Why you need to start thinking like your guest

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 97. This is a recap where I talked about why you need to start thinking like your guest.

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So here's how you would start to think about and take this exercise and think about your listing. So, again, hosts centric versus guest-centric. Start thinking about thinking like the guests, I know the host have a million things in your mind. And I understand Of course, you do like insurance and what if why if somebody trashes my place, and my calendars and I have double bookings. But occasionally, it's good to step out of that, and just try to be the guest. And you could go up and down this ladder going from the intangible stuff. So for example, in in knees, my feeling of Zen of tranquility, or if you have a place where it's kind of exciting, like, Oh, I can't wait to get to somewhere, or you there you have an adventure to offer, or the location does do the very tangible stuff.

So the rooftop view, and the balcony and the espresso and the breakfast setup. And the way these actually relate to the listings is the intangible stuff is easier to describe in the copy, right, because it's tough to photograph tranquillity, you can, but it's more difficult. So the tangible stuff is what you photograph, that becomes your photos. And then with the copy, you sort of amplify that. So you have a gorgeous view from the balcony, say it on in the captions, right? Enjoy this gorgeous view from the balcony and the feeling of Zen or something like that. you translate both of those things from your ladder into stuff in your listing.

One study

So I want to piggyback on that for one second. There was a study done and it was of an auto mechanic shop. And they had a tagline that says you can trust us to do a good job. That was their slogan, when they did surveys of people's opinions about the various mechanics in town. People trusted that guy 33% more than everybody else, just because he said that like so it sounds cheesy sometimes to talk about how relaxing or tranquil or amazing view is, but actually putting it in words. It does do what Katie says it amplifies it makes it more front and center and it makes it more real in the person's mind.

So all this stuff is our our way of going getting in to your avatar getting to your avatar. So we start from the inside out from your listing, what do you have, and then go into your avatar.

When you can talk about what your guest avatar is, but you're not doing that in a vacuum. You're doing that as a function of what do you have to offer? What are you starting with?

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