mom and dad. My dad always kind of said, Just don't do anything that you don't love. So you got to love what you're doing. And that's kind of where I followed the passion for music and architecture. The two things I loved as a kid. didn't know it was called architecture. I just used to like drawing and designing buildings. But yeah, you got to love what you're doing was the thing like dad's always said, I suppose you're the one coming in from a dad as well, which is don't take no, I won't swear. But you know the word from nobody. Don't take no nonsense from nobody. Basically, if, you know, he's kind of a so my family from Sicily, then migrated to Glasgow, of all places. So I'm the product of my father who's Scottish and his father, who's Italian. And I think one thing that the Italians do well is they don't take no nonsense, and they say as it is, and then if you add in a Glaswegian on top of that, they also don't take no nonsense and they say it as it is as well. So two bits of wisdom there from my dad is love what you do, and don't take no nonsense from anyone.

I think everyone's childhoods and upbringing are so diverse and different. And I don't think there was any, I would say any life-changing lessons, I would say I had great inspiration from my grandmother who was a professional actress did quite a lot of UK television and theatre and things like that. And you know, she always encouraged me was the one that sort of guided me towards that route of performing. My mum and dad were brought up in pubs didn't really have too much for financial education or anything like that. But if one thing I learned from them growing up in the, in the sort of pub industry and things like that was was it's hard work and it's hard graft. So if I've learned one thing from them, it's how to work hard. Probably not to the best and most efficient sometimes. But good hard-working ethics is you know, I had an as soon as I could go and work I was you know, going doing paper rounds and cleaning people's cars and as soon as I can get working in shops and things like that, so I've always had an interest in that but Mum and Dad always very, very supportive. Dad was much more of the Be realistic kind of person. You know, very safe and mum was more of the go and chase your dreams. So a good balance I would say I had there so I count myself quite lucky.


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