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Setting up a Boostly Website Live With a Host in USA

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 557.

This podcast episode features Cole, who is a real estate professional and short-term rental host from California. Cole has recently decided to build his own diary booking platform system as he sees the risk in relying on Airbnb, which may demand higher commissions in the future.

In the podcast, Mark, the host of the Boostly Podcast, shows Cole how to set up a Boostly Light website for his business on WordPress. The website is designed to help people with one to six properties up their booking game by building a brand for themselves.

During the podcast, Mark shares his screen and walks Cole through the website creation process. He highlights that every Boostly website is built on WordPress and comes with a unique domain. Cole also shares that he has three properties under management and he wants to take ownership of them by building his own website.

The podcast aims to show listeners how easy it is to create a Boostly Light website for their short-term rental business.

Here's the video for this episode:

Timestamps (audio)

00:10 – Intro
01:28 – Cole Intro
05:44 – We've tried to make it as straightforward as possible
09:54 – When someone lands on your site
15:09 – Generate what we got
21:04 – Boostly support team
25:03 – Property highlights
30:38 – This is who my business is really catered for
34:55 – Property management software
40:55 – You can send them to your website
45:22 – Check up
51:10 – Tap into ChatGPT
55:42 – Blogging is a fantastic tool
01:01:01 – Outro

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Cole: Airbnb is getting to a place where they are gonna start demanding, um, higher commissions. I also saw a lot of risk in my entire business.

[00:00:10] Mark: Alright, everybody, welcome back to an episode of Boostly that I've wanted to do for a long, long, long, long time. And in this podcast episode, we are going to walk through how to set up a Boostly Light website.

[00:00:23] And what I wanted to do is, like I said, I've been wanting to do this for, for quite a while now, and I've been waiting for like the perfect opportunity to have somebody jump in who is new to the Boostly world, uh, new to direct Bookings, and somebody that has, um, literally just come on board and and and joined.

[00:00:45] And this is who we have there. Love the gentleman above me or to the left or the right, however you're tuning into this. And, uh, what we're gonna do tonight oh, we're gonna do today, is we are going to, um, go through a listing a Boostly website from scratch. [00:01:00] and what we're gonna do is we're gonna put a Boostly website light together.

[00:01:05] on the call. So I'm gonna share my screen. We're gonna go through it. Uh, and then Cole's got a chance to ask all the questions. Um, and we can do it literally live here, and I can show you how easy it is so that if you are thinking that you would like a Boostly Light website, if you've come in between one and six properties, uh, and you're wanting to up your dial booking game, then I'll show you how easy it is and we can get you on board everybody at the end of this video.

[00:01:27] So

[00:01:28] Cole: I go by a couple different names. Most people call me Kahu, uh, Cole's, my given name, so that that usually throws people off. But I would say you can come whatever you want except for late dinner . So whatever, whatever works for you, mark. Um, I, I'm based here out of San Diego, California. I'm originally from Long Beach, but moved down here whenever I, uh, joined the Navy while I was in, decided to get into real estate and short-term rentals.

[00:01:52] Um, I ended up buying my primary residence, which is where my first short-term rental is. So there's one. . Um, and then I got, [00:02:00] uh, another one out in Omaha, Nebraska, and then started doing property management mostly for guys, um, in the military seasonally while they're on deployment. Um, most of my friends that I'm managing for are home right now, so just managing for one friend.

[00:02:13] And so that puts us at a total of, uh, three under management right now.

[00:02:18] Mark: Nice, nice. Brilliant. Okay, so, uh, and final question. Why did you want to now feel like this is the time to sort of stop being just on the Airbnb land and trying to build out your own diary booking platform systems? Yeah,

[00:02:31] Cole: so I try to do my best to not get so scope blocked and, and look at the big picture.

[00:02:38] And right now the big picture is telling me that Airbnb is getting to a place where they are gonna start demanding, um, higher commissions. I also saw a lot of risk in my entire business relying on one platform. And then I thought, um, why pay Airbnb? When I could be doing all the things that they're doing for me on [00:03:00] my own while building a brand for myself.

[00:03:02] So I am at a point where I'm saying, Hey, uh, time to start taking things in my own own hands. Let's build the website. Let's get some traffic going and let's start, um, taking ownership of, of these, of these properties that I'm renting out to

[00:03:16] Mark: folks. Brilliant. All right, well, let's, let's dig in. Thank you very much for that.

[00:03:20] So I'm just gonna hit this button to share my screen, uh, which is cool. So, uh, Cole, Kazu, , whatever. We're gonna go by. What, can you just sh see the screen? Can you confirm? You can see the screen. Okay. Yep, I can see it. And can you confirm you've not touched this website in any way, shape, or form so far? I can't confirm that.

[00:03:40] There we go. Lovely. Uh, okay. So what we're looking at everybody is we are looking at the behind the scenes of a Boley website. Now every single Boley website is built out on WordPress. And when you first sign up and when you first join, and when you first get your login details, you'll notice at the top that it's got a [00:04:00] pretty crazy domain up here.

[00:04:01] Now, this isn't, uh, Cole's domain that he's going to have. We're gonna attach that later on in the process. This is literally a cloud ways, uh, website. Now what that means is that we are building it on a dummy r where nobody else can see, just me and Cole right now. And when you log in, so you get assigned booth to login details.

[00:04:21] The first actual screen that you see is this. This is like the backend of a WordPress site. And I'll walk through all of those and I'll show you what all those means. But this is the pip I wanna sort of walk you through first. So we have DIY websites. I like to call 'em dwi. Done with you. So we've got two options done with you or done for you.

[00:04:41] Now when you get seven plus properties. That's when we go down the route of done for you, cuz it's a much more expensive package, but it's because it's, it's pretty much done for you when you are at one to six. Uh, we like to go down the route of done with you cause it's a much more cost effective and much more easy to get started in the DRE booking journey.

[00:04:57] And then we will grow with you as you go from free to six [00:05:00] to 10 and above. But when it's a done with you website, we've created 80% of the template all we need to do now. And that's what we're gonna do today as best as we possibly can do. We're gonna personalize it for your business and we try and make it as easy as possible.

[00:05:16] So it literally is click, drag and drop Now. Um, I don't know, have you ever had any experience with a WordPress website in the. No, this is my very first time. This is first time. Good. This is perfect. Because a lot of people who have come to this and they see this for the first time, they go, okay, this, this is pretty cool.

[00:05:34] This looks like a wick or a Squarespace, or it's like a drag and drop site, like WordPress predominantly is not drag or drop normally. You look at it and you think, well, I've got a need to have a degree in coding just to get this put together. And so we've tried to make it as, as straightforward and as simple as possible, so where anybody can, uh, can get going, and it is, it's practically impossible to break, which is, which is even better.

