Optimizing Your Listing To Increase Bookings

Optimising your listings to increase bookings

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 582.

In this podcast, Kelvin, the founder of Rankbreeze, explains how the tool can help to optimize an Airbnb listing to improve its rank and attract more guests.

Kelvin delves into a listing called Contractor Stays and walks through the front end and the back end to show how a few tweaks can make a significant difference in its ranking.

Rankbreeze is a data-driven tool that can pull phenomenal data to make the listing stand out to the ideal guest on that platform.

Kelvin suggests a general process for optimizing the listing, which involves examining oneself versus competitors, and making changes to the listing while paying attention to one's competitors.

The tool also examines the gaps in the calendar to give an idea of the listing's general ranking in that city.

Kelvin also advises on adjusting the average length of stay according to the season.

The tool helps in comparing the performance of the listing with competitors and makes suggestions for improvements.

Mark recommends the tool to anyone who is struggling with a broken Airbnb listing or is not getting bookings.

Here's the video for this episode:

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01:23 – Kelvin Intro
11:05 – A lot of new listings coming
20:51 – Look at the compettion
29:42 – Make sure your captions are updated
44:05 – Vector Maps
51:33 – Outro

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Transcript from the Episode


[00:00:00] Mark: In this video, you are going to see a live breakdown of how rank. Effects and influences, uh, your Airbnb listing. If your Airbnb listing is broken or not getting bookings or is always brassic and you are looking for a bit of help and guidance, then Rankbreeze is an unbelievable tool. In this video, Kelvin, who is the founder of Rankbreeze is going to delve into a listing.

[00:00:23] He's going to walk through. The front end, and then he is gonna show the back end and how a couple of tweaks will help make a massive difference. This isn't guided by just thinks and hopes and wishes. This is guided by data, and the data that Rankbreeze can pull is phenomenal. And with a few little tweaks, you can make your listing stand out much more to your ideal guest on that platform.

[00:00:46] Obviously, as always, we look at these platforms when we need. Not to rely on them. And if your property is a little bit quiet and the bookings are a bit sparastic, you need to get the OTAs in to go to get these short bookings in on a short term period. If you've exasperated all over options, then this is fantastic for it.

[00:01:03] I wanna say thank you to Kelvin for doing this. Um, it's part of the YouTube documentary series that we're putting together. I'm putting this in here because I know it's gonna help you. So head, head over to Rankbreeze.com and go. And. Um, and sign up for the service. It's super cost effective. I can't believe how cheap this is.

[00:01:19] Take advantage of it now until their prices go up. Thank you for watching.

Kelvin Intro

[00:01:23] Kelvin: All right, guys. Uh, so right now we are in Rankbreeze here, and, uh, mark has asked me to, uh, take a look at this. This, uh, this listing called Contractor Stays. It starts with contractor stays here. Um, if I click this rankings button, it'll open up this page here inside of, uh, inside of Rankbreeze.

[00:01:45] I would say before we dive into, uh, all the things that are, that are happening here on, on this page and the rankings page, and end on this optimization hub. Which is the next tab over, uh, I thought it would be good to walk us through perhaps a bit of a general process for, uh, just how to optimize your listing.

[00:02:09] Um, in, in many ways it will involve things that you can do outside of Rank Freeze, but there'll also, of course, there'll be things that you can do inside of Rank Re as well. Uh, so the first thing that, uh, that I'll I want to go through is, The idea and the thought that each time a person looks to book a vacation rental, uh, they are always going to compare your property to another property.

[00:02:38] So, making changes, uh, in a, uh, you know, let's say a black box where you're really only paying attention to your specific listing is not, it's just not good, good, good practice to do. So the first thing. That, uh, that you want to do ex is examine yourself versus your competitors. So, uh, inside of Rank Re here we have this table called the calendar rankings.

[00:03:08] Uh, table and the calendar rankings table looks at your different guest counts, that you have all the different guest counts that you have in your listing, plus, uh, the open availability that you have in your calendar. So if you've got these little gaps in your calendar, like, like most people do, then um, then what we'll do at Rank Freeze is we'll look at the gaps in your calendar, whether that's a weekend or a weekday, and then we will, we'll just run a search in the city and try to find your listing to at least give you an idea for where you're ranking in general.

[00:03:38] Uh, in the gaps inside of your calendar. And if you have a very weight, if you, by the way, if you have really big gaps in your calendar, uh, you can also set the average length of stay. So, uh, if, as you can imagine, a property doesn't generally, uh, If your, if your calendar is completely wide open, we need some sort of idea on how to chop up your calendar, right?

[00:04:00] So in this case, we're chopping it up in these like nine day increments, uh, from, from, from, uh, from here. But you could also change it to, to chop it up in fortnight increments, six night increments, for example, just so that you can get a little bit of an idea. And usually what you wanna do is you want to, uh, adjust this setting.

[00:04:17] According to your average length of stay. And of course your average length of stay may change during the different seasons that you have as well. So just keep that in mind that that's how things are impacted here. But, um, but yeah, going back to, to comparing yourself with other properties, uh, one thing that's really easy to do, uh, in, in rank is to click this little button called the spot check button.

[00:04:41] And if we click this, It'll open up a new tab on Airbnb, and you'll be able to see your listing exactly zeroed in to, to your area, along with your competitors as well. Um, and if you click all of these buttons, by the way, they will open up, uh, the first, the second guest count, the third guest count, the fourth guest count, uh, the fifth guest count.

[00:05:00] So if, if we could just make it a little bit easier on ourselves, I think we could probably just choose, uh, the, the second guess count. For Friday, February 24th to to, to March 5th, just to give us an idea for what are the competitors looking like when it comes down to, to, to this particular weekend. So I'll click it and, uh, normally I would say open it in an incognito window, by the way.

