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Make sure you’re following these social media accounts to maximise on your bookings and STR Strategy

Whether you’re starting your short-term rental (STR) business with one vacation rental in a hot-spot area or multiple rental properties across the country, there’s a lot to learn about the STR space. A great place to freely find the information you need to launch your Airbnb rental business is through content creators that have tried, failed, and eventually succeeded in the STR space and lived to tell the tale.  


For aspiring STR entrepreneurs, big or small, a wealth of valuable knowledge is available through content creators who have braved the industry and lived to tell their tale! If you're looking for free advice on launching your Airbnb rental business with one or many properties across the country – these exciting personalities are here to help.



Rob Abasolo is showing us how to turn lemons into lemonade! With his tips on launching an Airbnb business, you can make huge returns—even in the toughest economic times. All it takes is a bit of courage and some small start-up costs. So if you're feeling brave enough for this venture, Rob will show you just what success looks like!


The Real Estate Robinsons

Take your STR game to the next level with Tony and Sara Robinson – an unbeatable team of Airbnb experts! With their help, you'll discover how to create a winning profile that puts you in front of more guests than ever. Plus, they’ll give tips on setting up unique spaces while avoiding sneaky fees so that success is yours from day one!


Michael Sjorgen

Want to make a killing off Airbnb and boutique hotels? Take some advice from Michael Sjorgen, the online entrepreneur who's figured out how to turn 7 figures into pocket change. Check him out on Instagram for his snappy instructional videos – they're guaranteed to get you cash in!


Kierra Castle

Starting an STR business can sound daunting, but Kierra Castle has cracked the code! Her 3-step system guarantees to get you up and to run quickly – helping you make money in no time.


Cash Flow Diary

J.Massey from Cash Flow Diary is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of financial freedom! He posts content about automating processes, gaining reliable passive income streams, and more—all designed to help you create a secure future without constantly stressing over it.


Airbnb Automated

Sean Rakidzich, the go-to expert for Airbnb hosting success, creates content to help hosts maximize their earnings and stay ahead of missteps. With his YouTube channel ‘Airbnb Automated', you'll be able to steer clear of common pitfalls while reaping all the rewards!


John Hildebrand

Got questions about Airbnb hosting? Look no further – John Hildebrand of “Hilde Homes” on YouTube is the go-to source! From tips and tricks to ensure stellar guest reviews, he's got it all covered. Get your learnin' on with this small content creator today!


Wil Slickers

Wil Slickers is a hospitality guru with an amazing story! He began his career as a hotel manager but he's taken the road less traveled, leaving corporate life to become an entrepreneur and chronicling it all in his super-engaging podcast. Tune in for stories of travel, adventure and success within the hospitality industry – you won't be disappointed!


Thanks For Visiting

Looking for the inside scoop on maximizing your Airbnb potential? Then check out Sarah and Netty from “Thanks For Visiting,” hosted by two trendsetting ladies who are blazing a trail in rental property decor and optimization. Get ready to up your game!



Tune in to “The Guest Cast” and unlock the secrets behind Airbnb success! Hear stories from real-life guests of this popular hospitality platform, as they explain how you can stay one step ahead with all the must-know tips. Make sure your next journey is a great one – without any missteps or hiccups along the way!


Beyond Pricing

Who said you can't have fun and be savvy when pricing your Airbnb? Check out Beyond Pricing's TikTok account – now you'll know the sweet spot for setting those rates. You don't want to miss this one!



Get the scoop on all things short-term rental with Guesty – curating videos, content and insights from some of the greatest STR creators out there. Stay ahead of trends in this dynamic industry!


Marilynn Taylor

If you're looking for pro-tips on interior design, look no further than Marilynn Taylor! This skilled designer has an eye for making any home into a haven of comfort and style. With her blog as your guide, arrive at the perfect seating layout or room colors in no time – so why not give it a try? 


