90 Minute deep dive into all things Direct Bookings

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 486. In this podcast episode I'm going to be showing you a masterclass I recently did that covered all things Direct Bookings. It was full of tips, tricks, golden nuggets and questions from other hosts regarding Direct Bookings.

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Timestamps (audio)

00:00 – Introduction
01:09 – Introduction to the masterclass
03:42 – Who is Mark Simpson?
11:36 – The big goal
13:35 – Hosts biggest concerns
20:11 – Digital Guidebook
28:20 – Inspiration from other hosts
33:12 – Guest questions
01:23:45 – Outro

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Mark: So recently you will have noticed that I've been on a bit of a, a, a webinar guest podcast sort of run. And we've got another one today, uh, another 90 minute webinar, uh, where I did for an amazing group over in America. And what I've got right now is I've got, um, 90 minute podcast to share with you, whether it's video or audio, or however you tuning in, but please do stick around and tune on because we do go in some really cool indepth tactics, which is awesome.

[00:00:30] Mark: So without further ado, let's get straight in. I'll have a little bit of an intro, but then we get straight into the questions. So again, thank you very much, uh, to worry and Bev and for Stacy for setting this up. And, uh, it was such a great little session tune in, this is a, another dire booking masterclass, uh, really good podcast, another long form podcast.

[00:00:50] Mark: I hope you're enjoying these. Uh, we're gonna chop up up and we post up a lot of little videos online as well. Thank you so much. And let's get straight into it. Recognize again, Stacy, thank you so much, uh, for, for the introduction and, and for everybody for being here. So let me just do a little round Robin.

Introduction to the masterclass

[00:01:09] Mark: I know we've got 60 people in the zoom room with us. Um, can you please just in the chat box, just so I know, has anybody ever seen me before Instagram, YouTube podcast? Does anybody know what I do or what I talk about? Just gimme a yes or a no, and I'd love everybody to do, and it doesn't matter whether it's a no doesn't matter whether it's a yes.

[00:01:29] Mark: If it's gonna have more nos and yeses, this is actually really exciting. Okay. I am gonna give you a little introduction, but I will warn you now, if you haven't go and get a pen and paper, because I'm gonna be giving you a lot of things to writing down, this may be overwhelming, but don't worry. This is being recorded.

[00:01:49] Mark: This will be a rewatch backer. And for those of you that are watching on the replay, make sure you got your pens and papers ready. Cause we're gonna be giving you lots and lots of things. Now, the way that I like to do my zooms, my webinars, my live videos, whatever you wanna talk about it. I don't like to do it where it's just me talking.

[00:02:06] Mark: I like to make it very interactive. So I really do need you to be concentrating, looking at the zoom, looking at your camera, whatever you're looking at, make sure you're focused. Don't try to do three or four things at once and I will need you to be typing. So don't sit on your hands. Be ready. Okay. Um, so first and foremost, let's, uh, let's kick off.

[00:02:25] Mark: I'll do a little bit of an intro then I wanna find out more about you. What I wanna do is I wanna pack you off with so many tips and so many tools that you're gonna literally be boozing at the end of this and ready to get go. Just, just so I know, in, in, in the chat, how long do we have, cuz I'm good. I, I can I'm kids are playing Minecraft.

[00:02:43] Mark: We're fine. How, how long do we have, is it a hard hour or so we typically can go to until one 30. So if you wanna stop at an hour and take questions or we just do question spread out either way works. Cool. Well, yeah, please do. Cause there will be times when questions come to mind do pop 'em in the chat.

[00:03:02] Mark: You know, we'll tackle 'em as we go. A lot of the times I'll answer questions as, as I'm going. So first and foremost, cause there's a lot of nos. I need to do a little intro, just so you get an idea of, of why you're listening to a weird British guy with a ho on Friday afternoon. So first and foremost, my name's Mark Simpson.

[00:03:17] Mark: Um, I give host the tools, the tactics, the training, and the confidence to get more D bookings. And I've been doing this now for nearly six years. Um, I started in hospitality, short term, rental accommodation, whatever you wanna call it. Uh, way back when I was four years old, I was, uh, born and raised on a 200 acre farm stay bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere in, in, in the United Kingdom.

Who is Mark Simpson?

[00:03:42] Mark: So gimme a quick yes or no. Has anybody ever been to the United Kingdom before? Has anybody ever been to England? Don't call it London. It's not London. It's England. Yep. Okay, here we go. Lots of yeses. So I'm in the Northeast. So there's a, a very popular seaside town called Scarra. If anybody knows the Simon and Garth uncle song, have you ever been to Scarborough fair?

[00:04:04] Mark: That is my hometown. That's Scarborough. That's me and I, my farm, my family farm was about 20 minutes inland from, from Scarborough. So 200 acre, middle of nowhere. It was, it was all, um, livestock and arable. And then there was a foot of mouth crisis. So my parents very clever had the foresight to, to pivot and change the farm into a farm stay accommodation.

[00:04:26] Mark: So they knocked down one bomb. They built four guest house bedrooms and, um, I'm 4, 5, 6 years old at this time. I'm just, uh, you know, in my own little world playing and all those things, but all of a sudden people start coming and I just got so used over the years of just having strangers in my house. It just became the norm.

[00:04:44] Mark: Um, those four bedrooms soon turned into 14. I became very popular. And again, I'm, I'm in my teenage years, you know, I'm, I'm doing breakfast before going off to the school. I'm changing beds at the weekend, all those things. And, um, it was, it, it was an amazing childhood. And as I was growing up, um, I wanted to do one thing.

[00:05:04] Mark: I wanted to be a soccer player. I wanted to play for Liverpool football club. That was my team. Uh, there's one problem. I'm Craper playing football. Uh, so I couldn't be a footballer, but so I fell into soccer coaching. So did soccer coaching had an amazing experience, got on my badges and then had an amazing opportunity to come wear.

[00:05:21] Mark: All of you, lovely people out, which is America. So, uh, six years I would travel to America for five months at a time. Coach do all the cool stuff and then go back to United Kingdom. I've been to pretty much every state. So I would love to know what state are you in? I've seen a few people drop it, but there's 60 odd people in here.

[00:05:37] Mark: Now, what state are you in? Uh, you know, let's see if I can bring back some good memories of places that I've been, uh, Seven SC. I'm assuming about Southern Carolina, California, a Ohio amazing keep dropping 'em in, um, 2011. So I'm gonna fast forward 2011 after traveling the world and doing all these cool, amazing things.

[00:05:54] Mark: I came back into the family business. Um, at this point, my family business was about 25 years in and, and the eldest of four siblings. And, uh, my parents asked me and my wife and my eldest Alfie, who was about one or two at a time. He's now nine, uh, to come into the business and help sort of bring it into the 21st century.

[00:06:14] Mark: When, when I first came into the family business, my parents were still running everything called pen and paper they were literally doing Tippex and crossings and crossings out and, and all those sort of things, which, which was crazy. This is the 14 bedroom guest house, by the way. So it was very busy and they're doing it all on literally offline.

[00:06:29] Mark: So my job was to bring it online and. What my role was, was pretty much get it on Facebook, get it on the internet, get it on, you know, booking.com. Airbnb wasn't really around back then, but it was booking.com Expedia. And what I did is I just spent all my time taking that amazing offline word of mouth and putting it online.

[00:06:50] Mark: And, but 18 months, um, it went really well. So our Facebook page grew to be the most followed locally sourced, Facebook, um, business. And our trip advisor ranking was one of the top three in the Northeast of the country, which is great. This is when Tripad advisor was big. , it's not so much anymore, but all of that time had an amazing experience.

[00:07:10] Mark: And, and, and, uh, you know, um, we were always 80% dire bookings, 80% D bookings, 20%, third party book. And then what started to happen was I, I started to meet other hospitality owners in the area, uh, guest house owners, rent owners, um, hotel owners. And we would meet up every quarter and have like a little meetup, which wasn't on zoom.

[00:07:34] Mark: It was in person. And, and at these meetings, I got chat to other hosts and I was asking them about how they were getting bookings, how they we're getting heads on beds. And they were always telling me that they were overlying on booking.com overlying on the Expedia group. And I, I was asking them about why weren't they doing email marketing and on social media and over things.

[00:07:54] Mark: And, and they just looked at me at the blank expression. And I just said, I don't know what to do. And so I went to our local cows and our local tourism and asked them if they were given helper support and they said, And I looked further a field and I couldn't find anybody else giving help and support.

[00:08:08] Mark: So, you know, a little light bulb went off. I created a Facebook group and that's called a hospitality community, Facebook group. If you're not part of it, if there's a lot of people who dunno who I am, please do come and find it. It's a free Facebook group. Um, we've got over 6,000 members from people from all over the world in all different niches, whether it's glamping or short term rentals or hotels guests, I'll just, please do go check it out.

[00:08:29] Mark: I'm gonna give you lots of links. And I guarantee, because I talk a little bit quick, people are gonna go, what is that link? So if you are stuck or lost, if someone could just please help me by putting hospitality community in the chat box at zoom, then someone can write it down and we can go. And if, if you need me to spell anything again, I'm gonna try and make sure I don't go too British.

[00:08:47] Mark: I do apologize if the accent really comes out, but I'll try and keep it as, as, as, um, as, uh, as easy to understand as. So 2016 started doing that fast forward six years, and I've got the podcast, the YouTube channel, um, I help posts, um, online, get more bookings, try and give you the confidence. Like I say, the tools, the tactics, the training, but most importantly, the confidence to boost your direct bookings and the reason why this is important.