[00:05:28] Uh, because you, you will want to open and look at things. The viewpoint of other people, because when you open up your property, uh, on your own profile, you'll usually be ranked, uh, pretty close to the top there, which is, which is number one. Uh, I think, here, let me, I'm gonna try to open it up in an incognito window.

[00:05:50] Hopefully Zoom will still, uh, take that into account. So Mark, maybe you can tell me if, do you, do you see an incognito window right now? Yep. I

[00:06:00] Mark: see Incognito. We're all.

[00:06:02] Kelvin: Perfect. Okay, cool. Let's just stick with this then. Um, how, how it should work here. So I like to kind of zoom out just a little bit here to give us a little bit of, a little bit of a reference point here.

[00:06:14] Um, so generally this is, this is where this, this property's appearing right now. Um, and let's see here. So, What's interesting is actually, so when I check this, probably about, I would say, 15 minutes ago, uh, I checked it 15 minutes ago. This property was a little bit further down here, probably in this third row.

[00:06:43] So it's, it's moved up here, um, probably because I've been clicking on it a lot. I'm guessing that's probably one of the, one of the core reasons why, why it's opening up. Because as you click on properties, the metrics for your clickthrough rate improve. And we'll probably talk a little bit about that later.

[00:06:59] Um, but in general, The, the thought is you want to get into the mindset of a guest, see where your property is being compared to, to other properties here. And, uh, let's see here. Uh, what's interesting actually is these properties, these ones before were actually listed a little bit higher before. Um, so when I first checked this before, all of the properties here all had this like, um, All the interior design had this kind of, or sorry, wood and black.

[00:07:34] It was, it was quite interesting. Like, like this one and this one looked very similar and this one looks pretty similar as well. Um, so you kind of go on knowing that these are, these are the types of things that are kind of attracted to people. That's why they're, they're showing up there very highly. Um, but if I were just to, to take like a pretty fresh perspective on things.

[00:07:59] To me, when I look at this property compared to the other properties in, in this area here, I would say that this property potentially might be more attractive than, than this one here on the, on the left here at the, the top left. Uh, mostly just from, from a design perspective, I think. But when we, when we look at these, these two other properties, My, my eye tends to gravitate towards these, these, um, uh, these more modern designs is what I would say.

[00:08:31] So my eye automatically gravitates towards these things. So that makes me think that I'm going to, to click on these properties first. Uh, have a look at them, and then, uh, you know, I'm my clicker. And if we kinda look at, I think one thing that kind of stands out to me is, is actually the price point here.

[00:08:52] So if you actually look at these top, top six properties that, that appear on this page, uh, this listing for contractor stays is actually, is actually the highest I'm in Canada, so that's why it says CAD on there. Uh, but in general though, you'll, you will notice that, that there is probably. Better deals is what I would say when it comes down to, comes down to, to, to this initial thought here.

[00:09:20] Um, just like a first, first glance here type of situation.

[00:09:25] Mark: A little quick question, just add a bit of context in. So with this property, what they want is, so it's a townhouse, two floors, ground and bottom. Uh, ground and top, sorry. And they really want to be filling it out with, um, they've got three bedrooms so you can.

[00:09:41] Easily four people into those free bedrooms. So it, it is a kind of a bigger property. Even say like the hotel room that's nicely decorated, the condo, et cetera, that's, uh, can only sleep too. So I guess the question here comes down to twofold. When it is a bigger property like that, um, do you stick to your guns and price points at one that's going to attract, you know, four, maybe five guests?

[00:10:07] Or do you kind of get clever with the pricing and have a different price point for two people than it would be for three people or four people? How would you generally go around, uh, recommending something like that?

[00:10:20] Kelvin: Mm. I generally stick to. Competitors. Uh, to me it actually just matters about competitors. Oh. You know, that's unfortunate. But to me that's, that's the, that's the, that's the reality of it. Yeah. When somebody's going and they're searching for a property here, they're gonna see, uh, you know, they're gonna see five bedrooms here.

[00:10:41] Yeah. Five bedrooms, and they're all priced, uh, you know, 50 to almost, you know, 50 to $75.

[00:10:52] Mark: Per nice. That's pretty interesting in this area. I dunno if you've noticed it, but the top left one. New, new, new property, new listing. The top right one. Yes. New listing. Obviously this one that we'll focus on. It's a new listing, I believe.

A lot of new listings coming

[00:11:05] Yes, that one there. That's a new listing. So a lot of new listings are coming on in the market, which could mean for something, but also as well how much these new listings are taking priority in an Airbnb.

[00:11:18] Kelvin: Uh, yeah, that's a good question there. And it obviously depends on, on the timing. If there's more properties on there, then I think that the, the Airbnb will, will favor those.

[00:11:29] And that, that's, that's actually for a good reason. It's very similar to probably the first time you had put a property on, on Airbnb and, uh, you know, you got a booking. Pretty quickly, most likely, uh, after, after putting it on. So it's kind of that gamification aspect that, that Airbnb's trying to instill because they, they, you know, they're, they're, they're campaigning and they put a lot of money and time into onboarding hosts a lot.

[00:11:53] Right. That's been a big portion of their, of their, um, of their investment dollars in the last year is improving that onboarding experience there. But yeah, so, so going, going back here though, uh, my, my thought is that potentially the price might be a little bit higher compared to these, these other properties here.

[00:12:15] So that is, that is, um, you know, it's, it's out of these top, out of these top six properties in this, in this zone here on the first page, it's, it's the, it's the most expensive. Not to say that, you know, you don't want to be the most expensive. But I do also think though, that potentially, you know, these other properties have, uh, they have a little bit more warmth to them from what I can see.

