How Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty are Revolutionizing the STR Industry

How Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty are helping the STR Industry

How Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty are Revolutionizing the STR Industry


Short-term rental (STR) is becoming more and more popular as people discover the earning potential and flexibility it offers. However, managing an STR can be difficult, especially if you're not familiar with the industry. That's where Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty come in. These companies are helping to revolutionize the STR industry by making it easier than ever for people to manage their rentals. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Hostfully is a short-term rental management platform that offers a wide range of features to help you manage your rental. These include listing management, guest communication, cleaning and maintenance, and financial reporting. Hostfully also offers a mobile app so you can manage your rental on the go.

Hospitable is another short-term rental management platform that offers a variety of features to help you manage your rental. These include listing management, guest communication, cleaning and maintenance, and financial reporting. Hospitable also offers a mobile app so you can manage your rental on the go.

Uplisting is a short-term rental management platform that helps you list your rental on multiple booking sites. Uplisting also offers a wide range of features to help you manage your rental, including listing management, guest communication, cleaning and maintenance, and financial reporting.

Guesty is a short-term rental management platform that offers a wide range of features to help you manage your rental. These include listing management, guest communication, cleaning and maintenance, and financial reporting. Guesty also offers a mobile app so you can manage your rental on the go.

As you can see, all four of these companies are revolutionizing the short-term rental industry by making it easier than ever for people to manage their rentals. If you're looking for an easy way to manage your short-term rental, be sure to check out one of these platforms. You won't be disappointed.

If you're looking for an easy way to manage your short-term rental, Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty are all great options. These companies are revolutionizing the industry by making it easier than ever for people to manage their rentals. So if you're looking for an easy way to manage your rental, be sure to check out one of these platforms. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 470. In this podcast I'm going to be talking to Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty about their PMS and they're going to be answering questions asked directly from the community.

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Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Introduction
03:33 – What is Hostfully and why do you call it a PMP?
11:23 – Questions for Hostfully
23:18 – Hospitable plans for the future and what they’re working on now
34:21 – Questions for Hospitable
45:10 – Introduction to Uplisting
56:18 – Questions for Uplisting
01:03:14 – Introduction to Guesty
01:12:35 – Questions for Guesty
01:23:14 – Summary from Mark

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Mark: Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. And welcome for where you are tuning in from around the world. My name is Mark Simpson and I give hosts just like you, the tools, the tactics, the training, and the confidence to go and get more direct bookings. And there's a big, big pain point in this industry. And there's a question that I get asked a lot, mark, which PMs provider should I go with?

[00:00:18] Mark: Property management software, uh, or PMP, whatever you wanna describe them as now. Um, 1,400 different variations of PMs providers. It's crazy is bananas. It's insane. I've done a blog post on boosted dot code UK slash PMs, where we interviewed a hundred hosts. We find out who they use and the pros and the cons, which was cool, but people want more.

[00:00:41] Mark: So I reached out to Hostfully. I reached out to hospitable. I reached out to uplifting and Guesty and asked if they could come into a zoom room where we'd have up to a hundred hosts who were wanting to ask questions. And they all said, yes, we got 'em all in. It was really good. I recorded it. And I wanted to put it as a podcast and a YouTube video.

[00:01:01] Mark: Uh, so the questions that people were asking, they were members of team Boley. And if you wanna know more about team, Boostly  send me a message and I'll show you how you can join. You can email me [email protected], just put subject team Boostly want to join. Um, or you can send me a message on Instagram.

[00:01:18] Mark: Which is at Boostly UK. But anyway, this is not for that. We had questions. We had people coming in, we had numbers, uh, we, we really broke down, um, the different versions of a PMs provider where you should be on your journey. When should you be getting a PMs? So should it, is it property number one or is it property number five?

[00:01:36] Mark: And we really broke it down. And what I love about the, a mix of people that we got is that we've got people in here that are helping host at different stages of their journey. And I'll leave you to decide on which one's gonna be best for you. A really key takeaway that we learned from VIN up uplift in was that you've got to take advantage of the 14 day trials or the trials that are being provided.

[00:02:00] Mark: Uh, at the end of the day, you could go off hearsay. You could go off what somebody else said. You can go off what your next door neighbor's doing, but for you, it's all about who you work with best. So bear that in mind, as we tune into this podcast, it's about an hour long. I will timestamp it so you can jump from backwards and forwards, backwards, and forwards, et cetera, but please make sure that you watch listen, pay attention.

[00:02:21] Mark: And if you wanna have any further questions, reach out to the property management software providers directly. Okay. Everybody. This is a really good one. So please pay attention and please make sure that you not only watch, but you take action. Take care. Next thing you'll see is my face. And Frank from Hostly say hi to Frank for me, please, in, in the chat.

[00:02:42] Mark: Um, if the time occurs, we'll even let you unmute your microphone and you can, uh, you can ask a question. So we've got Frank from Hostly. So Frank, and if you can just double check, can you see the chat that's in the left hand side, in the chat box? Yes. Brilliant. All right, so you've got cohost, Billy. The floor is yours for the next five to 10 minutes.

[00:03:04] Mark: Just walk everybody through. Number one. What is Hostfully number two? Um, Why'd you call it a PMP, you know, just all the things that basically can, you can just sort of get across with hopefully as soon as possible. And then, and then let me know when you're finished and then what I'll do is I'll, I'll, uh, open the floor to, to questions.

[00:03:22] Mark: Uh, I'm gonna be busy letting people in the room. So if you ask me a question, if I don't respond and if it looks like I'm looking to my right, I'm not, not paying attention, I'm just letting people in the room as we go.

What is Hostfully and why do you call it a PMP?

How Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty are helping the STR Industry

[00:03:33] Frank – Hostfully: yeah, no worries, mark. No worries at all. So, uh, yeah, I'm happy. I can totally take it from here.

[00:03:39] Frank – Hostfully: Absolutely. So, uh, can everyone see my screen make the most out of every stay? Pretty mountains? Yep. We're all good. Yep. All right. Wonderful. So kind of just before we start, I just wanted to let you know a little bit more about Hostfully. So what we do is we essentially strive to make the most out of every state simply by helping vacation rental companies and property managers make more money, save time and just improve the overall traveler experience.

[00:04:05] Frank – Hostfully: So as mark mentioned, I am Frank BOSI. I'm the senior director of business development here at Hostly. And today we're gonna be talking a little bit more about our products, a little bit about company, and then normally we dive into a demo to learn about more of the platforms and features. But again, just feel free to ask any question you like, this is my contact information.

[00:04:24] Frank – Hostfully: So again, feel free to reach out to me at any time. I'm always happy to help. So a little bit about Hostly the company was founded about six years ago. That's where we started with our guidebook platform. And now we're their number one in the market for digital guidebooks. So the guidebook is an individually populated platform.

[00:04:41] Frank – Hostfully: We manage over 30,000 properties around the world. We're live in 85 different countries. And with our guidebook platform, we have over 2 million views per month and 500,000 recommendations within our guidebooks alone. Uh, before starting coastally a few of us worked with Salesforce, apple, Marriott, Netscape, and some of us are active vacation rental managers as well.

[00:05:02] Frank – Hostfully: Now as some of you may know, Hostfully as two products and these are both completely standalone products, you have the property management platform, which is basically designed to streamline your operations and increase your revenue. And then we have the guidebook platform, and this is where you provide all the details for your guest.

[00:05:18] Frank – Hostfully: Uh, they're both fully integrated. So you're of course more than welcome to use both of them together, but you also have the option to use just the property management software or just the digital guidebook and a quick overview of our digital guidebook platform. It's a full web-based solution, completely mobile responsive.

[00:05:33] Frank – Hostfully: The guidebook is where you're gonna provide all the information that the guests will need to know during their trip. Um, and for them to something for them to access before their trip or even something. Um, for them to access while they're staying with you. So what the guidebook does is we make you look more professional.

[00:05:47] Frank – Hostfully: You're gonna ultimately spend less time on guest communications on the guidebook. We'll also have this higher quality of guest communication because now you can refer your guest to the guidebook for those annoying pesky details. Like how do use the thermostat? How do you check in what's the address?

[00:06:01] Frank – Hostfully: And instead, just talk to them about the hunt. Um, our guidebook also has a print version, so you can manage your digital and print in one place, and you could also private label it this way. It enhances your brand. Uh, but it's also a single source of information, not just for your guest, but also for your entire team.

[00:06:17] Frank – Hostfully: And the great thing about this is that it doesn't require your guest to download an app because our guidebook is a web application. So each of your properties will have its own link. Once the guest clicks on that link, it communicates any device that they're currently using. So that's the guidebook in a nutshell, next up is the property management platform.

[00:06:33] Frank – Hostfully: So we have a fun, cool, unique approach to the user interface and how we handle property management operations. In general, a lot of it is GE uh, guest centric, including our dashboard and our pipeline. We, some excited is showing a couple of seconds. But before I do that, I just wanted to take, to just take a step back, uh, and review some of our functionality at a higher level.

[00:06:53] Frank – Hostfully: So we help manage your business from tip to tail. We're also integrated with dynamic pricing, payment processing, cleaning accounting, home automation. So you have the property data side of post fully becomes your central place to manage all the details of your listening. So pictures, description, amenities, pricing, availability, all of those will be managed within Hostfully moving forward over to distribution.

[00:07:15] Frank – Hostfully: We're able to sync with all the direct channels that we have connected to our channel management. And currently we're fully integrated with Airbnb VRBO,, Marriot international homes and villas, and some other channels as well. We can also integrate with your current website and we have a website.

[00:07:32] Frank – Hostfully: Uh, we have a template for that website as well. If you don't have a website, which really nice with Hostly is you can use our out of the box website, which I'll show, um, Which, if you have more questions I can show you. And that's basically just a full booking engine, which is really easy to customize, and it gets your properties up and running rather seamlessly onto the booking side.

[00:07:50] Frank – Hostfully: We have a centralized reservation system, flexible calendar. You can filter all of your reservations and you can actually create quotes directly from that calendar. We also have, uh, direct integration with payment processors. And as of right now, we're fully integrated with PayPal Stripe and vacation rent payment.

[00:08:07] Frank – Hostfully: In regard to guest management, you can automate emails and text messages, but you also, we also now offer, uh, a unified inbox 2.0 where managers and owners can communicate within the Hostfully platform across all the different channels with all of your guests. Um, also keep in mind our integration with our guest communications.

[00:08:28] Frank – Hostfully: Digital guidebook is one of the best in class, and then we have, um, reporting. So we have daily, weekly, uh, check in, check out reports, transactional reports, financial reports. We also have an owner's portal where the owners can basically see the financial statements and the calendars for properties, which they own.

[00:08:44] Frank – Hostfully: Also, we just have our new enhanced reporting feature, uh, where you can start customizing your own categories, fees, uh, columns, and you can automate, um, emails to go out either daily, weekly, or monthly. So a lot of automation happening on the back end now. This right here is our calendar. This is how you want your calendar to ultimately look, uh, it's a multi-channel calendar color coded, um, with lots of different reservations from lots of different sources.

[00:09:13] Frank – Hostfully: So if you have reservations from different channels, they appear here in different colors. And the cool thing is, is that you can open each one individually and basically manage everything from one central screen. Of course, the benefits of using our platform is the overall streamline of the booking process.