[00:09:11] Mark: And I wanna tell everybody why this is important. And I wanna stem throw over the, the questions to you. The reason why this is so important is that if you right now watching this, and if you are on Airbnb, if you are on booking.com, if you're on VRBO and if they are responsible for 70% or more of your bookings that come in, then you are building your house on someone else's land.

[00:09:38] Mark: And this is why it's important that we try and reverse that because when you build your house on someone else's land, when you, when you have got a third part of it is responsible for your bookings coming in, then all it takes is for your account to be hacked. You get a couple of. Pretty bad reviews or for whatever reason you drop off this site, then you are really going to be struggling for, for revenue and income.

[00:10:02] Mark: I've been talking about this since 2016. I didn't think that a global pandemic was gonna be coming in 2020. Well, that is obviously what happened March, 2020. Um, everybody remember it? Give me a quick yes or a no. Did you have a short stay accommodation business in, in 2020? Doesn't matter if it's yes.

[00:10:21] Mark: Doesn't matter if it's a no, just wanna see if everybody can remember this what happened? So March, 2020, obviously the world's going up turning upside down. Everybody who had an Airbnb account Airbnb account will remember this day, um, end of March Airbnb, without any prior one into any hosts, just sent out a message to all of their guests saying, doesn't matter what policy it is at the place you're going to be staying at.

[00:10:47] Mark: Doesn't matter if it's strict as policy, you can cancel or stay free of charge. People were canceling bookings left, right. And saying, I know host have lost tens of thousands of dollars that day. I know host, didn't bring it out on the, make it out on the other side of it because Airbnb didn't give us any power.

[00:11:01] Mark: It was, they didn't give us any heads up. They didn't give us any notice. They didn't give anybody any chance to contact a guest and have a chat with them before they were gonna do it. And because of that, like I say, people lost a lot, a lot of revenue, those of you that had D bookings. We were one we had with a lot of them.

[00:11:17] Mark: We were able to contact each guest individually, have a human one-on-one conversation with them. And we were able to change, not cancel the dates. We were able to save that revenue because we weren't relying on other parties bringing in out our bookings. And this is why this is really important. And what I wanna do today, I wanna help as many people as possible.

The big goal

[00:11:36] Mark: My big goal is to help 1 million hosts cut down on an over on Airbnb booking.com. And this is why I'm super excited for today. Cause there's a lot of you that have never. Ever heard of me before, so we can really get in and, and, and really help if you've got property. If you've not got property, if you're thinking about getting into it, then this is really important that we all tune in and we, and we all listen, stop.

[00:12:00] Mark: This is why I throw it over to yourself. There's a first question again. I'm gonna ask a couple of questions, please do make sure you all get involved on the, on the chat. So first and foremost, do you have currently in your portfolio short stay accommodation? Yes or no? Uh, yes. No. Yes, yes. No, not just yet getting ready and know Stacy does not any at the moment.

[00:12:27] Mark: Okay, brilliant. So even if not, you can still pick up a lot of tips, what I'm gonna share of you today. So, um, those of you that have said yes, how many out of a hundred percent, how much are you rely. How many of your bookings come in via an online travel agent, Airbnb booking.com, VRBO or other so however hundred.

[00:12:47] Mark: And again, there's no right. There's no wrong answer, please. Don't be shy please. Don't don't put your number on. Okay. Steve, a hundred percent bare 50 50 goods, Stacy, 6 83. Nice. Now I'm at 90% Tammy. A hundred percent. Okay. This is good. This is why it is really good to have direct booking, uh, focus, Mon cetera, which, which is, which is awesome.

[00:13:11] Mark: So this is where I really wanna dig in and give lots of, of help and support. So those of you, and I'm gonna go, Steve, I'm gonna go, Norma, I'm gonna go, Tommy. I'm gonna go help Stacy. So when it comes to. D bookings when it comes to getting a D booking, what is your number one biggest concern at the moment?

[00:13:35] Mark: What is your biggest pain point? When it comes to, to, to direct bookings? What could be the first thing that I could tackle to everybody? Cause I, I don't wanna talk about a and an you struggling with B. I wanna make sure that I can give as much help and support to as many people as possible while, while we've got our time together.

Hosts biggest concerns

[00:13:51] Mark: So again, um, don't be shy. Don't be scared. What's your biggest concern and Mick. Okay, brilliant. Uh, Mick, great question. Now what I want for you to do Mick M I K, Mick Webber. Can you please unmute yourself and let's do, let's dig into a little bit of context around that question. So flourishy as my friend, you've UN muted, uh, M uh, what is your biggest concern when it says platform on website?

[00:14:20] Mark: Um, the biggest concern is that, you know, I. The reliability of having a large, you know, multimillion dollar Airbnb platform is that it's, it's more consistent and a little less scary than venturing out, trying to find a third party P software that could handle all that. Um, I guess it's just lack of understanding of what's out there.

[00:14:42] Mark: I, I think that'd be the big, big thing for me. Okay. So let's delve into that a little bit more. So what's your current setup right now? What's, what's your business model that, that you have right now? It's a hundred percent Airbnb. Um, I've, I've only got one right now, so I'm pretty small. Um, but I am interested in, um, looking for other options and, and we're actually looking to buy our second property here.

[00:15:04] Mark: Um, this, this spring. Congrats. And, and where are you in the world? Uh, we're in Cincinnati, Ohio, but we're gonna be investing in, uh, South Carolina in the Myrtle beach area. Nice. I had many, a good night in Myrtle beach. Back in the day. Uh, alright. Cincinnati home, Mele beach. Fantastic. One property. So break down that one property for me.

[00:15:24] Mark: What is it? Is it a three bed, four bed? Uh, it's a three bedroom, two bath, three bedroom, two bath. Lovely. And how long have you had that property for how many years? Months, weeks? Uh, about two years. Two years. Lovely. So you've got two years worth of guests staying with you and have come a hundred percent from Airbnb.

[00:15:44] Mark: That's correct. Lovely. Perfect. So excited. This is, this is lovely. So, okay.

[00:15:53] Mark: Have you ever communicated with your guests as so, as in, are you in the same town, city, state is, is where your property and your guests are, or you do you live offsite as in Outsite out state? I live offsite. So most of the communication is, is via the platform. Um, I'm, I'm happy to give them a cell phone number that they can contact me directly.

[00:16:16] Mark: And anything that they need, uh, everything, the important stuff is automated. You know, the doors, the key, the access, um, you know, anything in the property, but is most of the communication is either via the Airbnb platform or text. And do you clean it yourself? Do you have cleaners? Do you have property maintenance?

[00:16:33] Mark: I have cleaners. Yeah. Cleaners can handle the maintenance as well. Clean is due to maintenance. Lovely. Okay. And, um, is there any communication with the guest after this day? Not as much as I need. I'd be willing to say that. That's okay. So is this your main focus or do you have another career? Another like source of income?

[00:16:55] Mark: Um, I'm actually, uh, I'm a realtor in Cincinnati and, uh, I'll be buying and selling real estate and I'm actually building my own investment portfolio on the side. Awesome sauce. Brilliant. All right. So fantastic. So first and foremost platform website, you know, Airbnb do all of this, all, all these sort of questions coming in.

[00:17:13] Mark: So the, the biggest thing that I can gather is its time, is that right? It is. Yep. Most of time, so. Okay. Have you ever had for two years that you've been doing this, have you ever had a guest, um, reach out to you asking to come and rebook we've had issues with re bookings? Um, and yeah, we we've run into some, some issues with rebooking.

[00:17:34] Mark: Definitely. What's what's this then. So anybody wanting to rebook you've had issues with rebooking? Could you just expand on that please? Um, one of them, it was a weird, it was, it was, I guess it was like a cancellation policy. They had, they had, cuz I had the. I think they called it auto booking. Um, I had that feature set up.

[00:17:53] Mark: They had run into some issues. I think they had misread my price per night or something. And, uh, they were communicating me with on rebooking either for a different time, a cheaper time. And, um, it was pretty tough. They, they ended up wanting to rebook or telling me they wanted to rebook. And then once I kind of canceled that reservation, they come out, they just went off and ran off.

[00:18:16] Mark: Interesting time. No worries. No worries. So you've actually have got a, a neighbor in, in the crowd. Stacy, do you and Stacy know each other? You're very, you got, I don't think so. Hi, Stacy. Uh, I actually just moved to, uh, to Cincinnati. Um, oh, well you go, I moved from Clemson, South Carolina, my wife and I. Now we're here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

[00:18:33] Mark: So stay as you go. Good, good connections right there. Okaym thank you very much for that. All right. So I wanna try and help as many people as possible, but this is really good. One to start with. So, um, What everybody has to realize. And I think like Beth, obviously less Las Vegas and loads of cool things you've got, you know, you've got an amazing opportunity here and now everybody to be able to start building guest expectations and guest relations.

[00:19:01] Mark: Okay. And, and what I love and like Beth in Las Vegas, you'll you'll know this a hundred percent is that, um, we got a look when we're doing this at what the big change and the big hotels do do really, really well. And 10 years ago, their technology levels and their tools and the things that they had at their disposal was so advanced to what we had now because of the explosion of Airbnb, the, these skills levels are sort of equal to doubt.

[00:19:30] Mark: So we have got so many more tactics and tools and things in place that, that, that, that can help us. The first thing. Make that I would love for you to do. And I would love for everybody to do is to invest your time, not money, time in a thing called a digital guidebook. So again, just a little yes or no, yes or no.

