My 2022 Time Management Goal

2022 Time Management Goal: How to Achieve More in Less Time

There are two things you can do to improve your time management skills: set better goals and use more effective strategies.

To set better goals, start by identifying your top priorities. What are the most important things you need to accomplish? Make a list of these items and then rank them in order of importance. Once you have your priorities straight, it will be easier to set realistic goals and deadlines.

Use effective strategies to make the most of your time. One great way to do this is to create a daily or weekly schedule. This will help you plan out your time and make sure you are using it efficiently. Make sure to include time for both work and personal tasks.

Another helpful tip is to break up your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces. Trying to accomplish too much at once can be overwhelming and lead to frustration. By breaking your goals down into smaller steps, you will be more likely to achieve them.

Finally, don't forget to schedule some time for relaxation and fun. Having a healthy work-life balance is crucial to maintaining your sanity. Make sure you take some time out each day to do something you enjoy. This can be anything from reading a book to taking a walk.


If you follow these tips, you should be able to improve your time management skills and accomplish more in less time. Just remember to be realistic with your goals and to use effective strategies. And don't forget to schedule some time for yourself!

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 456. In this podcast I speak about my journey to get to where I am right now with Boostly, as well as the responsibility and accountability that comes with it. I also talk about tools I plan to use going forward to help with the Boostly development.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:19 – Blinkest
03:42 – A definite read – Clockwork
04:29 – More responsibilities
06:29 – My Clockwork Commitment
08:28 – Self Accountability

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[00:00:00] Mark: As you all know, I started six years ago now. And over that time, I've grown from being just me on my laptop on top of an Ikea like table balanced on top of the, the, uh, table in the kitchen, working silly hours, trying to get everything up and running, getting up at four in the morning, then doing the schoolroom, coming back while the kids were at school, trying to do bits and all those things while.

[00:00:27] Mark: Growing everything and trying to establish who I am, figure out what I'm doing and all of those things it's now grown from, from that to where now has got 26 members of. All over the world from the website to the content, to the academy, to the boot camp, to the book. And it's been an unbelievable journey.

[00:00:50] Mark: There's one problem though, is that everything is very reliant on me. And over the last sort of year to two years, I've been trying to figure out how the everything. Without me being solely there all the time. And it's a problem that so many business owners have, you know, you yourself watching this wherever you are watching this, because you're part of the boots, the community and your host, or whether you've come to this video, because you've a fan of Mike Michalowicz.



2022 Time Management Goal: How to Achieve More in Less Time


[00:01:19] Mark: So I've found of the clockwork or just a business owner is looking to try and take yourself out of it. And in this video, I want to give you my clockwork commitment now. I'm a massive fan of Blinkist. So those of you who don't know Blinkist, it takes all of the business books that are out there and it reduces it into a 15 minute read or a 10 minute lesson, and just gives you the best bits.

[00:01:39] Mark: And I use Blinkist to discover new books because there's tons of books out there. And I find with, with Blinkist, you get a real good idea. If you're going to really dig a book or not one of the biggest problems when it comes to convert in a Looker, into a Booker for a direct booking, is the trust factor.

[00:01:55] Mark: Well, if you like it or not, your guest is looking to make sure that you are who you say. So, how can you do that? Well, the number one accreditation and recommendation certification service in the industry is I prac and I'm so happy to say that I prac is sponsoring this podcast and is the lead sponsor for all boostly content

[00:02:19] Mark: The reason why we partnered up is because I have been working alongside I practice for many years. I recommend them to every boostly customer, client, and team boostly. The reason being is that unlike other accreditation services, they are not just country specific. It is global and it is worldwide.

[00:02:38] Mark: They've got over 10,000 members and they've got over 250,000 properties, which means that you can display your, I prac certificate on your website and on your socials and know that you are going to be providing that trust that your future potential guest is looking. I reached out to I prac and I asked them if they've got a special offer for Boostly members.

[00:03:01] Mark: And so if you go to T R U S T, you will go to a special boostly landing page where you can book in a call and a demo. And if you sign up, you get a very special exclusive discount. This is only for Boostly members. So thank you. I prac, for being our sponsor. Thank you to listening to this very short message.

[00:03:22] Mark: I hope that you go and check out. I prac today. I hope that you go and join them just like hundreds of, of a boostly members have done, because it will help massively with you increasing your direct bookings. Right? Let's get back to this. And I discovered this book clockwork by Mike Michalowicz. So if you're on this, watching the video, you'll see, it's come up now.


A definite read – Clockwork

2022 Time Management Goal: How to Achieve More in Less Time


[00:03:42] Mark: Uh, so Mike Michalowicz is probably really famous for profit first. Um, he's been an offer for many years. He's done the pumpkin plan toilet prenuer toilet paper. Can you, uh, so many of the things, uh, clockwork, and now he's got other books and I'm so excited because Mike's going to be a guest on this podcast, depending on when you listen to this or watch this.

[00:04:05] Mark: He is going to be a guest on this podcast coming up. And I'm so excited. I've got so many questions I want to ask, but anyway, this book really hit home with me the most. This is where I sort of went down the rabbit hole of all things clockwork and make my CalWORKs because, um, one of the big problems for me is as we grow, we've got more and more people come in and there's more and more, um, hosts that are joined.


More responsibilities

2022 Time Management Goal: How to Achieve More in Less Time


[00:04:29] Mark: And boostly whether it is for the training site and the academy, whether it's the content creation side and boost the content. Wherever it's the website on now, the books. And so having all of these things going on and, um, having all these members of staff and all of these people to answer to, and all of those things, it's now a big responsibility because now it's not just me.

[00:04:50] Mark: I'm not just now building something that, where I'm helping host and having to obviously look after my family. Now I'm employing so many people from around the world and they've got families and it's a big response. So I've been looking for a bit of guidance personally, and this is maybe an honest and open just happened.