[00:05:54] Um, the reason why WordPress, this comes up a lot. So why focus on a WordPress, uh, C m s, which is [00:06:00] content management system, is that it, it's quite simply it's the most used, uh, c m s in the world. Uh, Google loves it. Google recommends it. And for that being said, because it is the number one we, we focus on there, the reason why we put this builder on top is because, again, we wanna make your life as easy as possible when it's a done for you site.

[00:06:19] We would ideally like for you to have this turnaround in a few hours. Um, We've seen it in the past where a host would get access to someone like this, and the site takes years to, to, to come to fruition. So everything that we do here is to try and make your life as simple as possible. So as you can see, as you come onto the site and you're logged in, as you scroll down, you've got the ability to amend the wording in real time.

[00:06:44] So what do I mean by that is that, say for example, uh, we want to change this here to call, right? And we hit the, uh, preview changes button, which is gonna come up here. And what it should do ideally is open another tab, which it has [00:07:00] done. The changes are being done in real time. So of changes that you make here, you'll be able to see a replicate, which is pretty cool now.

[00:07:09] Let me just double back before we delve back into, into here. So this is the, this is the dashboard. So this is the thing that everybody sees when you, when you first log in, and you've got all of these, um, different tabs and settings on, on the left hand side, we're gonna come back to Bruce Lee Airbnb in a second, um, which is a pretty cool new tool that we've, we've added in.

[00:07:29] But what you've got, you've got posts, media pages, comments, templates, listings, plugins, profile tools, settings, theme settings, and anti-malware. Now, the good news is, is that you can pretty much ignore 90% of these options. You don't have to worry about 'em, delve into 'em. Uh, everybody gets full admin access to their Boothy site.

[00:07:51] So if you want to dig into it a lot more and go down every single avenue and, and all that cool stuff creates, if not, you don't need to worry about it. There's only a few that we [00:08:00] really need to feature and focus on. Now, the thing that I wanna focus on first is going to be getting your listings. on your Boley website as soon as possible, because one of the big problems that we had, uh, in the past when we had somebody come to us and they maybe had like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 listings or six listings max, they were wanting to add 'em to the Boley site, but they didn't want to have to go and copy and paste and move things all over.

[00:08:30] This was a big bottleneck and get insights live. So one of the things that we did is we have gone and created, um, an Airbnb scraper tool. And a cool thing about this is that by simply coming onto here, by grabbing your Airbnb listing and hitting the sync button, all things working well within five minutes, it'll all have moved over automatically.

[00:08:53] So anything from your Airbnb listing will show on your Boost League site. So in preparation, this Zoom [00:09:00] call, uh, I asked Cole to send me over one of his Airbnb listings. So we've got. Three, but we're gonna take this one here. So this is what everybody can do. So this is, this is a cool bit of magic. This is one of my favorite things that we've done, um, over the past 12 months.

[00:09:15] If I just go and grab the u r URL for the Airbnb listing. Now, what's really important here is that we're grabbing the listing. We're not grabbing the profile link or anything like that. This is the Airbnb listing. You wanna stop just before it has the question mark. So you grab that, come back into boley, you paste that in there, and you're just gonna hit the sync button and it'll start, it'll start working.

[00:09:39] Its little magic. Now, what it's doing is it is bringing everything in from the pitches to the description, um, all of the, all of the cool stuff. What it's gonna do as well is that we're also going to bring in the availability. So this is a cool thing, is that when somebody starts to land on your site, it will work with the ICAL [00:10:00] that you have in your, in your Airbnb.

[00:10:02] and it will present what dates are available and what dates, arn't which for a guest experiences is, is pretty cool. Uh, so lemme just go back into here. I'm just gonna hit the, the refresh button. Now. As you can see, Airbnb listing requests, we've got it sat right at the top here. Now with this process. Now you as the host, you've got the ability to approve it, cancel or delete.

[00:10:31] Now we wanna approve it. And again, we're just gonna go leave it for a couple more minutes. Uh, and then when we come back in, what we'll should hopefully start to notice if all things being well is, uh, it will show in your listings section. So, while that's doing that, uh, I just wanna come back into the Boostly site Now, where will the listings go?

[00:10:50] So they will fit really nicely in here. So we've got a, a nice little moment while we're waiting for this to load, to amend the top part. So, [00:11:00] Just a, a quick question. Uh, Cole, what is the overall like business brand name that you, you have right now for what you're creating? If you have one? Oh, we've just got you on mute.

[00:11:14] Cole: We are the Botanic Bungalow.

[00:11:17] Mark: The Botanic Bungalow. Let me write that down. Mm-hmm. . And that's the Botanic Bungalow brand. Yep. Lovely. Do you have a, a logo or anything yet in progress? Logo In progress. That's no problem. And would you say that you have a, like a, like a tagline catch line like your, like your elevator pitch, a 32nd elevator pitch about why someone should come and stay with Botanic Bungalow?

[00:11:46] If not, don't worry. . No, I don't have that yet. Well, this is good because this is what we're working towards. So another thing that what we've done is, um, there's a lot of hosts are in the same position, which is fantastic being able to do with that. Um, They don't have the [00:12:00] words put down to be able to properly explain what they do.

[00:12:03] And we know that this is a big problem, and, but we also know that there are some amazing tools out there that can help with the process. And you know, in an ideal world, you would go straight to a copywriter, a branding expert, and you would work directly with them to come up with your brand and, and all the cool stuff.

[00:12:20] But we also know that that is quite pricey, especially when you're getting started out. So for everybody that's getting started, Getting going. We've teamed up with list I L I S t I fy and they are, uh, tapping into G P T Free Technology, which is AI creation robots. And they're specifically created for the world of hospitality, which is awesome.

[00:12:43] And every BRUCELY member gets full access to this. So, so what you get to do is you, you'll log in and you can get your, your login details from Boley. And when you log in, it will help you with a couple of aspects. Number one, it'll help you with your, about section of your website, so the tagline that we just spoke about.

[00:12:59] Then, uh, [00:13:00] but also as well, it can help you with your Airbnb listing as well and your vi VRBO listing. So what you simply gotta do is you've gotta come in and put your property details here and click next. Now, we're not gonna do that yet. What we wanna do is we wanna work on the about, so the name is Botanic, bungalow Bungalow, or Bungalows Bungalow.

[00:13:23] Cole: No, no. S

[00:13:24] Mark: Yep. There you go. Uh, so about the business, if someone was to say, Hey, so describe Botanic, bungalow to us. Um, what would you, what would you say about the business? How would you describe it? We are

[00:13:37] Cole: a hospitality based business that provides experience, uh, experience based short-term rentals,

[00:13:50] Mark: uh, but provides a experience

[00:13:52] Cole: forward, experience forward short-term rentals.

