Why Boostly?

Time to see what Boostly made of!

Hello there! I’m Mark Simpson.

Property manager turned hospitality coach and the founder of Boostly.

“We’re a team!”…I would say to myself.

Back when I was a young naive property owner and thought OTAs (like Booking.com, Airbnb, and Expedia) were the most brilliant thing since sliced bread.

I thought it was amazing to have a place where hospitality owners and hosts could go where they would get ‘help’, a decent income, and run a successful short-term rental business with nothing but a few property pics and some keyword stuffing!

Mark Simpson of Boostly at the Book Direct Show

Too easy! 🙄

So I threw all my eggs into one basket and took off running.

It wasn’t long after, that I realized they had complete control over my bookings and my business.

During the pandemic, thousands of property owners' businesses were shut down when Airbnb decided they could no longer accept bookings of any kind to their properties.

…even when some countries were still allowing them to run!

But what could they do?

The OTAs had 100% control over their bookings, so they were the ones in charge.

The result?

Thousands of hosts and property managers lost their vacation rental businesses entirely.

And the worst part?

The reality that had they created their own website alongside the OTAs, they could have kept their business running without fear or worry.

THAT is the power of direct bookings.
THAT is why you never build ALL of your business on somebody else's platform.
THAT is the heart and soul of the book direct movement.

You Own It. We Host It.

Boostly was designed to help hosts and property managers JUST LIKE YOU…

  •  Create your own direct booking website.
  • Attract your ideal guest and have them find you.
  • Structure your business with the most trusted and tested systems.
  • Have access to the best hospitality experts and marketing coursework in the industry.
  • Take back control setting your own rules for your own business.
  • Decide how profitable your vacation rental business will be.

Ready to supercharge your properties and create a true vacation rental brand?

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I'm afraid I do not. 

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