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The Boost Hospitality Podcast is back for another season, and this time, I am interviewing the people who are making a difference in the Hospitality Industry. This episode, I spoke to Chris Chilton of Parklands Bed & Breakfast who will talk about the power of the upsell.

Chris has always helped out in his family business, both at the front desk and in marketing. Now, he's a part of his family's core hospitality business.

We talked about adding value to the guest's experience. He gave the example of adding Netflix access to the rooms. He told me that there has been a shift in guest bookings. Guests have become used to a different format. We talked about the upsell, but also about providing separate room-only and breakfast prices.

He helps hospitality owners overcome negative reviews, build confidence, and adding value to their businesses. 

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To find out more about Chris, find him at Parklands Bed & Breakfast's website.

The Boost Hospitality Podcast is now in season 3. 

Over the past two seasons, I have helped hospitality owners worldwide take on effective marketing tactics in bite-sized episodes to increase their occupancy and direct bookings. I focus on how hospitalities can improve their direct bookings and employ digital marketing. 

You're too busy to listen to a long podcast. That's why every Boostly episode is under 30 minutes long. You can listen to it whilst preparing breakfast or changing over the bedrooms in the morning. 

Each episode has been designed to give you practical advice that you can immediately implement into your business. 

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