[00:09:28] Frank – Hostfully: You get your distributions of listings across multiple channels. While of course at the same time, you're keeping rates and availability in sync. And you're also connecting with the best integrative partners in the industry. And you see here that hopefully has a lot of really cool integrations making us a fully integrated property management platform, where our clients are now able to centralize their entire tech stack via one channel manager.

[00:09:54] Frank – Hostfully: And these are some more of the integrations. We're also winning awards. So we won the Keystone awards back to back as the best software and the best software to grow with. And we recently won the shorties award of 20, 22 as the best property management software. So we're really excited for that. Um, and then you can also say, sorry, I'm Italian.

[00:10:16] Frank – Hostfully: I talk with my hands. You're good. Here you can. Here. You can also see, uh, we are, uh, preferred partners with Airbnb and VRBO. We have industry leading customer support and implementation. Uh, so we have personalized onboarding with three one on one. Onboarding sessions with a designated manager onboarding manager.

[00:10:36] Frank – Hostfully: We also have 24 hours, seven day a week, customer support, and we have a customer satisfaction score of over 96%. Um, so that's showing how happy our users are with Hostly and with our customer support, we do have a bunch of fun case studies, but I know I reached my 10 minutes. So any questions you have, please let me know.

[00:10:56] Frank – Hostfully: I'm always happy to.

[00:10:58] Mark: Amazing. Amazing. Thank you. So, um, sorry if I went too

[00:11:02] Frank – Hostfully: fast, I I'm

[00:11:03] Mark: a little out of breath on that one. No, that was perfect out out of breath, mostly because you're talking with your hands. So yeah. It'll work out in itself. You're good. No, really good. So thank you very much. Okay. So, uh, I'm looking in the, the comments and, um, there's one from Jill and what I'll, what I'll do is I'll, I'll speak to Jill's question now.

Questions for Hostfully

[00:11:23] Mark: And then if anybody has a question, you can literally raise your hand as a, raise your hand feature, uh, tap that you come to the top of the chat and I'll mute you so you can ask, uh, Frank live. So the question is, um, so she loves her Hostfully guidebook. Oh great. Um, she wishes that she could import her local attractions map details rather than replicate all of the hundreds of details.

[00:11:48] Mark: So is there anything coming up where they could potentially import instead of having to like duplicate as such.

[00:11:55] Frank – Hostfully: Um, kind of, I sort of, so you can create a card, um, specifically for that attraction and then you, all you have to do is click on the other guidebook that you want. And those will automatically go to the other guidebooks.

[00:12:09] Frank – Hostfully: We do now have a partnership with Viator, um, where you, the property manager can get 8% commission. If your guest were to book, um, an attraction via Viator via the guidebook. But by using that, essentially Viator is recommending all the attractions and that's an easy way of just automatically getting that

[00:12:28] Mark: imported.

[00:12:29] Mark: Fantastic. Um, so we actually have a, a question in from Greg. Greg's put his hand up. So Greg, if you wanna, um, very quickly just unmute your microphone, buddy. I know you've got a question about payment and something else, so it's easy if you just unmute your microphone and, uh, and ask away.

[00:12:46] Frank – Hostfully: Good morning, mark.

[00:12:48] Frank – Hostfully: There we are. How are

[00:12:49] Mark: we?

[00:12:51] We're

[00:12:51] Mark: fine at 7:00 AM. Hey, got, got a question for Hostfully.

[00:12:55] Guest: Can you book multiple rooms at one time? I E put 'em in the same basket. That way the guest is paying just once or do they have to keep going back to the platform to book each separate

[00:13:08] Frank – Hostfully: room? So as of right now, they would have to go to the platform to book separate rooms.

[00:13:14] Frank – Hostfully: However, that is a feature we're working on. We're working on a bulk editing feature, um, and there's gonna be different components to that, but that's one of the things that we really do want to get, uh, working. What we do have is really cool. Like, let's say you get a direct call and we know how much mark, uh, loves direct bookings, but if somebody gives you a call and they're like, Hey, Greg, um, you know, I'm looking for a property or two, three properties with four to seven bedrooms.

[00:13:40] Frank – Hostfully: I don't wanna spend more than, you know, a hundred a night. And we're looking to stay with you from June 1st to June 7th. You on our calendar, you're able to have that full building feature, all the properties that are available over those dates that match the guest requirements will populate. And then in one email, you can automatically send that email to the guest, which will then be hyperlinked to your direct booking site.

[00:14:02] Frank – Hostfully: So there's, again, a little bit of each that's totally feasible and we may say it super user friendly for

[00:14:07] Mark: you and Greg, you got one more question I believe on, on payments.

[00:14:11] Guest: Yes. Uh, can we use PayPal a as a payment? Yep. We do have a partnership with, uh, with PayPal. So we are integrated with PayPal Stripe and vacation rent payment.

[00:14:24] Frank – Hostfully: Thank you very much. Yeah, no, my pleasure. My pleasure, Greg. Um, the only thing with PayPal, um, and it's, you know, we can always, uh, discuss that later, but with PayPal, I think there's a bit of a delay or miscommunication when it comes to direct payments and with VRBO, um, and some other channels. So I would just suggest maybe taking a.

[00:14:46] Frank – Hostfully: Or testing out Stripe for a little bit too, cuz I've heard more success stories with Stripe than PayPal, but just, you know, FYI.

[00:14:53] Mark: That's brilliant, Greg, thank you so much for coming up. Uh, so we've got another question on for host. Yeah. Thanks Greg. Uh, for Hostfully uh, and I do apologize if I mispronounce your name.

[00:15:03] Guest: Like Laisha Laisha Williamson. If you're on mute, you might. That's correct. That's did I? Oh my gosh. My hat was in my hat was in my mouth saying hi, Laisha hi. So I have a few questions. Um, does hopefully have a marketing feature, um, that assist with direct bookings is the first question,

[00:15:28] Frank – Hostfully: uh, like SEO kind of, we, we do have custom branding.

[00:15:31] Frank – Hostfully: We don't have technically a team or any automation that helps with SEO in, you know, getting your name front and center, but. We do have an integration with our reviews. I'm not too sure. If you heard of reviews, it's an integration that pulls your Airbnb and your VR reviews to your direct booking website.

[00:15:49] Frank – Hostfully: And that's helped, um, our users with their SEO. So just something to consider also. But no, unfortunately behind the scenes, we don't assist with that. But with your direct booking website, you can work with custom branding within Hostly to really, you know, get, get your, your company out there. Oh, OK.

[00:16:10] Frank – Hostfully: Wonderful. And then the I'm also, sorry, location. Just thinking outside the box, we have automated, um, emails and text messages. So once you get the guest, you get their email, their personal information. Also with the guidebook, we have a splash screen feature where you can obtain the guest's, um, email address with those two together, you can send out promotions and marketing either with our integration with MailChimp, or you can create an automatic email to get sent.

[00:16:33] Frank – Hostfully: Like, I don't know, 10 days after checkout saying thank you for us. Love to welcome me back. Here's my direct booking site. Here's my discount code. If you book, that's a nice little evergreen that normally to,

[00:16:49] Mark: and is there an option for them to opt in, receive those, uh, emails and text messages?

[00:16:58] Frank – Hostfully: Um, essentially with them providing you with their email and yeah, I know different markets and, and states and, and countries are different with their rules when it comes down to this mm-hmm.

[00:17:08] Frank – Hostfully: Um, but essentially they give you the email address is, you know, checking the box that they're, you know, willing to receive communication from. You.

[00:17:17] Mark: Have you got any more questions? Cause we've got three more minutes that I have to bring in our next, uh, next PMs. So we've got three more minutes. Ah, they, they can wait mark.

[00:17:26] Frank – Hostfully: okay. So yeah.

[00:17:28] Mark: Okay. Can I ask

[00:17:29] Frank – Hostfully: the other questions

[00:17:30] Guest: or yeah, absolutely. Go for it. You've got, you've got, you've got time. Okay. So when, when, when listing, um, when, when I change a listing in Hostfully, does it change across all channels?

[00:17:43] Frank – Hostfully: Yes. Ma'am all the channels to which we integrate. So yeah. Short answer.

[00:17:48] Guest: Okay, wonderful. Hopefully is gonna be coming your central place to manage all of your listings. Any updates, get communicated automatically within seconds to all the channels, to which you're connected.

[00:17:58] Mark: There's a great final. There's a great question. That's come in and I think this is one that we'll be able to ask everybody.

[00:18:03] Mark: So I'm, I'm gonna go and ask it. So, um, with Hostfully are you, um, set up to be able to help host maybe one to five properties? Or is it best five? Plus these are sort of the, the main questions that I'm seeing coming in the Facebook group and, uh, and, and in the chat. So who do you help best? Um,

[00:18:22] Frank – Hostfully: most we, we have users from one property to 3000 properties.

[00:18:29] Frank – Hostfully: So as I mentioned earlier, hopefully is being recognized as back to back winners for the Keystone awards as the best property management software. To, to assist with your growth and your scalability. So we've been recognized to have those features and capabilities to assist with growth. So we, we really, we we're across the board and I, I know we have a great partnership with boost Lee and you have, you know, some client Hostly clients that have one listing and some that have a hundred that, you know, get direct booking websites.

[00:18:55] Frank – Hostfully: So short answer, we deal with everyone. Yeah. Good. And we love everyone

[00:19:00] Mark: equally. And, and when it comes to pricing, how does it, how does it break down? So does it go on number of properties? How, how does it generally sort of work to get started?

[00:19:08] Frank – Hostfully: Yeah, so we have fully transparent online. You can just toggle with the amount of properties, but we have starter package one to five listings, and then we have pro package, which is, I mean, one to four listing to starter, five to 11 is pro 12 to 19 is pro plus.

[00:19:26] Frank – Hostfully: And then once you exceed 19 and you reach your 20th property, it's premium and that's on a per listing basis, but everything's on under pricing play around with our toggle, but also you have my contact information. It's Frank Really shoot me a message. If you have any questions or if you want to continue the conversation,

[00:19:44] Mark: always happy to help.

[00:19:45] Mark: That's fantastic. Uh, can you just bring, bring that slide upon the screen one more with, with your details on, uh, that was really, really good. Thank you very much. So Frank There are questions, question questions. So obviously you can email directly, um, there's some really good questions that haven't had a chance to get answered, so yeah, please do pop 'em into Frank Frank

[00:20:05] Mark: Go to flash slash pricing as my timer is going off. Frank buddy. That was amazing. Thank you very much for getting kickstarted. I know you have to get off cuz you've got other. Other things to do with, with your day. So I do really, really, really appreciate it. Um, so thank you very much for coin pat, any final, final thing that you wanna say to the members before we, uh, wrap up part one?

[00:20:27] Frank – Hostfully: Uh, no. No, just thank you, mark, for having me for everyone. That's on the call. Really? I would love to have a one-on-one demo with you really deep dive into our features and capabilities and answer any outstanding questions. Really not any inconvenience at all. I will love to continue this conversation.

[00:20:43] Frank – Hostfully: Absolutely

[00:20:44] Mark: brilliant. Can we also thank you, Frank, in the chat in the zoom, that would be, uh, amazing. All right, buddy, let me just, uh, do this. So that was awesome. That was a great way to get started. I, uh, I really, I know I set the bar. Huh? You did good. You did very good. All right, so we're gonna stop there.

