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The Boost Hospitality Podcast is back for another season, and this time, I am interviewing the people who are making a difference in the Hospitality Industry. This episode, I spoke to Yvonne Halling, the Bed and Breakfast Coach, about why building a customer list is important.

Yvonne Halling of the Bed and Breakfast Coach

Yvonne has an amazing story. She had a property in France, but after moving back to the UK, she struggled. Despite this, she kept moving forward, and now, she is an award-winning bed & breakfast coach. She has won a lot of awards, and on top of that, she is a bestselling writer.

Yvonne helps hospitality businesses to attract more direct bookings and to increase bookings. She coaches and mentors other B&Bs, guesthouses and inns, both online and one-on-one. 

Yvonne told me that the biggest thing she realised when things were down was that no one is going to give you permission to do anything. You can't just sit around forever and wait for someone to say it's OK to act. If you think you can't do anything, you need to change your attitude, because you probably can. 

We also talked about her biggest advice for hospitality owners. She stresses the idea that every hospitality owner needs to have their own customer list or database of clients. You can't survive as a business owner without a customer list. You need to use this for future marketing. The problem with OTAs is that they don't want to share their customer lists with you. You have to proactively get those details and nurture that database via social media and email marketing. The bigger the community you have around you, the safer your business will be. 

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