Wix Vs WordPress – Which one should you go for?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 24. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about Wix and WordPress.

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Today's episode is a question actually, that I saw in my hospitality community Facebook group. And the question was, should I have a Wix website? Or should I have a WordPress website? And there are so many different angles to go down. So let's address the elephant in the room. Boostly, one of the main things that we provide for hosts is websites. We are the largest and we are the industry leaders when it comes to website design. And we build all of our websites on WordPress.

For anybody who comes in and creates a WordPress website, I can totally see why the likes of Wix and Squarespace and sort of hospitality booking engine PMP providers have created free or very cheap website solutions. Because when you look at WordPress, when you first load it up, you feel like you need a degree in code just to make it work. And this is why somebody likes Square and Wix, particularly Wix came along because Wix is pretty much drag and drop.

About Wix

Now, Wix is is all well and good. They make real pretty websites. But the hospitality website is there to do one thing and one thing only, and it's the turn a looker into a booking. And a WordPress website. Not only does that, but it also gives you all the tools that places like Wix doesn't allow.

What WordPress can do

So let's just talk about it for one second in the form of Google, you want your website to be seen on Google in all the places. WordPress is an open-source platform. So what that means is that Google prefers it. Google prefers WordPress websites, I think there's a stat I'm gonna miss quite a split between 70 to 80% of all of the world's websites are built on WordPress. So success leaves clues. But again, the problem for so many people, so many hosts, when they come to get their own direct booking website, they go to Wix because they look at WordPress, and they just go What am I doing? What am I looking at. So this is why Wix is popular. But if you're looking between the two, and if you really want to do something with this, this is why you've got to choose a WordPress website. And this is why we created Boostly websites, because we have been able to create a system and a platform where we get the drag and drop element of Wix and we've put it onto a WordPress website.

Boostly websites

So our Prices start at 99 pounds, and they go up to 399 and above. And the way that we work is that we create the WordPress template for you. So you get all the power all the control. And all that you need to do is just change out the pictures, change out the words, add your properties on there. And you've got a website we've got a very clear set set systems and structure that works every single time this is why we put our money back guarantee on it.

So we started doing this in 2018. And we created this service on the back of the frustration of other hosts in the hospitality community Facebook group. And it's gone from helping one person to now we've got over 500 websites. So we have created over 500 websites for hosts, every single one of them on WordPress. All of the very clever people in our industry will confirm that WordPress websites are the best. So when it comes to Wix vs WordPress, then it hands down every single day. It's going to be WordPress.

So if you're looking to create a new website this year, and if you're thinking about maybe going with a Squarespace or Wix or even going for a free one via your PMS or channel manager, always, always veer towards a WordPress website. And if you can crack it yourself and you can set it all up fantastic if you need that extra help and guidance. You know where to find us boostly.co.uk/website.

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