ChatGPT: The End of Airbnb

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 572.

In this podcast, Kyle introduces Mark Simpson, the founder of Boostly and a direct booking expert.

Mark emphasizes the importance of building a brand for businesses with at least five properties, stating that the use of GPT technology can help create logos, schemes, and content within minutes.

Mark shares a Google Chrome extension called, which transcribes every YouTube video using AI, allowing for automatic summaries of videos.

He also discusses GPT as a “thought engine,” stating that it should be used for inspiration rather than copying and pasting purposes.

Mark believes that building a brand is crucial in 2023 and beyond, and that businesses should move away from identifying as Airbnb businesses and instead focus on building their own brands.

He suggests that GPT could be the beginning of the end for Airbnb and offers insights on how this technology could lead to realistic scenarios that could ultimately harm Airbnb's business.

Mark encourages all businesses to begin building their brands and using GPT to aid in the process.

Here's the video for this episode:

Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Walk you through
05:14 – My goal here is to give you loads of tools
10:38 – Talk about prompts
15:08 – Open AI version is diet like
20:28 – The cream will always rise to the top
25:03 – Synthesia.IO
30:13 – Free Google tool Ghostwrite
34:59 –
40:06 – Perplex Ai
45:09 – Prediction for this year
49:36 – Your network is your net worth

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Transcript from the Episode


[00:00:00] Kyle: Mark Simpson. It really doesn't need an introduction, but for those of you that have not met him, um, he is the founder of Boostly and just the direct booking go-to Guy. Um, anytime you hear direct bookings, uh, Mark's name is the first that anyone thinks of in this industry. So, Mark, thank you so much. Um, proud to call you a good friend of mine and, uh, very happy to have you on here.

[00:00:23] So I'm gonna just pass over to you and you have the mic and the power and just go for it. Have some fun.

Walk you through

[00:00:30] Mark: So, like everybody said, and Kyle, um, when, when he got it right in the end with G P t , you're calling it PJ at one point, but we, what we're gonna do today is I'm gonna walk you through something that is very cool.

[00:00:40] Everybody in this room has got at least five properties. They're well on the way to doing seven figures, which is amazing to. But there's one thing that everybody needs to do, and you know this isn't calling anybody out. This isn't singling anybody out. This is an industry as a whole. What we need to do more than ever in 2023 and moving into 2024, we need to start as soon as people possible.

[00:01:04] Sorry. Stop calling yourself. an Airbnb business and what everybody needs to start doing here is as where Julie's staying at the Hilton, they build a brand. Everybody right now has to start building their brand. Cuz I'm going to show you over the course of these slides how G P T could be the beginning of the end of Airbnb.

[00:01:23] And I'm gonna set out some very realistic scenarios on, on how this could be the case. So everybody who's walking around calling themselves an Airbnb business now, as in right now or even yesterday, is the time to stop and start branding and building up your own business. And it's very important to do so.

[00:01:39] And I was trying to think of a, of a cool way in four minutes to describe this as an intro. Um, but this chap right here, if you know this chap, he's called Dustin Baker. He is probably the. One to watch, I would say in this industry. Um, he's a fantastic YouTuber. He's a fantastic storyteller. This is a video, but you've gotta re-watch.

[00:02:02] Um, and this is why it's really, really important. So what we're gonna do today, what I'm gonna walk you through today is I'm gonna show you a. How can you use this technology to help create a brand, create a logo, create, create your schemes? How can you create content and how can, you can literally do it within, within minutes.

[00:02:21] And all of us, I think, uh, transcribed it. A who not how. This is a perfect tool to help with that. And the first one I want to quickly show you. Can you see this, uh, little icon and box in the top round corner of my YouTube? This is one of the, Tools that I want to introduce you today. So this is a a a Google Chrome extension that you can add in.

[00:02:44] And what it does, this is the first one. It transcribes every YouTube video, this Google Chrome extension using AI will transcribe everything. And if you don't want to then watch the free hour, two hour podcast or even the 13 minute podcast, you tap on this little button here. It will open up chat G P T, and it'll automatically.

[00:03:06] Then summarize the video for you. And all I've done is I've clicked the button and it's going to spit out here in, in the bottom here what exactly what that video is about. So that is, um, the first tool, and it's called Glass or slash u um, YouTube summary. Just got a boothy dot code UK slash robot.

[00:03:29] And Kyle, if you could just like pass that out around the team afterwards, that'd be great. And then, All the links that I show you today, I'm gonna try my best to put it in the Zoom chat, but it's where I need all of us to work together. If you see me miss one, just whack it in the Zoom chat so everybody can get hold of it.

[00:03:42] So the first one is that uk, uh, YouTube summary. So or slash YouTube summary. It's absolutely free to install. It'll make your YouTube experience 10 times better. Okay, so this is the most important thing, and this is like a term I've, I've literally just come up with over the past week is.

[00:04:02] You've got to look at G P T as a fort engine. Now we look at Google as a search engine, and G P T in my opinion, won't replace Google or Google's search because it does different things. What G P T is, it's your second brain and the way that everybody should be using. isn't for basically copy and paste purposes, you need to use it for inspiration.

[00:04:31] So again, we go down that who not how sort, sort of methodology. This is like a, a nice little 0.5. So if you are struggling with A, B or C, you can tap into this technology to help you come up with the concepts that you are, you are got, you are working towards. So please don't try and use this as the be on end.