Ruben Kanya

Ruben Kanya is a trusted ally for entrepreneurs looking to take the leap into real estate. With his guidance, fellow business minds can tackle this intimidating world with confidence! Ruben is the host of one of our favourite podcasts


Brian Davila

Brian Davila was once just a real-estate investor flipping houses on the side, but now he's schooling others in owning their piece of The American Dream. Dishing out valuable insights through his Instagram account so everyone can get into “the STR game,” this savvy entrepreneur is determined to help you achieve success with property investments!


Bill Faeth

Bill Faeth is your guide as you explore the ever-changing Airbnb market. He'll keep an eye out so that you're always up-to-date, delivering all the key info to his social media followers!


Ryan Luke

Ryan Luke is the go-to guru when you're looking to conquer your STR goals! He'll get your profile up and running with swoon-worthy SEO, plus equip you with unbeatable tips for keeping scammers at bay. Get ready – it's time to build an STR empire!


Sarah Karwell

Sarah Karwell's lake house Airbnb’s are the talk of the town! She knows exactly what it takes to make these vacation spots a hit. It seems like everyone is trying her recipes for success! Both Sarah and Emma are fantastic interior designers and document their journey on Instagram


Julie George

Julie George is a writing dynamo and enthusiastic speaker who navigates the ups and downs of managing 130 properties. She shares her adventures with an ever-growing group of dedicated followers, ready to take on life's challenges right alongside her!


Matt Landau

Matt Landau, the visionary behind vacation rentals leader VRMB, is opening up a dialogue about what's happening in the industry right now. This master of his craft shares insights and encourages meaningful conversations to get an insider view on where this space is headed!


Alex and Annie Podcast

Alex and Annie are supercharged entrepreneurs determined to make sure everyone succeeds in the vacation rental biz. They're pros themselves, but they have no problem helping out beginners – it's all part of their mission!


TJ Tijani

TJ Tijani is your go-to guide for achieving financial freedom! Learn from his expertise and find out the best ways to start up, build, and maintain a successful STR business. Stay one step ahead of any money problems with TJ’s tips on how to flourish financially today.


Dr. Rachel Gainsburgh

If you're in the market for luxury STR hosting, look no further than Dr. Rachel Gainsburgh! She's a pharmacist-turned-expert who can break down everything you need to know about mid-term rental insurance and make it easy to understand — so now nothing is holding back your luxurious Airbnb dreams!


Stacey St. John

Stacey St. John is your girl if you want to make a splash in the STR world! She's an Amazon best-selling author who knows how it's done to turn success into a sweet victory. Get ready for some life-changing tips straight from her keyboard.


Amanda Williams

If you're looking to live the life of your dreams, Amanda Williams can show you how! She helps her clients build a reliable and exciting passive income stream that will allow them to pursue their passions.


Ahmed Khan

Ahmed Khan is an empire-builder in the STR space, with his YouTube channel being a window into how it all works. No secrets here – he's letting us take a peek behind the curtain!


Rental Scale Up

Thibault Masson spearheaded an innovative concept that would revolutionize rental pricing – Rental Scale Up. This business helps customers find the perfect price for their property, tailored to the area and market conditions. It's a must-have tool for anyone in real estate!


Kyle Stanley

Kyle Stanley was living the zero property lifestyle until three short years later when he became a real estate powerhouse with 65+ STR properties under his belt. He's proof that if you dream it, anything is possible — even becoming an overnight success in vacation rentals!


Jasper Ribbers

Jasper Ribbers is your go-to source for succeeding with STR! He's got everything you need to help get started – whether it’s through his blog, course or podcast. Check out “Get Paid For Your Pad” and learn how to make the most of short term rentals today!


Apply What You Learn

Seriously, why go it alone when you're trying to make your STR business a success? It's not easy navigating the ever-changing market.


Boostly makes sure all that hard work gets put toward actually growing and thriving – with their help, creating an effective website is no longer overwhelming or confusing! And on top of having experts who take care of the heavy lifting for you – like optimizing a site so people can find what they need without too much effort – they'll also connect you to resources from content creators who know exactly how this type of thing works.


Let 'em do what they do best while we tackle making our businesses stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. Win/win situation right there!


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