[00:13:55] Mark: Ooh. Like that short term rentals. Lovely. Uh, and about the properties, so the, [00:14:00] the free that you've got, the properties that you have, um, what, what would you say about them? So obviously bungalows, I assume , are they Yeah. The og the,

[00:14:09] Cole: the OG is, is a small studio bungalow type that's meant to, um, provide a humble living experience while, um, Elevating the, the, the, the, the little things that matter.

[00:14:26] Sleeping and uh, and, and, and, uh, even showering. We've got a nice waterfall ahead. So I know this isn't exactly concise. No,

[00:14:36] Mark: no, it's good that elevate, elevate the things that matter. Um, are they, are they all coastal based? Did you say they're all by the coast or do you got like spread around? Did you say Omaha as well?

[00:14:47] Yeah, we've got one in Omaha. So we've got bungalows are elevator things that matter. Are they all two beds, free beds, swan bed, all beds?

[00:14:55] Cole: What's the, we're all over the place. The Omaha one is a five two. The, [00:15:00] this are bungalow is it is a studio. And then our coastal property is a, is a 2 1

[00:15:06] Mark: 22, excuse me. Uh, so location, detail.

[00:15:09] Okay. Let's just generate what we've got. Let's see what we've got. Oh, location details. Let's just put u s a location details, um, mixture of. C and countryside.

[00:15:26] All right, so this is the, we've added it in. We're gonna let the G p t free kick in the AI tool. So, uh, visit Botanic Bungalow for a unique leaf unforgettable holiday experience. Our bungalows are nestled in a beautiful, natural setting with stunning sea and conscious side views. Our hospitality based business offers short-term rentals that provide an experience forward from our location you can enjoy all the E area has to offer, including great beaches, delicious restaurants, plenty of activities.

[00:15:52] Our bungalows are perfect for couples, families, and group of friends. We look forward to welcome you to the Botanic Bungalow soon. How's that sound? [00:16:00] Sounds lovely. There you go. Uh, which is, which is Epic, right? So this is a cool thing. Now you can copy. and we can come back into the Boostly site. And as you can see here, we've got the, the name and we've got the tagline here.

[00:16:17] We're gonna park that for a second, but we're gonna come down to this bit here, which is where you're going to, uh, talk about the business. Now, obviously, we've, we've ran this through list offi. Now first a lot of hosts who may come to us and they may already have something that they can put down from a previous website or X, Y, or Z.

[00:16:36] There's some hosts that may not, uh, this is why tools like Listy are amazing, but like I said, eventually long term you can go to a copywriter or brander and they can probably build us out for you. But obviously they're gonna charge a little bit more. This is great for those that are just getting started.

[00:16:51] Uh, so I'm just gonna put your names there.[00:17:00]

[00:17:00] Uhic Bungalow, and then let's just call this here, uh, from the coast. Toyota countryside again, this can get changed at any time. This is a cool thing about the internet, is that it's nothing set in stone. When you wanna change it, you can change it now, next thing what we do talk about changing is we wanna be able to amend this main picture here.

[00:17:23] So we don't want to have the same picture. Now, do you, uh, call, have that picture that just sums up bot bungalow or just sums up the business, like your favorite picture? Do you have one of them?

[00:17:37] Cole: I've got, I've got one in mind. I've got one in mind. Could you, this

[00:17:40] Mark: is my hero photo. Could you to hear a photo?

[00:17:43] Amazing. Could you send me over the link to, uh, to that on Dropbox or, or G Drive? Just as I'm going and finding the, the Airbnb. Listen to make sure that's worked. Okay. Picture thing. Lovely. Alright, so, um, like I mention, We have been doing the scraping in the backend to make the [00:18:00] add of the listing. So super simple.

[00:18:01] I've just gone into the listing page now. I've hit refresh. And as you can see, Lak, California, the cutest little bungalow on the alley is sat nicely in the listings section. So all we need to do is we're gonna hit edit and we're gonna come in and have a look at the details that's being brought over from Airbnb.

[00:18:19] Now the cool thing is, is that, as you can see here, we've got the featured image, we've got all the words coming in here, um, listing price. We, we manually put in the listing price, but this says from, uh, so let's just see here, what is a, an average nightly stay in Lak. Uh, we'll say about, uh, one 60 a night, one 60 a night.

[00:18:43] So if I come back into the listing and I'm gonna put in one 60, uh, which is cool. Uh, you can amend any of these details. Everything that gets brought over from Airbnb can be I, uh, amended at any [00:19:00] point. The only other thing that needs to happen, and again, we don't need to do that right this second, but there's the I Airbnb i l import.

[00:19:08] Now, I don't get access to this call. You'll obviously have access to this in your Airbnb. You go into your Airbnb, you go to the listing, uh, and we just need the ial, U R L, and then that is what imports and exports, all of the availability from Airbnb into your, into your listing. But let's just say we've done that.

[00:19:28] I'm happy with this. I'm gonna hit, um, publish when I get my,

[00:19:38] oh, it's not gonna let me publish until we got the calendar name. Sorry. If you could do me a favor, buddy. Um, do you know how to grab the. Yes, I do Airbnb. Brilliant. So if you could just send me over with me over the gdrive for the, for the, um, for the picture first, and then if you could just send me over the ial for the cita, [00:20:00] uh, sure.

[00:20:00] For the little bungalow. Uh, and then we will, we will get this, get this show on the road.

[00:20:05] Cole: Okay. Awesome. I just, on Facebook, I just sent you the link to the photo. Nice. I am pulling up Cool enough, the ICA

[00:20:16] Mark: link right now. Lovely. All right. Well first thing I just need to get, um, access to the image. If you could use that email, that would be lovely to get access to that image.

[00:20:29] Put on, have access. Got it. Okay. Yeah, that'd be cool. So, um, as we're just getting that from Cole, uh, if I'll go back in and share my screen. So what I want to do is I want to show everybody this. So as we're going through the process now, obviously we're doing this one-on-one. Uh, not everybody who, um, has access to, uh, Boostly can do a one-on-one with me, but we do have an amazing support group in the backend.

[00:20:54] So as everybody's getting started on the Boostly website, everybody gets added in automatically to [00:21:00] here. And in here we've got, uh, nearly over a thousand members. And this is where all of the Boostly support team sits and lives . So when you've got a question, you come in, you submit it. We have tutorial videos for days where it shows you how to look at every single aspect of your website, how to change things, and we've also dropped in some little SEO masterclass, some marking masterclass, as well as obviously all of the tutorial videos that you could possibly, possibly need.

[00:21:28] But when you get stuck, when you get lost, we need a little bit of help and advice. You pop the, the, um, the question in here and a member of team will will answer that as, as soon as. Possible. Right. Lovely. So I'm just gonna go and grab this, uh, this icon link and lemme just try and get access to that picture again.

[00:21:50] Lovely. Ah, that's perfect picture. You know what that reminds me of? Just, I'm looking at, this is the, the the top gone Ma Maverick movie , didn't [00:22:00] you? The new one? Have you seen? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I just literally just got visions of that just there, which is perfect. Right? So we're gonna come back into the listing.