[00:04:48] Please don't try and use this as something that you're just going to take for granted and you're just gonna copy, paste and use, but instead use it as inspirational for the goal that you wear you want to get at. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk you through so many different tools and it is gonna get overwhelming, but make sure you take down a note of that link Booster dot code UK four slash robot as we go.

My goal here is to give you loads of tools

[00:05:08] Now to begin. So I've already shown you one tool, which is the YouTube summary one, and Jayla has just said, love that, which is awesome. My goal here is to give you loads of tools, and at the end of it, you can just pick one and just run with it. So the first one is this. Everybody will have heard of chat, g p T.

[00:05:24] So give me, um, a yes or no in the Zoom chat if you have particularly been using chat, G p T by OpenAI. Just gimme a yet or a. Okay, cool. There's a loads of yeses coming in. Fantastic. Now this is the main one. This is like the poster child of of G P T. Um, but as I can see here with Adam Adams using Otter ai, which is a transcription tool, everybody will have been using Jasper or heard of Jasper, uh, which is an AI tool.

[00:05:53] Everybody has heard as Grammarly. That has got some form of AI in it, and even your Google and your Gmail has got some form of AI in it. So AI isn't new. G P T isn't new, but chat, g p T and Open ai, it's got really popular. But at the back end of last year when Open AI opened it up for free to everybody to use, because what they needed is they needed data, they needed millions of people to stream into this software, to use it for free, to give it, um, more data so that it can improve its product.

[00:06:23] Microsoft have obviously now, if you've seen in the news, they've pumped 10 billion into it. And I'll talk to you why very soon. But that is the poster boy, and that is the, the free one that you can use. Now, if you can't get in on that, then there's a, there's a beat of evasion, which is called playground.

[00:06:39] So if you are ever, if you've not yet tapped into this technology and you're thinking, well, hang on a second, I can't get in cause it's an over capacity, for example. But all you need to do is you need to go to this link. Sorry, Rachel, I forgive you. It's the beat version.

[00:06:56] It's still the same, same, it's just, it just looks a little different. So those are the main ones that everybody uses. And you know, I'm not gonna teach you all how to suck eggs here for most of you have seen how to use it. And if, if you've not even used this, then go back and watch, uh, my interview with Mike on his S T R Secrets podcast.

[00:07:13] Uh, and I walk through, walk through this on there, the one that I tool that I want to show. Is a, is a freemium version, which is a better version of open ai and it's called Right Sonic. So the link in the domain that you need is app dot wright And again, I'm gonna put that into the Zoom chat.

[00:07:35] Now, what this tool is, what right Sonic is, is it's a combination of chat, G P T, like it says here, but it's also a combination of, um, mid. or Stable Fusion or, um, Dali. Now, has anybody tried messing about with AI imagery? Gimme a yes or a no in the chat? Yeah. Okay, cool. So it's, um, it's a really interesting tool.

[00:08:05] Let's put it this way. You can put in a combination of things that you want to in and it will generate some art on the other side. Now, um, the best way and the best. Case study that I've seen hospitality businesses using AI imagery and app is creating something that they can then print off and then put up in the, uh, in their short term rental properties.

[00:08:29] So they're creating their own app using this technology that they then print up and put up in the, in, in the short term rentals because it creates a story, it looks different from any of the other app that you could be putting up there. And again, I've even seen someone. Start selling it on, on, uh, on, uh, on Etsy, which is kind of funky.

[00:08:47] It's like a great way of creating like a side business. So the, the, the AI imagery is crazy. Everybody was using Lens back in November last year, which was those crazy sort of Marvel Avenger type, um, anime images that you can do by taking a picture of yourself. This is what Write Sonic does. So it combines mid journey stable diffusion, but also combines it with, with chat G P T, not only.

[00:09:11] But you can also, as you can see here, it'll help write you ads, articles, and blogs. Uh, your Facebook ad copy, Google ad copy, general writing, you name it, it's all in there. So for those of you that like an all in one tool, , right? Sonic is, is the way to go. Now it's a freemium service. So basically I pay $12 a month and I get to have, uh, nearly 20,000 words.

[00:09:34] The free version. You get like, I don't know, a couple of hundred, but as soon as you've used that a hundred up, then it says, listen, you, you gotta pay now, . So, um, the one thing that I really do like about this tool, if you haven't yet used it, so if I click into, if I click into the tool here, It is a com. A couple of things that chat g p T doesn't.

[00:09:54] So number one is it includes the latest Google data. So basically anybody who's been using chat G p T, you'll know that the data on that site is limited to 2021 for whatever reason. This includes the latest Google data and also as well for those, um, that like to use voice, you can actually do. Input to the chat g p t or a chat Sonic.

Talk about prompts

[00:10:22] So again, I could obviously, cause I'm doing Zoom and I'm, I'm onto you now. It won't work for me, but I could go onto there, tap that button and say, uh, please bring me up. , um, free, uh, YouTube videos around short-term rentals or whatever, you know, or can you find me X, Y, or Z? And I'm gonna talk about prompts in a second, and it will literally then do it for you, which is really cool.

[00:10:42] So for those of you who are, you know, don't like to type , who likes your voice, then you can, uh, then you can use that. So for those of you who have already been messing around with chat g p t, you'll instantly know, like Rachel is saying, wow. In in, in the chat, you'll instantly see how this is a, an upgrade on that.