[00:19:51] Mark: Do you have guidebooks in your properties? And when I say guidebooks, it's those laminated poppies that you leave on the kitchen table that nobody reads Beth. I would love to come back to Vegas at a lot of good times there one day. Uh, yes. Yes, yes. Brilliant. Okay. So gimme a little yes or no. Do you have digital guidebook?

Digital Guidebook

[00:20:11] Mark: A digital guidebook. So have you taken that on offline guidebook online? Yes or no? Brilliant. So we've got a couple of yes and nos. Okay. So, uh, a free digital guidebook for everybody to get started. hostfully.com. Hostfully dot. Okay, go and make sure after this go to hostly.com, someone could put that in the chat.

[00:20:34] Mark: That would be lovely. You get one free digital guidebook and these digital guidebooks are going to be an amazing tool for you to start a couple of things. Number one, get data capture. So get your guests information. For example, email address. First name email is really important. We're gonna circle back to a second.

[00:20:52] Mark: Number two, to enhance your guest experience, which is fantastic and free to increase your local network. Somebody asked me this week, what is my number one tip to increase in direct bookings? And I'm sure that's on the top of your mind. And honestly, my number one tactic for everybody to expand their business, whether you are in real estate, whether you're in hospitality, whether you are in eCommerce or services, is your relations, relationships and partnerships, relationships, and partnerships is going to be the key for any business to, to succeed.

[00:21:25] Mark: Then this is the reason being, and again, I'm gonna talk about this later. Well, this is my book, the book direct playbook. I released it last month and I'm very, very, uh, happy to say it got to best seller, but I had the full tactic in here. There's a full section in this book, the book direct playbook. It literally cost less than $20 when I talk about relationship building.

[00:21:45] Mark: And the reason why it is so important is that you could either number one, try and do this all yourself. Don't reach out for any support and just head down and just go focused and don't accept any help or don't try to build any relationships or networks, or you could try and do the alternative, which is look to build a real good local network of businesses and supports in hospitality and not hospitality.

[00:22:09] Mark: So what do I mean by that? Let's bring it back to the digital guidebook. Now, those of you that have got a laminate guidebook, a printed guidebook that sit around, I guarantee there'll be take away. Leaflets in there, some flyers for like some local takeaway services, you know? No, that's all well and good.

[00:22:27] Mark: But imagine this, you've got a digital guidebook. Imagine this from the guest perspective. So take off your host hat for a second and put on your guest hat. Imagine that you book, uh, a short term rental. Okay. Imagine you book a, a stay of vacation, staycation, vacation, whatever you wanna do. So 24 hours before arrival, you get an automated Nick you'll love this automated message just to say, Hey, uh, mark, really looking forward, uh, for your stay, just to let you know, I've prepared for you.

[00:22:57] Mark: Uh, a little welcome guidebook packed full of our recommended local places to eat, drink and stay. Okay. Here's the link. So it's literally there. Think about when you are most engaged to your stay is literally at your pre-arrival. So 24 hours be before you do to arrive an automatic message comes in with a link to a guidebook to access the guidebook.

[00:23:19] Mark: You've just gotta give your email. Simple easy. We give our emails up for, for, for a lot less nowadays. Give the email that opens up. Okay. You've got in that guidebook clear instructions. How to check in. Okay. A yes or no. How many times have you had a guest call you on the day of arrival saying, oh, I can't find your place.

[00:23:39] Mark: I don't know where to park. I can't get in the house. I guarantee there's gonna be yeses even before I let you type in your answer. So again, you can have in there in the digital form, how to arrive, where to pack. This is where Beth was talking about, uh, lock boxes and things like that. Listen, this is how you use the code.

[00:23:55] Mark: We've got it really simple, but just in case there's a lot box over here and you could record a little video and have it in your digital guidebook also as well when people arrive it's, you know, uh, if you need to here's local local places that we recommend to eat these places do delivery X, Y, and Z. Now, where are you gonna get this information from?

[00:24:16] Mark: Super simple. If you are in the areas, let's say we're in Cincinnati, Ohio right now, Mick and Stacy. I'm sure you can, as well, think of your favorite places that you like to go and eat. Think of the favorite places that you like to get food from. Think of the places that you like to go and visit, whether it'll be a big chain or a local independent business.

[00:24:35] Mark: Now what you're gonna do and bearing in mind, this is something that we did, and it was one of the best things that we did. And I didn't even have a digital guidebook back then. It had to be all beamed. So what I did is number one, I thought about who our guests are. So who, and andm, you've got two years worth of data here, which is great.

[00:24:52] Mark: So think about the, the, the 20% of guests that would come 80% of the. So, what do I mean by that? What are the types of guests that come and stay at your place? Are they families? Are they solo people? Are they couples, are they friends that meet up? Is it big families, little families? Is it for work? Is it for pleasure?

[00:25:12] Mark: Is it for pleasure? And then think about what is your town or your city or your location really known for. So think about the type of people. Why people come? Is it for conferences? Is it for expo? Is it, is it for, you know, football season soccer season? Is it for all those things? So match them too. And then what you're going to do is you're gonna go, okay.

[00:25:34] Mark: Once I figured out that, where would they like to go and visit? Where would they eat? So for example, our family business was the farm stay proper. Okay, can you think I'm gonna throw this out? I've never asked this question before, and I'd really love to know what your response is. Who do you think our ideal guests were?

[00:25:56] Mark: It's a farm day property in the middle of the countryside. Who do you think our ideal guests were that that came to visit us city, slickers city, folk families, families are the ones. So it was families. Um, young kids wanted to go and stay on a farm day property. Those were the majority of people. These are the ones that we spoke to.

[00:26:19] Mark: And again, um, we were a young family, so this was really easy, cuz I could literally put our hat on and, and, and put ourselves into these shoes. So when I went to go and recommend local businesses, when I went to find places to recommend, I wasn't going to recommend a night. Because again, our custom avatar had wanted two year olds.

[00:26:40] Mark: They weren't gonna go and a place to go and have a, have a big drink and whatnot. So what I was doing, I was looking for places, family friendly cafes, or, you know, fun things to do other farm day locations, be a Woodland sort of, uh, you know, walk or whatever. And then what I did was I didn't just put the name and telephone number on there.

[00:26:59] Mark: I went to speak to the business owner, and this is the key. So you can pick up the phone, you can send an email or go and speak to them and just introduce yourself because I guarantee they have never heard of you before. Okay. You can pick up the phone, go and speak to 'em and just say, Hey, I'm, I'm Mark Simpson.

[00:27:17] Mark: I I'm the owner of, um, a farm day property. We've got 14 bedrooms. We've got three holiday cottages. We have about 500 to a thousand guests come and stay with us on a yearly basis. We really love what you do. We think it'll be a good fit. Could we recommend our guests to come and stay with you and to come and visit you.

[00:27:37] Mark: Sorry. And do you have any voucher codes or coupon codes that, that we, we can sort of put in place? That's a really good idea that the coupon code, bear that in mind now, any business owner, you take that too. They would be stupid to say no, literally passing that moment. I have never had anybody that I've gone to say that to, but just turn around and go, you know what, mark?

[00:27:58] Mark: No, thank you. We don't want, we don't want money. We don't want customers. We're fine. Thank you. Every time they say yeah, what we did was I was able to get a nice little pool of 10 little local business owners, whether it's eating, drinking little place to go, uh, as in days out, and we had a, a, a little coupon code for every single place, it was either money off free dessert.

Inspiration from other hosts

[00:28:20] Mark: Whatever, what we did then is we put it into our, our guidebook and you can put it into digital guide. I went to stay a place with my wife five years ago. And on arrival, the owner gave us a little custom map. This is something that I've just started talking about recently. Cause it came back to my mind.

[00:28:35] Mark: We had our anniversary, gave us a little custom map on that custom map. They had a little map of their town and it was pinpointed the places that did the vouchers. It was so cool. We visited her all. It was great. So again, a custom map. How could you do it? Super simple to do easy to do, but build in those relationships.

[00:28:53] Mark: Now this works as a win, win, win, win. Number one for your guest. Because again, when you arrive at a new place at a new location that you've never been before, you don't know the layout, you don't know where places are. If you can have your host, your property manager, the person that you're staying from provide you an it itinerary guest experience goes through the roof for even before they've arrived.

[00:29:18] Mark: Top recommended places. This is, this is why people love, you know, going to stay with with hosts instead of big, big hotels is because you get that local experience. So you that's a win for the guest guest experience for the roof. It's a win for the business owner for the business owner that you've gone to approach because again, he or she is bringing in extra revenue for doing no marketing at all.

[00:29:41] Mark: No, literally marketing at all. And it's a win for you because if you do well and they start going to the rent and I'll tell you why it was a win for me as the host is that we were sending so many people to this business. Number one, I never had to pay for a visit ever me and my family could go for free all the time.

[00:30:00] Mark: But number two, they actually started to pay us the kickback fee all the time. So for every 10 people, they would pay us X amount. So I was making extra revenue and I didn't have to book out any rooms. It was an extra revenue income driver, which was, which was fantastic. And this is the best thing. And I'll say this for last the property in mind, the days I found that we were sending people to.

[00:30:23] Mark: They got their wedding license and they started to do weddings, or they didn't have accommodation because of the relationship that we had built up when a, a bride and a groom would book a stay and they asked, do you have any local recommended accommodation? Guess it was the first person that they recommended.

[00:30:41] Mark: It was us. We got so many wedding bookings coming in from that relationship and that partnership that we have, that we have created now think about right now for those of you that are, um, a hundred percent reliant right now on, on OTAs. Think about your location. Make, think about the location that you've just moved to think about.