[00:22:09] Uh, gonna come down to here. So what we do is we've got the, the, the calendar u r url, the calendar I link, and that's just going to sit in here, make sure there's no gaps. And then we're gonna hit add I r url. So that'll have a little think for a second.

[00:22:36] Hopefully all being well, all being good when we come back to it, it's going to let us have it in. All right, published. That looks like it's published. That looks like it's published. Let's have a little look on the, on the front end. So we're gonna open up this,

[00:22:59] which [00:23:00] is there. Which is there, right? Fantastic. So the final thing that I'm gonna do to this is I'm going to change out the image. So we're gonna come into here in my download section. I've got our hero image, which is our unique selling picture, whatever you wanna call it. And as you can see, it really nicely replaces.

[00:23:22] The one that we had. Now, if you want to, again, everybody you can mess around with the wording, you can change it, change the, the layout, et cetera. But this is what we call, uh, above the fold. Lemme just hit the book. The update bottom. So the main thing is what you want from this hero image or your unique selling point, et cetera, is you really wanna make sure that this first image is the one that will grab the attention, um, above the fold.

[00:23:47] So above the fold is the first thing that they see when, uh, when their page, um, the website loads up, for example. And that's what literally what we've got, uh, right here. I've added in [00:24:00] the little bit of the text an imagery here. And the next thing that we can do is we can amend out the name and we've got these book now links.

[00:24:07] Now the next thing what we'll wanna do, I wanna come back in to our Airbnb scrape at all. So we're gonna hit publish.

[00:24:24] And as I can see, the Airbnb right now is logging in and it's showing me that the i l has been, uh, added in, which is great. So if I come back into here now, if I hit leave, come into listings,

[00:24:45] we've got the property that is showing up, which is, which is all, which is good. So those are the, the two most important things. These are the most important things to start to edit, is the, is the tagline, the picture. And then we're going to [00:25:00] come in and amend these as well, and obviously get the, get the listings all showing up.

[00:25:03] Now, the, the next thing that we're gonna go and have a little quick look at is the, the, the sort of the property highlights. Now, the main thing that we talk about, and we talk about this in the book, is you gotta try and. Having tons and tons and tons of text, more text puts people off cuz people don't read.

[00:25:22] So the way that we combat this is by having icons, emojis with the text. So, uh, what would you say would be, um, the, the sort of the, the business highlights, the property highlights that, that you've had? Do you have like a, a common theme that's running throughout? Um, is there, like families or et cetera, et cetera?

[00:25:44] What, what can we be putting for, for these instead of the ones that we've got? I would say

[00:25:50] Cole: we, on all of our properties, we emphasize comfort Big time. So especially when it comes to sleeping amenities.

[00:25:58] Mark: Um, comfort, [00:26:00] sorry. Comfort Comfortable Beds.

[00:26:07] Lovely. Um, um, I

[00:26:10] Cole: would say we, we try to make every location. Easy to work from. So we have blazing fast wifi and uh, quiet environments.

[00:26:20] Mark: So, uh, super fast wifi. And

[00:26:30] we wanna change these icons over, we click Icon Library. Uh, so if we put in work, see the desk, there we go.

[00:26:42] So for this one we could put, um, do you have designated workspaces? Did you say? Yes. So

[00:26:56] there you go. Uh, and again, if you wanna have all of [00:27:00] them, you can do, if you wanna remove some, you can do. It's like whatever you wanna be doing here. And the cool thing is, I just made that, I deleted that there, and it's like, oh, hang on a second. I really wanted that. If you just press. It comes back. So it literally is impossible to, to, to, to be breaking these, uh, pets.

[00:27:18] Welcome. Yes or no? No. So we're gonna get rid of that one. Uh, obviously we, we don't have breakfast included, so what could we replace? What could we replace this with? What else is like one of your features, reasons to come and stay?

[00:27:32] Cole: I would say probably proximity to things to do. Uh, let's see, what's a good way to say that?

[00:27:38] Um,

[00:27:39] Mark: so we've got great location, so we could have attractions nearby. Mm-hmm. . There we go. So, uh,

[00:27:52] so if we have, uh, attractions nearby

[00:27:59] and then instead [00:28:00] of breakfast included, what could we, uh, what could we change that too? What's the number? One of the, one of the reasons why people love to stay.

[00:28:12] And if we're stuck, this is where reviews come in really well. Yeah.

[00:28:16] Cole: That's, I would say, um, attention to interior design is something that we we're, like, we're very designed forward.

[00:28:26] Mark: Mm-hmm. Nice. Okay. That's cool. So trendy. Um, oh, go ahead.

[00:28:35] Cole: So I'm, I'm already seeing that I'm gonna have to come in and update these, update my photos.

[00:28:42] I'm saying, I'm saying my listing is designed forward and there's so much that's not even being shown in the photos. Uh, there

[00:28:47] Mark: you go. It, it's a good exercises. Uh, so, um, trendy design, trendy, uh, interior design. And again, we [00:29:00] can amend needs at any. Uh, okay. So next question. Do you have, uh, uh, like an email list or a newsletter or your business?

[00:29:13] No, not yet. That's cool. Well, this is, this is a cool thing. So what we can do right now is that if not, what we can do is we can just make sure that, um, we get rid of this section. So if we do this, then that's gone. Like a lot of people have it, a lot of people don't have it. But the cool thing is, is that you can remove it and bring it back at any point.

[00:29:33] And if you just wanna get rid of something, you just tick on this little box here and then if you wanna bring it back at the later time, it's so simple to do. Um, okay. So this services that we offer, we, we pretty much sort of, um, looked over it slightly here, but it would be things that you could put in would be designated workspaces.

[00:29:50] Um, super fast wifi. You know, we're really sort of speaking to the person who's on a workation, you know, um, someone like a digital nomad, et cetera. [00:30:00] Uh, So this section here, what we could focus on would be, um, your office on the road, for example. And again, a a copywriter would be able to find your office on the road, uh, take your office anywhere.

[00:30:18] And then what I would do here would be focusing on, um, the designated workspace. This one would be the, um, super fast wifi, and then this would be, you know, another one to, to, to go alongside near it. So then again, what's what's going to start to happen here as you start to build this out is it's really starting to focus on, okay, well actually this is like, this is who my business is really catered for.

[00:30:40] This is the type of guest that I'm really catering my business for. And I can fine tune it and talk about it with my website because the thing that you want to get sort of start to think about as you're building this out, say that I am on your. And I like the picture and I keep on scrolling down, I come to the next bit.

[00:30:57] It's like a nice little introduction to like [00:31:00] yourself and your wife, and you can have your picture there. So it like shows that personality. And then as I scroll down, I see one of the listeners, I go, yeah, that looks really cool. And then I go, property highlights, like business highlights. Like, this is what we do, this is what we offer.

