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Do I need more than one website for two properties

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 558.

In this episode of the Boostly Podcast, Mark provides advice for someone who has gone from one property to two in different locations and doesn't know how to proceed.

He talks about how to create one big brand that encompasses all of the properties.

Each individual property can have its own name, but it should be branded underneath the main company name, which should be included in all marketing materials and social media pages.

The benefit of having one large brand is that it is easier to manage, and you can direct people to a main website that has all your properties, rather than needing to create separate websites for each one.

Additionally, each property can have its own domain that leads back to the main website.

Here's the video for this episode:

Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Premise of the question
03:36 – You don't want to make it hard for yourself
04:24 – It's important to save your time
06:03 – Outro

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Mark: I've got one property, I've now gone to two doing different locations. What do I do? And so this is the advice that I share with you. So a question came in, and this one is something that is happening a lot. So I wanted to record a special video around it. And it's when it comes to growing your business.

[00:00:16] So you've got one property, and that could be called property a right. Property A, that's everything is around that property. Every time you talk about it online, you're talking about the property, but then you go and add in property. And at that point you go, well, do I need to have a website for property A and a separate website for property B?

[00:00:35] What do I do? And this is literally a question that that that is coming. So question, if I'm picking a name for my SDRs, should I have a different webpages for different locations? I currently have two short term rentals in one C, but I hope to own in other areas someday. Would it make sense to have everything I own on one page when people usually search for a particular location, or should I plan to have different diary book insights for each different one?

[00:00:58] So the question goes on to talk [00:01:00] about Es short term rentals, midterm rentals, et cetera. But the premise of the question is this. I've got one property, I've now gone to two doing different locations. What do I do? And so this is the advice that I share with you. And before I give this advice, please make sure that you share this video with anybody that you know is in a similar situation.

[00:01:17] It could be in a Facebook group, uh, there could be a friend, family member. Or just somebody that you've seen online that's talking about this os also as well, sir, the algorithm gets going crazy. Hit this light button, make sure you subscribe, uh, and drop a little comment below. Let me know your web link.

[00:01:31] Let me know where your properties are around the world. You never know who's watching. There could be a potential booking in the comments right now. So again, I'm gonna share my screen and I'm gonna flip over to a webpage. So this is the. So you've got, uh, here, you've got bright, and here you've got peachy.

[00:01:48] Okay? Now, what I recommend that you do now, bright and peachy, are at different stages of, of their journey than, than yourself maybe, but the, the, the advice still fits, right? Uh, so what I want for you to do is I want for you to take a look at this. [00:02:00] And I'm gonna scroll on in. Now, in this section here, you can see that every single listing that they have, they are, uh, tagging it as bright, which is stay bright, okay?

[00:02:13] Now their company and their business is stay bright, okay? As you can see in the domain here. But what I want for you to know is that when you go from one property to two properties, what happens? That you don't longer become property A and property B, you become overriding company name. So this is Bright and this is peachy, and now Peachy do something very similar.

[00:02:40] PPG So they've got their different locations spread around. Now all of these properties, and on separate sites, they're on one main site and they make sure that when they brand it, they always talk about the property. But in brackets or at the start, they have the company name because what will happen [00:03:00] is on your Airbnb listings, your listings, your VR listings, your Google business listings, your social media page, You want to be saying that this is, for example, let's have a look at, uh, stay bright again.

[00:03:12] So this is the, um, Augsburg Hotel Auditorium. Bright. Okay. On Peachy. This is the Coastal Family Retreat by Bright. This is the ocean view by Bright. So the properties will become their own little sub-brand, but then you've got the overarching brand on top of. And this is, this is very important that everybody should be looking to do So sooner rather than later, this may be you in your position.

[00:03:36] So you don't wanna make it hard for yourself. You wanna work smarter, not harder. So you've got the one main domain, whether it's or or whatever, dot com. And then underneath it, you've got all of your properties underneath that one big brand. And the cool thing is, is that when, obviously if you've got a website like Boley here, each one of these individual properties will have its own little domain, and this'll be [00:04:00] where you can send people to, uh, directly, and then they can obviously book direct on your, on, on your Boley site.

[00:04:06] Now, when they come onto the domain, the, you know, obviously. This Subpage of Boley has a vibe and a feel of like a, a listing site. They can see availability, they can check on the latest price, they can see all the amenities, they can see all the pictures. All of this, when you're with Boley, gets synced on in with your property management software tool.

[00:04:24] So this is important to save your time. , this is what we do. Um, big part of what we do is. Uh, the, the, the integration with your, with your booking engine. Hostfully Guesty Mbu host, away up uplifting owner as new book Hospitable Zeva Avivo, host Offi, I G M S Rentals Super Control, Toki, Loy, and Beds 24. We integrate all of that information in so you don't have to reduplicate it up.

[00:04:48] And so when somebody lands on your site, they've got all of this information that is integrating in. This is the same information that you push to Airbnb, vrbo, and then they can book on here. So you've got your individual property [00:05:00] identities under the under akin, uh, brand, which is ing You know, if I can give you the, the closest sort of example.

[00:05:08] It's what, it's what Marriott do, it's what all these big brands do. They've got the sub-brands, overall domain, akin brand. Now you are obviously a lot further down the business journey as those massive companies, but it's all about now thinking and implementing what these big guys are doing and how you can put it into your small business.

[00:05:23] So when you've got property one. Fantastic. That's just property one. That's, that's the brand. But as soon as you add property number two, that's when what you've got to do is you've gotta Id if identify for property one, identify for property two, and then the big business name over the top. And if you haven't got it, then go and find one.

[00:05:40] You can find brand specialists on fiber. You may know somebody. Um, you may wanna reach out to an expert again, when you go access to Boostly we give you access to all those experts. Uh, as part of it. If you wanna find out more, go to, but before we even go down that route, the thing that I want everybody to do, If you've got more than one property, start to [00:06:00] think of identifiers and your big business name.

[00:06:03] You wanna find out more. There's got tons of us available at Boostly you've got a Uh, please make sure that you like this video, subscribe if you like, talk like this, and how you can build your own business, how you're not reliant on Airbnb doing so. And if you wanna get more data bookings, come to Boley dot.

[00:06:18] UK having a blast. Gonna get it on the Bruce Lee podcast, Bruce Lee. Let Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the tea is loose leaf. Making up those rhymes. Don't write it, just do it loosely.

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