[00:12:39] Uh, maybe that one, this one for sure has a little bit more of design. You can see new paint, things like that. It's in there, uh, it just seems. A better deal. That's, that's kind of my, my initial thought on, on that. So, so that's really quick when it comes down to looking at it very quickly and all, I'm, I would say all I'm offering is just a, a, a, a third party perspective.

[00:13:04] That's anytime people come to us at Rank Re too, I, I, I like to say that because we are really just a third party perspective. We're a set of fresh eyes on, on a listing here and, um, and that's, that's, that's how it should be taken. Let's see here. So on the rest of the page, uh, fairly, fairly competitively priced, I'd say.

[00:13:26] Uh, but definitely not in this top six here. Definitely not in this top six. And, uh, let's, I'm gonna move this now, I'm gonna move this out of the, out of the way. And we'll go back, we'll go back into, into, uh, uh, into, into rank brief here. So one thing too, if we're gonna go into this chart, I know I'm bouncing around a lot, but, but what you're seeing here is actually the visibility of the, of the property over time.

[00:13:58] So, uh, it looks like we added this property on January 25th, so that's when we started to, to track the property and it's actually performing. Pretty well actually, you know, so it's, it's performing pretty decently. I think it's probably because it's a, it's, it is a new property there, uh, but there aren't any bookings.

[00:14:15] So there's, there's a conversion problem, right? So you don't necessarily have a rankings problem so much, but that's, that will probably with due time though, if you don't convert that will, you will drop down in rankings. Right? They're not gonna, they're not gonna keep you there forever. Um, but right now that.

[00:14:35] Mark: I can add a little bit of context on that as well. Cause I, I am privy to like, behind the scenes, so they've got inquiry mode only set up on, um, on their Airbnb listing. Obviously we know Airbnb would favor instant book, but they've got inquiry mode on and, um, what has happened recently is that a, a guest has found them on Airbnb, but has reached out to them directly, so, They've had an inquiry come in, um, and they can't take the book in because it's set up to inquiry and they can't take it cuz somebody's in there until the end of February.

[00:15:09] So they probably are getting clicks on, which is good. Which is great, you know? Mm-hmm. But they can't actually take the book in at the moment because they've got inquiry, inquiry modes open as a, and, and, and as a guest in, and the one guest that did find them, They contacted them directly, which, you know, music's my ears.

[00:15:24] I'm like the Boost League, it's like a win in that per respect. But if you're talking of like conversions, yeah, it will be, it will be low. Um, and this is the thing with Medium term Rentals bookings, you know, they, the, the 30 day stay pluses is that a lot of them will not have instant book on. Because they want to obviously have a, you know, if they're gonna book it out for more than 30 days, they wanna make sure that the people coming in are, you know, decent and all that cool stuff.

[00:15:51] They don't wanna like direct the property and what, and they like to have like a conversation. So that could explain the reason why clicks. Aha. But conversion is no.

[00:16:02] Kelvin: Yeah. And Airbnb will still measure things like that too. Right? They'll, they, they'll measure, uh, Uh, what is it called? Your, I think it's like your, I think it's called list to inquiry rate, which is essentially how many people visited your listing on Airbnb that actually reached out to contact you.

[00:16:23] So that is a measurement that the Airbnb takes into account. Um, and if, uh, if, sorry, what's, what's the person's name that, uh,

[00:16:35] Mark: Justina. So the person who runs it is called Justina.

[00:16:38] Kelvin: Okay. Yeah. So if just, um, if just can add like the, our, our Chrome extension on, um, She'll be able to actually look at her booking conversions over time as well.

[00:16:51] It's a little bit of a new listing, so, but yeah, you'll be able to break things down in terms of like search first, first search page, impression, search to listing conversion, uh, listing to booking conversion. Will be, will most likely be low just because there hasn't been a booking. I think it's been one booking from what I could tell on, on the, on the listing there.

[00:17:09] But in general, this will also be areas where she can go and she can actually look and examine and watch her, uh, conversion rates, uh, spread across each month. So currently it's February, 2023. How's it looking in March? How's it looking for April? How's it looking for May into the future there? So that's, that's another way for you to gauge your.

[00:17:31] Uh, your, the performance of your listing, not just from like a rankings perspective per se. It's, you know, ultimately Airbnb's after the same thing that, that the, that the, that the host is after, which is a booking realistically. That's the, that's the, that's the, that's the only thing basically that, that Airbnb's looking for, and it's practically the only thing that, that the, that, that the, that the, the, the host is looking for as well, so, Yeah, you just have to keep that in mind that that's, that's that everybody's on the same page here.

[00:18:03] And, you know, these will, these little indicators, these little, um, metrics here can also help you understand, um, how your conversion rates are over, over the, over the future there. Uh, we also have a rankings, uh, chart for, for weekly stays too. So we break things down in terms of how you're performing in, in those little chunks in, in your, in.

[00:18:25] Calendar, but then we also look at weekly rankings and we also look at how you perform on, on monthly rankings too. So you get a little bit of an idea for, for those different lengths of stay on, on your site. Just, uh, just a

[00:18:37] Mark: super quick one. Yeah. And you, you very quickly mentioned it, but you mentioned about of an extension.

[00:18:42] What is the Yes. Extension and can you just spread, just share a little bit more light on that for us please?

[00:18:48] Kelvin: Yeah, sure. So the extension is, um, Uh, I'm like, I've got an, I've got an API key here, so I, I'd like to prefer to hide that, that, that, that key there. Um, where,

[00:19:04] Mark: where? Um, but sorry. Very quickly. Above, above.