[00:21:01] Mark: We're gonna stop the screen. Which was lovely. Okay. So what we're gonna do, um, if you've got questions we're gonna nicely separate 'em because what's gonna happen now is we're going to move on to our next PMs provider. And, um, what we're gonna do here, we're gonna pop there in the waiting. Alright. It feels like I'm on clubhouse.

[00:21:23] Mark: Again, it feels like I'm on clubhouse, right? What we're gonna do now, we're gonna bring in Matthew from hospitable. Now, do we have any hospitable, uh, customers in the crowd? If so, please jump in and say, hi, Matthew, I'm just gonna find you in the list. So I'm gonna make you cohost, uh, host, uh, sweet. Where whereabouts are you now?

[00:21:46] Mark: I have to find you again. Cause you've gone. Moving upon the list. They have brilliant so we're good. Uh, add to pin. There he is. All right. Excellent. Fantastic. Hey all. Ah, okay. So we have got a lot of boosty people in the, in, in the audience. Um, so we've just gone through round number one, which was, which was Hostly, which was great.

[00:22:08] Mark: So we've had loads of hopefully questions. So now I want everybody just to like refresh your minds, refresh your minds, and we're gonna come into hospitable, uh, used to be, uh, sync B B, you recently rebranded. And I know, but I've got smart. Smart. B B smart, B, B, sorry. Smart at BMB smart BMB. I do apologize all these, all these BMBs in my head.

[00:22:27] Mark: Smart B B. And um, so what we're doing right now is we have got so many clients, so. Team boosting members that are with hospitable. And I really wanted them to come into this room and come into their day. So you could just sort of have a chance just to quickly go over the plans, what you're doing, what, what the plans for the future are.

[00:22:46] Mark: If you've got any slide, you've got co-host ability, so you can do all of that cool stuff. And then what we'll do is, uh, we'll do 10 minutes for that. And then we'll do 10 minutes for questions. If you do have questions peoples, uh, I can't keep up in the zoom chat. So if, what we'll do, just like what we did prior, if you've got a question, raise your hand.

[00:23:04] Mark: And then what I'll do is we'll unmute your microphone in proper clubhouse styley and you can ask away. So, uh, the floor is yours, Matthew. Uh, thanks for doing this. Thanks for coming in. And, um, yeah, 10 minutes. All yours.

Hospitable plans for the future and what they’re working on now

[00:23:18] Matthew – Hospitable: Awesome. Awesome. So thank you all so very much. I appreciate the opportunity here. So my name is Matthew.

[00:23:22] Matthew – Hospitable: I'm the VP of customers here at hospitable. Um, you know, I'm about to share with you how hospitable healths are hosts, but. I can't stress this enough at the end of the day, it's really always about understanding your needs, right? And that's what we see with a lot of our hosting people who come to use our tools, they started off somewhere else.

[00:23:43] Matthew – Hospitable: They realized what their needs were and then they found that property management tool specifically for their needs, right? Hospitable. We like to promote ourselves, you know, our, our hosts share with us that they find value based on a few different reasons with hospitable. So first of all, ease of use.

[00:24:00] Matthew – Hospitable: It's simple, it's straightforward. You don't need an advanced technical degree to be able to navigate around our system. As our host have shared with us, it's super easy to implement. You can get started within minutes. We've seen hosts have their entire account configured within an hour. It's really up to you, but it's not something that takes a long onboarding process.

[00:24:19] Matthew – Hospitable: The vast majority of our thousands of hosts using our system are all self-service. And the reason for that is because it's a straightforward system in our opinion, and then great support, not only support, but making sure that everybody's gonna have an issue. There's no software company that's perfect out there spoil a alert, but at the end of the day, how your software provider responds to those issues speaks volumes where, you know, of course there are things that slip through the cracks.

[00:24:45] Matthew – Hospitable: For example, I've heard stories about, you know, door codes not being provisioned. Well, we built in different. Levels of backups upon backups upon backups. So the system's checking it when the reservation's made the system's checking it the morning of checkin the system's checking it before it sends the code out at 3:00 PM, because you don't want that guest to have that code a minute earlier.

[00:25:04] Matthew – Hospitable: Our system is really built to make sure that if anything does slip through, we have checks in place. So folks love us because the reliability, the ease of use easy implementation. Really our system is three Fe three main functions, all right, automated guest communication, calendar manager, across channels, and then an operations tool to help you with your staff.

[00:25:28] Matthew – Hospitable: Now we'll get started and I'll kind of just I'll I'll share my screen with you so you could take a look. What hospitable looks like. So we should be good to go there. Awesome. So here, this is an actual account. Brian's one of our, our sales reps. He's actually a host down in Athens, Georgia. Um, but when you access the system, one of the things we really try to promote is getting the information you need wherever you need it.

[00:25:51] Matthew – Hospitable: So without going anywhere, I can see, you know, those upcoming check-ins. We know the next one's on the 15th. I can click on Elizabeth here. I'm gonna be able to see all those reservation details. I can see some guest insights know where they're coming from, have that email or phone number if it's available.

[00:26:05] Matthew – Hospitable: Hey, did, did they have any questions that they need answered? Nope. Sounds like a great time. Let us know. They're good to go. They're covered. You could see all that right there from the main page. And then even things like. The ability to edit all those scheduled messages. So for example, we could see that the check-in message is gonna go out on July 13th.

[00:26:24] Matthew – Hospitable: You can make changes at any time, even for those reservations a year into the future, giving you so much access and control. So for example, I know mark, this is something that you've promoted in the past, but Hey, they told us it's their birthday. So when that first warning message, I'm actually gonna go in there today, and I'm gonna say, Hey, Elizabeth, thanks so much for spending your special day with us.

[00:26:43] Matthew – Hospitable: I'm gonna save it. So it's gonna be sent on the 16th at 12:00 PM, but those small little things are what are gonna stand out to them and are gonna keep them coming back to you at the end of the day. So if you have a reservation in a year from now, but again, they're coming for a very special anniversary.

[00:26:57] Matthew – Hospitable: You can start editing some of these messages today. One, you have the information when it's right there in front of you, and then this way it's gonna deliver an extra special guest experience in the future. Ease of use the ability to kind of see it all in one place. I'm gonna go, you know, show you really quickly.

[00:27:14] Matthew – Hospitable: We started off as a communication tool and first and foremost, you know, Pierre built this system. He was an Airbnb host. He enjoyed spending time with his guests, but he hated all the time. He spent communicating and telling them the wifi password was the bane of his existence, as he likes to say. So with our system, we automate far more than almost anybody out there.

[00:27:37] Matthew – Hospitable: Within 60 seconds of this last minute, instant booking being confirmed, we're gonna send an automated message. Well, that's great, Matt. Everybody can do that. However, what we can do is based on different conditions, alter your messages. So when that booking was confirmed, like I said, we have a calendar manager, so it made sure that your dates are blocked off on Airbnb VRBO,, your direct booking website, any I Cal connections that you have.

[00:28:01] Matthew – Hospitable: And then on top of that, we have an operations tool. So this automatically created the task, assigned it to that cleaner, sent your cleaner a text message to let them know, Hey, you have a job on this day. Here are the details that you need. And then we sent this reservation confirmation, but since it's a last minute, we adjusted the message so that it includes their check-in instructions, right?

[00:28:22] Matthew – Hospitable: Cause they're gonna be checking in in a couple hours. So we need to include the door code. We need to include things like, you know, their Google maps link or the house manual house guide that you have. So that it's super easy for them to access all the information that they need. Uh, we ask for the guest email address.

[00:28:38] Matthew – Hospitable: So once they provide that email, we're gonna scrape it. We're gonna store it for you so that you have, and can start building your own guest database. Um, they provide their email, let us know what time they're arriving. We send a message the first morning, right? Always a great time to check in. Just let's see if there's anything we need to address early on, and let's be proactive with that.

[00:28:56] Matthew – Hospitable: But with our system, we noticed that your calendar was available the next night. So this host has it configured so that we send a message just so you know, we do have the ability to extend your stay, offer a late checkout. If you're interested, send this a message and we'll share the details so we can detect certain scenarios.

[00:29:13] Matthew – Hospitable: This guest is gonna be staying for more than seven nights, right? I think there's something last time we counted. I think it's up to over 300 different triggers that can send an automated message based on a scenario or a question, et cetera, et cetera. So they let us know they had to leave in the morning, but we're having some trouble with the wifi password.

[00:29:28] Matthew – Hospitable: Could you just confirm it with us? So our system does have some really basic. AI machine learning built into it, where we are detecting these questions. We're adding 'em to our database. And then when we have similar type questions, we could trigger automated replies. So this wifi reply is only for when the guest is staying, because we're not gonna send your wifi password to somebody who hasn't booked the stay with you yet.

[00:29:50] Matthew – Hospitable: But we send them the username and password, uh, some troubleshooting tips, et cetera, et cetera. So it's important because I always ask hosts to set up as much as they can. Before the guest has made the reservations. So when your initial inquiry, when they ask about parking, when they ask about wifi speeds, when they ask about, you know, any, any discounts or the ability for early check-in, our system can detect those questions automatically send a response during the inquiry stage, because we can send a message from inquiry through review and beyond.

[00:30:18] Matthew – Hospitable: We'll send them the answer in their inquiry. So they don't even need to look at other listings. They can go ahead and just move forward with yours because they know you have enough parking set up and you know, that an early check-in is available at this time because the unit is open. We can even do things like if check-in is within three days, then we can offer an early check-in.

[00:30:37] Matthew – Hospitable: But if check-in is in more than three days, we need to let them know. Unfortunately, it's too far out for me to guarantee an early check in. You could book the night before we could work on a discounted rate, whatever your process is, our system's gonna help you to accommodate that. Thanks for the fast response we send, check out instructions.

[00:30:52] Matthew – Hospitable: That's cool. We'll leave a review for your Airbnb guests. Let me close that the way we'll leave a review for your Airbnb guests. We can even do things like review, solicit a review for us. You can send messages up to 270 days after the guest is checked out. So if you wanna send them a follow up message in 60 days, Hey, go ahead.

[00:31:10] Matthew – Hospitable: I love pairing this with an email campaign. So when they send this message 30 days after checkout, that's when you're sending your marketing email to them with your direct booking site, with your discount code, your friends and family, all that, but send them an Airbnb message and say, Hey mark, I just sent you an email.

[00:31:25] Matthew – Hospitable: Go take a look. I got some special offers there for you. We appreciated having you as a guest. We look forward to serving you in the future and this way they're gonna see that Airbnb message before they see that email, maybe right. We all know what our inbox looks like. Don't even take a look at mine today.

[00:31:40] Matthew – Hospitable: Um, but the ability to kind of pair that up. Is gonna make it that much more visible for you. And then, like we said, cleaning tasks, check in tasks, anybody that needs to be, you know, notified will even do things like send a daily digest where, Hey, this is all the cleanings, uh, for the day that are assigned to you.

[00:31:58] Matthew – Hospitable: These are the cleanings that need to be assigned. You know, we have a few different ways to, to share that with you all and then really quickly calendar. So being able to sync your calendar, give you everything in one location, updating pricing, updating availability, updating minimal night, stays all possible through our system and then lastly operations.