[00:31:12] And then you go to the next bit and by the time you get to the reviews, you're like, wow, I wanna be booking here. Now the these reviews, um, we use a really cool tool and, uh, what this tool does is it, it scrapes your Airbnb, it scrapes your vrbo, it scrapes Facebook anywhere that you've ever collected reviews, and it just pulls in your five star reviews and it showcases them on your site.

[00:31:33] Now, the main reason why we do this is that one of the main reasons why somebody leaves a direct booking site is because there's no reviews on there. They're looking for social proof or looking for reasons why. Um, 95% of all purchases are based on a, um, a review base or a social media. Social proof. So this is why you need to have it on your website.

[00:31:54] This is why we include it in. Now, you can't do this, but when you, when you message us and to support and say, Hey [00:32:00] team, I am ready for my boosted website to go live. We do two slash free main things. Number one is we go and find your reviews and we scrape and add it into your site for you. So you don't have to do that, which is cool.

[00:32:16] Number two, if you look at the bottom right hand corner, you'll see that there's a little, uh, WhatsApp symbol. So the next thing that we do is we link up your website to your WhatsApp or your team member's, WhatsApp. So if anybody has got a question while they're on your site, they can literally WhatsApp you, uh, directly or message your team.

[00:32:35] And then the third thing, what we do is that we connect it up to your domain of choice. Now, Bruce Lee doesn't go and buy your domain. Bustley doesn't take care of that. You have to go and buy that. So you can do it on name cheap, and it's like three or $4 a year, super cheap. Um, and then you just say, Hey, uh, I've got my domain.

[00:32:53] It's botanic bungalow Uh, it's on name cheap. Here's how to get access. And then all we do is we [00:33:00] take this here, take that there, and we merge it all together, and then we do all that for you, which is pretty cool. So the next bit, my favorite bit, the benefits of Booking Direct. Now, um, we've got examples here, but if someone was to come to you and go, all right, cuz I want a book of you direct, like what's, what benefits, like, what, what would you say to somebody, like, why would you, uh, encourage 'em to book direct instead of via Airbnb?

[00:33:26] Have you thought about this?

[00:33:30] Need to just need to, yeah. And

[00:33:32] Cole: And so, sorry, I've got kids running around in the background, trying to keep them outta the, that's fine. Um, so I would say, yeah, definitely rate is the, is the biggest one you get to cut out, especially here in p d we have a huge service fee that Airbnb charges and it's going up to, I think it's over 20% here soon.

[00:33:48] So 20% discount right off the bat. Um, and because they're communicating with us directly, we can do things like, I mean, you have it right there on the website, early and late check-in. Um, [00:34:00] and I think, uh, a above all else, whenever you book directly with somebody, you get to really communicate with the, the, the hosts, um, and their team.

[00:34:11] Yeah. And with that comes a lot of benefits, which, which, which all revolve around the sense of hospitality and, and kind of bringing back that old school b and b. Feeling.

[00:34:25] Mark: I like that. So benefits are booking direct, and again, we're speaking directly to the user here. So ex ex directly to your future potential guests.

[00:34:32] And they're go and right benefits are booking direct best rates, early check in, late checkout, and then whatever you wanna do, like I call it a welcome hamper. Um, so where you just got like a little bottle of whatever in there. Uh, tea, coffee. Yeah, we do little gifts. Yeah, a li a little gift. Uh, just the benefits of booking directors.

[00:34:48] Like a welcome man button. And then again, you can customize it, make it sound cool and whatever. Uh, ready to book, book direct. And then if you've got this book now button. Now, um, are you in the process of [00:35:00] setting up with a, a property management software tool like Logifi or Guestie for hosts? You are guest for host.

[00:35:06] I've been using

[00:35:06] Cole: Guest, yeah. I've been using Guesty for Host for some time

[00:35:08] Mark: now. Yeah. Guestie for host. So that's fantastic. So what you can do is, um, when they click the book now button here, You can have it where it goes to any link. So if I click on this black box now, you'll see it says here Internal link.

[00:35:24] Or if I change it from being internal, we can change it to being an external link. Now an external link could be anywhere including your Guestie for Hosts booking page if you, if you have one, set up with them, which is pretty cool. So do you have that for an for for the business? I,

[00:35:46] Cole: I don't have direct

[00:35:47] booking link yet.

[00:35:48] Mark: Okay. So what you need to do, go to guest for house and just say, Hey team I'm working with, um, with, we're with Boostly, we're creating our direct booking website. Um, I just need to have a link or I can send somebody [00:36:00] to, if they wanted to book direct with me. And then what they'll do is they'll generate for you and they'll give it.

[00:36:04] And then where it says here Book now you would just paste in your d booking link there. Um, same thing up pso, we've got at the top of the page as the book now button. Which is in, which is in the header. Uh, we will just amend that link there. Now, talking about the header, this is a pretty cool thing. Oh, hang on a second.

[00:36:22] I'm gonna save the changes. When we click on this button here, it will take us away from edit, editing the main body of the site, and it's gonna take us up to the top once it's finished, uh, saving, and we can actually edit everything that we see in the top here. Now, the brand name, this is what we, we talked about here, so it's bot bungalow,

[00:36:47] and if we didn't want that little section there, we can just remove it. Now in this section as well, if you wanted to add in your logo, you could do it, you can fit it in nicely in there. Uh, but what we've also got the ability to do is to change this link. So again, what we, [00:37:00] what we'd ideally like for this to do is when somebody clicks here, they'll go straight off to your direct booking link, which is with, uh, guesty for hosts.

[00:37:07] Now, the reason why this is important is that when your website loads. , our eye naturally gets drawn to the top right hand corner of a website. I dunno why this is on a desktop. It's why Amazon have got their Buy now button at the top, right? It's why everybody's got their car options at the top right is because when an i a website loads up, people wanna know exactly how to give you money.

[00:37:29] So just free main obstacles. You've gotta be able to explain who you are, who you serve, and how to give you money. That's literally what, what a website needs to do within three seconds. This is why this button is all important to have. And again, when you click on here, you can keep our very simple theme, or if you want it to get a little bit fancy, um, you've got the ability to change the color of that box.

[00:37:53] So if the, if I scroll over here and I click some of these buttons, the the box color will, will start [00:38:00] to amend and change. Um, so you've got all the options as a, as an admin access of this site. You can change as much. or as little of this page, uh, as as you wish. Uh, and again, if you ever get stuck, you've got the ability to come into the group, come into the guides, ask the question.

[00:38:22] Right. Any questions so far? I know I've thrown quite a few things at you. Um, is there anything that's, um, on your mind from just going through all, all of these bits and bobs? I don't think so. I think you've done

[00:38:34] done a pretty good job. It's

[00:38:35] pretty clear. Cool. Well, the other thing as well, what I wanted to show you is that it's not just one page.

