Is Guesty worth it?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 78. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about Guesty.

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The next PMS in this series is a company that has been in the news a lot recently. And I'm very happy to say that I've got to know the team and the founder quite well over the course of the last couple of months just from being on Clubhouse and being in clubhouse groups of amongst other guests.

About Guesty

You may have heard of Guesty a lot, a lot of money for a lot of zeros for funding for buying up other PMS. And they are growing and growing. They are definitely one of the world's leading property management softwares. But what I love about them isn't so much the technology, the gear the kit that they do, they have got such a good community built, you can go to any conference, when we can do in person conferences, and the Guesty table will have so many people around it. And that to me is a good sign. People want to come up and say hi, they offer a lot of services. Yes, they are at the premium end of the market. But as we've been saying, you get what you pay for. In fact, when we go into the pricing section, you can't even see a price on the website is very much a bolted on service. They've got so many features. For example, the guest communication feature is one that I absolutely adore and love. But it is a premium cost. So this is an actual human that will get assigned to your accounts. So that means that you can sleep at night, knowing full well that when a guest contacts at one o'clock in the morning, saying I've lost my keys, then there will be somebody at Guesty who will be able to take it for you. But again, this is a premium service, I would not recommend it. If you've just got one property, it's not worth it, it is too expensive. And Guesty's minimum buy in is five, it used to be 10. I think it's five properties in itself. So again, it just goes to show that they know their target, they know that the clients that they want to work with, they do a fantastic job based out of Israel. They have got an annual event in Tel Aviv. But yeah, again, another fantastic service used by so many people, all you got to do is go and do a super quick search on Google.

Is Guesty worth it?

Is it worth it? We've got the Trustpilot reviews right here. And again, you've got the cap data as well. So if I go on to Trustpilot, out of 204 reviews 87% saying excellent. Only 6% saying bad 5% great, and then a couple of average and pause, but majority is saying excellent, which is always always a good sign, which is always a good sign.

So, I have been very fortunate to be able to look behind the scenes at Guesty, a lot of our clients at Boostly use it. And we are developing an API that will connect directly into Guestly. So very excited for that. I know Guesty does a direct booking site. But again, it is a very restricted CMS that is not WordPress. So you don't get the benefits that you do have a WordPress website IE extended SEO, more features more capabilities. But we are bringing that website solution to Guesty to help and again, hopefully, we'll be able to work out some form of relationship with Guesty to where we can become their recommended website provider, which would be amazing. Because again, they got such fantastic service and a great team now their customer service team is fantastic. And again, I always judge a company by when you go to these big events and expos is the people around the table, how many people coming up and saying hi. And I'm really excited to see him.

I would recommend them definitely if you're north of 20 properties, I would say 15-20 properties plus, that's where you get your return of investment. And that's where you'll be able to not have to worry about hiring your own staff. I mean, you can do. But when you think about guest relations, guest communications. If you've done this for a couple of seasons, now you'll know exactly what I mean by having that 24/7 support. And as well if if if your person is ill or out of action, they will just put somebody into the place. So again, you don't have to worry about that side of things that when it comes to hiring and firing and all those stressful parts of when you go in your team.

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