[00:32:18] Matthew – Hospitable: So what I, you know, when I said before, making sure that you understand your needs is absolutely paramount to pick the right software provider. So I, I talked to host or like Matthew, I want my cleaner to upload pictures. I want them to tell me and show me that they shared that pillow, um, that they turned that pillow a certain way.

[00:32:35] Matthew – Hospitable: You know, I want them to, to make it and be able to share these things with me, with your system. Well, that's not what we're. That's not what we're here for. Our hosts that we work with and are successful with their hosts, who just need a really lightweight scheduling tool, the ability to send a reminder, the ability to automatically send a text message with that.

[00:32:53] Matthew – Hospitable: We have a, a phenomenal user management set up where you can add your cleaner and then make sure that all they can see is the calendar. So we'll give 'em custom access to just the calendar. They can't see your pricing. They can't see any reservation financials so that you can go ahead and make sure that they can log in.

[00:33:12] Matthew – Hospitable: And anytime they have wifi, They can go ahead and see what their next job is, what their calendar looks like. This also works great for owners being able to give them access to the calendar so they can make some adjustments. They can make some updates, block out some days without having to go through you.

[00:33:29] Matthew – Hospitable: Um, so user management operations, again, you know, really what are your needs and what I shared earlier, there are some great softwares out there. You know, you said that Hostly was in here, fantastic software, robust set of tools, et cetera, et cetera. What do you need? What's gonna help your business move forward.

[00:33:45] Matthew – Hospitable: What we find a lot of times is, you know, hosts are looking for the simple tool that kind of just enhancement or they've gone somewhere else. They spent a bunch of money in they're like, I really don't need all those things. They're nice. And one day I'd love to implement them, but you know, the story of one day is long and incomplete, I guess you could say, um, So, yeah, so that's a really basic overview.

[00:34:06] Matthew – Hospitable: Our costs are super, uh, price effective, if you will. Uh, you know, we make sure that because we're only offering these limited feature sets, like you're paying for what you get. Um, so, you know, I don't lose many deals when it comes to price that's for sure, because it's, it's so straightforward.

[00:34:21] Mark: Brilliant. No, really appreciate that.

Questions for Hostfully

[00:34:23] Mark: And bang on the time as well. So well done you so bang on 10 minutes. Fantastic. So, uh, just like before we've got questions, so we're gonna let Robin go first, Matt, I'll let you take a quick drink if you need a quick drink, cuz that was a lot of talking in a short space of time. You did very well. Uh, so Robin, if you wanna unmute your microphone please, uh, and you can ask away.

[00:34:43] Mark: Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. So, uh, yeah, just basically introduce yourself where you are in the world and then just let Matthew know your question please. Hi Matthew.

[00:34:50] Guest: Yeah, I'm

[00:34:51] Guest: Robin. I'm in, I'm in, um, the Southwest of England. Uh, Painton Devon and I've got a place in Cornwell as

[00:34:56] Frank – Hostfully: well. Uh,

[00:34:59] Mark: so I've just expanded onto

[00:35:01] Mark: VRBO. Uh, and just going through the process of that and trying to keep track of prices between the sites and just really need something like yours. Uh, and it does seem, uh, really, uh, cost effective for me with just a couple of properties. Uh, so, VRBO and Airbnb all charged different commissions.

[00:35:23] Mark: So therefore I've been working out how much to put the price on for book dot carbon to allow for that commission being taken out and, and, and the same against Airbnb does yours do that? Can you do something where you, you know, would be 15% more expensive

[00:35:39] Frank – Hostfully: than Airbnb?

[00:35:41] Matthew – Hospitable: Absolutely. So we have price markups built into the system so that you could do exactly that on Airbnb.

[00:35:46] Matthew – Hospitable: I'm gonna have that 3% markup because I am still on that great deal that we had in the past. You know, VRBO, I'm paying 8% I'm a hit 15%. You can include those in there. So when you put a hundred dollars as what you want to take home for that night, it's gonna make sure is at one 15.

[00:36:02] Matthew – Hospitable: And VRBO is at 1 0 8 to cover those fees. Brilliant. That's brilliant. That's exactly what I need. I'll be signing up. Thank you.

[00:36:10] Mark: That's awesome. That's awesome. We appreciate that. So Matthew, what's the link for people to go and check out pricing, sign up. Where's the best place to go.

[00:36:17] Matthew – Hospitable: Just go to

[00:36:19] Matthew – Hospitable: Right? is our site. You're gonna be able to see there's a pricing page there, so you can have an understanding of what the cost is gonna be for you. Um, and then on top of that, You'll be able to go. And there's that sign up right in the top right hand corner. Um, if you wanna write down my name, Matthew or my email, Matthew

[00:36:37] Matthew – Hospitable: Send me an email. I'll give you an extra week of the free trial. So you'll get a three week free trial 21 days to actually go ahead and test it out. So if you're interested, [email protected] and say, Hey, Matthew, I just signed up. Give me your email address. So it saves me a step. And then I'll go ahead and I'll manually add an extra week to your trial, um, with no questions asked

[00:36:56] Mark: amazing.

[00:36:57] Mark: Uh, so we've got Graham and then Jack. So Graham, if you wanna just unmute your microphone, buddy, just let Matthew know where you are in the world, uh, and your question. And, uh, and we'll crack on with your question and end. Brilliant. Thank you, mark. Thank you, Matthew. Uh, yeah, I'm in the UK, just in, uh, the Midlands got a relatively decent size managing

[00:37:15] Guest: agency.

[00:37:16] Guest: Um, what we've started to do is just take on lately. So most of our stuff is, is vacation rentals, like standalone apartments, but we've just taken on a hotel as well. And it's just our existing channel managers. It's a bit clunky with hotels. It doesn't group doesn't, there's no sort of grouping. So essentially every room's listed as a separate property, which is a real pain.

[00:37:35] Guest: I just wondered if you, if you guys had overcome that challenge bef like, have you found a solution to that?

[00:37:43] Matthew – Hospitable: So we don't use, we don't do any inventory style setups, which I think is what you're looking for. Right. You wanna have one unit that they could book 20 different rooms within that unit, as opposed to having 20 different units that just cause confusion or, or

[00:37:55] Mark: potentially 20 separate units that we can at least group together and control.

[00:37:59] Mark: So we've got one lot of settings, one lot of wifi passwords. Does that make sense instead of repeating everything? Yeah.

[00:38:06] Matthew – Hospitable: Oh, absolutely. So one of the things that we built in is, you know, with everything that you set, you have the granularity to choose super easily, which listing that's for and out, out here, quick share for you that's right here.

[00:38:17] Matthew – Hospitable: But like which properties, so we can even do things like have a specific tag so that when you're looking for that tag, it's gonna show you those properties there. But yeah. Hey, this wifi password is gonna work for those specifically now, to be honest with you, typically hosts in your setup, need a bit more than we can offer.

[00:38:33] Matthew – Hospitable: So I will caveat it just with that because we see managing everything in bulk. One thing that we don't do, we don't manage your listing in any. We found that even if we manage your listing, you still end up spending time going onto VRBO and making changes because this column didn't match up with that column.

[00:38:50] Matthew – Hospitable: So what we did is we focused on other areas of the API. So like we don't have that listing manager, which is something that would be a bit more beneficial, you know, for those hosts, like yourself who have those inventory or, or who have those larger scale setups. Now we do work with hosts who have one property and our largest company that we work with has 30,000 properties.

[00:39:10] Matthew – Hospitable: We are not their only PMs. They have a huge tech stack. And we're just a simple part of that. Whereas the hopes with one or two properties, we are their PMs. We're there, everything. So we see that as you start moving up and adding listings, hospitable is like an add-on. And the reason for that is our unique connections are the only ones where you can connect to us and another PMs.

[00:39:32] Matthew – Hospitable: So any other company that you talk to today, once you connect to them, you can only connect to them. They manage your calendar, they manage a lot of the dis details. So when you go onto Airbnb, Your calendar's gone because that software needs to manage it. They own your calendar technically no longer Airbnb.

[00:39:49] Matthew – Hospitable: Well, that's not the case for us. So here's another thing that Al caveat, if you look on our site and see, well, where are all the integrations? Well, we don't need to have integrations because you can still work with wheelhouse and have us push your pricing to VR or But because of the nature of that Airbnb connection, we're not gonna kick out wheelhouse.

[00:40:09] Matthew – Hospitable: Whereas other software providers, if they don't have an integration, you can't work with them because they need to be the, the conduit to send that information to Airbnb. So just out there.

[00:40:18] Mark: How do, how do bookings get into you then if it's not, cuz I thought once that APIs taken it's taken,

[00:40:24] Matthew – Hospitable: right? Uh, yeah, exactly.

[00:40:27] Matthew – Hospitable: It is except for us. So we have agreements with them where they don't see us as a full blown PMs. They see us as like an operational add-on or an operational tool. So because of that, like you'll see our logo next to somebody else's logo on Airbnb. Uh okay. Which causes a ton of problems because then they always say, no, it's your fault.

[00:40:46] Matthew – Hospitable: No, we can't touch your calendar, man. We have no access to it.

[00:40:50] Mark: So yeah. Good questions. Good questions. Graham. Did I help? Yeah. Fantastic. Thank you. Good man. Appreciate. Okay Jack, we're gonna come quickly. See your good self. If you wanna just unmute your microphone and then we're gonna bring in our next special guest.

[00:41:04] Guest: So Jack, if you could just unmute. Microphone ask away then we'll go from there. Hey Matthew, uh, Jackie from west Wales, UK, uh, just a quick question in regards to the, um,

[00:41:14] Matthew – Hospitable: automated, have we connected before Jack? I think we have. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right. I was like, that name stands out. Right. Awesome. Awesome.

[00:41:21] Matthew – Hospitable: I remember

[00:41:21] Guest: you, sorry. I've got my little one running around. He's doing a

[00:41:23] Matthew – Hospitable: bit crazy at the moment, but I hear you there. it's like, so the

[00:41:28] Guest: automated messages, I, I love how it works. So for my example, so the system knows the guest to checking out on a certain day, but there's no guests, um, arriving that day.

[00:41:38] Guest: So we send them a message saying, would you like a late check out? Can the system automatically sort of, you know, take, take payment for that? No,

[00:41:48] Matthew – Hospitable: no workflows. I'm pushing for those workflows, man. I wanna see a lot more automations booked in, but no. So like essentially once they say, okay, you would need to.

[00:41:56] Matthew – Hospitable: Manually within our calendar, right? You're gonna go in there and you're gonna change here from three, you know, from 11 to, to one, um, give them the extra two hours. When you do that, it's automatically gonna update your cleaning team, send them a text message. Let them know that that job changed from 11 to one.

[00:42:11] Matthew – Hospitable: Um, it'll move it on the calendar. You'll have the visibility all over the place in the calendar, but now we won't actually go and build a guest or anything along those lines. As mark, you asked me earlier, what are we working on next? Right now? We're working on payment processing. So we don't have a payment processor within our system.

[00:42:26] Matthew – Hospitable: You know, our hosts are using somebody else they're using their own Stripe account. That is something that we're billing and working on. And yeah, workflows workflows have been like the, the word of the week here for the past couple weeks. Like, can we create some deeper workflows to just AU we can automate messages.

