Direct Bookings have gone up and up with Emma

How Emma Increased Her Direct Bookings With Boostly

In this blogpost, Emma Khan will explain how she increased her direct bookings with Boostly.

Emma Khan from Riviera Guesthouse in Whitby


Facebook: @RiveriaGuesthouseWhitby Over 13k followers

Twitter: @RivieraWhitby

Instagram: @Riviera Whitby

Booking engine used: Eviivo

How Emma Khan increased her direct bookings

Emma used to struggle with knowing how to work on specific issues like social media and email. In addition, she also struggles how to make sure her website was the first one that people saw on Google when they were typing in “The Riviera Guesthouse Whitby”.

There was advice out there. However, it was generic and wasn't catered for the hospitality community.

When I started putting on workshops in the Scarborough and Whitby area to help improve my teaching skills, Emma was always there. The best thing was that she implemented what I was teaching straight away and saw massive results.

Emma has noticed a massive shift from online travel agent bookings to direct bookings. Between her and her husband Zed and the fantastic work they do, their hospitality business has gone from strength to strength.

Watch this short video where Emma explains how her direct bookings have improved

One of the key things that Emma and I have worked on over the past few years is to trademark their business name.

The Riviera Guesthouse in Whitby is a trademark. As a result, that means, Expedia, and any other third party cannot use their name for Google Ads. This is a big tactic that the OTAs use. It causes many hospitality businesses to lose direct bookings via a Google Search.

Emma's social media presence is one of the best out there. Also, I encourage everyone to go and check out their Facebook page for inspiration.

It's been a pleasure to work with Emma and I'm looking forward to doing so for many years to come!

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