[00:31:02] Mark: Your guests have visited you over the last two years. Think about the places that, um, who they were, where they were, you know, couples, families, or whatever. Think about the places that you were you recommending. You may be already recommend them. What can you do to create that relationship and then put it into a digital guidebook?

[00:31:19] Mark: Because the best thing about those wedding bookings. Hundred percent direct no commission on our rules on our terms every single time. Okay. So how can you bring that into your business? Number one, relationships again, if, if, if I've gone a bit too quick, there just go on to Amazon. It's called the book.

[00:31:37] Mark: Playbook is less than $20 is literally laid out there to a T. And if you're thinking about customer avatar, as in who are my ideal guests, who are the ones that are coming in, there's a, a full chapter on that as well in there. Please do go and pick it up. It'll be your best friend and read over the next couple of weeks.

[00:31:52] Mark: All right. M, if you just wanna quickly unmute yourself, number one, could you put that into practice? Absolutely. Yeah. I'm gonna set you a challenge cuz you are the first person to put your hand up. I'm gonna set you a challenge. Are you on Instagram, sir? I am okay at Boley UK. Okay. At Boley UK, send me a message.

[00:32:17] Mark: Two weeks time. I want an update. I wanna see that you've got a digital guidebook and I wanna see that you started to reach out to local businesses in the area. Okay. All right. Homework has been set, sir.

[00:32:32] Mark: all right. Good man. Appreciate it. So, yeah. Uh, please do everybody as well. Everybody on here, um, as a thank you for having me, I do want you all to reach out to me on Instagram and, and say hi. So it's at boost Lee UK at boost Lee, UK. Uh, I'll just put it in the chat and for those who wanna know how they can go and grab the book, it's on that link now.

[00:32:53] Mark: Thank you very much, David, for putting the link. All right. So what was a, um, do we have another question because I know that we we've typed a lot of there. Does anybody have, um, another question up here, if you wanna ask me a question, uh, just unmute yourself and we'll just go question. I have a question.

[00:33:09] Mark: Here we go, Norma. Okay.

Guest questions

[00:33:12] Guest: So, um, outstanding information so far. Thank you so much. Um, thank you. But my question is, so I do some of, uh, off I don't you do all my bookings online with platforms in other words. So my biggest problem is, um, how do I process their payments? Um, that, so I, that that's my, my issue money.

[00:33:40] Mark: This was going to be the, the, the next part. And it's a great question.

[00:33:43] Guest: Well, obviously I'm getting the money, but I wanna know the best way to

[00:33:46] Mark: yeah, no. So great question. Uh, and again, mixed, probably in the same situation, cause it is, is first part of this concern was the platform and the software to use.

[00:33:55] Mark: Okay. I'm gonna give everybody, uh, a resource here. I'm gonna say a couple of things and I guarantee I'm gonna say fast. I guarantee people are gonna say, what has he just said? So bearing in mind, I'm gonna give you a blog post to go and reread all of this. Okay. So it's boost Lee dot code UK. Forward slash P for Peter M for mother S for sugar dot code K slash PS.

[00:34:22] Mark: Right? PMs. Does anybody let's hazard a guess? What does PMs stand for in the chat? Let's see what interesting answers we're gonna get here? What does PMs stand for in the world of hospitality? Let's see, who's gonna be the first one that gets it, gets it right? Because this is gonna be Stacy. I knew you were gonna get this property management system, property management system, property management system hundred percent.

[00:34:42] Mark: This is gonna be your best friend. Now. Um, there are some people out there who say you don't need a PMs until you've got 5, 6, 7 properties. My opinion, you need it straight away. Number one, the reason being it's better to get into this practice because it will make life easier. A hundred percent of the time.

[00:35:04] Mark: And what a property management software does, what a property management system does. Number one, you talk about payments. Every single property management software will have the ability to link into a payment processor. Stripe is the most popular one worldwide. Funny enough, this is a, this is a little fun fact that people might not know.

[00:35:25] Mark: Stripe was founded by two brothers from Ireland who were born in a hotel, brought, brought up in a hotel. So they know the industry inside out. So a Stripe is, is, is, is one of the most common ones, our others, uh, but literally your property management software will link him to, to Stripe for payment processing also as well.

[00:35:43] Mark: A good property management software, otherwise known as a channel manager will link into Airbnb will link into booking.com will link into VRBO. So you don't have to always keep updating separate channels. You can just update everything as in pricing availability for one platform, one place so saves you on time.

[00:36:06] Mark: The problem with a PMs. Is that there are thousands of them. There isn't one company that fits all. I could ask Stacy who she uses. It'll be different from what somebody else would use. In fact, I go regularly into clubhouse rooms and Facebook groups and forums, and I see the post, which is the PMs that you recommend for every 10 replies.

[00:36:28] Mark: You'll get seven different brands that blog that I gave you. OSA dot code UK slash PMs. I interviewed over 100 hosts and property management companies. And I got the, the, the, the, the top 10, the top 12. And then we wrote a blog about each one. So again, it's totally unbiased. I don't get, it's not my company.

[00:36:48] Mark: It's not my money or anything like that. I just put the best ones on this. You can go and do your own research. Again. You may know others, you may have heard of others. These are just the ones that the, the top recommended. So, again, it doesn't matter if you've got one property or if you've got a hundred, having a property management software sooner rather than later is the key.

[00:37:05] Mark: And the best thing about having a property management software, a property management system is that you're able to have a website as well. So you'll have a direct booking website where you can actually send people to. So when you're speaking to a friend that you haven't seen for ages, or you're speaking to that business owner and introducing yourself and they ask you, well, what's your business.

[00:37:24] Mark: Instead of just sending them an Airbnb link, you can send them your dire booking website. It looks professional, it looks branded, it looks like, you know what you're doing. And again, it's, you'll have more confidence to send somebody to when you're introducing yourself. So a property management software Noma is, is the one to go, uh, right.

[00:37:42] Mark: Let me test this, um, those of you, yes or no. Do you have a property management software property management system? Yes or no? Yes. Yes. Yes. Brilliant. Okay. Next question. Who do you use? so who do you use? Let's see, who's gonna be like the common ones are the on common ones who who's the, which company do you use?

[00:38:04] Mark: So we've got host away owner re

[00:38:09] Mark: okay, so we've got Hostway and owners. We've got a few, which is good. Again, please don't be show we've only got a few people commenting. Uh, we've got 68 people in the room. If, if I ask for bit of, uh, yes or nos, please do, please do jump in. There's no right. Or there's no wrong answer. Okay. So a property management software is, is a key part to, to having, having your business now, um, Let me give you a little tip.

[00:38:36] Mark: So for those of you that have got our property management software, this, what I'm gonna give to you now is if we're gonna do it on skill level of one being low to 10, being like super high ninja skills, this is probably about a six or a seven, and this is something that wasn't available 10 years ago, but it is now, and it's proven to be so effective.

[00:38:55] Mark: One of the main ways to increase your D bookings is that you need to educate your guests about the power of direct bookings and why someone should book direct with you. Now at the start I was talking about Las Vegas hotels, the big chains, the Marriotts to Hiltons all those Jess go and look at their website.

[00:39:20] Mark: Sue, I knew you were gonna ask that question, which PMs is the best. Go check the blog, go and look at their website, go and look at the terminology they'll use on the site. So, for example, with the Marrit and with the Hilton and the big chains, they actually reward people who book direct. So for example, if you go on their site, you can see best rates when you book direct free wifi earlier.

[00:39:43] Mark: Check-in. And again, like I said, we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here. What can we do that the big chains are doing and put it into our businesses? So what we have to do is we have to reeducate the guests about why they should book direct, and it can star simply in all of your properties. One of the simplest things that you could do is identify where in your properties at a high touch points, and this is something that I tricked and tricked and figured out very early on.

[00:40:11] Mark: So do you remember when I said that we became one of the most ranked businesses on TripAdvisor in our country? The reason being is that we were actively asking for reviews. What we did is we, I identified. The the highest touch point in our rooms in, in, in our rental accommodation was the door, the front door, the door they came in and out.

[00:40:34] Mark: And all I did on the back of the door, I got a nice little piece of a four card and I laminated it and I just asked if they could leave a review, good or bad TripAdvisor. I give them the link and they saw it every single time they opened and closed the door. I know some people now who put that on the fridge, little laminate, little fridge magnet, ask 'em to leave a review.

[00:40:55] Mark: Now you don't have to ask 'em to leave a review on TripAdvisor, but you can mention best rates when you book direct. Did you know you could have saved 10% or 5%. You could have saved if youd a book direct. It's all about education. And this is where Airbnb are very clever. Their marketing teams are outstanding.

[00:41:13] Mark: They have, they have marketed it and they have branded it to not only guests, but to host as well about why they are the only platform about why they are the best and about all of those things. Over the years, all we have to do is we just have to reeducate our guests and explain to 'em why we should book direct.

[00:41:30] Mark: Now, when I said about the skill level, that this is pretty cool. So if you have a PMs and this is another really cool tool, is that from your property management software? So let's just say owner or host away, you can go right now onto your platform onto your pricing, and you can mark up the cost that goes to Airbnb or booking dot.

[00:41:56] Mark: So, what do I mean by that? Save that your average nightly rate is a hundred dollars. I'm just gonna do simple maps, a hundred dollars. You could mark it up by 30% to booking.com Airbnb. So it's gonna show as let's just say 130, uh, dollars on Airbnb, but on your website, on your dare booking website, it shows at a hundred.