[00:19:07] Kelvin: It's, it's, it's, it's at the top there. Okay. Um, did we see it, but. Uh, I'll, I think I scrolled pretty quickly. So really what the extension, what the Chrome extension does is it allows you to go onto Airbnb and you can go on to, um, go, go, go to a specific property. You can click on different properties to see the, the, um, uh, the, uh, the income.

[00:19:34] So for example, we'll go to Calgary, which is like where I'm from, and we can go into here. It'll start to calculate the, the, uh, income of the property and give you a sense for individually how much these properties are are making on their end. And then, um, uh, also when you have the, an API key installed, what'll happen is you'll get a little button there that says Get marker port.

[00:20:01] You click that get marker report, and then we will collect, uh, all the proper. In the area, we'll collect all the properties in the area and then produce a report that looks, uh, pretty much like this. So you'll get, uh, you'll get top properties in the area, property features, and monthly cash flow, uh, as well as like occupancy rates, slightly rates, and, and also amenities that, that, uh, that are popular in the area too.

[00:20:31] Mark: Amazing. Amazing. And so they need the extension. You need the API key, and then you're good to.

[00:20:37] Kelvin: Yeah. And the extension will also give you like different tables inside of your, inside of your, your hosting dashboard really as well, really such as this, this, this, uh, conversion rate table as well.

[00:20:49] Mark: Lovely. So, um, that's good.

Look at the competion

[00:20:51] So first and foremost, look at the competition. Look to see what everybody else is doing. Use that as like your eyes and your guide, and then what's the next thing that we should be looking at.

[00:21:02] Kelvin: So, yeah, once, once you've, you, once you've examined your, your competitors, uh, hopefully you're, you know, you want to be objective as possible, right?

[00:21:11] So you can kind of, uh, Nitpick and see the reasons objectively why a person would click on your listing versus why they wouldn't click on your listing, or better yet, why they would click on another listing before they click on yours. That's, that's maybe, uh, uh, a better sense of, of what it is. But, uh, ignoring all that, let's kind of dive into the listing specifically.

[00:21:33] Um, this is not necessarily using Ries, so this is just like a, a third party perspective here. Um, one of the things that I, I kind of thought. 50 megabits per second is that instead of saying 50 megabits, I think it might be just simpler for people to, to uh, understand fast wifi, for example, cuz not everyone is, is technical enough to, to understand that 50 megabits is, is is pretty fast.

[00:22:00] Um, uh, pretty fast. But, you know, nobody really looks for like 50, big 50 megabits per specifically. So I would say if, if the opportunity arises, try to change this to, uh, fast wifi, for example, um, that might be a little bit, uh, easier for, for, uh, the common person to, to understand. Um, and my understanding about this listing is that they're trying to get longer term contractor stays.

[00:22:32] Uh, maybe Mark, you could tell me a little bit, so when, when it says contractor stays, is that usually like a group of people? You said four people To me, I was only thinking of one person personally on my side, but maybe I'm, I'm wrong about that. So, uh, does that mean it's

[00:22:45] Mark: small? Yeah. Contractors are like tradies builders.

[00:22:49] Working on construction sites and they normally travel in like groups of four or five. Um, it can, it can, it can vary. I, uh, but basically what Justina is looking to go for is constructions, builders, you know, also as well. Um, Basically anything me, medium term, uh, re families relocating, et cetera, that is really like the niche that we're going for.

[00:23:12] But obviously would love to have those longer term bookings that are like a month, two, month, three months, instead of having the short term rent rental model that we know I can love so much.

[00:23:22] Kelvin: I see. Okay. Um, that is, that is very helpful. So the, you know, to me, probably the first thing that, that, that stuck out in my mind, uh, was.

[00:23:34] Uh, well, let's talk about the description, actually. First of all, we can talk about the photos in a second, but the description overall, so. To me, I think the, just, I think it's maybe just a, I would, I would try to prioritize these, these, these sections a little bit differently because if you're trying to attract, um, uh, let's say longer type of bookings or these contractor type of bookings, they.

[00:23:57] They, you're really only hitting them with this, this first section, which just makes, which talks about how easy it is to, to check in, which is important. But it, that's also basically probably an afterthought because they know that when they book this, they're, the, the biggest mi thought on their mind is probably how comfortable the space is after they're done.

[00:24:17] Um, done their hard day of work, let. If that's, you know, the, because it's his contractor there. So I'm, I'm assuming trades labor working all day, starting at five in the morning till 5:00 PM at night, getting home. How am I getting home? How's the transit look? How comfortable is this space for, for me to relax in?

[00:24:37] With four other people as well, right? Like if it's, if there's, if, if, depending on how the purchasing decision is, if there's more people involved in the purchasing decision, the longer the purchasing decision will take, right? Because there's more opinions that are being added into there. So I would say that the there to, to try to, to reconfigure the listing a little bit around, uh, even this other thing to note, I think is actually very important.

[00:25:03] Even though it's listed at the bottom, it's lo it, it does contain a lot of the things that, that, uh, a person looking for longer types of stays would, would value, um, would value quite a bit when it comes down to the location and, um, and comfort and how, how far away they are from, from, uh, different things.

[00:25:20] Of course, free parking is, is mentioned in the title there. Um, it's good to be mentioned here. Uh, yeah, I would, I would say it's, it's, it's all good there. It's a pretty simple listing description ultimately, which, which can be good. But I would, you know, I would try to add in a little bit more, um, flavor, you know, some, some color into, into the, into the description there.

[00:25:41] Yeah, that's, that's, that's my thoughts there, is that it could probably be catered a little bit more to, to, to speaking to those people with, with longer, that are looking for longer stays.

[00:25:55] I would, I would look at this, this, this pictures here, but I would actually prefer to go back into, back into rank here, and then go back into, uh, maybe run a spot check here for, again, this date goes into Airbnb. Uh, one thing that we should also, one thing that we wanna be mindful of is, um, Let's see here.