[00:38:41] This is obviously a website, and so you've got multiple pages and, and the beauty of this is that you can have as many or as little pages as you want on, on your site. So if I was to go through back to here again and just go have a look at what the, the guest facing site [00:39:00] looks like, how I do this, uh, you'll, you'll have noticed in the top left hand corner with some little hamburgers.

[00:39:08] The free little lines here. So when I click on that, the other pages on the site would load up. So we've got home listings nearby, so if I click on nearby, it will open up something like this. If I click on blog, it could potentially open up a, a blog page if you wanted to start creating content, or if you wanted to find somebody on fiber who could start creating content for you.

[00:39:33] And, uh, you've also got contact. Now there's gonna be a chance that you don't want to have, for example, the, the nearby page. So all that we literally need to do is we would come to the front here and we've got all of these different sections. Now, the one thing that we're gonna go and have a look at is when I can find.[00:40:00]

[00:40:05] So what we've got now is we've got this section here. Now, this is the menu. This is, this is the hamburger. So if there's a page that you don't want, all you gotta do is you would come in and let's just say we don't need to have the management, oh, sorry. The, the, um, the nearby section. So I, all I would do is I would come into here, I'd click edit, the page would load up, and all we're gonna do is we're gonna change that form published, and we're gonna change it to draft by hit and draft.

[00:40:32] Now that page would not show up on the site. Now you obviously offer a management service. So what you can now do is we've got a page on management. So if you wanted to amend that page, you can again, call into pages, hit edit with Elementor, and then you would come onto this page in the background. Now you're gonna.

[00:40:54] you know, conversations with somebody that goes, you know, cause we wanna want you to manage our property, [00:41:00] forest us. It could be a, you know, anbody from the, from, from the military, et cetera, and say, right, can you give us more information now? Instead of you just having to sort of say X, Y, and Z, you can actually send them to your website and you can send them to, uh, this page and you'll be able to like customize it for you and your business.

[00:41:17] And you can, again, we've built it out to be 80%. You've just gotta personalize it for your business and in, in your brand, which is, which is pretty cool. So it's like a, it's like a two for one. You've got the guest facing side and you've also got a page that you can send somebody two for all about the management model as well.

[00:41:34] Does it, does that make sense?

[00:41:36] Cole: Yeah. Would you mind showing me how to, how to add that

[00:41:39] Mark: page again? Yeah. So the page is, is added automatically, which is cool. Um, I mean, if you were to go on the front end and click on management, it would, it would take you two there, but to actually edit the page yourself. So let's just say we're in the dashboard.

[00:41:56] all you do is you come to pages, click all pages, [00:42:00] and you'd find the management one, which is here, and then come across to where it says Edit with Elementor, and then the the page would come up directly. Perfect. So yeah, and then you can go in and just like with the homepage, anything that you click, you can end customize.

[00:42:17] So you've got management, property reviews, verified tenants, a landlords. So we are urgently looking for properties in there. So you could just put, uh, San Diego. So if you click on it, this opens up the little box on the left,

[00:42:37] and then this is how it would look on the front end. So it's all super customizable, logo, what you do, et cetera, et cetera. So you can have a good little play around with that. The most important thing is once you've made any changes, hit that update button, which is. , and as long as you've done that, if you click away or disappear, it's still there.

[00:42:57] Um, the cool thing about this is, like I say, if you, if you break [00:43:00] anything or think you've broken something, you can just easily undo it within a couple of minutes. So it's, it's no problem at all. All right. I think we're, I think we're good. That's a pretty decent overview of, of how to add it in. I think the one thing I would say, if you ever come across a property that, uh, and you wanna add it to Boley that isn't on Airbnb, then you can manually add all of the properties in, which is, which is no drama.

[00:43:26] It's a couple of extra steps. For example, if you click add new, you would just put the, the images in separately. You put the, all the jazz in. It's just, we created this so that it's so simple to just, to sink in your property from straight, from, um, fr from Airbnb, which is all good. Right. Do you think you've got the tools to hand to, uh, be able to put this together?

[00:43:54] I think

[00:43:54] Cole: so, I think I'm excited. Good man. Dive in and give it a

[00:43:57] Mark: shot. Good, man. Well, you've got all the logging [00:44:00] details, you know what you're doing. The one thing I will say, uh, just ignore when this happens, because what happens is WordPress want you to be updating your site. So it's like right at the very latest version.

[00:44:11] We always say, just to hang fire and let them update it automatically for you, because sometimes when you click that update button, the, the template that we're using in the theme that we're using may not be ready to be updated. So just let these update things in, in, in the backend. Uh, don't worry about these red lines, et cetera.

[00:44:29] If there's anything that we need you to update, this is why it's really handy to keep making sure that this support group is in pin to the favorites of your Facebook. Um, so you, you know how to find it. Uh, and make sure you turn notifications on. Cause if there's anything important in terms of notifications, then we'll be able to, uh, let you know about it.

[00:44:48] Uh, and then the other group to show you is the, is the team, briefly group, which is, which is this one. This is more of the marketing group. If you've ever got any questions about copywriting, um, pictures, uh, anything really [00:45:00] when it comes to hospitality. We've got over 10,000 years worth of experience in this group.

[00:45:04] Um, which is, which is all good to, and make sure you again, pin this favorite bit and come and ask you questions when you've got anything, questions regarding marketing and getting people onto your website. Awesome. Thanks Mark.

[00:45:18] Cole: Really appreciate the help. This has been, this

[00:45:20] Mark: has been awesome. My absolute pleasure.

[00:45:22] Alright, jumping back in. So a couple of weeks later I checked in with, uh, with Cole, with kazu, and I wanted to see how he was getting on with the, with the website. And he messaged back saying, listen, we're almost there. Let's have a look. So I said, right, let's jump on a Zoom. And what you're gonna watch next is the progression.

[00:45:40] And this has happened over a couple of weeks now. Um, a lot of things have happened in Kao's world since we last spoke. He's, uh, told me that he's gonna be a father, just announced that he's gonna be, uh, a parent, uh, in six months time, which is amazing. And now he's in the process of really ramping up his, his business, his systems and [00:46:00] structures in place, and obviously the website as well.

[00:46:02] So it's great to be able to do this and chat to him. At the end of this, we're gonna give him the fines, finest, final, final things that he needs to do to finish off the site. But without being said, let's flip straight back in. We're gonna speak to, speak to Kazu, and uh, we'll see where you got to with the site in just a few weeks.

[00:46:23] Fantastic. Okay, so if you, uh, don't mind just, um, walk us through and just explain what you've been doing over the, the last few weeks, what you've found that you could easily do, what did you run into some struggles with? And then we'll look to see how we can maybe complete this as, uh, on, on, on the call today.

[00:46:40] Okay, sure thing.