[00:05:06] Mark: I mean, documenting this journey for six years now, and this book is just really hit that hit home because what this book teaches you is how you can have your business pretty much running like clockwork, as in where everything is. Team member, staff member outsource a contract, whoever you hire in is on the same path to know what we're all working towards.

[00:05:30] Mark: And when you do that, what it then does is it means that you have a host or anybody, whether it's a website, customer training, or books or content, you get better support, you get better ideas and you get better way of increasing your diet book, which is a man. So I took the book and then I went to check out a little bit more deep dive.

[00:05:50] Mark: Then I saw that there was something called the run, like clockwork accelerator, uh, headed up by Adrian Darson, who is a really good follow by the way, go check out podcast episodes and interviews that she has done. They've got the podcast. And the thing that they've got going on, a team they've got behind the scenes is amazing.

[00:06:05] Mark: And so I joined the, the run like clockwork accelerator, and part of it is you've got two. I'll give you a clockwork commitment. And this is my clockwork commitment upon this, on the screen right now. So I'm being accountable, just like I have done with everything, whether it's writing the book or anything that I've done, I'd like to have a bit of social accountability because when you do it, it's out there in the first hour in the metaverse it's out there on the socials, so people can hold you accountable.


My Clockwork Commitment


[00:06:29] Mark: So it's right there on the screen and I'm going to read out. So I, Mark Simpson, I'm making a formal commitment to the clockwork, et cetera program, and declare that I will make a priority of the next 12 months and beyond. And I joined us in January, 2022. So by January, 2023, this business and the book, diet movement and everything to boostly team, Boostly is going to be running like smoothly, like clockwork.

[00:06:51] Mark: Isn't so dependent on me all the time, because this is grown. To be more than just me. So I look forward to working with the team RLC on like clockwork and I commit to myself and the goals I have for my business. I know it's a process, but every step counts I will actually participate in the group calls and the Facebook community.

[00:07:08] Mark: I need to do better on the group calls. I will ask questions when I have them. I've been doing that. I will isolate myself. And when I get stuck, I will willingly share my wins tips and overs in the community. Okay. I acknowledged that in order to see real change, I must dedicate the time to what I learn and implement in my business.

[00:07:25] Mark: And as such will block out time on my calendar for both learning and implementation. I'm getting better at reading on screens. That's what the recording, the audio book does for you. I would ask my team for support as we implement this work, because even know I might not always be the best at receiving help.

[00:07:41] Mark: I know very, a big part of his. I will take my test vacations over the next 12 months done that because I understand that they are part of the process and the key to getting the data. My business needs to be fully clockwork. I understand that I have, I may not have a fully clockwork business at the end of these 12 months, because this will depend on where I started, but I will be equipped with the tools and strategies.

[00:08:03] Mark: I need to continue to refine my operations and be able to remove any bottleneck growth and to success in, in Diana's intended. And what I really love about this is that, um, I'm getting so many ideas and how I can improve, uh, boostly in the academy and the training and the website and the content moving forward, things like this really do really help give you self accountability and has given us all these amazing ideas.


Self Accountability


[00:08:28] Mark: But for me, Everything that I've done up to this point. So we're recording this what March, 2000 and, uh, 22, everything up until this point has been fantastic. We've got such amazing team members, but I am the bottleneck. So one of the big things that you have to do as part of the run like clockwork, et cetera, program, is identify where the bottlenecks are in your business.

[00:08:49] Mark: And I always assumed that it was elsewhere all over people, but after doing that. I realize that I'm such a big bottleneck. So this is why I'm doing this and I'm not doing this run like clockwork accelerated program to take me out to business. So I can, you know, sit on the beach, drink my ties and just relax.

[00:09:05] Mark: We're free kids. That's never going to happen. No, I'm doing this because by taking myself out of doing so much doing it will give me time to design to be able to go and watch more webinars, to watch, to read more surveys, to see what the current demand is to see what the current true. And then I can bring it back to you and help you more, whether that be the academy, whether it's the free podcast with it.

[00:09:30] Mark: Content the boot camp, the books, or whatever else we end up doing all of these ways that we have together to help you and to help host and to help increase your direct bookings, to help cut down on the reliance. Maybe it'll means that I've got more time to go and speak at the stages and do events and an impact that way maybe it's to do X, Y, or Z, but whatever it means, I need to remove myself as the bottleneck.

[00:09:52] Mark: And so this is my commitment. This is my accountability. And let's see where we are in, in a year's time, just like I've been doing for the last six years. I've been documenting the whole process. And thank you so much for being part of it. Like I say, I'm super excited. It depends on when this comes out.

[00:10:05] Mark: Depends on when this video happens or this podcast happens. If the interview with Mike McRoberts has already taken place, I'll make sure. Drop a link below. Um, if it hasn't yet, come up, please do go search for it. Please do go check out the clockwork book, go and check out his other books as well. Profit first, get different.

[00:10:23] Mark: Fix this next. There's so many amazing books from Mike Michalowicz that I have consumed and digging into. Thank you so much for tuning in. My name is Mark Simpson as always my dedication to you. And my mission is to help 1 million hosts cut down on our overlying on the OTAs, Airbnb, et cetera, and it begins and ends with you.

[00:10:42] Mark: So this is the first time that you've tuned in. And if you are a host or a hospitality owner or property manager, and you want to get my diet book and stick around, hit the likes, like button subscribe, download, but most importantly, share this, share this in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups share on your channels on your Instagram and you take talks wherever it may.

[00:10:59] Mark: Uh, and let's try and spread the word and let's go and get my diet bookings. Thank you so much for that. Sticking on. I'll see you for another podcast. Very shortly.




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