[00:26:29] Uh, one thing that we wanna be mindful of is, is actually the, let me, let me refresh this.

[00:26:43] Uh, well, yeah, so now it's showing number one because I clicked on it and I, I've, this is my, I've been clicking on this listing a lot. But in general though, um, I like to look at photos, not necessarily from the viewpoint of the listing. In this capacity, I actually prefer to look at photos inside of the oops, uh, inside of the actual search results page because to me it gives me a better indication of how these, these photos appear overall, um, in comparison to to other folks.

[00:27:18] So if we click, uh, I think it was, this listing I thought was, was quite interesting. So this one's got pretty good design here on, on this side. Um, probably to me, I would, I would probably click this listing to, to learn a little bit more about it. This listing, um, Uh, I guess has like a bit of a Chinese theme, which is interesting.

[00:27:41] Um, maybe that is times with, uh, the lunar New Year. I don't know. But, uh, that would be interesting if it was. So this one, um, this one's okay, but it's a, it's a lot of white to me, so maybe doesn't stand out as much. And then if I were to, you know, of course take into account how those other properties looked as I was scrolling by, um, let's take an objective view on, on, on this particular.

[00:28:06] So,

[00:28:15] Mark: uh, and just while you're doing that as well, there are new pitches being taken soon. Um, the professional p photographer is going in very soon. Um, these are like the, what's to called the, the placeholder images until the professional new pitches are being done. Mm-hmm. Okay.

[00:28:33] Kelvin: Uh, I mean the, it's, the pictures are okay.

[00:28:37] I would say it's not, you know, I, I, you know, if you're already taking photos then, uh, professional photos, then, then that's, that's good. I, I feel this, this may sound weird, but I, I feel a little suspect when I see, uh, uh, these, these. Floor plans, what are they called? 3D floor plans. Floor plans. Yeah. When I see the floor plan images, um, especially like right into, like, right into like the first, I think it's like what, the fifth image or something that in five six, I think it's the fifth and the sixth image, to me it's, it's not as, um, I'm not sure if these are personally necessary to me, and they also make me question things sometimes when I see floor plans, I kind of think that it's an incomplete process.

[00:29:25] You know, it's very similar to like, you know, when you're, if you're gonna buy a condo and then they show you like this computer generated, uh, uh, image of what the lobby will look like and stuff. That's sort of how I feel sometimes when I see, when I see these, uh, when see Airbnb.

[00:29:40] Mark: That is a super interesting Yeah, totally perspective.

Make sure your captions are updated

[00:29:42] Could you, could you round that like self-doubt by making sure your captions are updated to say, Hey, this is a floor plan. This is not like a, a, a generated image. This is actually the property, but we're using the floor plan to sort of explain the space.

[00:29:58] Kelvin: You might be able to, to do that, but for me, I'm just really thinking about how to get that click right?

[00:30:04] So there's no, there's no captions in inside of, uh, the, the Airbnb images. And you also have to be mindful, depending on how many photos you are, this, this number of photos to, to go all the way to the. To the back here, um, might actually stop before you reach the end of your photos there. It depends. Uh, it's, it's quite a bit of photos to be honest with you.

[00:30:25] I think it's like 20 photos. You can actually click back all the way on before it actually stops. But, but we've, we've, we've had situations in dealing with, with some of our, um, some of our, our clients and some of our users where, where they'll have like these really important pictures all the way in the back cuz they're trying to do like this, this.

[00:30:44] This, this, this guided tour type of type of scenario. And like, you know, they've got all their like outdoor, um, outdoor, outdoor game stuff all the way at the back of the photos. And, and the person will never actually reach there, um, in, in this tiny case here. So, To me, the photos are, are, could be done, uh, to be done better.

[00:31:06] But of course there's already, there's already, uh, professional photography, uh, in place. This one, by the way, this one, to me, it, it, this photo actually makes the, the, the area look very small and I think it's because this, this dresser is right next to it. So if there's a possible way to even like crop that I would say crop that just to give it, uh, a bitter a a little bit of a better sense of, of, of size.

[00:31:29] Uh, but also you have to keep in mind that, uh, that may actually backfire on you. You know, it's, although it is some way, in some ways about managing expectations for people too. So, you know, if you, if it, if it is a smaller space, you might want to give them a little bit of a sense of that. But, um, yeah, that's my initial thoughts with, with the photos there, is that they could be improved and the floor plans.

[00:31:53] To me, I don't, I don't love the floor pants per se. I like, I like this photo, uh, quite a bit. Um, it is a good choice as a second photo. Mm. What would Kitchen looks great too. We be looking

[00:32:09] Mark: at very modern, what would we be looking at then for a first image, because we all know how important that first image is compared to the other ones are in the area.

[00:32:17] Should we be going with the outside one? Should we be going for the living room one or is there another one on there that we should be. Uh,

[00:32:26] Kelvin: in your opinion actually. So I do, I do think the outside one is, is, um, is quite nice just because like, I don't actually think there is another property here that has outdoor photos.

[00:32:38] Yeah, that was my

[00:32:39] Mark: opinion. Everybody else showed the interior, which to me, you know, doesn't show. How big it is. Cause you need to portray that this is like, this is a townhouse, this isn't an apartment, which obviously a lot of 'em are. Mm-hmm. So it's like, how do you portray that you are a, uh, a house? I mean, I know it's not the best picture because the garden isn't the tidiest, but

[00:33:00] Kelvin: it's, I was gonna say that.

[00:33:02] I was gonna say the garden. The garden might wanna get some cleanup, you mean? Yeah,

[00:33:06] Mark: some tidy up, some cleanup, et cetera. Uh, but it does portray and it does, you know, the sky makes it draw the attention. Um, And it just show that it's a big property, cuz obviously we want to get across that it is a big property with, you know, again, tapping into the customer avatar.

