Explaining all about my work/life balance

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 347. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I explained all about my work/life balance.

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03:15 The importance of a morning routine

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So again, lots of trial, lots of error, lots of making decisions, making wrong decisions and correcting them and it's very fine-tuning service. But I think I mentioned to you earlier but a big inspiration of mine. When I started the business was Tim Ferriss, 2016 when I was thinking about starting Boostly, I went over to meet a friend in Liverpool, we're going to go to a Liverpool game. And we're having a couple of drinks. And he's very entrepreneurial. And he said, Have you checked out Tim Ferriss? And I was like No, he said, Oh, he'll be right up your street, you will love him. So on the drive back, I downloaded this podcast. And it's the first podcast experience I had of Tim Ferriss was the Jamie Foxx episode, which for those who don't know, I think it still is his most downloaded podcast of all time. And I was hooked. From there, I got his book, The Four Hour Workweek and then tools of Titans and tribe of mentors, and has been a massive inspiration for everything.

The importance of a morning routine

And a big part of what he talks about, especially in tools of Titans is that a lot of the very successful people around the world, whether it's business or health or wealth or anything is that they have a morning routine. Now I must misconstrue This is that I should be drinking green tea and doing a full gym workout and doing cold showers. Yoga, cold showers literally before sunrise. When I first started, I was trying to cram so much in as well as having two kids, which now three kids. And slowly over time, I realized what it actually meant. And what that morning routine meant was just basically doing something every day, you don't even have to think about when you wake up having like your non-essentials. And that is what I've just crafted over time. I also stupidly thought that I should be working, waking up at 430 and then working from five until 9am and then doing nothing for us today. Proud as punched I could do that. But again, the problem having two young kids is that they do have the ability to get in the way with selfish little buggers they want like and attention and feeding. And it just didn't work. And again, we're travelling all over the world and doing all these things.

And the main reason was is that in 2017, when I was really doing this, we're travelling around India and Bali and Asia and Thailand and Cambodia. I work in the morning now I've got the rest of the day to travel and I don't have to worry about work. And it just didn't work. My one on one clients very quickly disappeared. And so it was one of the main again, one of the main reasons of shifting from one to one to one to many was that I was I there's got to be another way.

And so, eventually, when I got the hand in 2019, I swapped my early working hours to more later so now I do 6pm to 10pm, Monday to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday are off so I only work was four hours. But by learning automation, delegation systems and structures and like you said, there's a lot of tech that goes on in the backend but there's a lot of people that I can now outsource to and you know, when you first start you've got to eat glass, as they say and just do it all yourself over time you can outsource it so now a lot of what I do is somebody taking care of it or computers taking care of it. So it just means that in the four hours that I do work, I've always got a to-do list I've literally got and this was an Instagram recommendation. Every day my to-do list is on this little whiteboard that sits on my desk. As I go every night I write what I got to do the next day so I literally know what I've got to do. I do keep a little journal a gratitude journal.

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