Google Rich Snippets will show extra information about your hospitality business to increase direct bookings

Google Rich Snippets: How They Will Boost Your Hospitality Bookings

Google Rich Snippets are the little pieces of information that appear under the link on Google search results. These snippets can be used to display review scores and star ratings. By including these, you can help make your website stand out from the crowd. This can increase direct bookings and make your website work harder.

Google Rich Snippets will show extra information about your hospitality business to increase direct bookingsSo how do you include these rich snippets? Luckily, there are a few methods for you to consider.

Manage your Google Rich Snippets with Repuso

Repuso is an excellent tool for collecting feedback about your hospitality business from across the web. With the addition of Google Rich Snippets, they recently expanded their widget to include the option for you to add reviews and star ratings. By using Repuso, you can include your overall rating collected from multiple websites rather than just focussing on one particular site. They only count ratings which you have already approved, so you can weed out any unfair or disingenuous reviews.

To use this tool, simply install the Repuso widget onto your website. You then need to go to the Layout section, head down to “Widgets”, and check the “Rich Search Results” box. It’s really that simple!

It can take from a few days or weeks for the rich snippet to appear. Repuso works hard to make sure the rich snippet will comply with Google’s requirement. Once that happens, it will definitely help your business to stand out.

This is how your hospitality business information will appear on Google Rich Snippets which will help increase direct bookingsCan I do it myself?

If you don’t want to download Repuso, there are things you can do to your website to improve your chances. This will help create organic Google Rich Snippets. According to Trust You, you need to make sure you are aware of all the microdata on your site. Things like the opening and closing times of your facilities can be displayed on Google in a manner that is easy for users to see.

Confused about Google Rich Snippets? A trained SEO professional can help demystify it so you can get more direct bookings for your hospitality businessIt is important that you mark up this key information on your website. One way to do this with reviews is to embed them onto your website. You can embed reviews from external sites, or individually showcase your best ones. This can be a time-consuming process, so I suggest speaking to an SEO professional about doing this. You can then test whether your markups are working by using this tool here.

How does this improve searches for my customers?

The most obvious answer is that it gives them more information. Rather than clicking straight through to all the websites, Google users can quickly skim through the important information to help them make a more informed decision. This is why adopting Google Rich Snippets early is important. Potential customers will be far more likely to click on businesses that have as much information as possible on display on the search page.

It also makes searching for the exact answer you need much easier. BGR talked about this change known as feature snippets. Google now suggests more specific results to users who ask broader questions. This helps them narrow down the best websites to visit for the You will start to see more direct bookings for your hospitality business after implementing Google Rich Snippetscorrect information. By keeping your Google Rich Snippets well maintained, you are more likely to appear in the feature snippets for broad searches. A hotel in Brighton might be more likely to appear as a feature result for “hotels in South East England” if there is a lot of microdata available.

Overall this is a great tool for helping your business stand out. It also makes sure you appear in much more relevant searches attract the right kind of customers. As suggested by World Hotel Marketing, you should check out Google’s own guidelines on markups and snippets before you push ahead with trying it yourself. If in doubt, always hire a professional as any serious mistakes could actually penalise your website.

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