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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 112. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about PR.

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01:10 All about PR
02:10 PR for small business owners
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I recently did a direct booking masterclass all around PR with the fantastic Meghan from Rural Routes. So what I've done is I've taken apart from the one hour video that we did, I've got three little videos and podcasts to share with you, and today is gonna be one of those videos This was real action taken podcast, and I would love everybody to stay special attention to what we're going to be talking about.

All about PR

PR is the protection and building of your reputation. So it's aside from marketing, a lot of people get advertising and PR mixed up. And, you know, advertising is what you pay for PR is what you pray for is a really good example of that. So PR is actually other people talking about you. So if you can get a journalist coming along and talking about you or work with a local newspaper or local radio station, and they're talking about you, then that is PR, but then in this digital world, it's things like your Facebook reviews, you know, people tagging you on Instagram, anything that's going to build your reputation in the eyes of other people. And then hospitality and tourism, visitor experience massively comes into that category as well. So and that's what sets PR in hospitality and tourism apart, really the visitor experience side of things.

PR for small business owners

The biggest mistake they make is not doing it for a start, they just think that their business isn't important, or no one would be interested in their story. And actually, people are hugely interested in the story. Think about the post that actually do well on social media, they're usually the ones with you in them are the ones where you're talking about your story. So the first mistake is always thinking that they shouldn't be doing or they can't do it.

The second one is not having good images. So anyone who works with me will know that I talked about this a lot. But having decent images is so vital to PR because without them you're much less likely to have your story published. So making sure you've got really good high res images is vital.

How you can have good photos

Camera phones are so clever these days. So you can take your own images. All I would say is everyone generally holds their phone like this, portrait? If you want to work with the press in the media, turn it that way and do you landscape, so you know, make sure you've got both, that's fine. So I'm probably making everyone dizzy, but try and get some really good landscape images. And if you can get people in them that's really vital as well. I even saw journalists tweeting about this a few weeks ago saying that a hotel just sent him 150 photos and only one of them have people in and they want to show people experiencing that hotel, not just pretty landscapes or just an empty restaurant. They actually want to see people enjoying it. So make sure you get people in them is really really vital too.

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