[00:42:15] Mark: Okay. So you're not discounting it. You're just marking it up. So a guest, a future potential guest is on Airbnb. Okay. They're looking at your listing and in your profile again, another little tip. This is a little Airbnb tip right now. And, and I, I expand about it more in the book and I show you how to do this, but on Airbnb, you've got a profile on your profile page.

[00:42:40] Mark: You can, you can upload an image of your company logo and on your profile on Airbnb. This is your personal profile. You could say, Hey, my name is mark. I am the manager, founder of insert your business. Checkers check our online reviews out. They're really good. So you are literally implanting it into the future potential guest, hang on a second.

[00:43:01] Mark: This isn't just somebody who's got a spare room or whatever. This is a proper business and they will go and Google you. And when they Google you they'll find your website. So you've got dial booking website, they'll come to your website and then they'll see that the exact same property on the exact same night is actually 50% cheaper.

[00:43:18] Mark: What are they gonna do? Best rates when you book direct. Okay. Now it's not just money. People don't just care about money, about the rates. Sometimes it's the incentives and this is something that we did really well. And this is something that worked a lot of the times. So what we would do is our checking time was one.

[00:43:41] Mark: So the time that you could check into your room or the times you could check into your cottage or your holiday retina was was, was one o'clock. What we did is we pushed, um, the checkin time on the OTAs back to four o'clock. Okay. So when people were looking at our website and they saw the checking time was 1:00 PM and they saw the checking time was fall pivotal on OTA.

[00:44:03] Mark: What do you think they were doing? We were, we were telling them best rates when you book direct, but you get better incentives. I E earlier checking when they book direct, it's just all about doing these little things to change the psychological aspect of your guest or your future potential guest. And you just gotta, always make 'em know that you get the best rates and the best incentives when somebody books direct.

[00:44:27] Mark: And that's a big part of it. And that's what you get with a property management software system. So this is why I'm super excited. We've had so many people that are saying, no, I don't have a property management system. Again, your homework over the next month is to get one doesn't matter if it's one property or if you've got five or six properties go and get one, set it up and you can start to take advantage of these tools, Norma, how did that answer your que?

[00:44:50] Mark: I can see you're scribbling. I can see a lot of people writing, which is great, which is amazing. Um, did that, uh, Norma, did that answer what you're talking about with payments, et cetera? That was very

[00:45:00] Guest: cons comprehensive. Yes, it did. Thank you so much.

[00:45:04] Mark: Right? Absolute pleasure. Okay. So, um, I know we've got time for maybe one or two more.

[00:45:11] Mark: If anybody has a question, please don't be shy. I know we've got a lot of people in the room if we have,

[00:45:16] Guest: um, we have actually. 35 more minutes. So lots of, oh, amazing. Let's go. So, so I, I wanna ask a question right here. So Airbnb has AI artificial intelligence that searches for keyword on their post sites.

[00:45:35] Guest: So if you are saying that you could put these, um, these suggestions onto the, on your platform on Airbnb or VR, how do you get around the AI catching you? Because obviously they don't want you to do that. Right. Um, so how do you get around doing that? I have an idea, but I just wanna know if you'll confirm

[00:46:01] Mark: my idea.

[00:46:03] Mark: Yeah. I mean, first and foremost, um, Airbnb isn't as clever as what we think it is first and foremost, don't worry. that's the foremost. That's the foremost, but it's how you word it. One of the, one of the worst things that any of you could do. And this is really important is that if you get an inquiry message on Airbnb.

[00:46:28] Mark: So instead of somebody doing instant book, if someone messages you and they go, Hey, Norma, I've seen your property, loves looks amazing. Would love to book. The worst thing that you could do is go, yeah, absolutely. Mark. Here's my phone number. Let's take this offsite because yes, those Airbnb keywords, AI tools, they will spot that.

[00:46:47] Mark: And then you'll get a little angry letter, uh, angry email from them. I'm not saying don't do, don't do that. Okay. But when I talk about clever terminology, it's about placing things in the right spots. For example, if you have a business logo, okay. So if you've branded your business, if you've got a business logo, there is nothing stopping you, branding every single one of your images that you upload to Airbnb with the logo in the bottom right hand corner.

[00:47:17] Mark: What does that do every single time somebody comes onto your listing? I believe it's 80 to 85%. They go straight to your pictures. Okay. So the pictures are the most important. I don't have to teach you to suck eggs on that one. Everybody knows that your pictures is the most important. I'm sure there's gonna be some amazing training on pictures and stuff ever before or coming up.

[00:47:40] Mark: All right. So if pictures are so important and it's where people click to, to check it out, what do you think would happen if you brand it with your logo on every single one in the bottom right hand corner, every time they're looking at it, they're looking at the logo and it says, you know, we had the grainery, the grainery Scarra as our logo and our writing around the logo.

[00:48:00] Mark: Every single time we mention about check out our online reviews are rather good. That gets through the AA. No problem. They're gonna go grainery, Scarborough onto Google. If you Google the grainery, Scarra. Bearing in mind, it's not our family business anymore. We sold in 2021, but grainery Scarborough, our website would come up.

[00:48:19] Mark: We're driving people away from the platform onto our own direct booking site. Every single time. We're just syncing it in cuz again, the big misconception still to this day is that Airbnb is a place. You go for a, you know, a sofa spare room or someone's, you know, some someone's like a hobby. They don't realize it a lot for a lot of people.

[00:48:39] Mark: This is now their business, their livelihood, their career, uh, and brands, probably prop property management companies. Okay. So again, it's just about reeducating the guests. So again, um, no problem getting around the AI. It's not as clever as what we think it is, but just, you know, just be, be sensible. Um, but good question.

[00:48:59] Mark: Um, is there another question? Do we have, yes, I have asked her with her hand raise. Why don't unmute ask

[00:49:07] Guest: her

[00:49:07] Mark: question. Lovely. I love the hand. Ask her. Hello. Oh, no, I'm speaking to a robot. I can't hear you tell you what, ask there, um, mute your microphone because we can't hear this and then pop your question into the chat box and I promise you I'll answer it.

[00:49:30] Mark: I think you're in a bad signal area. Yeah. I'm I'm gonna, I'm gonna mute you. So somebody else asks mark, which PMs do you

[00:49:40] Guest: use?

[00:49:44] Mark: OK. So the, the PMs that I use may be different than one that you should use. It really is that simplistic of an answer. And it's not me being a politician or sitting on the fence. It really is. That's the case. What you need to do is you need to figure out what is the most important bio motive for you and reverse engineering back now, when I chose my, my property management software system.

[00:50:11] Mark: Bearing in mind. I was, uh, working with my parents. My parents were Yorkshire farmers. They were computer illiterate minus 20. Okay. My mom was so bad at sending an email. She would ask where to put the stamp before sending the send button. Okay. So I needed to make sure that the property management software that we were using every single day had amazing support on the other end amazing support.

[00:50:39] Mark: So of it, she could pick up the phone to and, and ask. And that, that was our main thing. So we used free to book, free to book. Um, it's the Scottish based, um, uh, company, the most patient people you can imagine because me and mom used to just argue constantly. Uh, and, and she will admit it, but we butted heads so many times over it, but that was.

[00:51:03] Mark: That's what went with them for you. It may be different. You may need to have amazing report. So you can, you know, for those of you that are doing your advertis model, for example, you're gonna do rent to rent. You need to have our management services. You need to have amazing report tool to send to your, um, landlords, et cetera.

[00:51:19] Mark: You're working with it. It may be a number of reasons, but again, until everything gets consolidated until I said, there's over a thousand until they all just buy each other out. And the left of a Callum, that's why I put that blog post together because I wanted to interview over a hundred wholesome, 200 different hosts.

[00:51:38] Mark: We get interviewed and we put together the best of so again, um, and bearing in mind, you know, um, it's, it literally, you could ask 10 people, it would be all different. So it's just a case of looking a demo and working on, well, this is the cool thing. It is so easy to switch. Now, 10 years ago is impossible to switch.

[00:51:55] Mark: Now. It is so easy to move from one to the other. So if you start with one. A year down the line, you're like, wanna try something else. It's so easy to do. Uh, why did your family choose to sell the estate? Very good question. We had it for 30 odd years and we, my mom and dad wanted to retire and spend some time with their grandkids.

[00:52:15] Mark: If anybody's been in hospitality, you will know it sucks time away from you. You know? And, and this is like me and my wife run it for so long. We had two boys, you know, this is why I started doing boosty because as soon as we, we realized we're gonna sell family business, I wanted to see my kids grow up. I never saw alfield Charlie, but we got Frankie now.

[00:52:34] Mark: And I I'm so fortunate now that we've boosty I can do the school run twice a day. I get to steam loads. I'm gonna go down after this place, the Minecraft with them. And you know, when, when you're in and involved hospitality to, to the level that we were, and I didn't have any systems and structures in place, you know, 11 o'clock at.

[00:52:50] Mark: Getting a phone call from a guest drunk, trying to get into their room. He gotta go and deal with it. So that's why we sold, but I just wanted to retire and having a great time on the event. Uh, okay. What's the next question? Oh, asked

[00:53:05] Guest: her,

[00:53:06] Mark: oh, sorry, mark. To jump in. Just wanna see if asked her, can you get your, um, does, is this sound working now?

[00:53:18] Mark: Sorry, Elle. No, I don't think so. Ather let's do Lera. Cause Leno's got a question and I can see camera's on microphone. Ready? Yeah. Can you guys hear me now? Something there we, can you hear me now? Yeah, we can hear you now. Leno, stay there. We'll do as, and then we'll come back to Le yeah, something wrong with.

