Why this host chose Hostfully for his PMS

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 386. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about why this host chose Hostfully for his PMS.

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Welcome to the Boostly podcast very special episode coming up today I interviewed Liam Carolyn of ginger and gold over in Norwich for a behind the host special. This is where I'm going to be interviewing hosts just like you, all over the world who discovered the tools and the tactics and the advice that they have in the business and that they can pass on to you today was a really good one. I'm really glad we started with Liam, a real nice guy, please do reach out to him and say thank you for this. So without further ado, please do go and say hi to Liam, but most importantly, let's get on with the show.

Liam's PMS

We are with Hostfully, we've recently moved across from a VRBO. And the reason we moved across to Hostfully is because we recognize that the most important thing is the guest experience and how easy it is to book with us. It is going to get us more direct bookings. And they have the ability to connect to our Boostly website really well. The guest journey itself is quite good. So when somebody goes to look on our website, it seems really easy for them to do so it's really clear. And so that was the main reason.

Why they moved to Hostfully

The second reason was that in the integrations there's a lot of API integrations. And the main one that we were missing at the time was a connection to a dynamic pricing software. So we switch across the host of really knowing that we were always going to sign up with in our case price labs. And that was the two core reasons to move across mostly since moving across like with anything that there are good points and bad points to every single PMS we've used.If I could take the best points from all of them, we would build the perfect CMS software. But that being said, I think it's more about what you need at the time and for me and for our business we needed certainly that dynamic pricing and certainly we love the idea of it you know the guests flow in really good.

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