[00:42:39] Matthew – Hospitable: That's great. Let's automate some of their tasks because that's really where we're gonna deliver a ton of value. Okay. Perfect. Good to know. Thank you very much.

[00:42:46] Mark: Cheers, Matthew, everybody. Appreciate it, Matthew. Thank you so much for coming and doing that. If anybody wants to find out more, please email Matthew

[00:42:54] Mark: Uh, the email address, I put it in the zoom chat, uh, but and Matthew is M a TT, H E w easy and plus as well, if you do email him, you're gonna get 21 day trial, which is fantastic. Thank you so much for doing that. Yeah. Um, any final words before we move you back to the waiting room in proper clubhouse style now

[00:43:15] Matthew – Hospitable: I appreciate it.

[00:43:15] Matthew – Hospitable: I appreciate it. And like I said, if you have any other questions too, you can share in my weight, you can also, when you go on our website, there's gonna be a, a chat bubble. That's gonna pop up and ask you a few questions. So if you wanna go ahead and connect with our sales team, you can do so there, um, you know, we are a small business.

[00:43:28] Matthew – Hospitable: We're gonna do everything that we can to, to get back to you. And, and usually you'll hear back from us, you know, rather quickly, but anything that we could do to help, just let us know. And, uh, thank you so much for the opportunity here

[00:43:37] Mark: today. Appreciate it, buddy. All right. So we're gonna move you back to the waiting room.

[00:43:41] Mark: Thank you so much for, for doing this. All right. So what we're gonna do now is we are going to bring in, uh, the next PMs provider. And let me just come on in here. Alright. So next up we have listinging. So we've got Vinny from up uplifting, um, coming in. So I'm gonna find you in the room. wherever you may be.

[00:44:05] Mark: Uh, I'm gonna make his car host right down there V for Vinny, and, um, what I'd love for you to do, if you mute that microphone. And we'll get started. So, uh, first and foremost, so thank you to Matthew. That was great. That was really good. Uh, and here we have Mr. Up Liston fellow Liverpool fan in the room. Uh, so thank you for doing this.

[00:44:32] Mark: I know it's early. Early-ish kind of early of time. No worries. Pleasure everybody. Can we all say hi Vinnie, Vince, Vinny, whatever in the, in the chat. Uh, that'd be lovely. So we now have up list. So just same as before, um, Ben you've got full. Uh co-hosting so you can share your screen, show numbers, all that cool stuff.

[00:44:52] Mark: We'll go for 10 minutes and then we'll do 10 minutes of, uh, of questions. Um, but the floor. Is yours. And if we have any uplifting clients in the chat, please just say hashtag uplifting. Uh, and, uh, and then we will, we'll go from there, buddy. All yours.

Introduction to Uplisting

How Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty are helping the STR Industry

[00:45:10] Vince – Uplisting: Yeah. Even if you don't, even if we don't just do it anyway, just to make it look good.

[00:45:13] Vince – Uplisting: Um, hi, good more or morning for me at least. Hi folks. Uh, thanks mark for having me on. Um, so I'm Vince Vinny. I'm one of the founders of uplifting. Um, I'll spend a few minutes talking about brief introduction uplifting, and I've got a little video to play, um, which shows off one of our kind main feature or main flows, which is the guest.

[00:45:35] Vince – Uplisting: Um, our most popular one at least is the guest prearrival automation. Um, so you can see how we can do certain tasks and automate a lot of your, um, pre-arrival tasks. Uh, so as I said, I'm one of the founders. Um, we're actually a UK based company. Um, I'm in the us, uh, in New York. Um, so a bit early for me and I've just, just got the kids off to, to daycare.

[00:45:54] Vince – Uplisting: So we're, uh, the morning or morning day starting early. So for those that don't know, uplifting is a, uh, we're an Airbnb preferred software partner, uh, and channel manager. And we're built specifically for growing property managers or growing short term rental businesses. Um, we are also connect VR, and we're one of the few solutions to offer a Google vacation rental integration, um, which is really cool.

[00:46:21] Vince – Uplisting: It allows you to, uh, list all your properties on Google maps, Google search, and their Google travel, uh, portal. Um, so I think, uh, a really and coming channel, um, which is good to be on and all the reservations that come through Google are direct reservations, direct bookings. Um, so you're not paying, uh, a large, um, OTA fee, basically.

[00:46:43] Vince – Uplisting: Our goal with uplifting is to, um, help you confidently grow your short term rental business and to help you maximize, um, as much as you can. So as much as you can earn, um, we, we kind of focus on, we've always focused on reliability as number one, um, reliability and, and user experience. So ease of use are, um, are kind of central pillars, um, from day one.

[00:47:05] Vince – Uplisting: Um, we want to, you know, ensure that you can, um, rely on up uplift thing to grow your business and, uh, not have things go wrong in the background and be unreliable, which really, you know, stems your growth.

[00:47:20] Vince – Uplisting: We are we're global. This is a bit of a map of ours. This is a bit old now, six months, but, um, this is like our property. So our largest markets are we're, we're large. Our largest markets are the us and UK and we power some of the largest op um, property managers in both locations. And then Australia is our, uh, third largest, but, um, a bit smaller than the rest.

[00:47:40] Vince – Uplisting: Um, we, so we have members that range from five to 500 properties. Um, we've had members who started an up listing with five properties and have grown to over 200. Um, and I think one thing that we do, which is gonna be different to a lot of others is that we work quite closely with our members. Um, so we have, uh, for example, if you've got over 40 properties, um, you're, you're, uh, welcome to join a private WhatsApp group just between us and, and you and your team.

[00:48:06] Vince – Uplisting: Um, and we work really closely on, you know, any improving features or making tweaks, or just understanding how we can, um, you know, help improve your business. And as, as we see these market maturing and, um, you facing new challenges, we love to be at the, you know, at the forefront of helping you solve those vector challenge.

[00:48:24] Vince – Uplisting: Um, over half of our members come from other software, um, that's maybe failed in, in some way. It could be reliability, um, could be the cost. Um, we don't charge a commission per proper per booking, for example, um, uh, or it could be just, we have, um, some really valuable features that, uh, help you manage your business.

[00:48:45] Vince – Uplisting: Mm sorry.

[00:48:49] Vince – Uplisting: So, uh, we offer a lot of features to help put your business on, to automate your business, put on autopilot as much as possible. Um, so we do things like, uh, um, you know, automate tasks, guest messaging. We have a really, um, powerful, uh, guest messaging, um, functionality with lots of different filters and conditions.

[00:49:08] Vince – Uplisting: Um, so you can say, send this message. If guests has signed the rental agreement and has paid the deposit and, uh, is staying for over two days and so on. So it's really, uh, you can really, um, narrow down your messages and have, uh, Messages send to the right guests, um, based on conditions. Uh, and I'll show you a quick video of that.

[00:49:26] Vince – Uplisting: In, in a second, we have lots of other, uh, automation features that, um, just help you to run your business, whether it's, um, Airbnb automated reviews, for example, which really help to boost your ranking using Airbnb, Airbnb auto responder, um, and guest verification payments for reservations like and direct booking reservations.

[00:49:43] Vince – Uplisting: It's all done within.

[00:49:47] Vince – Uplisting: Uh, we also another really popular feature is our click and play direct booking website. Um, so I know we work with mark quite closely on with some of our members on, um, more advanced websites that you might need, but as you're starting off with direct bookings, um, we like our philosophy is let's get you into position where you can click and click a few buttons and start taking direct bookings today, you know, within an hour.

[00:50:08] Vince – Uplisting: Um, so the listing, for example, what will happen is you can, uh, import your Airbnb listings from Airbnb, uh, connect a Stripe account and start taking direct bookings. Immediately. You'll have your own, you can have your own, um, unique domain name. You can have your own listings, you can share these listings, you know, via whatever messaging you wanna share it with.

[00:50:25] Vince – Uplisting: And you can take direct bookings today. Um, then as you kinda grow and you, um, evolve your right booking strategy. And if you can get, get in touch with mark then, and he can help you, um, build up, build upon your website with SEO and content and everything else. We're on course to do. We launched this direct booking website in 2020, just at the start of COVID.

[00:50:45] Vince – Uplisting: Um, we processed $2 million of direct bookings for members that year. We did 15 million last year. Um, we're on course to do 30 million in direct bookings this year. So, uh, a lot of money flowing through this, um, this functionality, um, is really designed to, uh, make it as simple as possible for a guest to book your property.

[00:51:02] Vince – Uplisting: Um, really simple flow, no distractions, just get a guest to book.

[00:51:10] Vince – Uplisting: Uh, so this is a, a three minute video, um, kinda showing off, like it shows off a bit of uplifting, but in particular shows off our guest pre-arrival automation. Um, it's one of our most popular features. Um, it really helps you to manage your operations, not have to chase guests as much and, um, have separate, um, you know, spreadsheets, uh, to see what every guest has done X or Y or is Z.

[00:51:31] Vince – Uplisting: But, um, I'll, I'll just play this video. Folks, I just gonna show you how we do the, um, guest identity verification, security deposit payment, and rental agreement signatures all on uplifting on one, one page. Um, so just quickly, this is a, an account test account. Uh, this is a reservation coming in from

[00:51:54] Vince – Uplisting: Um, we have these statuses here on the reservation, which shows what, um, if something been done or not, and you can view the guest book and confirmation page. This link is provided to every guest in an automated message. It's all unique to each guest. Um, so they can enter their actual email address. Um, if it's an Airbnb or booking car reservation, they can verify their identity and they go through this process, um, which is works really nicely.

[00:52:20] Vince – Uplisting: Uh, they can take a picture on their phone, um, upload a file or do it via, um, uh, just take a picture on the, on the WebCom. Uh, that will then show us verified. We'll verify that, um, through third party that the ID is legitimate and you'll see the images on, uh, a new identity tab direct on listing. Then we have a rental agreement, which you can enter, um, using like the dynamic content, such as the guest name, check in dates, check in times listing the, and so on, guests can read those terms.

[00:52:53] Vince – Uplisting: They can sign the agreement on their phone or on their browser submit, um, takes a few seconds of process. Uh, but once it's processed, uh, you'll get a PDF, um, rental agreement like this, which is timestamped. Got your logo, got all the agreement. And then at the very bottom has the guest signature and, and so on.

[00:53:18] Vince – Uplisting: And. As I submit this answer, the other one is security deposit collection for certain reservations. So for, for example, I can, um, provide my security deposit pen method directly here, and that's stored for my, for, for use. So will take the payment 24 hours for check in. And if I go back to my reservation and uplifting and refresh, I can see that, you know, as a host, um, the guest has performed most of these actions.

[00:53:46] Vince – Uplisting: They have yet up upload their ID. Um, but, uh, if necessary I can chase them via, you know, a message through drop listing. So there you go quick. Um, we spent a lot of time working on our pre guest pre-arrival automation tasks. I think we have a really robust platform here and that automates a lot of list stuff and it's all inside upliftings channel manager, property management system.

[00:54:12] Vince – Uplisting: Okay. Um, Yeah. So I was gonna the video then, uh, why members love up this thing? So, um, as I mentioned before, it's, uh, a lot about just being really easy to use, um, you know, from a beginner perspective. So I, I mentioned we focused on growing short term, short term rental property managers or whatever it is.

