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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 12. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about engagement.

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01:00 Why you should focus on engagement
02:00 What you really need to do

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Transcript from the Episode

In this video, what I'm going to be talking about is why you should be focusing on engagement for your social media channels. So the biggest misconception is that you got to have as many followers as possible, the more followers you have the potential to bring in more bookings. Well, that's not always the case.

The problem is with marketing and all of these things is that there is a big problem out there that so many people are focused on getting more and more and more followers, that they start to do things that aren't going to be correct for the channel. For example, there are services out there that you can pay to get more and more followers. The problem is the people that they choose to for you to follow bots or scammers or just not people ever going to potentially do business with you or book a stay with you.

So what social media looks more than anything is engagement. If you look at Facebook, if you look at Instagram, if you look at LinkedIn, doesn't matter what the channel, it looks at engagement.

What you really need to do

So what you really need to be doing is not focusing on getting 10,000 20,000 30,000 followers, what you really should be doing is looking to get a core group of people that are always going to be engaging in yourself. There's a blog called Kevin Kelley, it's called A Thousand True Fans. I read it in 2016 at the start of my Boostly journey and it's one that I keep going back and back and back to I won't butcher it you can go and literally read it for yourself It won't take long but the main premise of what I want to teach you in this video is if you can have 100 followers that whenever you post they engage, comment, share and basically start a conversation with you on and you can get out of 100 followers you can get 100 people doing that then Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn whatever the channel maybe, they will treat you a lot more favourably than if for somebody with 10,000 followers and when they post out only say 1000 joining.

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