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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 404. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about why this host needs to build a brand.

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I haven't done one of these in a while, especially live on the podcast. So I thought why not bring them back, because they always get the most response. And I always get the most questions on the back of it. So welcome to marketing review, this is what I'm going to bring into the podcast. Now, if you want a completely free marketing review, all you need to do is go to boostly.co.uk/review. Every month, I pick one person. And what I do is I do a review, and sometimes I send a loom video off to people sometimes I do it on the podcast, and today we're going to look at Norman James property, we had the amazing Yasmine, came to a event that I was speaking at in London, obviously, I think discovered me at that event and wanted to find out more and came onto the podcast, and here we are.

How marketing reviews work

So what I'm gonna do, here's how the reviews work. I've got a lot of questions that I asked jasmine in the review, she's answered them perfectly. And what I'm going to do now is I'm going to help give her some advice to get where they want to be. And I think you will realize, and again, I've just had a super quick look at what they're putting out there, I think you'll soon realize what they need to do to help get to where they need to be.

My recommendations

You need to build a brand that's visible online without having a website. You are never going to get that online brand visibility you don't really well to get into for properties, which is fantastic. And obviously, you've got some big aspirations and big growth goals that you have set in front of you. Are you saying that you're posting on social media but I see I see nothing on Instagram and I see nothing on here really is very, very, very bad. So there's no brand visibility online.

So first things first. Get your website and I'm not just saying that but come to us. We link up lovely we were blessed and we'll get your website that you can actually be proud of then start posting on these social media channels. That's how you will grow brand awareness. I really love how you are contacting previous guests via phone and asking for referrals. That's a fantastic trait to have. Let's combine that now with email marketing.

So first things first try and get your guests real email addresses after the point of booking. If you want help with that there is a video in the vault on the Boostly YouTube channel you can go and check that out. So it's all about now growing your brand. Again, getting a website will be a major part of that. Getting a bit of brand awareness with social media posting, definitely as well. Because once you've got all that in place, what you'll be able to do is you'll be able to direct people to your website so that then they can book with you directly. And if you're averaging about 12,000 pounds in a year on commission costs, and you know, you've had a really strong, steady 76-85% occupancy, but it was such a low rate of percentage of direct bookings, even if we can get you into that 16 to 25% bracket of direct bookings. So just a small little shift will have a massive impact on the profit and the bottom line.

So Jasmine, that is what I recommend 100% Thank you so much for filling in the form. And I wish everybody would just jump into the comments and say well done Jasmine for doing that.

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