[00:53:41] Mark: Device. Uh, anyway, my question was that I think Norma asked that question and you answered it. But, uh, my question was that wouldn't interfere with, uh, Airbnb website and our, uh, uh, website that we trying to do direct to booking. That was my question, but I think you answered it. Would it, would it piss him off?

[00:54:04] Mark: Is that what we're saying? No, wouldn't interfere that. What, with the website we are using with the Airbnb and we are gonna book a direct booking with our system, would it wouldn't interfere it all the system as in like a double booking. Oh, no, that that's, that's the beauty of a property management software, a PMs.

[00:54:24] Mark: When you've got a PMs Uhhuh, it controls everything. So it communicates two way. So if, if you get a booking on your website, it closes it off on Airbnb booking.com. VRBO. Same as if you get a on Airbnb, it closes it off on your D booking site. That's why you need to do this. Bear in mind. When I first got going in a family business, we had pen and paper.

[00:54:45] Mark: So if we had a booking come in on booking.com, I had to run, I had to run inside and make sure that we closed it off everywhere else, because that was the pain point. And so, yeah, don't worry. Don't worry. Oh, okay. Okay. Thank you so much.

[00:54:58] Guest: Okay. So it uses the I Cal. Is that what it does?

[00:55:01] Mark: It's it's got more advanced now it's called API technology and yeah, so basically with API and I icon and two eight.

[00:55:09] Mark: Yeah. It's just getting more advanced, which is super cool. But you don't need to worry about that. All you've been, I'm gonna need help on that. Thank you. Okay. No worries. That's what I'm here for. Reach out. Thanks. I'm a radio host at the moment. I love it. All right, Linaro coming to you. Uh, how can I help?

[00:55:27] Guest: Good afternoon. Um, unfortunately I tried to tag in too early and then I ended up being late. So my apologies. Um, so currently I'm facing an odd situation. I'm doing really well on my Airbnbs one, I'm currently hosting at 7,000 a month and the other I'm I'm hosting at 4,800 a month. I stay booked. Um, but they're booking multiple months and every single month, Airbnb has taken about a thousand dollars a month from me from, you know, or V R B O whichever one that they book on.

[00:56:05] Guest: So I guess my question is, should I like start a website for the type of people that I deal with? Cuz I have a, I have a very niche section of people that I deal with. Um, it's not like families is not, you know, it's more corporate, you know, so I'm just trying to see like, should I just go hard at targeting them through some kind of avenue.

[00:56:29] Mark: Oh my gosh, this is the best question. And I, or just be okay with the money that I'm, I'm gonna blow your mind lane. Are you ready for this? Okay. This is unbelievable. You have got such a cool setup. All right, this is, and everybody, please get your pens and pencils ready, because this is, this is important, especially if you've got corporate or business guests, the easiest people to get direct bookings from our corporate business guests.

[00:56:57] Mark: What I want for you to do Lenara so have you got guests in right now? Yeah. Yes. So, yes. All right. Um, oh my God. Alright, so how many properties? You've got two. I have three. Three. Okay. You've got, you've got, literally got business guests in right now.

[00:57:12] Yes.

[00:57:14] Guest: I couldn't believe it. They tried to book my other house that was 5,000 a month, but I told 'em, you know, directed 'em to the other house.

[00:57:21] Guest: I said, it's bigger, it's better, you know, minus a hot tub. And I just knew they were gonna call me and say 7,000 was too high. You know, I was waiting for it. I was like sitting at my computer and they just booked it and like are gonna be there for months.

[00:57:36] Mark: So where, where are you in the world? I'm in Columbus, Ohio loads of people in Ohio.

[00:57:45] Guest: Our houses are not in any special area. I don't have anything like that. They're very beautiful, but they're not in like some prime location or anything like that, but

[00:57:55] Mark: I've got, I've got homework for you. Okay. Right. Okay. All right. So what I want you to do after this, I want for you to do me one thing, and one thing only call your guests.

[00:58:07] Mark: Okay, you're gonna call 'em. You've only got three properties. You've got three people in this is super simple. Call the person who made the booking. Airbnb don't share with you their email address, or they share with you their phone number. You've got to take advantage of this because I guarantee it's gonna come to a point where they don't even give you their phone number anymore.

[00:58:27] Mark: They're gonna try and keep it all on platform, but you've got their phone number, which is amazing. This is how the conversation's going to go. And you wanna be as super, like friendly as, as possible, but it's gonna be, Hey, so it's mark Colin. I hope you're having a great stay. Hope you're selling in. Well, let me know if you need anything, by the way.

[00:58:44] Mark: Um, are you here for business or leisure? And they're gonna say, oh yeah, business. What are you doing? Like why, why are you in town? And there's so many answers, they'll give you, but you just keep those open ended. What, why, what, when, how questions and what you wanna tell, I feel outta that you linesman linesman, right?

[00:59:02] Mark: Mm-hmm so here's what you're gonna try and do. Number one. Try and work out. And this is for everybody. This is not just like specific to you. And this is for everybody. What do you wanna try and do figure out number one, do they make the booking themselves every time they come to the area or is there somebody in the company who makes the booking for them?

[00:59:22] Mark: So for example, it could be an accommodation specialist. It could be a PA, it could be a number of verticals on who that could be. Now, if it's them directly via a book in this day, just say to them, would it be easier for you if I just invoice your company for this day? Right? Let's just pad out for a second.

[00:59:47] Mark: If it's somebody that's making the book in for them, your question back is what's their name? Do you have their name and phone number? I'd love to speak to them. Name and phone number, email address. Okay. You get the name. Phone number and the email address. Let's just go down this scenario. What you gonna do?

[01:00:07] Mark: Number one, do a little Google search. So go find their LinkedIn page. Okay, you're gonna name, phone number, email address. Gonna find out who we are on LinkedIn. Get their name, number, email address. You're gonna call them now that I ever gonna give you the, the head office's phone number, or they're gonna give you their direct number, like cell phone number, et cetera.

[01:00:29] Mark: Now, if you get given the reception to head office, you're gonna go to a gatekeeper the best way to get past the gatekeepers when you've got a name. So it will go, Hey, is X Excel? Let's say Stacy. Hey, is Stacy there? Oh, she's not in right now. Or can I ask who's calling? Just say, yep. It's Leara we've got a couple of your guys staying with us right now.

[01:00:48] Mark: Um, I've they've mentioned that I should call her directly. Uh, we, we we're host, we've got several accommodations in Columbus, Ohio. I just wanted to introduce myself because whatever, and I'll pass you through. When you speak to said Stacy, who is the accommodation specialist for the whole corporation?

[01:01:03] Mark: Just say, Hey, uh, just let you know. I want to introduce myself. I dunno if you realize, but the property, uh, that the chap's staying in right now is actually one of free that I have in the area. Outside of that, I've got a wide range of context in Columbus high. We actually have a lot of accommodation. Um, is there any reason why you book very Airbnb nine out of 10 times?

[01:01:22] Mark: I'll just say, oh, I just did a search. Was the easiest thing. Just say, well, actually, well, here's my direct phone, phone number. Here's my direct email. It actually works out more cost effective for you. If you book with me directly, just send, I can send you an invoice and we can work it all out. Number one, they will do that simpler, easier for you.

[01:01:41] Mark: You're saving a thousand dollars on commission costs. Also as well, what you could do if you really wanted to be extra sneaky and cheeky, you could work out maybe a 5% discount or whatever, and just say, well, actually we actually do a 5% discount. If you book direct, all I have to do is send you an invoice and you pay me.

[01:01:58] Mark: It makes life simpler in every single way form and as well, you've got a direct form of contact there because then what will happen, LA Nora, if you decide to grow more properties in Columbus, Ohio, and you get more, you could literally, every month you could just call that person and just go, Hey, do you need an accommodation?

[01:02:15] Mark: Should we just renew? Should I just invoice it again? And it'll literally be where instead of them going to Airbnb, you're booking with them directly. Every single time you just invoice them from yeah. Zero account or your QuickBooks account or whatever you're using. And as direct bookings every single time.

[01:02:30] Mark: And this is the cool thing, what I want for you to do as well. I'm trying to, not to give you too much, but I wanna give you loads of things that you can go away and, and do this. I, listen, I

[01:02:38] Guest: need it. Go ahead.

[01:02:40] Mark: So what you need to do as well, I know, um, From what I do. Cause we, we do websites, right? We do websites and coaching and cool things.

[01:02:47] Mark: I know another host who's in, um, Columbus, Ohio right now I knew a couple, right. What you need to do is to start to network in and around your local area, try and get on board, more host that fit in your business model. Right? And this goes alongside what I was talking about earlier with the guidebook and trying to reach out to, to like local cool restaurants, bars and stuff, try and build a local network, a WhatsApp group, or a Facebook group, or a chat group of local hosts in your area that can fit around your business.

[01:03:16] Mark: As in, if you are looking for corporate, find other people, that've got places ideal for corporates, because what will happen is you can go. Yeah, you can. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So you can go to Stacy's the accommodation specialist and you know, she'll message you and go like Lenora. I need, you know, I've got an extra load of people coming in.

[01:03:34] Mark: Can you, can you home another 10 people instead of you going, ah, sorry. No. And then she has to go to Airbnb. You go, yeah. Leave it with me. You go into your WhatsApp group chat, you go into your whatever chat and say, Hey, I need 10 accommodation who, who can sign it out. And then what you'll do is you'll be able to take a cut a little kickback fee, a little work out a little referral fee with everybody.