[00:54:31] Vince – Uplisting: Um, but that doesn't mean that you need to have 50 properties. It could be that you have one or two properties, but you have ambitions to be much larger. Um, so uplifting is designed to be really easy to use for you kind of just starting out, um, as you, and as you grow and as you become a much larger property manager, um, And also for our larger members.

[00:54:49] Vince – Uplisting: So we have members who have, you know, maybe 20 team met using up uplifting and it needs to be really easy to use for their, for them to train new staff and everything else. So we're really conscious about just that simplification of being able to use up uplifting and not having functionality hidden in various pages where you don't know it's there and then you make a mistake and it's your fault apparently for not for not knowing that.

[00:55:07] Vince – Uplisting: But, um, so it's really simple. Um, really, really easy to use. We have a reliable thinking of Airbnb, VR, Google, and your direct booking website. Um, we sync with those channels instantly. It's, you know, it's like that, um, central hub to manage all your bookings. Um, we have automated and streamlined guest communications, and I mentioned the click and play direct booking website.

[00:55:28] Vince – Uplisting: Uh, and in terms of getting started, it's really easy to get started. We have a 14 day free trial. There's no credit card. There's no like sales pay wall to get our sales, uh, lead form to get access to it. Um, we offer free onboarding calls, um, Across the us and UK time zones, um, which worked for most people.

[00:55:45] Vince – Uplisting: And if you're in Australia, we can work out time as well. Um, we have a weekly introduction webinar, um, to help you, uh, understand how functionality works and, um, make the most of the platform.

[00:55:55] Mark: Nice, nice, good stuff. Yeah. And this is one thing that, uh, we, we love to see, obviously you've got the free trials do take advantage of them, uh, which is, which is awesome.

[00:56:04] Mark: And look at our lovely reviews as well, which is good. I know a lot of people use up uplifting and love up uplifting, and they've got a really cool community, Facebook group, uh, WhatsApp chats and all that stuff. Yeah. Lovely stuff.

[00:56:16] Vince – Uplisting: Exactly.

Questions for Uplisting

[00:56:18] Mark: All right. Uh, and yeah, I can, I think I recognize that Mr. Ryan at the top, so , uh, I recognize that one.

[00:56:24] Mark: So you're all good. So questions, questions, questions. If you have questions, please let us know. I did see one coming on the chat. Um, the question is how many, if I dunno if you know, if it off, off by heart, but how many listings, how many units do you reckon that you have on your platform in, in total now?

[00:56:38] Vince – Uplisting: Um, we have, I think over 6,000 listings connected to Airbnb. Wow. We have about 550, um, accounts or, or, uh, members or companies using up

[00:56:51] Mark: listing, I guess. And, uh, what would you say is up listing sort of USP or unique selling point? Like the, the one thing that, that you feel like is like your, your wheelhouse, your really like strong.

[00:57:04] Vince – Uplisting: Yeah. I mean, it, it sounds, I don't know if people haven't used software before or, um, maybe they have experienced it with it, but reliability is just it's number one, it sounds like it's, uh, it should be a given, you know, but it's really not. It's quite complicated to ensure that your syncing with each booking site correctly, um, prices are accurate across multiple sites.

[00:57:23] Vince – Uplisting: Your, um, messages, messages are sending correctly. Like if you saw our internal dashboard with all of the systems that we have and alerts that come in, when something doesn't go as expected, which happens all the time with technology, um, you can understand how much we invest into our reliability. So number one is reliability.

[00:57:39] Vince – Uplisting: Um, It really is quite, uh, it stands as art from a lot. It's one reason why we've been able to get a lot of larger property managers, you know, 400, 500 properties because, um, the software they're using previously just wasn't, wasn't reliable enough. That's number one. Then also with those it's the working closely.

[00:57:55] Vince – Uplisting: So we're not looking to be, we're not looking to have thousands of customers. Um, we have a, a price point which starts off at 80 pounds per month, and that's up to five properties, but it means that we really wanna focus on the growing property manager. So we're, you know, we will invest our time in, um, helping you achieve your goals, listen to your feedback, understand what you'd like us to do and what we build.

[00:58:15] Vince – Uplisting: And, um, we're constantly adding features, um, to help you all, you guys optimize your businesses.

[00:58:20] Mark: So, uh, a question came in, would you say that up listing is best if you've got five plus properties or can you help from one to five? Like where do you feel like your strong point is.

[00:58:32] Vince – Uplisting: We, it depends what you want to do.

[00:58:33] Vince – Uplisting: So if you have one property that's on Airbnb only, then not as much value. If you have one property that's on Airbnb,, Google and VRBO, and also direct bookings. Um, then there's lots of value for, for somebody like

[00:58:46] Mark: that. Fantastic. Uh, if we have any other questions, um, then please, please pop them in.

[00:58:55] Mark: Uh, oh my gosh, this is a big one late, late to the zoom, but I have five properties and looking to move to something more user friendly or instance each to have their own availability, separate banking details for some that looking website I've invested. Uh, so, uh, we've got somebody here who is, uh, got, got to that five property stage.

[00:59:18] Mark: Yeah, they've gone with another provider from one to five, but they're now ready to level level up. Mm-hmm what would be, I guess a good question to ask yourself would be what's. When you find somebody that comes to ALIST and they're at this stage of growth, what do you find is their sort of the main question that they have?

[00:59:36] Mark: And there's like two part question is what is like the biggest mistake that you see so many people make when they're trying to move from one to another, they're trying to ready to level up. So they've come to ALIST, what's the one big mistake you see the majority people make and what the other part of the question is, what is like the main question that you feel that they have?

[00:59:51] Vince – Uplisting: Oh, good question. I think one, one mistake is, um, going for the cheapest option. Um, I, I think we've, we've been really conscious about not doing that because, uh, we, we're not our members well, or maybe not as price sensitive as, as others, but it's, um, uh, the bargain solution, isn't always, isn't gonna be the best solution for the most part.

[01:00:10] Vince – Uplisting: Um, and, and secondly, when you are, um, uh, kinda join with five properties, um, you'll get this across a lot of our. Competitors that are, that are also very good software. Um, but you'll, uh, you may not think that the, we have all the solutions that to run your business. Um, no solution out there has all of your software.

[01:00:30] Vince – Uplisting: So we'll see relatively frequently, we'll see somebody sign up with, you know, five or six or whatever properties or even one or two properties. Um, they'll either think is a bit too expensive and go and try something else. Or they think we don't have, we don't have all the functionality. They need to solve all of their business goals.

[01:00:44] Vince – Uplisting: Um, they'll go somewhere else and then they'll come back five, six months later and just realize that, um, our platform, you. Reliability number one is, is the most important thing. And then adding additional functions and automations on top of that is, is, uh, really helpful. But if you don't have, if you don't have the reliability, um, then it's not, uh, not gonna, not gonna work for you in your business.

[01:01:04] Vince – Uplisting: So I think the grass isn't always greener as, uh, as one. Yeah. Could you

[01:01:07] Mark: just go back to that screen, which had the signup link, uh, This is, this is important to state. It's, uh, go to there. And this is why I love that you've put in the 14 day trial, no credit card or anything like that.

[01:01:21] Mark: Just sign up, give a good plan. And I always say this to everybody who is looking to move PMs or get one for the first time is take advantage of, of the trials because at the end of the day, this is where you get a real good. Yeah,

[01:01:33] Vince – Uplisting: I think so what, what we notice is like when you guys are looking for software, you'll, you'll try 3, 4, 5 different software at the same time.

[01:01:39] Vince – Uplisting: Um, so we're, we're kind of, we want you to be able to freely check out each software rather than having like this, you know, a pay wall or a, um, a cost to onboard. I think that's, um, a bit sneaky tactic. So have a, you can have a look around, see if it's good for you or not. Um, it's very easy to onboard. You can connect Airbnb, um, without impacting your existing software or your Airbnb account and read only.

[01:02:01] Vince – Uplisting: Um, so you, you get to really quickly see whether those thing is gonna suit your needs or not.

[01:02:06] Mark: And Graham to answer your question. So Graham's put in a question here about, um, hotels and, and whatnot. So just to give you an idea, Graham, Ryan, Luke uses uplifting and you know, you know, Ryan, you know that he doesn't just get one properties anymore.

[01:02:19] Mark: He's, he's looking to take over Dubai and, and all other things that he's doing at the moment. But, um, uh, to answer your question, have a chat with Vinny, have a chat with listing. Cause I feel like the questions that you are asking, cause you asked the same ones earlier. Um, it's definitely more uplifting is definitely more suited for what your needs are.

[01:02:38] Mark: Hundred percent. So jump on Vinny. If anybody wants to send an email, is that okay to do so? What's the best way to get.

[01:02:46] Vince – Uplisting: Yeah, Vincent uplifting or on Twitter. Um, very active on Twitter. My, my box is a bit of a nightmare, but, um, Vincent net uping do I, I will respond and, uh, at Breslin on Twitter, um, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

[01:03:00] Mark: Nice. Really, really appreciate your time, buddy. Thank you very much for that. Uh, thank you everybody can, everyone was say, thanks Vince in the chat. That would be lovely. And we're gonna bring on final, final one of the day. So I really hope you've enjoyed this. Uh, I really hope everybody has got some from it.

Introduction to Guesty

How Hostfully, Hospitable, Uplisting and Guesty are helping the STR Industry

[01:03:14] Mark: And if you want me to do it again in the future, but maybe with not property management software, maybe with, um, somebody else. Who knows what we can do, right. I'm gonna bring in the final one now. So can everybody say thanks to Vinny and everybody say hello to Eden. So Eden is joining us from guestie. Uh, everybody will have heard of gusty, but one of the, the biggest and best names in the industry.

[01:03:40] Mark: So we're really, really grateful for you for coming on board and doing this. Withs Eden. My pleasure. Let me just make you co-host, which I have just done. I'm gonna add you in here. So, um, very, very quickly, if you can do so everybody say hi, Eden, in, in the chat first and foremost, have I pronounced your name?

[01:03:56] Mark: Right? Eden. Yeah, you're a spot on. Oh, fantastic. I always get really nervous before doing that. so, so that was good. So, um, can you please, first and foremost, describe to everybody what you do for guesting first and foremost. Sure. Second thing. Um, you've got slides, um, that you can share. You are cohost.

[01:04:15] Mark: You've got a good 10 minutes. I'm gonna restart the timer. Um, and we, and we can go and do that. And then we're gonna finish with, with questions. So, um, I'm sure by now everybody's got questions, primed and ready to go. So I'll let you just dig in the floor is yours. I'm gonna mute my microphone. So welcome.

[01:04:32] Mark: Welcome.

[01:04:33] Eden – Guesty: Brilliant. Thank you so much for having me mark, as you kindly said, my name is Eden. I work for Guesty. I am the director of sales in charge of the entire globe, except for the us, um, for Guesty I joined the company in November and it's been a pretty wild ride since, since I joined 250 new employees have also joined the company.

[01:04:54] Eden – Guesty: So I I'm technically not a veteran, but I feel like one, uh, which is a pretty, uh, wild feeling. Um, so as mark said, I have some slides to share here with you today, just so you can get to know Guesty we'll do it. Um, real quick. So as mark mentioned, Probably all of you are well of guestie, uh, will consider to be one of, if not the leading platform, uh, for short term rental management today.