[00:10:58] And for $12 a month, it's, it's very, very cool. Um, okay prompts. Let's talk about prompts now. Open AI have been sharing some stats because I've now got enough data because they've got like 5 million or a hundred million people using it, , and basically what they're saying, The better the prompt or the better the question that you give this technology, then the better the answer you will get back.

[00:11:25] And what does that mean? Is that 80 over 80% of the of the questions and the prompts that are being put in on on chat G p T are one line. So what they're basically saying is the better the prompt, the better the reply that you'll get back, and I've got down to here on my screen that you can go and use at any time.

[00:11:46] Um, I'm trying to make my screen bigger, but I don't really think it's doing much, so lemme just explain what they are. So, one of the things that I see so many business owners, doesn't matter whether it's one property or a hundred properties, the thing that I see the majority of you struggle with when it comes to marketing and doing direct bookings is creating the correct content for your.

[00:12:10] All of you are are good at creating content, but it's about creating the right content for your avatar. Okay? And obviously you all know who your avatar is. Um, by now, you know, you, you established short-term rental house. You know what you're doing, but it's are you creating the right content for them? . And again, when, when I, when I started this, I said, think of this as your four engine.

[00:12:31] This is your, this is your second brain. So instead of you, you know, trying to go through the process of going, well, what is my avatar going to be looking for? What could I type out? This is where literally you can use this for, for inspiration. So this first prompt, and again, all these prompts that I give you, I'm going to put in that Google Doc and you can get access to it anytime by just going to boley dot code uk slash robot.

[00:12:55] So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come into to chat Sonic, right? And I'm gonna paste in this prompt. And the prompt that I'm gonna put in is what type of content? Would a typical traveler want to watch on social media when it comes to choosing a place to vacation in wherever? Now, the question I have for you, and the first person who puts this in the chat will get the answer, where are your properties based?

[00:13:18] Where should I type in here? Gimme one. Who's gonna type in the first one? And I will literally go with that. Oh, so who's put that? Well, shaver Lake, Mitch Shaver Lake. I have never. Lake, but it sounds amazing. All right, let's see what ex, let's seize what it gives me.

[00:13:38] I thought somebody put bona then, but Boone, my, my British accent. All right. Now while this is doing this one, what I'm also gonna do is I'm gonna run it through, um, playground. So let's do another one through here. So Boone. Let me move my Zoom out the way. Okay, so let's see what chat so has come up with.

[00:14:06] So Travelers would typically watch videos or posts of people who have already visited Shr Lake on social media to get an idea of what the destination has to offer videos of the areas attraction, such as the Dabella Cove and the China Peak Ski Resort can give potential visit as a glimpse of what they can expect.

[00:14:24] Mitch, gimme a nod. Head does this. Sounds about. Yes, he's nodding their head. Fantastic. Now, when I talked about Google data as well, this is important because it also gives the references here, um, which is, which is really cool. Cause one of the early versions and adoptions of this, it didn't give any context or references of where you got the information from.

[00:14:43] So people were like, well, hang on a second, where you're getting it from. So it's actually giving you the references where you can go and click to, um, and. Chat, G P T, which is obviously the open AI version, has said a typical traveler would like to want to watch social media, content, features, attractions, areas, outdoors activities, cultural events, dining options, and local accommodations.

Open Ai version is diet like

[00:15:02] They might also be interested in seeing video clips of what it's like to explore the area for the sun and scenery and insights. So the open AI version is like the Diet Coke version and right Sonic is like that full fat Coke. It gives you it and it gives you the references.

[00:15:17] Okay.

[00:15:18] Mark: So again, you can use this as inspiration, not the be all and end all.

[00:15:22] Let's move on to the next prompt. Now, this next prompt, um, is a pretty cool one, so I'm gonna come in, uh, now does anybody have any questions on that? Aj, you've unmuted your mic or you just unmute it by accident? If anybody's got any questions, feel free to like, just unmute and stop me as I go. But if we're good, we're good.

[00:15:42] If you haven't got any questions, a. Politely mute. There you go. Thank you. Thank you. He's back again. . He's . He's gone again. All right, so, um, the next question. I run a vacation rental company in Houston, Texas. What are some of topics for my destination blog about Houston I should be tackling with my content?

[00:16:01] Give me results as a table. Each topic, a number between one and a hundred to indicate the topic popularity. E Now like I. This is, again, it's all about the prompts and the questions that you ask. Okay? The better the prompt and the question, the better the result that you'll get back. Now, you could substitute Houston, Texas for San Diego, for Miami, for Blue Ridge, for for Salem, uh, uh, for Vancouver Island.

[00:16:25] All right? Now, um, the reason why I put this is that I would say, well, obviously Bruce Lee, for those who don't know and don't know who I am, um, Bruce Lee predominant. Creates direct booking websites. We create websites that turn lookers into bookers. That's our whole shtick and our whole spiel. And one of the biggest problems that I see with our websites is that it doesn't always have fresh content.

[00:16:55] Now we create the website, we create the front end. It is up to the host. It's up to the to to you to create the content on your site, as in the blog posts, et cetera. and when I run surveys about why you're not creating at least one piece of fresh content, I A K A A blog post every month, it always comes down to the same thing, which is time.

[00:17:16] Now, if anything, chat G P T or G P T and this AI technology will give us. That time back. Now, literally what I'm doing here is I'm doing a bit of a market research piece, and again, feel free to copy this prompt. Go to that boost dot code uk slash robot, tap a button and go grab the doc, grab this prompt and use it and substitute it for your town, your city, for your state, because this will give you the content what you need to be creating on your website.