[00:33:23] If, if they've got contractors, like builders working, they need a place to have their van. And it needs to be easy access, it needs to be like roadside parking, et cetera. Um, so that's a big, like a big point as well that we need to get across that this is a, this is a free parking, which is why we got free parking, uh, roadside parking.

[00:33:39] Like, see, your van can easily get in.

[00:33:43] Kelvin: If, if that's what you're aiming for. I would, I would say it might be worth investing in. Uh, set of people. Sometimes you'll see people inside of, inside of images here. So if that's something that you want to convey as the size of how many people could, could truly fit into a space, probably the kitchen is, uh, is a really good opportunity to to, to showcase that here.

[00:34:10] So, you know, you kind of maybe remove those tables. You get those tables out of. Uh, you get the table out of there and you just have it, uh, or sorry, maybe not the table, maybe just the chairs. You move the chairs out of there and you've got standing, you've got, uh, a couple different people standing there and just, you know, in the, uh, action shots of, of, of a party.

[00:34:29] Not, you know, it's not a rager where it's like a teen party of people booking stuff, but it's, you know, it's, uh, it's a Super Bowl party or something like that. Well, maybe not Super Bowl. So for

[00:34:38] Mark: this, it would be get a couple of, uh, actors. Models and just get 'em into some pictures to show that people can live in it.

[00:34:46] Yeah, I would

[00:34:47] Kelvin: try. Yeah. If that's, if what you're trying to convey is space and the large largeness of it, and how, how, like this one, this one, this, this actually looks like a pretty big kitchen from, from this angle. So maybe that's a, maybe this should be your photo of the, of the, uh, of, of the kitchen versus that, that first one there at the, at the very beginning.

[00:35:08] That's, that's, that's, That, that's, that's maybe some thoughts there if it comes down to, to, to trying to house more, more people and making that a little bit more apparent there. Uh, yeah. So let's see here. What is on it? What else do we got? Uh, keywords. So, uh, inside of, we also have this, this. This, this area called the Optimization Hub.

[00:35:34] The Optimization Hub has a bunch of, uh, listing optimization tools. So we have tools to recommend you for different keywords that you'll want to use in your title and in your description. Uh, we also analyze your amenities. Uh, we also analyze, uh, reviews and your competitor reviews more importantly. And, um, Uh, yeah, so I, I kind of went in here already just to kind of take a look at a, a couple different things and there were a, a few different words that, that, that, that kind of popped out to me that if they're not included in the listing already, it would be a good idea to, to include these in, into there.

[00:36:13] Uh, and. How these, how these keywords are generated is by looking at the top ranking properties in the area, so the first pages of properties in the area, looking at the different titles, looking at the different descriptions, and then, uh, pretty much just looking at like ADR occupancy rates, what pages they were on, and breaking them down into chunks to give you, um, uh, Different ideas that you can use for your, for your listing description.

[00:36:39] So I've got like private parking there. I thought that was, was something, if it's not already mentioned long day, um, you know, if it's, if a person's been working at a, at a place for, uh, quite a while. I did also notice that there are a lot of these properties seem to also be targeting contractors. I think I, I did, I did notice that quite a bit.

[00:37:00] Um, It's, it is actually not, maybe not that surprising to me that this long day, um, uh, keyword did, did, did pop up, and of course, People that are even traveling for vacations. Uh, you know, vacation rentals, traditional vacation rentals also are gonna have long days walking around on their feet and stuff like that.

[00:37:19] So they need a place to, to relax. Long day, peaceful home free, free Netflix, short drive, minute drive. Uh, yeah, these were some of the smart tv. These are sorts of, some, some keywords that I thought might be good to, to add into, add into the listing here. Uh, private garden. Easy access might not be a private garden, but I knew there was, uh, enough there that maybe you could, you could work that into, into the listing.

[00:37:45] Um, may not be that appealing really, quite frankly to, to contractors cuz they're probably not that interested in doing gardening in, in, in. Um,

[00:37:53] Mark: yeah. But if you had like a, if you had like a pet, if you were targeting people that had pets for like, you know, those longer term stay, then private garden could definitely be one.

[00:38:01] I'm looking at easy access. I'm looking at, um, Free Netflix and the occupancy rate is there and the ADR is there. So obviously, like the ADR of this property is around about 1 65. Um, and then you wanna look at like the, the occupancy next to it, which is, which is called, and then on the right hand side, you're looking at the average page that they appear on, right?

[00:38:24] So yes, something like modern appliances, that's in 53% occupancy, average daily rate of one free. Free. And it's on page. Interesting. Yeah, this is, this is a really cool tool. The keywords idea.

[00:38:39] Kelvin: Yeah, and we've got more coming soon for you, mark, so don't worry. Uh, yeah, short walk. Uh, so yeah, these are, yeah, these are ideas that you can, these are keyword ideas that are grabbed from top ranking properties in the area that you can use to, to add into your, into your listing there. Um, the amenities analyzer, this one was actually, um, this one, what it does is it looks at top ranking, um, uh, properties, looking at their amenities, and then looking at what amenities this property has.

[00:39:08] Basically saying what, uh, cross-referencing it and, and saying what you might want to add into your property because all these other properties seem to have it as well. Um, and one thing that was very popular was shampoo. And I thought to myself, there's no way that this property doesn't have shampoo in it.

[00:39:24] Uh, but it actually doesn't have shampoo, uh, interestingly enough. So I think that was, that was one thing that, um, that I thought was, was quite interesting here is. If you would get shampoo

[00:39:36] Mark: added, get this shampoo added in.

