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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 434. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked all about knowimg your guest.

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00:20 Who is your guest?
03:00 Can you trust your guest?
03:30 What happens if something goes wrong?

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Hello, Team Boostly, we're Super hog, the advanced guest screening with embedded insurance software. We serve the vacation rental industry around the world. And we're honored today to come and speak to you about our product. I'm Leah Walton, one of the co-founders and the VP of growth. And I'm joined by the lovely Hannah, who is our UK regional manager.

Who is your guest?

We are looking to answer three questions simultaneously. The first one? Who is your guest? The second one? Can you trust them? The third one, what happens if something goes wrong?

Okay, there are three questions. Let's use that to structure this. And keep in mind that our mantra is prevention is better than cure. So, you know, the biggest blocker to growth is costing your business money because properties get trashed, or owners because they're not happy with damage that's happened in a property. And that is what we're here to try and stop.

The average run rate of issues in vacation rental bookings around the world is about 2% to 2% of bookings end up in an incident where someone's paying for some damage either minor or fairly well, Major. With super hold, we reduce that figure fivefold incredible, right? Because prevention is betting on the way we do that is through our advanced screening technology, which starts to answer that first question, who is your guests? Hannah? Can you point out some of the ways that our system helps identify the guests are before the booking?

Yeah, so we put the guests through a screening process of checking who they are, by taking in their personal details like their address, we put them through a biometric Id check, which is a selfie and copy of the photo ID. And our system will do a check on those details to see if that guest is who they say they are, we do a few extras like checking the email address and checking how long it's been active for. And we also check like for phones. And we also have a database check our Superhog database checks. So we do all those checks to ensure who that guest is.

It's this super old database, which is another element of what we do. It's not how the guest screening starts, it starts with biometric data collection mixed with our algorithm to make sure that the phone is registered email, all that good stuff, but you then have a super database on top of that. So any incident has happened in a property anywhere else in the world that we're looking after, we'll know about it.

And if a guest has done significant damage, or had a party or done something illegal, that guests will be blocked. And what I love about this element is that it's connecting property managers around the world. So you know, a New York property manager has all the information that a London property manager has in the world property manager and an Australian jazz, so we can all benefit from that collective learning. So that's the first thing you know, that's how we help them work out who that guest is.

Can you trust your guest?

We based on the information, provided will say yes or no, and that stone are saying that we think they're going to be good or they're not. And therefore we can you guys can trust that they are going to be who they say they are. And if they're not, then that leads us on to the third question.

Absolutely. And it allows us to say with certainty that we can protect you. So if we said yes, superhog will then protect you for anything that goes wrong.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Let me start by saying, we will make sure that you are reimbursed financially. And there's a number of ways we might do that. How can you talk about our resolutions process in a bit more detail?ย 

We take the resolutions process over for the property manager. So every part of like having to contact a guest, and I'm checking what's happened during that booking, you know, something's happened, we take that all on. So we will speak to that guest firsthand to see what's happened. And we'll mediate with them to get basically a resolution and to get and to be able to reimburse the property manager for that loss. And if obviously, that doesn't happen, then it can fall back on our super hog guarantee that we provide up to $5 million per booking. This is fantastic. So this is what this phrase embedded insurance means.

The first thing we can do is actually speak to the guest and get them typically to pay for this. So in over 50% of cases, now, we're able to get the guest to pay for their own damage. Why? Because most guests are good people. And you know, we've cut out that you know, really sinister, really illegal, premeditated damage because people like that will never go through a screening process. They'll just cancel a book elsewhere. And we're left with hopefully the fairly manageable bits of damage anyway.

We're able very often to get guests to pay for those damages where we're not that's where our financial guarantees kick in, and that's for damage that's for a virtual deposit. So you can actually stop taking your deposit If your bookings as well, and a chargeback guarantee now, full disclosure here, we don't expect to have to use that chargeback guarantee because we've got all our biometric information that we can send to the credit card company, which should solve the problem. But if it doesn't, you will be reimbursed financially for the value that you have lost due to that. So it could be booking value, they've reclaimed, or deposit amount that you're not able to claim on their card for some small bits of damage that they've done.

So what that means in a nutshell, is that superhog is looking after you and looking after your hosts, right. So it's not just screening them. And the screening is very, very important. Because by doing that, we've been able to reduce the incidence of damage fivefold against the industry standard, but also making sure that we can pick up the pieces at the other side.

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