[00:17:42] Okay, so again, I've asked the question I've put in, I'm gonna hit go. And again, I'm gonna do the same thing. Uh, I'm gonna go and do it over on, on our little friend here, which is, uh, chat g p t.

[00:17:59] Alright, so as you can see here, I'm doing chat, g p t first. Um, what it's done. Is, it's ranked the blog posts and the topics in popularity based on search. Okay? So this is based on Google being et cetera, search. So if I was a, a management company in Houston, Texas, and I'm looking for what content to talk about, the most popular is exploring Houston, photos of Houston, top attractions, cultural events, et cetera.

[00:18:29] And again, chat. So chat Sonic has gone a little bit more in depth. It's given us a nice little table here. Events in Dining in Houston, dog Friendly Houston, uh, that's, that's very high. So if you're a dog friendly property accommodation business that's very popular, uh, for what people are searching for. Um, events in Dining in Houston is, is ranked high as well.

[00:18:51] So then what you can do here, if I've got dog friendly Houston, I can grab that and I'll go expand on dog friendly in Houston. I'll ask it nice. And then what it's gonna do is it will expand on that topic. So then you can then fill out what you are going to start to talk about on your content. Okay? So these are the types of prompts that you could put together to build out fresh content for your social media and your blocks.

[00:19:24] Now here's the next step. Now a lot of people will think, okay, so I can take. , I can then run it in Right Sonic and I can get it to build out a full blog post for me. Okay. Now, yes, you could potentially do that, but there are pitfalls because when it comes to Google, they are a very clever organization. I think we we're gonna all agree with that, and they will know exactly which content is being put together by a.

[00:19:52] and which content is being put together by a human. Now, I've got a lot of friends who are expert copywriters,

[00:19:58] content

[00:19:59] Mark: writers, et cetera, and a lot of them are, are worried with this AI technology. They feel that people don't need 'em anymore. But I, I say the opposite. I say chat, G P T will get rid of 80% of five.

[00:20:10] It will get rid of the crap. . What it will do is the cream always rises to the top, and if you are good at your profession, you will just rise to the top. It's the same message that I'm spreading in the world of short-term rentals and, and hospitality. All of these legislations, regulations and the things that are gonna come in is to get rid of the crap.

The cream will always rise to the top

[00:20:28] It's to get rid of the average. . Okay. Everybody in here is the cream, and you will always rise to the top and all of these legislations and, and these things that are coming in that your finger are gonna hamper you. They're not, they're going to promote you because the cream rises at the top. The best is always at the top, and it'll get rid of the average and the crap.

[00:20:45] Now, it's the same when we talk about this, because all we're going to do again, we're not gonna copy and paste and just shove it on our site and hope that Google likes. We're gonna take this and we're gonna take the framework that what we're being given here for a blog post, and then you go to five, for example, you'll find a blog content writer.

[00:21:06] You can put all the filters in. If anybody's used five, you know, as simple it is, it literally takes minutes. Maximum I would pay per blog would be about $20 no more. And you can, even if you found a good one, they'll also as well. They'll also as well upload it to your, uh, blog as well for you, so you don't even need to then put it onto your blog.

[00:21:27] Uh, Ryan, because copywriters aren't using chat g p t for their fiber gigs, the crap ones are, the good ones, aren't . But I get what you're saying, Ryan, but the crap ones are, but not the good ones. Uh, and then this is the cool thing. This is what I love. So you've got your blog post, right? And then, uh, as Ruben, anybody knows Ruben, he obviously talks about repurposing content a lot, and I'm a massive fan of that.

[00:21:50] Um, AJ, you're, uh, your microphones are muted again. Um, so repurpose the blog post. Okay, so then what you can do, you've got your blog post, it's on your blog. You can use that inspiration. So let's say you're talking about, uh, one of our top topics, which is dog friendly, places to visit in Houston, and let's just say your niche, whatever your niche is.

[00:22:10] Is dog friendly, right? You would then take that blog and say it's talking about five top places. There could be five tos. That's five shorts, that's five reels, that's five different social media posts. Um, you could take that blog post, you could email out to your list and say, Hey, we've put together this really cool blog post about the top dog friendly places in, in, in Houston.

[00:22:31] Give me a. Give me a no. How many of you have got an email list that you are actively using right now on MailChimp or crm? Give me a yes or a no. Don't worry. Aj do not, do not worry. Okay, mark? Yes. Jayla? No. Kyle? Yes. Cam? Yes. Kyle? Yes. Venetia? Yes. Michael? Yes. Adam? Yes. Lovely. So, If you're ever struggling at what content to put out on your email marketing, whether it's once a week or once a month, again, do this, grab the blog, send out on an email.

[00:23:08] It works brilliantly well. And the cool thing about email marketing, everybody will know this, is that when you send an email out and you're using MailChimp or you're using Active Campaign or whatever CRM you're using, you can see who is opening those emails and you can see exactly who clicks onto your blog.

[00:23:25] So if you've got anybody that's doing sales for you, as in outreach sales, then the cool thing is, is that you can then send a list of those people, whether it's one person who opens it or five people, you can send that to your outreach salesperson and you say, right, we've clicked on the blog to find out more.

[00:23:41] You say, reach out to these five people. They can pick up the phone, they can send 'em an email. And that's a, a juicy, hot lead. Anybody who's ever worked in sales, you'll know that that is the best of the best because they are literally there looking at, at like active places to come and visit in your area.