[01:05:20] Eden – Guesty: And that is mainly due to the very powerful engine that runs guestie, which is the largest research and development team in the industry today, which allows us to build a product that is not only. Innovative and with fresh features and new capabilities, but is also the most stable and the most well integrated in the market.

[01:05:44] Eden – Guesty: Um, we are preferred software partners with Airbnb VRBO and and well on track to be such with Expedia as well later on this year. Um, and, and that's basically where all of those figures that you see on the screen right now go that 110 billion funding, which is the second largest in the industry today, I believe as well as our employee number, the offices that we have around the globe and, um, our investors, it all goes back into the product to make sure that we are a utilizing the best talent in the industry and the most experience, not just developers, but also sweet C-suite executives and so on to build, um, the most innovative and stable.

[01:06:22] Eden – Guesty: In the market today. So our vision for guest that we're all already implementing and that we want to move boldly into the future with is to basically do for property management. What Shopify did for commerce. Um, if you were doing online commerce in any way, 10 years ago, you would've heard people say stuff like E eCommerce is impossible to manage in one place.

[01:06:43] Eden – Guesty: You are always gonna have different solutions for your different stages in your cycle. And Shopify came in and proved them wrong. They basically said we will create one platform for all of the daily workflows that go into eCommerce. And that is the guest division for property management. So we want to end the days where you have to use a separate accounting software, separate, uh, software for your channel management, um, separate software for your task management and so on, and have all these different, uh, tabs open and spreadsheets and phone numbers, et cetera, and put it all in one place.

[01:07:19] Eden – Guesty: So the way to do that is to answer the needs of all three of the people that play a part when property is actually being managed. The, the first part is obvious, right? It's you guys, the, the property managers, you need a way to distribute your property to the market, to manage your pricing, to be efficient in your operations, to be compliant with the manyfold regulations that apply to our industry, um, to of course, get good reviews so that you score higher on, um, all of the algorithms that are ranking your, um, software.

[01:07:49] Eden – Guesty: And at the bottom line, you want to yield KPIs, right? You want to yield metrics that actually indicate that your company's performing well, but that's only where the story begins, right? Not where the story ends because you service the property owners. Right. And they have their own. They want to receive payments on time.

[01:08:04] Eden – Guesty: They want to maintain their property right. To take care of well and tell and so on. They wanna feel like you are a reliable operator, that everything is happening as they intend that they're covered. If something happens to their listing, if something, uh, were to go wrong, then you have their back. Um, and of course they want to settle all finances on time.

[01:08:23] Eden – Guesty: They wanna get those statements and their money and so on. So we'll get to the guest in a second guest. The only has a suite of features that is aimed at you. Yes, but also at your users, which are the property owners to, um, get that end to end experience. And then lastly, of course, the guest. Which is the end user of our properties.

[01:08:42] Eden – Guesty: Um, they, they have their own interest in mind. They want to find the right property. They want to be safe window Ville. They expect to have easy communication. So gone are the days of emails and phone numbers, and so on. They wanna be able to message, uh, you, um, and, and people on premise and so on. Um, and in general, they just wanna have a very seamless and contactless experience around those day, which is something that guest can help with, um, as well.

[01:09:07] Eden – Guesty: So. In order to provide this end to end experience, we have not limited ourselves to a specific type of property or a specific type of size of user or a specific location. We service all types of properties from we, we actually have a big client in us doing glamping. So renting out tents, using guesties, uh, platform to your more, um, traditional vacation rentals, urban apartments, apart hotels, and so on.

[01:09:35] Eden – Guesty: Uh, we have clients of every size we in the last year launched a product called Guesty for hosts for smaller property managers with one to three listings, which gives you the great Guesty experience. But, uh, you know, with the features that are key to, uh, smaller operations and then guest Toose, which goes from four listings to huge property management companies, all the way up to plus, uh, 500.

[01:09:57] Eden – Guesty: Um, and we even, uh, provide our products as an API. What's called backend as a service. So you don't even have to use the interface. You could just use, um, our APIs and we operate all across the globe. Um, us Australia, the UK, we have a representative based in UK, Europe and, and, and so on and so forth. Um, of course our product is not perfect.

[01:10:18] Eden – Guesty: No product is perfect. Um, and we can't really handle all needs doing those end to end flows, which is why we have the most robust marketplace in the industry partnering with over 100, um, partners, um, that allows us to basically complete our offering. Right. So. In the case that you do find things that guest can't do.

[01:10:37] Eden – Guesty: The chances that we don't have a partner that does it are close to zero. We partner with some of the biggest names in the industry, whether it's your dynamic pricing providers like price lab, or wheelhouse home automation platforms like Oppel Alto and remote lock, um, and, and, and more and more breezeway and safely and dove and all of the big players in, in the industry doing their thing and making our platform even more powerful.

[01:11:00] Eden – Guesty: And these integrations, again, going back to what I said about our developers are going to be best in class. So they're going to be easy to use and stable because we just have more people on deck taking care of them every single day and making them the best that they can be. Um, I won't have time to go into the platform itself, obviously.

[01:11:15] Eden – Guesty: Uh, these are just a few gifts to show you how things look like behind the wheel when, when you do, um, use Guesty. Uh, but just to summarize Guesty is the end to end platform for property management managers, which is agnostic to things like size location, asset types, or business models. We do it all. We can service any types of, uh, of companies or use cases that you can think of.

[01:11:36] Eden – Guesty: Um, we're powered by a world class LD team of over 150 people, and that's just in L and D not to mention product and support and C suite and so on. Um, and we're still going. Um, and, and our goal is to lead this industry, uh, through best in class innovation, delivering the newest features, but also making sure that they're stable and they actually work.

[01:11:56] Eden – Guesty: And it's not just fancy bells and whistles, but things that actually provide value to you on a day to day basis. Uh, That's it. Uh, again, my name is Eden. My email address is here, and if you want to dig deeper and request a demo from us, we put together a link specifically for you guys. So, you know, you're coming in from Brucely, um,

[01:12:17] Eden – Guesty: You'll be able to fill a form though, and then get one of my lovely account executives that will, uh, run you for the product more in depth. And that's it.

[01:12:25] Mark: Brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant. Keep that link up. Uh, please keep that slide up so people can, can see it on the, on the screen. Perfect. So this is where we get the chance to offer and ask questions.

Questions for Guesty

[01:12:35] Mark: So if you want to ask a question and Chris be, you've just put an essay in the chat that I can't read. That speaker raise your hand and I will unmute you. And you can ask that question di directly. Uh, but I do see a super quick one. So obviously, uh, guestie has lots of features. Guestie is able to work with many, many partners, uh, on this.

[01:12:57] Mark: So John asked the question, I see you offer damage, protect. Is that automatically part of the monthly fee or is this one of those optional upgrades?

[01:13:08] Eden – Guesty: Perfect question. First of all, let me just point out that damage protection offering is currently supported in the us and Mexico only. Um, Canada in the UK are the next two markets that are on our cost sales.

[01:13:21] Eden – Guesty: And when I say on our cost sales, the ink is drying on the agreement as, as we speak with our providers there. Um, that is an additional fee on top of our monthly fees. Um, and it's actually not monthly it's on a reservation basis, right. Because we cover. Each and every reservation, the fee is tied to the reservation instead of your monthly fee.

[01:13:41] Eden – Guesty: Um, should you decide to go for a deeper demo? There are several packages that cover you up to certain amounts, so you can tailor the damage protection package to your needs, right? If you don't want to be covered up to a certain amount and you can pay less. Um, and so on what we find a lot of our users doing is actually incorporating the damage protection cost into the reservations.

[01:14:01] Eden – Guesty: Right? If you think about it, it's a perk for the guest as well. If they're staying at your, uh, property, they know that should anything happen and forget malice, just an accident, right? They still wine on the carpet. They know your carpet, so you won't be chasing them. You'll be chasing your damage protection provider light.

[01:14:18] Eden – Guesty: Um, so it's something that we see people folding into the cost of their reservations, which is why it's built, uh, on a reservation basis.

[01:14:24] Mark: No. Great answer. So, um, this is something that I'm just becoming aware of now. So is this a new feature? Is this something that's been around in, in America and, and, uh, Mexico for a while?

[01:14:34] Mark: Uh, and can you just sort of just very quickly, sorry, just to sort of explain how is it different to air cover? Yeah,

[01:14:40] Eden – Guesty: of course. Great question. So it's, it's relatively new. We launched it a few months ago in the us and have been slowly expanding it. Um, Basically the difference with, uh, guest is damage protection solution.

[01:14:53] Eden – Guesty: Is that our user that, that the person who we in touch with is you guys, right? Um, other offerings like lb B's damage protection, for example, or other partners, they're more, more guest centric, right? So that just shows up in the numbers. They tend to, uh, take the guest side when claims are made. Whereas with us, we have vested interest in, in, in basically listening to your claim folly and, and, and going with your version of things, just because you are our user that also leads to our, um, service level, right?

[01:15:24] Eden – Guesty: With Airbnb, for example, you have 14 days to submit a claim with us it's 30 days. And with most of these partners, not sure about El cover specifically. Um, yeah, I think it applies to them as well. Um, you need to make the claim before the next guest checks in. Right with us. There is no such limitation. You can rest easy.

[01:15:43] Eden – Guesty: Make the claim later. Sometimes you only find out about it after the next guest is checked. Right. Um, so that's not a limitation with us. So those are our main differentiators. Why? I would say our damage protection offering is, uh, superior. Love it.

[01:15:55] Mark: Uh, before we go to crystal ball's question, cause it is a, is a good one.

[01:15:58] Mark: Um, so obviously last year guestie acquired your partner, which has now changed into Guesty for hosts. So I think this is where there's a lot of confusion with, with guestie. So can you just very quickly just sort of overview, what is Guesty for host, who is guestie for host best for, and then just quickly jump into Guesty pro.

[01:16:18] Mark: Yeah.

[01:16:18] Eden – Guesty: So basically guestie had a look last year at our strategy and kind of at the industry and figured out that there are many types of people managing properties, but you could, if you wanted to break them down into two major types, The first type is what usually makes the news, which is just people with apartments, right?

[01:16:36] Eden – Guesty: Whether it's for family or purchases that they made, they have two or three properties that they manage and they use it as passive income, right? Another source of income. They don't need things like accounting and financial reports and in depth automation, right? They simply need a good piece of software that will help them keep all the balls juggling in the air.

[01:16:56] Eden – Guesty: That's Guesty for hosts. It gives them the calendar, uh, the inbox, and some basic automation to help you manage your fuel listings that you do on the side. But once you are a company and you start to need things like invoicing and more robust at scale automation and in depth reporting and user permissions and all of these extra features, that's where the classic traditional Guesty solution comes in.

[01:17:20] Eden – Guesty: So really, if you are an operation to any degree, If you are a business, if you are a company you want to be going with Guesty football, if this is, um, a side stream of revenue for you, then that's exactly what a guest for host comes in, which is implied in the name, right? People who are hosting people at the apartment, um, or the listings that they own.

[01:17:38] Eden – Guesty: So, so that's how it would break down the difference between these two, uh, offerings.

[01:17:42] Mark: Lovely. Uh, so crystal ball is actually gonna email you directly Eden because his perfect, his, his question is very bespoke, very niche, and he's very kindly said that I will message him privately. We do have one that's open for everybody.