[00:46:42] Cole: So where we left off, um, I had originally tried to create this site to encompass all of the properties that I was, I was managing at the moment. And what I've decided to do was instead focus on the, uh, on [00:47:00] location one website for the location. So in this case it's San Diego. So we, we added, uh, one of the listings last time and you, you helped me walk through it.

[00:47:07] So I pretty much just did, I watched the recording that you sent me and I just followed it step by step and did the exact same thing with the, the second listing, which is the one on the right. And, um, fairly painless process. I just. I mean, the, your instructions were, were great last time. So what I ended up doing was I, or um, oh, I did, uh, one of the problems I ran into was if you go, if you go back, if you go back one page.

[00:47:38] Yep. Um, under listings, the, the formatting was not exact. I think by default there, it's formatted to fit three columns. And so the three, so it looked, it looked asymmetrical. So I changed that. And once I was able to figure out how that worked, it was really easy for me to kind of change the whole look of these buttons, of the listings in general.

[00:47:57] Mm-hmm. So I changed the way they looked. Um, I tried to [00:48:00] make them more round and just whatever I wanted to do that I went down here to property highlights. And I though the two of us did get most of these together, um, because I changed the way I was presenting the listings. I decided to come in here and change these, um, For something that's a little bit more appropriate.

[00:48:22] I'm already seeing a mistake that I made fully stocked kitchens has a, has a TV next to it, so I'm gonna come in and fix that. But that's a really easy process. The reviews. Yeah. Uh, so I guess what I'm noticing is, as what I was doing was just going through my website, looking through what I wanted to adjust, and then once I found something that I wanted to change, I went into the back end and then changed it.

[00:48:42] Frequently asked questions, I added those, um, I made sure to connect the link to the, all the book now buttons. Yep. Um, and then changed the, the footer. I changed the footer as well to make it, you know, my information and not Bruce Lee's. Yep. , uh, e edited this copy here. Um, [00:49:00] Elizabeth and Cole are, are me and my wife's given names, but we both go by nicknames.

[00:49:04] So I, I threw that in there and added a, a photo of ourselves with a circular mask on it. Yep. Um, looks

[00:49:11] Mark: good.

[00:49:13] Cole: Wedding photo. Uh, and

[00:49:15] Mark: a quick question then. So, Botanic, bungalow, now you've got two listings. Does b is one of these Botanic Bungalow or are they both bungalows, or is that, is Botanic Bungalows gonna be the brand?

[00:49:25] Like what's the sort of thinking behind that?

[00:49:28] Cole: Botanic Bungalow is currently the, my Property Management Yeah. Company. Yeah. And originally the idea came because the, the, the left listing, that was my very first short term rental. That, that is a bungalow. The one on the right, probably not so much. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:49:49] So now there's a question as to whether or not Botanic Bungalow should really be the name of the company to begin with,

[00:49:55] Mark: but that's something to think about. That's what we're stuck with for now. Down the line. Down the line. I like it. Mm-hmm. [00:50:00] Right. Yeah. So, uh, Botanic, bungalow, rentals, et cetera, very, very cool.

[00:50:04] But there's obviously, there's a, there's a, a way that you can tweak it as you amend, as you, as you grow. But yeah, for, from like, I'm looking with my designer hat on and sort of what we look for in a website, it's really clear. I like the customization that you've been able to do. Um, it's, it's an easy website to look at, which is what you want it to be.

[00:50:24] You want it to be welcoming of a nice image, like we talked about the copy. Uh, you want it to be very easy to be clickable. And then obviously at the end of the day, you want it to be very easy to be bookable, which is like where we're sort of getting this towards and we're edging it towards it. Um, so one of the things that we talked about before we, we hit live was the other pages on the site.

[00:50:43] So we've got, uh, management, which we're going to remove. Uh, we've got nearby and, and blog. So when you get a Boostly site and you are going into these sections, what you're gonna discover is, uh, it's gonna be a lot of lip sim, which is right, [00:51:00] right here. Um, so what I wanted to do on this with you on the call, um, and we'll do a little bit of it and then obviously we'll let you go away and complete it, is, uh, I wanted to fill a little bit of this out.

[00:51:13] And what I wanted to do is I wanted to tap into a tool that has only become available over the last few weeks. Uh, a more wider known is chat, G p T. So we've talked about it and I've talked about it a lot on the podcast chat. G p t isn't like the be and end all where you're gonna rely on it, but you can definitely use it for, for inspiration.

[00:51:31] So when we're talking about, uh, things to do, um, whereabouts are the two properties kind of closely located to each other? Like where, what's, how, how far is the distance? They're about 20 minutes apart. 20 minutes apart. So, sorry. Keep going.

[00:51:51] Cole: W and and yeah, they, they do have, they are kind of completely different.

[00:51:56] People would stay for different reasons, right? Different avatars. [00:52:00] Yeah. For each one. This is more of a coastal vacation, right? By the beach Touristy. Yeah. The other one is more suburban living.

[00:52:08] Mark: Um, so with this, Dan, when we come to the things to do. We can talk about it in terms of splitting it down the line, but I think for the, for, to keep it simple, what we'll talk about is San Diego.

[00:52:19] Mm-hmm. Um, so what we're gonna try and do is we're gonna come into here and, uh, create copy or our website, um, or a things to do page, uh, property is based in San Diego and let's just say the, the coastal one. Um, the property is based in San Diego and appeals mostly to what's the most frequent type of guest that you've had come to stay or like the, the, the, the person that you're trying to appeal to the most.

[00:52:58] If, if you could pinpoint it to one [00:53:00] type of guest, what would you say that would be?

[00:53:03] Cole: I would say, um, young adults vacationing. Okay. Cool. Is that, is that enough context?

[00:53:11] Mark: Yeah, I think so. Welcome San Diego. Vibrant and endless opportunity for fun and adventure. Whether you're a local or visit our thing to do pages, something for everyone.

[00:53:18] But a Fri cuz we recommend taking a tour. This by Segway or bike? Is that a thing?

[00:53:22] Cole: Nope. Uh, segway No. Bird Scooter would be the replacement there.

[00:53:26] Mark: Bird, scooter, or even try your hand at standby. Paddle boarding, kayaking in Mission Bay. That, yeah, that's a great suggestion actually. If you're looking for more laid back experience, take a stroll through a Ballbar Park home to 15 museums, uh, multiple gardens and the Wolf.

[00:53:42] Puma San Diego Zoo. I've played soccer there. Uh, for the beach lovers San Diego. Okay. It's cool. So this is giving us tons of context. Yeah,

[00:53:51] Cole: this is a great starting point. There are so many Yeah.

[00:53:54] Mark: Great structure. And you, um, you highlighted it perfectly. A great [00:54:00] starting. So you've got something here that you can then, that we, that we can then work on behind the scenes to like fill it out.

[00:54:07] Um, obviously there's a couple of things that you said, yeah, that's not right, that's not true. We can change that. So instead of segue, did you say it was something else now? Uh, bird.

