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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 99. This is a recap of my interview with Brian and Katie where we talked about USP.

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01:30 Differentiate yourself
02:00 Things that you can emphasize in your USP
03:30 What are you doing for your property?
04:00 What you can do if everybody has it

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Brian: Some of you are lucky enough to be right near a beach or to have a pool or a spectacular view. But not everyone is. And so that means that what you have to do to differentiate yourself, and the changes that you might make to your place or what you want to emphasize about your place will be different depending on what your natural attributes are, versus whether you are a nondescript two-bedroom in Omaha, Nebraska, and you need to find a way to be different than everybody else who's just like that in Omaha, Nebraska.

So this is a little chart here, where in the middle are some things above the line are things that you can emphasize that are outside of your rental, and below are things that you could actually do to modify your rental. So if you had, I'm going to just say boring because I'm not talking about anybody in particular, if you had a boring place, and you want to win customers from somebody else, you might get yourself a hammock or a hot tub, or a fire pit or a popcorn machine or a projector. And it goes on and on. And those things can make a massive difference, especially if they're photographed well in your sequence. I call it winning tiebreakers, you will not believe how often it was very, very rare that Katie and I would go someplace. And it would be like one place that stood above all the rest and we have to go there, it's usually you get it down to three or four or five, and then the price is about the same. And they're all in the same part of town and they all have good reviews. Well, how am I going to pick amongst those five? Well, if you had a popcorn machine, I might pick that one because of that or just because of the firepit. So one little thing can make a huge difference in putting you over the edge and winning some of those time, tiebreaker.

Kati: Sometimes we're going from the very broad so beach and pool and things that will attract absolutely everyone to the very, very specific like you would have a Star Wars house or something. But so then Brian's going to continue with one of the problems being that well, what if everybody has a beach? What if everybody has a pool like in Arizona? Suddenly a magnificent pool in the background in the backyard? Is not that not a luxury item anymore? Everybody's got one.

Brian: If you just work from your own perspective and say what do I have? It's an asset, you might end up looking like just another pool. Let's say that you were going to some vacation in the UK. And you had it narrowed down to four or five places and they were all pretty similar, but one of them had a bunch of Liverpool's stuff like signed autographs, things on the wall or whatever. Is there a chance that that might put that one over the top and make the other ones kind of fade?

If you look above that line, sometimes let's say that you are very restricted, and there's not that much you can do internally to your actual place. Well, now you can just kind of lean on your surroundings and you start thinking, why would somebody be coming to my town in the first place? What's nearby, that it's almost like you get credit for that thing, if you do a good job of introducing it to your guests, so the museum existed independent of you. But if you're the one who highlights and showcases the museum, and maybe you say, hey, there are big lines on Thursdays and Fridays, but Wednesday, between three and five, is a great time to go. All of a sudden, now you are exalted in their mind, like wow, that guy got me inside scoop got me a special kind of experience at that museum that I wouldn't have experienced without their help. Same thing with bike trails, there might be 20 bike trails in your town. But if you're a biker, too, and you were even if you're not, if you did the research to find out the two best bike trails that are that people rave about are these two, so don't waste your time on the other eight. We know you're only here for a few days, we don't want you to have to do trial and error to find the best bike trail. And that could extend to wineries or happy hours or sushi places. So you want to become that Ambassador of the town, kind of funnel the information that you know about your place so that they're just getting the best of the best and they're giving you the credit for having saved them a lot of hassle and potential suffering to go through the stuff that's not quite as good.

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