[01:17:54] Mark: Uh, Lakeisha asked, does Guesty offer digital signature for agreements. The

[01:18:00] answer

[01:18:01] Eden – Guesty: is yes. Um, with Guesty you can create not only a rental agreement, but also make it a part of a checkin form that is then automatically sent to your, uh, reservations whenever you see fit, whether it's on confirmation before, check in and so on.

[01:18:16] Eden – Guesty: When they fill out that checkin form where they can also put in the passport information and amenity requirements and so on, they actually can also digital signature the agreement itself, which is then stored inside of Guesty for you to export and use in the

[01:18:30] Mark: future. Lovely. Um, so moving very quickly back to the partners that you're with, obviously, Boostlys partnered with on the, on the website side with Guesty and Juan is actually using Guesty for hosts.

[01:18:42] Mark: And he was asking, do you know of when they are going to open up the API for Guesty for hosts? So they can link into something like a third party, like, like boostly for example, or et cetera, et cetera.

[01:18:56] Eden – Guesty: Uh, good question. I will admit that I'm not on the product team, right? So I'm not fully privy to the entire roadmap as it, as it expands into the future, but I'll be very honest with you.

[01:19:06] Eden – Guesty: That's planned to be one of the differentiators between the platforms, right? If you think about it, maintaining an API connection to third party software is an ongoing effort. It's not a one and done, you have developers constantly sitting in front of the integration, debugging it, making it better, expanding it and so on.

[01:19:21] Eden – Guesty: So not to say that these integrations will never reach Guesty for host, because I don't think that's the plan, but it's not one of our priorities for Guesty for host, because exactly, uh, that's where we see things going into the guest for post territory. If you want a stable integration, if you wanna have best in class, um, communication with these third party, uh, applications, we see that as part of the guest for pose offering, and not as part of the guest for host offering.

[01:19:47] Eden – Guesty: So it will be coming. But I, I am, I, I. Feel safe to say that it will be in the far future as opposed to the next few months. I,

[01:19:55] Mark: I, uh, I think KMA, maybe looking at Q1 of 2023, but don't worry. I will keep asking. I will keep asking. so but, uh, very good question. Um, okay. There's another one. Um, oh, ho I's asked again, I am smoothly operating 24 listings with Guesty for host.

[01:20:17] Mark: I am smoothly opera. So I think, I think that's basically the same. I'm I'm doing good. Thank you. So that would be good. Yeah. First

[01:20:23] Eden – Guesty: of all, I mean, I'm glad to hear it right? Like that that's a good outcome. It's the same, it's the same company. We, we don't see it as, as competition. Um, but I would be happy to talk with you further on how exactly you are doing it, because I think there's a difference between everything is running smoothly now, as opposed to the value that you could be getting from the guest proposed offering.

[01:20:43] Eden – Guesty: Right. There's a difference between smoothly and optimal. So I think there are a few tools that you're missing out on, especially for 20 plus listings. Um, that could be beneficial for you. Yes.

[01:20:54] Mark: I see what I see what he means now with, with the question. So yeah, , that was like Spanish to English and English now, but exactly what you're saying.

[01:21:00] Mark: So, I mean, even it's, it's gonna come up a lot, you know, obviously like you put the numbers one to three for Guesty for host and then four plus for, for Guesty pro. Uh, but I think it comes with, with anything and everything in business. And in life you level up and you get to a certain point in your business journey, whether that level up is a financial number, whether that level up is a property number, whether that level up is a staff number that you will need to, to level up in time.

[01:21:24] Mark: So definitely want to have a chat with Eden and the team about maybe transitioning. I mean, this is obviously why. You know, looking from outside in you, purchase your partner, because then you can have a, a nice little transition from one to, to free ly four properties plus, so lovely, lovely question. Um, so let's get down to, to bras tax to pricing then.

[01:21:42] Mark: So what is the pricing for, um, Guesty for host and what is the pricing for Guesty pros?

[01:21:49] Eden – Guesty: How does it, so, right. So the, the pricing for guest for hosts is, um, on our website and, and, and you can go take a look at it. I, I, I don't sell guest for hosts at all, right? It's all, uh, with another team in the company and Dell pricing is their pricing.

[01:22:03] Eden – Guesty: So you are free to go to, to our website and check out the pricing. Dell guest for post is more of a bespoke solution of course, meant for larger businesses. And that's where we come in. Um, the, where we start is, uh, $60 per listing per month. Um, and of course that is something that we negotiate depending on company size, the amount of integrations that you want to have.

[01:22:22] Eden – Guesty: And so on that gets you. um, 95% of the platform. So all of our automations, all of our communication tools, API integrations, all that stuff. We do have a few add-ons like our accounting module geared towards more, you know, uh, bespoke financial use cases and advanced analytics, which is external on top of that.

[01:22:40] Eden – Guesty: And I'll be happy to discuss pricing of those modules during, you know, follow up calls, uh, but $60 per listing per month. That's the call, uh, uh, pricing that gets you pretty much the entire platform.

[01:22:51] Mark: Lovely. Brilliant. Thank you for that. Uh, so you can just assume that we've, uh, the answered, answer your question about guest advice.

[01:22:57] Mark: You can assume it's a little bit less than that, so fantastic. Eden. That was amazing. Thank you so much. Big numbers. Good numbers. Fantastic. Fantastic for doing that. Uh, and thank you for being part of it. Can everybody just say in a chat? Thank you, Eden. Thanks for your time, everyone. That'd be great. All right, I'm gonna just drop you back down into the waiting room.

Summary from Mark

[01:23:14] Mark: That was great. I'll chat with you later. Have a good one. Uh, alright everybody that is it. I enjoyed that. That was, that was good. I hope, I hope you enjoyed it now. Um, I know we focused on hopefully hospitable up listen and Guesty, but those are the ones who said yes. So it says a lot about the PMs providers that got back to me and said, yes, um, others ignored my email.

[01:23:36] Mark: Others said no. Uh, so it says a lot about everybody that did come into it and you know, your, your PMs may not have been featured today. That's totally cool. Uh, if you have liked this sort of style and liked this sort of method, we can do it again. Um, I gotta have a feeling of who we wanna be in, uh, especially, uh, mention to, to Vince, so up listening, because he is actually part of the book project with me.

[01:24:00] Mark: So for those of you who don't know, I'm working on the next book, which is gonna be called the book direct B. The playbook is all about marketing tactics. And I pulled a full chapter out of that book, uh, which was about the, the tech stack behind the scenes, uh, because I didn't feel like I could do it justice.

[01:24:17] Mark: And so what I've done is I've gone out into the world. Um, I've found all the vendors, uh, who really do focus on the book, direct message and VI list. And he gave you those numbers of what they are producing, which is fantastic. And he's going to be his chapter of excellence is gonna be about property management software.

[01:24:32] Mark: It's gonna be about channel management. So I'm excited for, for that. And I'm gonna give more news about that over the coming weeks and months, which is lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Um, hopefully you learned something, um, new, about a PMs, for example, I've learned LUS I've made notes, which, which is definitely cool.

[01:24:50] Mark: Um, and obviously, you know that there are 1,400 PMs providers out there. There are a lot. Um, so my goal is to make sure that I put the best in front of you. That's gonna help you make that decision because I know a lot of you. Haven't got a property management software yet because of the overwhelm. And so by doing things like this, to give you an idea on pricing, it should help loads.

[01:25:12] Mark: I feel the, sort of the takeaway from this is that hospitable, which was Matthew from hospitable. They are geared up to those starting out, um, anything from one to five, even though they do have larger clients, he was perfectly honest and open in saying that, listen, they are not the all in one. They really help host and getting started.

[01:25:31] Mark: And a big part of their message is the automation. I love that there is a message for every scenario, including birthdays anniversaries, and you can send a message 200 days after checkout, which is really cool in terms of remarketing and whatnot. And they link it up with Airbnb, VRBO booking and all that stuff.

[01:25:49] Mark: And they add trying now to bring in things like payment. So they, they are really good. Um, I think hopefully up listing. Um, they definitely get involved at that five plus level. You know, I know that everybody says they were saying that they can help everybody, but I feel like with the pricing being on average about, uh, what, 60 to eight Euro a month going up to sort of 160 for five plus properties, I feel like they really do coming into their own.

[01:26:15] Mark: Uh, maybe about 3, 4, 5, 6, plus, I know people with uplifting that have got hundreds of properties. I know people with host leave have got hundreds of properties, but hopefully also have the digital guidebook as, as well, which is, I think a lot of people know a more for the digital guidebook. And then you've got, you've got Guesty Guesty in my opinion, they are, they are the most well known, but they are the most expensive.

[01:26:36] Mark: But just like with everything in this world, you get what you pay for. Uh, like you were saying, there, it was 86, 60 euros a listing and you get 95% access. And this damage protection thing is, is really cool that they're doing this. I know it's more, but it's just that extra piece of mind. The thing. And again, what they're doing is they've looked at what air cover is and they're going well, we can better that.

[01:26:59] Mark: We can better that. And again, you're not having to rely on somebody else's word here, which is the key takeaway of what he said then was with Airbnb. They favored a guest with Guesty, they're gonna favor the host. So it's Kiva. So I'm glad that we got such nice, different variations in, um, I'm glad that you've learned loads, which is cool to see all the messages this has been recorded and it's gonna be up in the Facebook group.

[01:27:25] Mark: So the team boosty Facebook group, um, it's going to be in there and I can see it live right now. So you can jump in there. Uh, Vinnie's video. He has sent me the video, uh, on WhatsApp already. So I'm going to take that video. The one that he couldn't get going with the sound and it's going to be in the group.

[01:27:42] Mark: And I may even turn this into a podcast. Later down the line, cuz this was really good. I'm really glad we did this. So thank you for tuning in. Thank you for giving 90 minutes of your time. Uh, wherever you're watching from around the world. I know we've got people in America. We've got people, Australia, South Africa, UK, et cetera, et cetera.

[01:27:59] Mark: So it's great to see and Christoff, uh, so Kristal, I know you had your question. Um, I've definitely reach out to Eden directly, um, which was lovely. Okay. I'll all of you and leave you. Give me all a, gimme all a big wave. Let me get you all on screen. Give all a big wave. There you go. hi, man. Trying to grab the camera.

[01:28:18] Mark: All right. All thank you so much. Take care. Bye bye. A see you soon. Thank you. Thank you. Take care, byebye. Thank you so much for checking out today's podcast episode. Now, before you head and go anywhere else before you click to the next episode, before you do that, do me one big favor and go check out boost Lee dot code UK slash trust IRA, a sponsors of all of the booster content, and the reason why I work with them.

[01:28:41] Mark: And the reason why we spread the message of IRA is that when a host or a company is looking to get more into dire bookings, the main question they have is around trust as in will a guest trust that I am a true and real business, will IRA take care of all of that. And they've got a special offer that is only available to boostly people, but to do that, you need to go to boostly, which is B O O.

[01:29:06] Mark: TL Y dot co dot UK slash trust. You can find out all the information there. You can book in a demo book in a call, and then you'll get your super special offer that is only available to Boostly peoples, thank you again for tuning in do go check out IRA. We'll be back again very shortly with another podcast episode, but until then, we'll see you all very soon.

[01:29:25] Mark: Take care.


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