Use a great property management system to streamline your hospitality business

Property Management Systems: The Top 5 Best for Small Hospitality Businesses

You want a great property management system (PMS) to help make your hospitality business run smoothly. A PMS is a platform that allows hospitality businesses to manage a number of aspects of their service, including reception desks, reservations, check-ins and rates, in one easy-to-use system. These pieces of software make managing reservations quicker and more efficient. They also reduce the need for paper.

Over the past few years, PMSs have grown to allow for more integrated services that will work across different aspects of your business – not just reception, but also catering and housekeeping. In the modern world, this is important for streamlining the guest experience. The increased level of integration can now work across all areas of your business, creating a more connected service and reducing mistakes.

So what should you look for in a property management system? The Booking Factory wrote an excellent blog on the topic where they interviewed hotel managers about the most important factors to consider. In general, the main factors to consider are:

  • The platform should be easy to use by all members of staff across the business.
  • It should fit all of your basic requirements.
  • Functionality for multiple devices should be supported.
  • It should be able to give you as much information as you need in a single screen.
  • There should be marketing features, such as data collection.

Reduce stress with an integrated property management systemTaking these factors into account, here are five of the best PMSs out there right now.

Cloudbeds Property Management System

This system comes with a very simple user, intuitively designed interface – easy to use for all members of staff. Its main focus is on reservations, but it can also be used to manage other areas of your business. It is browser-based, so will work on all computers, phones and tablets.

There is a handy customer database within the software. This not only allows you to capture data, but assists with marketing tasks such as keeping in touch with previous guests as well as updating guests who are due to arrive soon. There is a simple reporting system included to help you keep track of all business areas within the software.

Frontdesk Anywhere

This is one of the best integrated property management systems currently available! Not only will it integrate the different aspects of your business, but it can also work with external sources. It connects with, PayPal, TripAdvisor and a whole host of other services relevant to your business. There is also a handy online reputation dashboard letting you keep track of customer feedback across various review sites and OTAs. Great analytics features are included.

The PMS dashboard itself is quite basic. It uses a standard calendar layout. This can be integrated with housekeeping, maintenance and catering services to streamline the guest experience. It comes with data encryption, keeping all of your sensitive information safe.


As SkyTouch is cloud-based, it is a good option if you are looking to reduce how much memory the system requires to function. It integrates most aspects of hospitality business management into one system and even functions with in-room charges such as movies and room service. This property management system also integrates with POS systems and will process card charges in relation to the guest who is paying.

Cloud-based software is easy to use on phones and tablets as well as computers. This can allow multiple staff members from across the business to access relevant sections of the software at once. SkyTouch has full reporting features and a setting which automatically creates these reports every night. They also have an excellent customer support team should you face any difficulties.

Put a smile on your face with a simple to use property management system interfaceFuel Travel

Fuel Travel’s offering has real-time integration, allowing for quick use across all business areas. It also has a multilingual translation feature, which is handy if you have guests or staff who use different languages. The system allows you to add promotions and upselling functions. It links with social platforms and Google Analytics.

The user interface is very simple to use and intuitively designed. It works across all devices and they designed it to make all of your processes streamline as possible. You can add in more detailed room descriptions. There is a handy app included where you can share information with guests.


Designed specifically for small hospitality businesses, eviivo's interface is basic, but easy to use and fully integrated. eviivo offers 24/7 support in case you encounter any issues. It also includes a free website with the package for you to advertise your business.

Many of the features have one-click functionality. These allow your staff to quickly process tasks and bookings. You can input your own cancellation and deposit policies, as well as discounts. It integrates with, Expedia, and other OTAs.

In general, try to look for a streamlined property management system. Consider the needs and size of your business before checking out the features. For small hospitality businesses, you likely will not need all of the features on offer, so you can save money with more specific PMSs. If possible, also try to get your PMS from a company that offers great technical support.

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