[01:03:52] Mark: So again, you can earn more profit. You can earn more income without having to do more work. You're literally just building relationships and filling it all out. And this is amazing, amazing way to, to, to, to sort of sort of do that. So, yeah, I'm really excited and I've got home it for you. Are you on Instagram?

[01:04:10] Mark: I am right at booster UK. Send me a message after this so I can clock it. I will check in with you in two weeks and I want you to hold your guests in the next. Your Instagram is at Whatley UK. Boley UK. It's literally on my it's right there.

[01:04:31] Mark: B weird accent, fast

[01:04:36] Guest: real L

[01:04:39] Mark: you. Boost Lee UK, B O O S T L Y. But yeah, please, everybody don't do go and pick up a copy of the book. All my details are in here after you've done. So you can get it on Kindle, audible print, uh, less than $20. I guarantee you, you will get bookings off the back of that D bookings.

[01:04:56] Mark: So, so

[01:04:56] quick

[01:04:56] Guest: fun fact, just for everybody just to be fun. Um, I had a, I have a corporate guest that, um, we're doing an eight month, um, like a, a private lease after he's booked with me three times and he's never showed up. He paid for it and everything.

[01:05:15] Guest: just five grand, three times. He's like, hopefully I see you in June. I'm like, whatever

[01:05:21] Mark: you want. Uh, Lenora look at Tammy's chat right there. You've actually got some house you can hook up with right now. I have corporate houses. Let's talk, Tammy. So this is the cool thing about doing this. This is why it's cool being part of these masterminds and groups and, and things like that is this there's, there's direct bookings, literally everywhere.

[01:05:40] Mark: And this is the cool thing. This is something that everybody can do. Whether you are in hospitality, you are about to get into the hospitality, whether you're looking to take on property or what the biggest marketing arsenal marketing machine in your arsenal right now is sat on your phone. Everybody has got family, friends, context, people who know like love and trust you, but I guarantee 80% of them don't even know what you do.

[01:06:06] Mark: Mm-hmm so all you need to do is pick up your phone. You can do this later. You can do this at the weekend. If you've got spare five or 10 minutes, go onto the notes of your phone and type up a, like a little block message that you can copy and paste, but you're gonna go and start it with four little letters that are gonna change everything in your business.

[01:06:24] Mark: Do you know anyone? Do you know anyone for example, Hey Stacey, do you know, do you know anyone who's coming to Columbus who needs accommodation? Do you know anyone who wants to cohost their property? Do you know anyone? X, Y, Z. I use it all the same. Do you know anyone who needs a website? Do you know anyone who needs a website?

[01:06:43] Mark: Do you know anyone who needs a bit help with diet bookings? I send that message all the time and it always, because people know like, trust and love you and it, then they message somebody because of that social proof, because of that person, it's a friend doing it, then they're more likely to go, oh yeah.

[01:07:00] Mark: Okay. I'll go and stay with them. Or I'll yeah. I'll use them and services, the relationships and the partnerships that you can grow in your network will absolutely boost your business. If you try and do this alone, you'll go nowhere. And I've learned that lesson time and time, I utilize it with the grainery, with our family business, and I utilize it with boost Lee and it, and it works.

[01:07:20] Mark: How has that, has that helps.

[01:07:22] Guest: Yes, absolutely. As far as the lady who said, that's odd, this guy has over 75 reviews. He's from California. And, um, their company just keeps like, um, pre you know, pushing back the dates. So, and they don't, he just, he, he builds them, builds this other company to, for his housing. So it doesn't even matter to him.

[01:07:44] Guest: This is the

[01:07:44] Mark: amazing thing about corporates. These is an amazing thing about corporates and, and things like this is that they've got, they need to spend the money. A lot of them need to spend it just for like tax on those reasons. You know, they, they, they can be your best guess. And you know what, if you are solidly, booked out for eight months and you're like, ah, I'm solidly book, go and get another property.

[01:08:02] Mark: You will get the, just keep growing, keep growing, keep growing. And this is like it corporate business bookings. They take care of you Monday to Friday, and then the weekends take care of themselves.

[01:08:15] Guest: My house is 3,600 square feet.

[01:08:18] Mark: Amazing. Love it for who?

[01:08:21] Guest: Well, thank you

[01:08:22] Mark: so much. I really appreciate my pleasure.

[01:08:23] Mark: I look forward to getting this, uh, Instagram message setting you home for sure. All right. Take cares. So I think Matt is next with her hand raised. Yeah. Matt. Hi Matt. Hi. How are you? I'm really good. Are you enjoying this?

[01:08:43] Guest: Yes, very much so. I have a lot of notes. I good. um, I had an Airbnb B uh, with a friend we did rental arbitrage for about two years.

[01:08:55] Guest: Uh, we were using a condo and then we ran into some HOA problems. So, you know, we closed it down. And so I guess I I've been reconsidering, uh, that was in Dallas, Texas. I'm in stone, mountain, Georgia. So I'm considering doing something in the Metro area, but what I wanted to ask you about is. Um, we, we were working with a company that set us up on like booking.com and, and some other places in addition to Airbnb.

[01:09:24] Guest: And we ran into a couple of situations where, um, the people that booked did some damage to the, to our, to the condo and took some things, just a couple of incidents. So my question, uh, is about screening your guests when you're doing direct booking. Are you doing things some things differently or considerations?

[01:09:47] Guest: Could you speak to that a little bit,

[01:09:49] Mark: please? Absolutely. And it's another great question and it tees me up nicely because there's, when I, before I come on these zooms and webinars, I, I always in my mind think I gotta talk about this. I gotta talk about that. But when I get going, I totally forget. I just go on so many tangents and I love these questions tonight because it's brought me back to some important things that I wanted to say.

[01:10:08] Mark: I'm gonna give you another website. I'm gonna give you a link to check out and. This is one of the main, main, main things that always amazes me. And this is where Airbnb have got their market in spot on. So everybody knows about air cover. They made a big song and dance about it back end of last year, Airbnb.

[01:10:28] Mark: And it all looks amazing, but guess what? You get to the exact same things with third party providers in the world of, of hospitality, but Airbnb have just got it, nailed to a T how they can talk and promote it. So here's the best one. Well, not the best one. There's loads of them, but just there's one. The top of my mind, super ho.com, S U P E R H og.com.

[01:10:49] Mark: You've got, um, of his loads like track. No, there's not track. Sorry. There's proper insurance. There's lows. There's a more, uh, UK and us base and, and worldwide ones, but super ho.com doing the guest screening for you. So again, there's so many tools available that can be built into what you are doing, that where.

[01:11:10] Mark: It's the exact same things that, that Airbnb give you and plus as well, you don't have to go through Airbnb. Has anybody ever tried putting a, a complaint or a refund request or someone through Airbnb? It's the hardest thing in the world to do because nine out, 10 times they side with the guest. This is why you don't have to build your hand house on someone else's land, super hog.com U E H og.com.

[01:11:38] Mark: Go, go check 'em out. See if there's lots of tools and things available. And the cool thing is now more financial institutions are building out brands and strands in, in their business for short term rentals. So it's gonna be more and more and more easier in the future for guest screening for, for host and rental.

[01:11:54] Mark: And the cool thing about super ho is that they in inure you for every guest for up to 1 million. Great. Super ho sorry. Yeah. Super ho.com. Thank you, Greg. Again. Sorry. Apologies for my, um, my, uh, my poor. So would you, would you speak to just a little

[01:12:13] Guest: bit though, in terms of, you know, is it, you know, questions to ask the guests?

[01:12:18] Guest: Because we had a couple of guests where, you know, we had even gotten the, you know, their driver's license and talked to them personally, and, and we still encountered a few problems, but I think these were the booking.com people. So I guess I'm asking in terms of screening, from the point of, you know, do you talk to the guest, do you ask them certain questions just to make sure that they are who they say they are?

[01:12:44] Guest: And I, and I think some of these people were actually local people who were booking and maybe that's something that be on the lookout for as well.

[01:12:52] Mark: I mean, at the end of the day, at the end of the day, you could do all the screening in the world. You could ask all the questions, but is there anybody that ever dealt with a con artist, they'll tell you what they wanna do and they'll do whatever there's always running in that risk, but that's why you've got insurance.

[01:13:05] Mark: That's why you've got all these things in place, but anything can, can happen on, on the property. You can do as much screening as you want, but what you wanna make sure is you've got all of the backup in place just in case anything does go a, a little bit awry. One thing that I love to do, and I did it, uh, I didn't do it for every guest because of bearing in mind, we've got 14 rooms and we had free holiday S we had a lot of bookings coming in, but what I would do is I would focus on 20% of the bookings that were bringing in 80% of the revenue.

[01:13:34] Mark: So if I saw a booking come in for two weeks, as soon as it come in or up to 24 hours after I'd pick up the phone and I'd call 'em, I'd pick up the phone and I'll call him because I wanna find out, uh, why they're coming to the state. There's the story. Write this down. There's a story behind every booking.

[01:13:53] Mark: It's up to you to try and figure out what it is. So what do I mean by that? And I'll give an example of somebody who told me this story. And I, if anybody who's heard me speak before, you'll, you'll have known, I've mentioned this story and it is so powerful and it is, it will literally want you to call up that next guest as soon as the booking comes in.

[01:14:10] Mark: So there's the lady that I know, and she's got properties by a Lakeside and her properties stand out because they are just stunning on the side of a lake. Beautiful part of the world in the Woodlands. I believe it's in Canada or north America, one, one of the two. So anyway, there's a booking that comes in.