[00:23:56] Those are the best people to contact. Instead of like going for the shotgun approach, like running a Facebook ad, which is just, mm. You can literally do a snipe approach with an email. You can get right in front of the person you wanna be speaking. And the beauty of it is if they've already stayed with you in the past, they know love, like, and love you and trust you, they know you.

[00:24:12] So they're more like made that purchase, which I love. It's also could be content for your digital guidebook and obviously YouTube videos as well. Now, time for the next tool. Who's ready for the next tool? Give me a yes in the chat if you're ready for the next tool. Cause I've got a real cool one to show you.

[00:24:26] Here we go, Mitch. Thank you. Are you enjoying this so far? Does this all make. You learning something new. Cool. Good. I'm glad no one said no. Craig, have you got a question, my man?

[00:24:42] No, you've just, you've just got really excited and just unmuted yourself. That's fine. . We're good. All right, next one, then the next tool. Okay. So I talk a lot here about TikTok, shots, reels, YouTube videos. Now there's gonna be some of you that are not confident in front of. Right. You're not confident enough to to, to create a video.


[00:25:03] Well, this is the next tool. It's called Now, has anybody seen this before? Gimme yes. Or gimme No. You've seen this. Mark's seen this. Ryan's seen this. Adam's seen this. Cam's not seeing this. Me seen this. So this technology is fantastic, and I'll log into my account again, so it's free for. A certain amount of people, mark is creating an s t r course with synthesizer.

[00:25:28] Amazing, right? I wish I knew about this seven years ago. The whole Boley Academy would've been done on this. So, um, basically what it is, you can come onto here, you can click new video, you can choose one of the many templates that they have. And all of these people right here are just AI AI templates, right?

[00:25:46] You click on the video, you go use this. You can change the avatar. So whoever you want, you can pick anybody that takes your, takes your fancy, anybody that you want. You can even have Santa Claus, which is, which is awesome. All right, so let's just say you choose, um, this person right here. And an all that you need to do is you change the accent to whatever you want the accent to be.

[00:26:10] So you wanna tie one of those lovely Canadian accents, and then you come in and you give it the, um, the words. So the script. So, for example, let's go back to the example that I've done here. So I've gone and created a blog post of the top, uh, dog-friendly places to visit in Houston. All that I would do is I would, uh, copy the text that is being created for me.

[00:26:42] I would come into my synthesizer here and I would paste. In there. Now you can come in, you can mess around with the background and all that cool stuff. You can put your business logo in there and all the other blah, blah, blah, that you can do. You let hit generate and then within an hour, It has come back to you with a real cool video.

[00:27:03] Now, I created this in literally a matter of seconds for book direct day, which was back on the, um, 1st of February, 2023. And literally it's welcome viewers. We are here to tell you why you should book a stay directly with a local hospitality business instead of through air. First and foremost, when you book direct, you get the best.

[00:27:26] You can find discounts and special offers, exclusive to direct bookings that you want. Again, done in minutes. Like Rachel says, she'll never need to, uh, spend hours on, on makeup again, , which is, which is crazy. There's even a step up from this and, um, I've got a, a demo with the company next week and so it is very, If anybody's watched the, uh, Alex Homo video on this, um, that you put out last week about G P T, um, you'll know what I'm talking about.

[00:27:57] I'm just trying to find what the company's called. It's called T A U R U s T A U R U S. So, no, no, nope. Ai, ai video. There we go. Taurus video. Mm. Maybe not that one. I'll find it and I'll add it to that Google Doc. But basically what that does is for anybody that, um, sends out a welcome message to their guests, okay?

[00:28:29] So anybody who sends a welcome message, I know, um, bill, uh, bill Fafe talks about this a lot. When he has a booking come in, he picks up the phone, records a video, sends it off to his guest and say, Hey, welcome, da, da, da da. So you can. With a tool like this, and it's called Taurus. So you'll be able to create a welcome video once.

[00:28:46] So me speaking to the camera right now, I'll say, Hey, thank you so much. Leave blank, uh, for booking with da, da da da. What this tool will do is it will use ai, you basically sync it with your booking system or sync it with your c R m and it will use, um, the first name. Of the booking and it will place it in the video.

[00:29:06] So you record the video once and it will use time and time and time and time and time again. And it'll just basically put in the user's first name, the guest first name. So again, we're talking about guest satisfaction. Guest experience video. You'd literally do it once and that that's it. Um, and it's very, very new.

[00:29:26] Again, I'll find that and I'll add that to the Google Doc. So that's synthesizer. And new one was called tox, which is pretty cool. So again, for those of you that have got courses, uh, for those of you got masterminds and things like this, um, imagine a welcome video that's going out time and time again, or if you've got lead gens or anything like that.

[00:29:45] If you've got thousands of people signing up every day, imagine having a welcome video go out to everybody, but you just record one video and AI takes care of the rest, which is pretty cool. And I'll use tags to replace the names and, and business and whatnot. Uh, alright, the next one. So who here? Hate responding to emails.

Free Google tool Ghostwright

[00:30:04] Gimme a yes. There you go. Angela. Straight. Angela was straight in. I didn't even finish the sentence. She was like, yes. So, uh, this tool right here is a free Google tool and it's called a ghostwrite. Okay, so it basically in in embed chat, g p t is your email assistant. So go to Google Chrome, go write chat, g p T, and basically whenever, on any email, it will give you prompts on what to write.

