Top 5 Podcasts on Boostly in 2022

The Top 5 Podcasts on Boostly in 2022

The year 2022 had a lot of different topics and podcasts to offer, to which we also invited some guest stars. For this reason, we would like to take the chance to present our top five podcasts from 2022. They cover topics such as Short Term Rental, Hospitality and much more.

Episode 516: The Best Way To Build Trust And Increase Bookings

The guest here was Chris Maughan CEO and Founder of I-Prac, who are known as the Avengers when it comes to direct bookings. This podcast episode looks at the extent to which trust plays a role in booking a Short Term Rental and how prevalent the lack of trust is in society and in the business. In doing so, the central role of trust is highlighted and what the future of the STR industry will look like in that regard. Important tips are given on how strong trust can increase bookings.

Episode 506: Furnishing And Profiting – Your Hospitality STR

Our number four spot is all about furnishing the Short Term Rentals and how the landlord can profit from this for the hospitality Short Term Rental. Again, guest Amanda Williams the founder of Carolina Furnished Rentals shares important tips and experiences. It's all about how hospitality can be significantly increased through simple daily routines. Amanda also shares insights on the challenges she faced as an Short Term Rental landlord during the pandemic and which impact it had on her regarding her Hospitality STR.

Episode 503: Get Ahead Of The Short Term Rental Game

Stacy St. John's podcast is all about lessons learned and made it to our number three spot because of its relevance. The CEO and founder of Cosy Getaway talks about her career and the minimum required for the Short Term Rental Game. She also has a very important message for our female community, talking about a Facebook group for female Short Term Rental investors.

Episode 495: How to Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out From the Rest

For those not familiar with Short Term Rentals, Airbnb is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Here, Mark Simpson goes into detail about both his personal and general experiences on such platforms as Airbnb. What helps to stand out from the broad mass of offers and what factors do I need to consider on Airbnb? Mark shares this and other useful tips in the podcasts on our number two spot.

Episode 440: How to build direct bookings for your STR business

The most popular podcast in 2022 covers the topic of direct bookings for Short Term Rentals. In it, Mark gives deep and exciting insights into his work. Included are tips on how to improve branding, how to increase direct bookings, and how people should act with only one property. In addition, the podcast is also about building and maintaining relationships both business and relationships with other companies or marketing agencies in the Short Term Rental business. 

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