[01:14:29] Mark: And then on the note of the booking confirmation, it said that we are really looking forward to come and stay with you. It's my son's ninth birthday. He, he wants to learn how to fish. Okay. And, um, the lady saw that note and she did the meet and greet. So she would meet every guest as they came in. Okay.

[01:14:50] Mark: Now she could have dust. Driven from her house to where the property is and to the normal meet and greet show 'em where things are and leave. But no, on the way to the property on the meet and greet, she stopped off at the local, uh, fish bait tackle shop spot shop, and she bought a fishing rod, a little bucket and some bait, okay.

[01:15:09] Mark: Cost her about 20 bucks. Nothing much drove to the property. When the guests arrive, waiting for them at the, at the foot of the porch, was the bucket, a fishing rod, and a little note saying have an amazing birthday from was at the, at the property. Now think about this on a guest experience level, that's an instant five star review straightaway.

[01:15:32] Mark: Even with anything else. That's a five star review because little Timmy has got a little present on his birthday. This is why the come amazing. The off side of it. What happened. Social media posts, boom, everywhere. Say, oh, this is amazing. This is so fantastic. When they got home, told friends, families, coworkers, anybody about it.

[01:15:52] Mark: And again, repeat booking. She said to me, I think six, seven years repeat booking year after year after year after year. Plus all the friends that came year after year after year. So there's a story behind every booking. Why do I tell you that? I guarantee you the next guest at books is a story. Why they're they're coming to stay.

[01:16:08] Mark: They're be coming for work. I've already told you how amazing speaking to work guests, commercial guests, property guests are, they could be coming for a wedding. It could be coming to see somebody X, Y, and Z. It could be a traveling nurse, a healthcare worker. So what can you do to make that guest experience?

[01:16:24] Mark: Now I'm not saying to spend tons of money. Thatcher was $20 and it took five extra minutes out of her day to go and do that. Doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Just what can you do to figure it out? And if you've got lots of property, congratulations. Hire somebody to do this for you, VA or somebody. You know, if, if you've just got one, like M amazing, you just got one property to worry about, give 'em a call.

[01:16:46] Mark: What can we do to make your life a bit easier? Those sort of things. How can we, how can we make your stay a little bit extra special? Those little things will just get your guest experience for the roof because this industry lives and breathes and dies on its reviews and the little things that you can do.

[01:17:03] Mark: Doesn't if you did something like that, it doesn't matter if your bed's a little creaky or a bit crappy, or if the, whatever the heating doesn't work for for night, whatever, by doing little things like that, they will remember the amazing gesture that you did more about the crappy wifi. So again, think about that.

[01:17:19] Mark: If you,

[01:17:24] Mark: my absolute pleasure. I think I went on a bit of a tangent then. I dunno if I've answered the question or not, but it's getting to about an hour and a half of me talking I need to be a, yeah. Thanks the question about. Can I ask, answer the question about bad review, go and Beth, what's the question. I didn't ask it.

[01:17:42] Mark: Somebody in the chat asked, how do you handle bad reviews from bad guests been there? Ah, well, you know what? The, the way that I always wonder about this is that if it's a one outta 10, as in for every 10 reviews, one is a crap review, shake it off. Like Beyonce says, shake it off. If there's four out 10 reviews that are crap, and they're talking about the same thing, fix it.

[01:18:09] Mark: Taylor swift Taylor swift. Shake it off. Not Beyonce. Sorry, sorry. Um, so you've got to, you've got to take it. I mean, this industry is, is absolutely brutal. Right. and reviews by now, after many, many, many, many years in it, I can just shake off any bad review and which is stand me into good stead because obviously we're releasing the book.

[01:18:35] Mark: There's gonna be a major reviews and there's gonna be some crap ones, but I can just shake it off. But if there's something that a, a large chunk of people are saying, fix this, fix it, don't ignore it, fix it. And it will, it reviews will, will massively help guide guide your business. Okay. Number one, if, if I ever got a, a one star review, I would call 'em up straight away, I would call 'em up straightaway and just apologize.

[01:19:02] Mark: First and foremost, you've got to be able to apologize as a small business owner, apologize profusely, and just say, find out what the matter was. And at the end of the day, they're right in that scathing review for a reason. Okay. Find out what it is. If it's literally something that is not in your control, apologize, a, a move on.

[01:19:24] Mark: If there's something that is because of what you did or whatever, then they'll wanna tell you for a reason. I found that by speaking to a one-on-one on the phone and having a human conversation, um, at the end of it, if you feel like it was the right thing to do, I would say, listen, I totally understand.

[01:19:39] Mark: Um, could I ask a massive favor? We will definitely fix this. Could you just please either remove the review or amend it, um, to say that we've spoken or something like that? A lot of the times they'll just remove it because they've already had their grievance or, or whatever it may be, but by picking up the phone and having a human conversation, you're able to do it, never reply in email or written text because the written text can get taken out context.

[01:20:03] Mark: When you pick up, pick up the phone and have a conversation it's, you know, all those barriers and all that pissed offness and all those things. Just, just, just go away. I've I've reversed so many bad reviews by picking up the phone call. I can literally think about 'em. I know 'em I can just relive those conversations in my head.

[01:20:19] Mark: It's not nice. It's not pretty, you literally want to do anything else, but pick up the phone, your gut is wrenching. Your heart is beaten, but it's how you learn. And as you grow as a business owner, I promise you hope that helps Beth. However, answered a question. All right. Yes. Thank you, mark. Thanks for taking the time to stay so long and talk to us.

[01:20:44] Mark: Hope it helps. And I believe we have your website and the chat, but I will put it in there again. Uh, so if anybody is interested in talking to mark, uh, separately, offline, This is his website. We also find him on Instagram, but mark, feel free to just pimp yourself out too. No, I was gonna say, if anybody could just do me a massive favor.

[01:21:10] Mark: I haven't got my phone cause otherwise I'd take a picture, but if you could just take a picture of this screen of the zoom to show that we showed up tonight, go and upload it onto Instagram and tag in at boost the UK. That that is all I ask. Please do continue. The conversation. Instagram is my favorite social media channel.

[01:21:25] Mark: I dunno if you've gathered, I love Instagram. Um, and so you, what you wanna keep in touch, please do so on there. And yet if you could do so, just go pick up this book. It's literally $20 for the print audible. It's like $10. Uh, everything that I've spoken about tonight is in more detail in here, plus as well.

[01:21:41] Mark: It's, um, I've got an online course behind it for absolutely free. So when you buy a book, because everything that I talk about. It's very hard to maybe take on board in written form. I've got videos and tutorial videos behind the scenes on, on how to do all of this. And you know, it's, it's literally there please go pick it up, please.

[01:21:57] Mark: Don't go say hi. On, on Instagram, it's at boost UK, take a picture of the screen, upload it, say hi for everybody that does, for everybody that takes a picture and uploads it to Instagram and tags in at boost the UK, I will send you a special piece of bonus training that I didn't even cover tonight for absolutely free.

[01:22:13] Mark: Just make you doing the next 48 hours. Take a picture at boost, the UK, we should all know about now. I've said it so many times. I literally showed my chest for Lana for her earlier, when she was asking it's easy to do, take a picture of upload it to Instagram at boost the UK. Thank you so much for having me, um, I've had a ton of fun and I really am excited to see what M and, um, I'm saying Lorna, but I know that's not right.

[01:22:37] Mark: What was, uh, Leno Leno? I do apologize. Leno. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you two particularly can get out. Cause I've sent you both some homework right there, and I want you to report back to me. So please do keep in touch. All right. I just, I have a question, everybody. I have every, I have a question for everybody.

[01:22:56] Mark: Is there anything, uh, I'm trying to start from a business air, Airbnb in, uh, Orlando. Does anybody have any connection, any lead or anything in Orlando area? If you

[01:23:08] Guest: guys know anybody, you could call Jason. Oh, Jason is in

[01:23:13] Mark: Tampa. Yeah. I

[01:23:15] Guest: was that

[01:23:18] Mark: the female Airbnb group. I recommend hopping on there and asking, cuz there's tons of women in that area.

[01:23:25] Mark: Where is that in Orlando? The Facebook Facebook group asked her that you can post your questions in. And there's so many people from Florida and Orlando and all over different areas. Okay. I know huge numbers and kissing me there. Oh, okay. Do you okay? Would, do you guys, yeah, we just connect with you offline on that, Esther.


[01:23:45] Mark: Okay. Okay. Please send me, please. Thank you. all right. Thanks for your time, mark. I don't wanna hold you up from eating dinner with your family. So thanks for coming on. And if there's anything else we can do for you, please let us know. Nope. Send me a message on Instagram. That's perfect. Thank you so much for having me.

[01:24:09] Mark: I've loved it. And I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with so many people, but go have an amazing weekend. And if you ever want me to come back again in the future, just reach out and ask and I can make it happen. Definitely. Thank you. Have a great day, everyone. And thanks for joining. Thank you so much for checking out today's podcast episode.

[01:24:27] Mark: Now, before you head and go anywhere else before you click to the next episode, before you do that, do me one big favor and go check out boost Lee dot code UK slash trust IRA at a sponsors of all of the booster content and the reason why I work with them. And the reason why we spread the message of IRA is that when a host or a company is looking to get more into DRA bookings, the main question they have is around trust as in will a guest trust that I am a true and real business, will IRA take care of all of that.

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[01:25:21] Mark: We'll be back again very shortly with another podcast episode, but until then, we'll see you all very soon. Take care.


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