[00:30:35] It will make you sound more professional. I have not been typing my own emails now for a couple of weeks since been using this. But it's really good when you get like a, a, a negative comment from a guest or just a shitty complaint or whatever. You can just stay uber professional and just let this little inky robot re write a reply for you.

[00:30:54] Not only have I been using it, me personally, but the, the majority of the Boley team is, um, based in the Philippines. And you know, they are amazing, but English obviously isn't a strong point, especially like if they're having to speak like British slang or American slang, et cetera. And so all of our team now have this installed.

[00:31:13] On their Gmail. So if anybody here who works with people in the Philippines or Venezuela or South Africa or wherever, where English isn't like their, their natural, natural, especially American English or British English, get them using this. It's a totally free tool, and it just makes everything stay super professional.

[00:31:30] So it's, it's amazing. Totally free. And go and add it now on Chrome, which is cool. All right. Who, who likes the sound of that one? Gimme a. Yeah, Jayla, the whole team can sound consistent. Brilliant. Fantastic. Okay, now we're getting to the good stuff. Uh, I'm too away from showing you the one that I know that Mike TJ has signed up for, but this is, this is what I wanna talk about.

[00:31:55] So this is your new favorite search engine, and it's called Find Now. You will not be able, To search for this on Google, believe it or not, , but it's P h i n Now, one of the pain points when you've got Google search engine is that you can type some, hello, Tristan . Are we doing, buddy? Are you, uh, wanting to ask a question or is that just an accident?

[00:32:23] Oh, he is gone again. Alright, everybody's sorry, my bad. Sorry. That's alright. That's alright buddy. Hope you're well. Good to see you. Um, okay, so find p h i n Right. So basically to summarize, you can type in something on here. So I've been looking for a new, uh, 360 camera. Okay. So what, lemme just type this in.

[00:32:46] What is the best. 360 camera. Okay? And normally if you type that in on Google, you get tons and tons and tons and tons of results. You get pages upon pages of results. You don't know which one's the best to go to. Now, on the left of my screen, if you can see here, what Find has done is it's taken all of the results and it's given me the best one here.

[00:33:06] So it's given me the web answer and it's given me the best answer. So basically, without me having to troll through hundreds of blog posts, it's given me the best answer here. And if I click on one, it will take me. The, the resource of where it's got it from. And again, if you try and find, find on Google, it won't bring up this website, which is a massive shock for nobody because obviously it doesn't want you going here.

[00:33:29] But if you want to minimize the amount of time you are searching for stuff on Google, unreal. And again, totally free. So again, go, go and check that one out now, the next one. Um, so something that I've been talking about, a. Something that makes your listing stand out, something that makes, um, your clickthrough rates call and, and the stickiness of your, of your Airbnb VRBO listings, and even on your website social medias is floor plans because it doesn't matter how well you structure your Airbnb listing money.

[00:34:07] L love, speed and hates friction. So if you confuse. A potential booker on your Airbnb listing, you'll lose them. And one of the best ways to confuse somebody is if they're having to figure out what is the room of a house layout of your property. And the best way of doing that is picture number seven. I would even argue picture number six, having a 3D floor pan image on your listing because it instantly shows the layout.

[00:34:37] Okay? Front floor, top floor, bottom floor, whatever floor. The problem with that is to find somebody that, to create 'em can take a while. Even on fiber, it can take a while. I used to use somebody, she was called Carmen. She was based in South America. She would hand draw. She was phenomenal. It looked Instagramable, but she took months to create one.

[00:34:59] This tool right here, uh, which is called get floor, it uses AI technology. All you need to do. Is you just have to upload, let your rough floor plan, and it will turn it into for you a 3D floor plan. It'll even create fewer free, uh, 60 virtual tour as well. And again, if anybody's trying to get involved a little bit more with, you'll notice one of the big things on as you can upload a 3D floor plan, which is super cool.

[00:35:32] And again, it's done within minutes. It's, uh, very cost effective, like less than 50. Again, it makes your listing stand out. So that's get floor Now, just a quick question and again, gimme a yes or a no. Who is actually using floor plans in your in your listings? Yes or no? Be interested to know.

[00:35:57] No at Airbnb work. Accept matterport Will.

[00:36:04] Okay, cool. I need to No, no, no, no, no. So yeah, a hundred percent. Get it, get it done. Again, it's so, and this is like, so cost effective as well. Um, they just, they just stand out. Um, also as well, a little sort of tip, which isn't AI related, but it's listing. So who here is grabbing your best review? Going on to Canva and turning it into a, a graphic and uploading it to your Airbnb.

[00:36:28] Listen, or your VRBO listing picture number six, picture number seven, maybe picture number five, yes or no. Who's doing that? Just gimme a fresh yes or no. Yep. Yep. No, yeah. Do that again. Grab your best review. The one that's like, wow. You don't have to do it a full lot, but take a line from it. Go on to can.

[00:36:45] Brand it. So get your company logo on it, obviously get it, grab it, five star review it, it makes your listing stand out so, so much. It's, it's such a, one of those like simple little tax hacks that takes seconds to do, minutes to do, but is is very, very powerful. All right. Who's ready for the good stuff?

[00:37:04] Who's enjoying this so far? Who's ready for the next one? Give me a yes. Any questions, feel free to unmute.