[00:39:39] Kelvin: Yeah. If you want people to stay there for a longer period of time, they're probably gonna need to, to wash their hair.

[00:39:44] And to be honest with you, she probably has shampoo in here. Like, let's, let's be honest, like she probably does have, have shampoo in here, but. For some reason, Airbnb has decided to, to, to say here that, that, uh, the shampoo is, is not included in here. So, um, yeah, these are just some, some baseline things that, that, uh, that could be covered here.

[00:40:06] Shampoo, I know shower gel's not in there. Uh, coffee is included, it says, but there's no copy maker from, from what I could tell, which seems a little odd to me. I, there probably is a copy maker in there, but for some, It's, uh, it's, it's not checked off there. And, um, you know, there's certain amenities that you can't really add in there necessary.

[00:40:27] Like you can't just add a balcony into a place without a, a fairly large investment. But there's lots of other things in here too that, that, um, that, that would be quite valuable. And these are basically organized from the most popular to, to, to, to, to the least popular in terms of, um, well frequently appearing to the rarest within, within your.

[00:40:51] Uh, yeah, so, so that's, that's what the amenities analyzer does. So it'll, you know, if it makes you just a little bit more strategic in, in the types of amenities that you, that you should turn on, um, in, on your listing there, cuz um, Uh, you know, at some point you're gonna get to a point where, where, for example, you've, you've audited this thing, you've gone through, you've added those lists, you've added as much as you can, and then you're just trying to stand out a little bit more.

[00:41:16] So you, you wanna make a little bit more of a, a, a, a high you, you wanna make a little bit more of a data-driven decision on the ROI that you'll get out of a specific amenity, right? Shampoo is not gonna cost you much, but when it comes down to, to other things, for example, Uh, then, then, then you can use this as a little bit more of a data driven approach of what's ranking well and what amenities you want to consider that, that, uh, the Airbnb showing because everything's a filtering process ultimately.

[00:41:42] Cuz when people are searching for things on, on, on, on Airbnb, they're, they're entering dates, they're entering a city, they're entering the guest count, they're entering a price filter, they're entering an amenities filter, they're entering a super host filter or whatever. All these, everything is just a filter.

[00:41:57] So the more you can do to fight that filter, the better, the better off. Mm, love it. Um, uh, and then finally the review analyzer is a section, uh, where again, we're looking at the, the top ranking properties in your area in a radius perspective. Uh, and we're kind of comparing your property against other properties that of the same size as well, just to keep it apples to apples.

[00:42:19] And, uh, what we do is we just pull snippets. We pull snippets out of the, out of those reviews there and. Uh, give you different ideas, just like how the keyword ideas has, but this one's a little bit more unique because it's, it's much more free flowing, I would say. Sometimes you'll get things and stuff added into there that's, that's maybe not the best sentiment I would say, but it's, it's cuz it's pulled from a review, right?

[00:42:42] So not all reviews are positive, um, but we try to organize it so that it, it we kind of give you a sense for. What's some of the more unique things and popular things that that people are saying? So what I noticed in the reviews is there's a lot of people talking about leads, city leads city center. So that is a very big deal here.

[00:43:01] It was actually mentioned in several reviews in different types of ways as well. So, um, that is, it seems to be so important to other people that I would say that that should be like a really big primary factor inside of, inside of the listing where it's like so apparent where. For example, there's like a map of the city perhaps, and then there's like a little arrow that shows this is where you are, and then here's the Starbucks, here's the grocery shop, here's the, here's the city center.

[00:43:29] And it's all within three blocks, for example. Um, we also look at tons of reviews all the time and distance is for sure like the most, the most mention. Thing in reviews, uh, positive reviews is the distance to things. Usually people say two, three blocks away from something or, or a short drive or short Uber or, or something like that.

[00:43:52] So you'll actually notice that in a lot of these reviews. That's really what they mention a lot of the times there. So, so, um, you know, I guess it just pinpoints again, location, location, location is, is really important even for short-term.

Vector maps

[00:44:05] Mark: That's really, I, that's really interesting. So I guess what we could recommend for this would be like one of those vector maps that you see, uh, where they can pinpoint this is where the property is, this is where the city center lead, city center is.

[00:44:16] This is how far we are away. Um, so they can get an idea of that from literally looking at the pitches. Cause obviously that is like a big Yeah.

[00:44:23] Kelvin: Thing. Yeah. I'd also try to put in some other things too, like, you know, the, maybe the nearest major supermarket as well. Um, and. Uh, perhaps even like a train station, if that's really important, is public transit and, and things like that.

[00:44:38] I've never been to the UK one day. Hopefully I will. Yeah, I will go there. But, um, I, I think the transit system's pretty

[00:44:43] Mark: important. There's some really interesting pi bits in, in, in rank bre, that we just wouldn't have picked up from before. For example, the review analyzer is big cuz then obviously we can then amend the description to, so the keywords tool is, is fascinating to me because again, you can.

[00:44:58] Within just a few clicks, really change your list up based on what people are looking for and what's making 'em like, click in. Um, which is, which is amazing. And obviously like the, the advice that you've given here is you've gotta just, you don't do it blind. You look at what other people are doing and you, you match what you need to match and you better what other peoples aren't doing as well.

[00:45:20] And you can quantify that with the data that rank Bre. Because that is a tool that you can't just see from looking at Airbnb. Like you can't see from just looking what the, the competitor reviews are, right. Or what the biggest keywords are and things like that. So that's where these tools are, are really, really valuable.

