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The Best Vacation Rental Website Builder for a Direct Booking Website

Questions to Ask Your Website Builder

As every business owner occasionally does, I recently hired a website designer to rebuild Boostly, focusing on our expertise as the best vacation rental website builder for direct booking websites.

I needed the works: Everything from basic functionality to the graphics that make a website look sleek.

There are so many designers offering to build websites, and choosing the right persons or agency to build your website raises a number of important questions:

Q: How do you know which web design agency will give you the best value for money?

Q: Which ones can be trusted with your private business details and your security, and which can be trusted to complete the job?

Q: What level of experience would I require from them – and specifically, what experience in my industry (The vacation rental web design and marketing industry)?

So, I made a website builder checklist, specifically for those needing vacation rental web design for their direct booking website, applied it to Boostly, and continue to use it as a guide for clients looking for the best website builder for their own vacation rental website.


How to Find the Best Vacation Rental Website Builder for a Direct Booking Website.


1. Does the Web Designer Have a Contemporary Web Design Portfolio?

First things first: Does the designer have an extensive and easily accessible portfolio?

It should be available online so potential clients can see their work before making first contact. It's a good sign if a designer has an online portfolio.

Here's an example using our Website Builder Portfolio.

Vector Stays
The Royson
The Mitchell - Bondi
Jungle House
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When reviewing a design company's portfolio, there are certain things to look out for:

  • Is the web builder portfolio on trend? Does the design work look sleek and modern, or is it outdated?
  • Is it representative? Do the logos and other graphics on the website make it clear what kind of company they are?
  • Is it consistently high quality? Does the website builder put in the same amount of high effort for all of his clients' websites?
  • Is the web design portfolio well-maintained? How long ago did they add to their portfolio?

Take a look at our web design portfolio for vacation rental websites for an example of what you should be looking for when choosing a web designer for your own direct booking website.


2. What Experience in Site Building Do They Have?

There is nothing wrong with a new kid on the block. Every website builder has to start somewhere. But, let's be honest, you want to work with someone who has a lasting interest in and excitement for website design.

Critical Skills for a Vacation Rental Website Builder

Most web design agencies will highlight at least one of their designers. Are you impressed with their credentials and experience?

Experienced website builders creating vacation rental websites should be able to conduct user testing to ensure your site delivers a positive experience for accommodation guests and that your designer understands what your vacation rental website visitors are looking for.


3. Can They Undertake the Whole Web Design Project?

Brand identity is essential for any business, and consistency is paramount. Ideally, you want to hire a web designer who can take on all aspects of your website.


This means a company that is as competent with web development as it is with design. Sticking a skin over a previously-built website will never look as good as something built from the ground up.

When looking for someone to build your vacation rental website, look out for website designers who have skills in these areas of website building and design.

  1. Web Design: Your designer will need to have demonstrated experience in delivering a visually appealing design that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and consistent in its layout, branding and colour scheme.
  2. HTML and CSS: A web developer should have a firm grasp of HTML and CSS, the two fundamental building blocks of a website's structure and layout.
  3. Content creation: Your designer will need to understand how to write compelling copy, integrate high-quality images or videos, and create engaging graphics that connect with your audience.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): All good web designers will have a solid understanding of SEO principles. SEO is crucial to ensure that a vacation rental website appears high in search engine results, leading to more organic traffic and conversions.
  5. Web Development: A developer must have a firm grasp of programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Python, which enable them to build interactive features, database integrations, and responsive design.
  6. User Experience (UX): A good website builder in the accommodation industry will understand how users interact with a website. UX designers must be skilled in user research, prototyping, and testing. Usability is critical to creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience.
  7. Project Management: Creating a website involves many moving parts and requires careful planning, organisation, and communication. Project management skills are essential to keep the project on track and ensure timely delivery.


4. Are They Efficient and Professional Website Builders?

The question of efficiency refers to their project management skills. Efficiency is critical when you're looking for a designer. It's awful to be two days away from a planned launch and still waiting on your website to go live.

In addition to knowing who is leading the website design project, you will want to be looking for the following traits.

Clear communication

An efficient web design team leader should have excellent communication skills to ensure that everyone on the team understands their roles and responsibilities and the project's goals, timelines, and expectations.

Your web designer should be able to communicate effectively with team members, stakeholders, and clients, using various communication channels such as email, chat, video conferencing, or project management tools.

Strong leadership skills

A good web design team leader can motivate, inspire, and guide team members to achieve their goals. They should:

  • Lead by example
  • Set clear expectations, and,
  • Provide constructive feedback and coaching to help team members improve their skills and performance.
  • Be active in communication about the web design project with you – the client.

They should also be able to handle conflicts and challenges positively and make informed decisions that benefit the team and the project.

Technical knowledge

While it is only sometimes necessary for a web design team leader to be a technical expert, having a basic understanding of web design and development principles, tools, and trends can be very helpful.

This knowledge enables the leader to make informed decisions, provide technical guidance, and assess the feasibility and quality of the work done by the team members. It also helps them identify potential issues or risks and effectively communicate with the technical stakeholders.

Beyond that, does the company respond to emails quickly? Do they seem polite and friendly on the phone?

Have their clients all got positive things to say about them? These are all good signs that a website designer is efficient.


5. Do They Conduct Themselves in a Style You are Comfortable With?

From the first meeting, most people have an idea of whether they'll be happy working with somebody. Importantly, do you get along with the designer? If you dislike the designer, you're talking to; it will make working on a big project unpleasant. Listen to your gut feeling and ensure you're pleased to work with whomever you choose.

  • Do they answer your questions or dodge them?
  • Are they honest about their mistakes?
  • Do they listen, or do they just talk, talk, talk?
  • How do they respond to feedback, setbacks and changes to the web design?

At the end of the day, it comes down to what is best for you. Here at Boostly, we are client-focused and results-driven, and we aim to build the best vacation rental websites online.

Contributing Author: Will Barraclough of Viable Design

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