[00:37:13] Good. I'm glad you're enjoy. Glad you're enjoying it. All right, here's the next one. Now this, and I'm not just saying this for dramatic, although I do like to be dramatic, um, is going to blow your mind. This is insane and is literally a wait list to get onto this. So some people have access to it, some people don't.

[00:37:30] I'm on the wait list. I know a lot of people are. It's called Adept ai. Now, what this tool will do for you when it is available to all is you will never have to. Waste hours looking on, um, the, was it Zillow, the UK will call it right move, but you've got Zillow over there. You won't have to spend time looking on, uh, real estate sites.

[00:37:57] You won't have to spend time running deals through a deal analyzer sheet that you may have. You will have

[00:38:01] to

[00:38:01] Mark: waste hours on air, d n a, it will literally do it all for you. So lemme see if I can find a blog. They've changed the bloody website around, uh, ba bum, bam. Here we go. So this is the example. So he's using Redfin.

[00:38:19] So as you can see, and let me know if you can't see my screen. Let me load this up for you. So this is the, a adept little hovering box on a website. This'll be on your mobile, it'll be on your computer, wherever. And what he's literally done is he is put, find me a, a house in Houston that works from, for a family of four, my budget is 600.

[00:38:37] Now, you could put in, uh, whatever search you want, but as you can see here with this little video that takes 23 seconds, he's typing this in and he can speak it in or he can type it in and he's g go. And as you can see here, the website is literally running in the background while it's doing exactly what it's typed.

[00:38:56] Now for those of you that are looking to actively add to your property, just imagine typing that same thing on aird A. So find me, does this property have X, Y, and Z? You go to Price Labs and just say, you know, yada, yada, yada. This is a technology and it can do Google Sheets, it can do anything. Um, also as well, just imagine it, you can go onto your c r crm and if you've got an email list of like 10,000 people, You can say, set up an email, send an email out to 10,000 people, uh, make sure it's tagged for people who haven't yet stayed, uh, to go yada, yada yada.

[00:39:28] You type it into that and it will do it for you. You can literally go and make a cup of coffee and by the time you've come back, it's done. Now, to me, that sounds amazing. Fortunately, it's on wait list, so go onto it. I would advise everybody to join the wait list as soon as possible, uh, and get excited.

[00:39:47] For those of you who are in this Zoom with me right now, does that sound good to you? Yes or no? How can you, how does your mind think on how you can use that? Yeah. An executive assistant, you're right, Rachel, a hundred percent. Um, have a little think of how you could use that, because there's on whole possibilities of what, what you could do about which, which is pretty cool.

Perplex Ai

[00:40:06] Now, for the meantime, there is a tool that you could use that is like the Diet Coke version of that, and it's called perplex. And again, it's still very new. Uh, it's a, it's a free Google Chrome extension. All right, so, uh, let's open it up so you can see this right here. Again, I'll prop this in. Now this works, you know, say like a, a free version of that, like a, like a Diet Coke version of it.

[00:40:35] So what, what is it? So on my screen at the top here, it's this little box. Now if I go to, let's just, Going down that route of, um, finding a, a 360 camera. Okay, so I've got this here. If I tap on perplexity now you can all see the top right of my screen. This is where we're looking the top right of my screen right now.

[00:40:55] See if I can zoom in. Now. Let's not, lemme zoom any further so you can search the internet. You could search this page or you can search this domain. So if I tap this domain, it's gonna search everything on Amazon for me. So if I go and put in, uh, find me the best, uh, free 60 camera, and if I tap go, what it will do is it will search for the whole of Amazon and it will find me the best, best rated, best whatever, 360 camera to go.

[00:41:29] And, and, Now again, if I go onto um, air d n a, I could type in what is the average rate of a property in leads Sheffield, um, all the places of San Diego, et cetera. And it will pop it right there in the top round corner. So it saves me hours of searching. Mark, what is this sorcery Exactly, exactly. . Exactly.

[00:41:55] So, uh, perplexity. Now has anybody heard of that tool before? Yes. Or.

[00:42:02] No. Okay. Go have fun. It's heartly free. It's heartly fun. Google Chrome extension. Kyle, we know you haven't cuz you've literally thought us was golf a second ago. So you're good now. You've got fun in games to go and check out with . Alright, now, does anybody have any questions? I'm getting a bit worried that nobody's got any questions at this point.

[00:42:21] Mitch, it's my absolute pleasure gp,

[00:42:27] One of you to say G Ps cause I'm gonna talk about the thing that's gonna come next. All right, we haven't got any questions, so I'm gonna move on. So, um, anybody who's paid any attention to the news recently, uh, will have known that these two. Right here. I'm gonna talk about Airbnb in a second. Mark. It's amazing that you say that.

[00:42:48] I'm gonna talk about Airbnb in a second. My best friend. All right. So, um, bing in Google and not going to sit back and watch this technology absolutely take over the world. It wants to get involved. Microsoft has absolutely just gone all in on this. It's scrapping any metaverse project that it has and it's going all in on this ai.

[00:43:07] It's sunk 10 billion, 10. Into, uh, open AI and right now, It's not available to all, but Bing Search has got chat G P T built into it. Now you will have seen journalists messing around with it and obviously it's a little bit crazy, but it's still in the beat. A version. It's going to get better and better and better.

[00:43:26] And Bing have gone all in. Google, um, have fought back. They've announced something called bad. It's crap. But that isn't the first version of it. It's gonna get better and better and better. Bing and Google are gonna change, I think by the end of this year. The Google search that we know. Is, um, is gonna change and obviously bing as we know it is, is going to change.

