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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 443. This is a recap of my Facebook live about a Boostly Website Update.

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I've got some big news for everybody that is tuning in right now at the Boostly podcast. Thank you very much for checking this out for downloading for subscribing for wherever you are in the world. My name is Mark Simpson, I give hosts just like you the tools or tactics, training, but most importantly, confidence to go and get more direct bookings.

And a big part of what we do is our website agency. So we created a website agency back in 2018, after hosts in the hospitality community Facebook group complained about the lack of help and support when it came to websites. Over the last couple of years, we've been improving, and trying to make sure that every host has got a WordPress website that they can be proud of. And through the new technology that we have created, the system and the results and the messages and the feedback has just gone through the roof. And with the technology that we've created, it has been a major investment on our site, we've had to really dig down on it to make sure that it stays ahead of the game. And we've invested tons into it. And because of that the price of the website went up and up and up. And I was very conscious that it was getting too expensive for hosts that we're just getting started. So anywhere between one and three properties is why classes as getting started into this game, anything more than four properties. I class you as a property manager, somebody that has got multiple properties spread around multiple locations, and you're looking to grow and management company or as you go.

A problem that we had

The problem was is because we had 99.9% of the people that wanted the all singing all dancing API website. They were all property managers, and more people will come into us, and because of what we created, and because of the partnerships that we created with some of the biggest property management software systems out there. What happened on the back of that is that we are getting people coming to us that we've never spoken to before people that have gotten a B 1020 3040 5060 Plus properties 100 Plus properties, our biggest client has got over 1000 properties. And because of that, the server fees increase and all of this thing was happening.

And it was only recently that it dawned on me that if we kept going away, we're going to totally outdo the work that I set out to to create all these years ago. And my goal is to help 1 million hosts cut down on an over-reliance on the OTAs I want to make sure that we've got solutions that are available for everybody doesn't matter where they are in the world, or what part of their journey they're in. And so me and the team, Tom and I and you know the people that we've got working behind the scenes, the amazing people, we all got together and we sort of random, a little idea on what we could do. And this is what I want to show you today. So this is really important. And this is why I want to document it for the podcast. Because this is all I've been doing for the last five years. It's documenting the journey on the podcast.

A new update

And so I want to show you now so as you come onto the Boostly website, you come to here to lookers into bookers boost your profits and scale your business with a direct booking website, what you'll see is that it straight away ask you how many properties do you own or manage. So now we've got cost-effective solutions doesn't matter where you are in your journey. So if you're starting out, or if you've just got 123 properties, and you can't afford, you know the price that it costs for four plus properties, let me just show you this, this is the price. This is where we are right now with this. And again, it's still very cost effective compared to a lot of other people. But a website can be 3000 pounds, and then you get the monthly fees on the back of it.

And again, I totally understand took a step back. And this could be too much, or somebody who's only got 123 properties. And this is based on the phone calls that we were having. So what we've gone and done is we've gone to scale back, our website, our direct booking websites, and we've got if you've got 123 properties, we've got the most cost-effective solution that is out there just for under 99 pounds, which is $500. It's still a WordPress website, it is still a website that you can be proud of, we've actually created 90% of the copy images, all you have to do is personalize it for your business. So it's done on WordPress is done on Elementor is done with our theme and form and all you have to do is personalize it for your business, you get to choose from one of four different styles.

So number one, you can have a bed and breakfast website. Number two, you can have a website that is more for corporate or business-focused clients. Number three, you can have a Property Management Services website. So if you want a website that is targeting other landlords to sort of grow your portfolio, you can have that and then we've got the short term rental website for one to three properties. So again, we're very very conscious that what we were creating was maybe pricing out for a lot of people that are part following this journey with us. So we wanted to make sure that Everybody can be so and for those that do want the all singing, all dancing, the API website, the one that is connected to all the big property management software providers, you can have that as well. And again, these these websites look amazing as you can see here this is Henrik at stay bright, fantastic person based in Germany and Ellsberg in Florida and Bali. He's got unbelievable units, unbelievable properties. And he wanted a website that can connect to his Guesty PMS with multi languages with WhatsApp chat, and which has got all the latest things into it.

And he wanted a website that was super simple for a guest to use and turn lookers into bookers, which is, which is what he gets with this and is what if you've got four plus properties and, and this is a conversation that we'd love to have with you.

Again, we're only getting beginning we're only getting started. We're 1000 clients right now 1000 hosts 1000 members, and we want to keep on going to make sure that everybody has got a website that can be proud of. So if you're sitting at 70% Plus bookings coming in from OTAs and we want to be speaking to you simply go to website. From there from the home screen you can book a call with us via Calendly and you'll be speaking to a member of our team.

Really excited about our our new websites that we're launching to make it more cost effective for everybody. If you want to get in touch you know where to go, you know the links to click and we shall speak to you very soon. Thank you so much for tuning in. We'll be back again soon for another Boostly podcast episode.

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