[00:45:39] Um, which is, Richard is really good. So I'm, I'm really appreciative that you've, you've shown us the back. And even though this is very singular advice, I guarantee that this is something that people on a grander scale can take on board and, you know, and put into practice. Uh,

[00:45:56] Kelvin: yeah, no, thank you. The, the, the, the review analyzer actually to me is probably one of my favorite tools because, and it's, it's, it's, it's mostly because, uh, when somebody, most people that go and click on your.

[00:46:10] Just don't, they don't book it right. Like that's just the, that's just the plain hard truth. Most people that visit a website, uh, of any sort don't actually make a purchase. Right? So it's the same thing with an Airbnb property, uh, or, or a vacation rental property on, on any booking site, V R B o, booking.com, all those, all those different sites when they go and when a guest is searching for a property on, on, let's, let's just use Airbnb, cuz that's what we've been talking about.

[00:46:35] That doesn't mean and, and they don't choose you and you know, they decided not to, not to book with you in, in no way, most likely 99% of the time. That means that they, they're still searching for properties and they will complete their purchase. They will somehow, if they are that determined to go there, they will make a purchasing, purchasing decision.

[00:46:55] They will book a property. So, um, it is in your best interest to understand, um, why a person doesn't choose your property. Over, uh, why, why would they choose another property over your own property? And even just from a copywriting perspective, you know, you wanna write in the way that people talk as well.

[00:47:16] So the review analyzer is just, to me, is like, this is, is it's, it's an understated tool because I haven't quite figured how to position it. But I think to me, it's like my favorite tool, just because you can look at all these. You get so much deep insight into basically the reason why people didn't book your property and chose a different property.

[00:47:34] Like everybody, if they leave a review, they're gonna say things that they, that they care about.

[00:47:38] Mark: Everybody can review a guest once they book. So you can call 'em up and you can survey 'em and go, why did you book with me? But nobody's ever going to tell you why they didn't book review because you don't get access to their data.

[00:47:50] So this, again, like you're saying, it's, it's a fantastic tool to do. And if you know. So many people are looking at lead city center, and if one of your reviews has mentioned Lead City center in it, then take a screen grab of that, go onto Canvas, make it look nice, and then upload it as an image to Airbnb because that is what you know, the first people is where they view.

[00:48:13] And if it, if one of your images is a mention of a review that you've had on Airbnb mentioning closer to Lead City Center, then again you're getting that secret. That people are looking for that like, lo, so many people are looking for closer leads to your center. So if you've had that and you've had that, yes, mention it, showcase it.

[00:48:31] You know, don't wait for somebody to check out your review, screenshot it, make it look good on camera and upload it as an image on on your Airbnb listing. Really good advice. Alright, the final question, and we have to wrap it up because we've, we've done this for a while, is when is the best place for somebody to go to, to sign up to, to rank Bree?

[00:48:50] And what, what can they get, how can they get it? What's the best place to get it? Anything, any discounts or anything that they can come on and grab some like free trials or anything like that. What's the, what's the best thing that we can do for our boley people?

[00:49:02] Kelvin: Uh, I wish you had asked me that earlier, but I, I'll try to think of, of, of something there, but in general, uh, rank.com is the easiest place to to, to get started.

[00:49:13] We don't, unfortunately have a free trial. I just, I don't know. I feel, I feel weird when by said, but we don't have a free trial, but we have a very. Reasonable, uh, trial with costs like seven to $9. Uh, to me it's a paid trial. Uh, that's a pretty EO tools, costs, costs us money. It's, it's very reasonable to, to get this information.

[00:49:34] And, um, yeah, that's the best place to find us. We do rankings, pricing and market data. Those are the three things that we do. We Mark, could I mention one more

[00:49:42] Mark: thing? Yeah, I was gonna say, we've tapped into like a little bit, so I love that there's much more to come. So I'll just mention one more, one more thing, if you don't mind.

[00:49:50] Kelvin: Yeah. I'll mention one more thing just because we talked about, uh, we talked about guest screening and things like that. So, uh, with the extens. One thing that, that, that, that, that's helpful that we don't really talk about too much, is that there's a part of the extension which allows you to screen guests better.

[00:50:07] So normally when you, when you look at a pro, when you look at a guest, uh, Airbnb profile, you really only see the reviews that hosts have left this guest. And, uh, let's be honest, most of the. Hosts are pretty nice to get nice to guess because we are looking for some reification, right? We wanna leave overly nice reviews for these people in order for them to leave us nice reviews, even though they don't see the review.

[00:50:33] But generally, I would say hosts typically are very positive in comparison to the guests. The guests can be much more critical in this capacity. And, um, yeah, what we do with the, if you got the Chrome extension installed, is, uh, we. Pull up the, the. The, the guest review and place it right next to, right next to them.

[00:50:55] So for example, this is Abby. She wants to stay at your property. Um, this host and Scottsdale said, great guest would, would host again. That's a pretty good, pretty good review here, but also you can find a lot more about a person by looking at the reviews that they have left here. She loved that it was a furnished, comfortable condo.

[00:51:13] So convenient steps from the pool, beach towels, provided kitchen. It's kind of the same thing as like looking at how people review other properties, but now you're kind of seeing this review perspective of how, um, how this potential guest might potentially review you in the future. Uh, because, uh, yeah, it's important to, to, to know those things.


[00:51:33] Mark: I love it. I love it. Uh, appreciate you showing us that and appreciate walking it. Um, I know this is gonna help so many people, so please do go check out rank bree.com. Just go and plug it in, plug it into one of your listings, start with one and go from there. Um, I can already see the way we can benefit this property, uh, in leads in just such a short space of time, so I'm excited to to check in and check back with you once we've made those changes.

[00:51:57] Having a blast. Gonna get it on the Bruce

[00:51:59] Kelvin: Lee podcast. Bruce Lee. Let Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the tea is loose leaf. Looking up those rhymes. Don't write it, just do it loosely.

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