[00:54:16] Cole: Bird, uh, capital b i r d.

[00:54:19] Mark: Um, bird. Is that bird? Scooters? Yeah. Uhhuh.

[00:54:23] Cole: Yeah. Those are the, those are the, uh, scooters. You can write on your phone.

[00:54:26] Yeah,

[00:54:26] Mark: that's the one. Cool. Mm-hmm. . So we've got like the, the build out and I like, I like this as a heading. Can

[00:54:35] Cole: you hear my dog? I'm gonna mute myself. .

[00:54:38] Mark: It's all right. So again, like this is the thing we can play with the edit, play with the, the design of it and stuff, but that's like a, a nice thing to fill that out.

[00:54:46] And then we can take the, the prompts from this and. A picture of like Mission Beach, uh, picture of kayaking, somebody kayaking, uh, picture of whatever or whatever. And then you can sort of [00:55:00] fill that out. And then, you know, within a couple of clicks and a couple of images that you can go find, obviously make sure that they're license free.

[00:55:06] Um, you don't want any photographers tapping you up saying, Hey, you use my picture. Uh, but a couple of those images in here and that, and then this page can pretty much start to, to fill out. Um, cause you've got two properties that've got two different niches. What you can start to do is you can go, right, well this one is gonna be for the, the coast and then this one could be for the urban.

[00:55:26] So you can have like a, a bit of both. So like whatever your stay, whatever your reason to come and stay with botanic bungalows, we've got something for you. Boom, boom. So yeah, I would definitely tap into that, uh, and sort of fill that page out. And again, with the, with the blog that we were talking about. So blogging is, is a fantastic tool.

[00:55:45] Um, I really love it because it fills out a website. It's great for seo, but also as well a website. A user that comes onto the website can make it sticky. So the longer you can get someone to stay on your website, the better your website will potentially show. Um, [00:56:00] and the types of blogs that I love for short term rental businesses is listicles.

[00:56:04] So for example, top 10, uh, you know, Kasu's Top 10 recommended Food trucks in San Diego. Or it'd be like, um, top 10, uh, guest recommendations. So we interviewed a hundred of our guests and we asked them where they visited when they come to stay overs. These are their top recommendations. And then all you do is you fill out a blog.

[00:56:24] Now the cool thing is about this is that you don't need to, right? You can tap into chat G P T, or what you can do is you can go onto five and find a blog content writer. And you can just put in, you know, listical content blog writer, Hey them 10, 15, $20 max, and they will fill out a blog post for you. You can maybe pay like $50 and book 'em in for like 10 blogs.

[00:56:48] You only really need 10 to 15, um, blogs, and you can schedule 'em out once a month to make your site look fuller. If you have 10 blogs on your website, you've probably got more than 90% [00:57:00] of other hosts, short-term rental hosts in the world, . So yeah, that's a super easy method and super simple one, they'll send it to you on a Google Doc, you copy paste and you add it in and you know, you, you, your, your blog and your website's looking a little bit more full.

[00:57:15] Um, but in terms of the overall design, um, we're very, very close to very, very close to going live, which is exciting. Awesome.

[00:57:25] Cole: Mark, can I ask you a question? Yes. Suppose I wanted to add a blog post in right now. I had one ready to go. Yeah. Would you mind showing me on the back end how. I would go about doing that.

[00:57:38] Mark: Absolutely. So we're on the, the dashboard. So this is the dashboard that we showed you last time. Um, you've got all of the, the little icons here on the left. All we need to do is come into posts and all posts. If you've got this one here, but I created, you just click edit or you can click add new. [00:58:00] All you would then do is you've got your title and you've got your body.

[00:58:03] If you wanted to do it straight in Elementor, then you just click on edit with Elementor. Uh, the most important thing to do, make sure you add a featured image and, um, add tags as well. So for example, if your blog was log was talking about food, or it's talking about things to do, you just tag it up and then you would hit publish.

[00:58:22] Uh, the, the next thing is what we would do is we'd make sure that we'd come into our Elementor and we're gonna have the, the homepage here. Now, say you wanted to have your blogs. Flow underneath this section here, right? Let's just say this section. So you tap into here and you would click plus. So when you click on this, all you would do on the elementary section here, you would type in posts and then the post that you create, [00:59:00] you drug 'em in here.

[00:59:01] They would show in this section here, and then you would give it a title. For example, blog posts, latest blog posts, recommendations, and your, all of your latest posts will, will show up In here. You can choose, um, if it's 1, 3, 6, you can choose how many that you want to appear. You can have a card layout, you can have a full content, classic image.

[00:59:32] Um, you can say if you want to have the text showing or if you just want it to be a box. It's, it's really is customizable of how and where you position this. If you didn't like it showing here, you can just simply get rid and you can move it elsewhere. So it's, um, super simple to add in.

[00:59:51] Awesome. Thank you very much. No problem. No problem. I reckon we are like 90% done. Just a few more little tweaks. Get the, the pages [01:00:00] full and uh, and then we are all ready to go. How are you feeling? Are you feeling confident on it? Yep.

[01:00:07] Cole: Yep. Feeling a lot better. I, you know, half a battle is just coming in and

[01:00:11] trying

[01:00:11] Mark: your hand at it.

[01:00:12] Yeah. Well, the cool thing is, is that you've got the, the website support group. When you're ready for this to go live, just email support boley dot code uk. We just need to know where your domain is, host housed. If you haven't got a domain, just go and buy one or name cheap or Reg 1 23 or what, or whatever you use.

[01:00:28] It costs a couple of dollars to do, uh, let us get the access to it and, and we'll get this live. And then once it is live, then you know, you've got the, the full, uh, academy and a full content creator to start driving traffic to the site. So you've got all the videos in here, the tutorial videos showing you, you know, how to drive traffic to your site, how to, you know, utilize that, that blog in tactic that I spoke about.

[01:00:53] And, uh, and much more. So exciting times. Exciting times. Very exciting. [01:01:00] Cool. All right. Uh, thank you very much for doing this. I really enjoyed this as. Putting together a website and being able to document it. Uh, if anybody's got any questions about the booster website, just please just got a booster dot code at uk.

[01:01:15] Um, it doesn't matter if you've got a ton of experience with WordPress websites or if you've got, you've got zero. We try and make it, uh, as straightforward as possible so anybody can have a go. And it, it's much more beneficial than just doing it for a free website with a PMs because you get the full control of this.

[01:01:30] You can add plugins, you can add the things that you can't add in on a free website. So, um, I'm looking forward to seeing more and more. Thank you very much for this and uh, well, we'll be back very soon with another episode of the Boostly podcast. Having a blast. Gonna get it on the Boostly podcast. Bruce Lee led Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the tee is loose leaf picking up those rhymes?

[01:01:51] Don't write it,

[01:01:52] just do it loosely.

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