[00:43:48] There's going to be a mini AI war between these two juggernauts, so watch out for that. And this brings me onto my next slide. We've talked about Google, which I've got here. Then we've got Amazon. I've gotta turn off my, I've gotta turn off my Alexa cause it's gonna start going crazy, right? So you've got Google Home, you've got Alexa, and you've got.

[00:44:11] Now from one to 10. So give me a number between one and 10 for those that use this technology. How do you currently rate your experience with Siri, Alexa, or Google Home? One being absolutely shy, diabolical. 10 being amazing. Give me a gimme, a one to 10, how you rate your experience using it. Yeah, free. I'm a free and a two to be honest.

[00:44:35] Tristan's gone. Six. Generous. Uh, Rachel's gone. Six with Alexa. Okay. Yeah. So basically no one's going 8, 9, 10, right? Because the experience isn't that good. Particularly now when you can see what you can do with chat g p T. So I've been messing around with my shortcuts app on my phone. I saw, uh, Sean Rocky G do this on his, on his, on his YouTube, and it took me down the rabbit hole and I, and I had a little play.

Prediction for this year

[00:45:08] And what you could do is you could put chat g p t on your phone. It replaced Siri. It was very buggy. But it was good. It was a lot better than what Siri is now. And if I could do that and I'm an idiot, just imagine what the powers that be at Google, Amazon and Apple are able to do right now. My prediction is that by the end of this year, if not this year, definitely mid of next year, your series, your Alexa and your Google Homes are gonna get pimped up.

[00:45:37] It's gonna get enhanced, and they are going to have this technology, this G P T technology brought in. And when it does, You are going to have that executive assistant literally everywhere in your life. Everybody carries one of these with you, and if you haven't got 'em with you, you've got an Alexa within ear reach everywhere.

[00:45:58] And this is why I put, and I've got gone with the, you know, very. Um, dramatic is, is the end of Airbnb, because think about it right now, if you were to ask your Alexa to find you a place in Nashville for less than $200 a night, a place to stay based on what you'd like and what you love and what you know, you know, you gotta, uh, fit this many people and et cetera, Alexa is gonna turn around and go, I can't help you with that, but with this technology that I've showed you, imagine that scenario.

[00:46:33] And it is coming. So you could go to your device and you could go to your audio and you could say, find me this. And based off what I've shown you today, what it will do is it'll go away and it'll find the best rate and the best reviews. Now, everybody in here, if anybody has watched any of my stuff, if you've read any of my books, if you see me on any of the podcasts, you will know.

[00:46:58] But one of my top, top, top tips, and it's so easy to. Is to go to your PMs, and let's say a base rate is a hundred. You always, always, always need to be up pricing it by 30, 40% to Airbnb, vrbo,, always, because then the best rate is when you. Hashtag book direct. Right? And so if you are doing it properly, and if you are upselling the price or not marking the price to all of these sites as, as we, as we should be doing, and I go to an Alexa and I go find me the best rate, which website is it going to go to to find that place to go and make that booking?

[00:47:40] It's not gonna be Airbnb, it's not gonna be, it's not gonna be vrbo, it's gonna be your direct book. Website. So it comes back to very nicely what, um, my new best friend in the world, Dustin Baker was talking about. Build your brand. Stop calling yourself an Airbnb business and start to proudly call yourself, your business, your brand.

[00:48:02] Start to talk about it everywhere. Start to make sure on every single one of your Airbnb listings. This is x proudly brought to you by in insert business brand name. Okay. Please start doing that sooner rather than later. Because before we know it, whether it's Gen Z first, whether it's millennials first, or whether it's the the boomer generation or the Gen Gen Y generation, they are going to start tapping into this technology and they're going to be using it to do everything.

[00:48:32] Order the groceries, order the Amazon, find the next property, whatever it may be, this technology is gonna get used. And for those of you who act now, You are gonna be ahead of 99% of everybody else. I guarantee it. So what I want for you to do with this is don't get overwhelmed. Cause I've purposely given you a lot, right?

[00:48:58] I've purposely given you a lot. I just want you to pick one thing, one tool, and use it tomorrow. All right? Go to that link, Um, it'll take you to Facebook Messenger. Just tap a button and it'll take you to the Google Doc and I will always keep updating that. Doc, I geek out on this. I am ins in obsessed

[00:49:17] I know you said incest, which is someone else obsessed with this technology and I love exploring new things and new tools all the time, right? Make sure you go and grab that book and go and implement one of those tactics, especially the one on up in the price, right? There's so many things that that, that we can do, but the most important thing that every single one of you needs to be doing.

Your network is your net worth

[00:49:36] Is you need to be building relationships, building networks, building referral networks offline. Okay? Because the more offline partnerships and networks that you can build the bear, remember, your network is your net worth. All right? And I truly believe that is gonna be even more prevalent the more this technology gets better and better and better.

[00:49:57] So obviously, tap into it. Obviously utilize into your business. Use it. Don't rely on. Okay. But make sure that you're always one step ahead of everybody else and, and you'll be absolutely fine. So thank you very much. Having a blast. Gonna get it on the Bruce Lee podcast. Bruce Lee led Bruce Lee cuz it's so hard on the tees.

[00:50:15] Loose leaf. Picking up those rhymes. Don't write it, just do it loosely.

Before you leave

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